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Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley gives some tremendous insight into the Red Sox pitching staff

Mar 6, 2014|

Mikey and Ryder talk with Hall of Fame baseball player and current analyst/broadcaster Dennis Eckersley. Eck gives all kinds of insight into the Red Sox current pitching staff and how valuable a reliable bullpen can be. He also talks about how the game has changed since his playing days.

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-- back here and a planet Mikey show our number two and Lenny -- Leo that -- Lenny megs has joined in his in his studio gentlemen along with it like John. -- in an award winning fashion but I don't know does anybody has the credentials talk baseball. And there is as meaningful as hall of Famer. Dennis Packers -- who's on the hotline hello act -- -- -- a couple of man -- your run your winter and and how does this weather kind of suck. Where you are on year olds this. Here every year competitor that's. Okay -- -- where. You know I knew that would -- -- even ask that question you don't stay you know you don't have that. At lovely bronzed and from being -- New England in March that's for sure right. Not a threat -- work and on and it's pretty heated here on out here and great. We have yet that. Let you -- so far jumps out at who jumps off the page at Jack anybody. I don't know if everything and so I hit it -- that yeah like there's nothing really. All that exciting I -- other Red Sox here they've been here today I'm in Jupiter right now. They're there they're here today and and and I thought yesterday and I guess the story more than anything to me is is is. It's probably Bogart's in middle Brooks and Ed Bradley I mean that's pretty much destroy I think picking looked great. -- how. Yeah -- -- pretty -- you know -- starting so we -- retirement literally the starting five let me repeat it no matter who is at the bottom of your of your five man rotation of -- -- Oh absolutely I think their five -- this regard credit anybody I mean there -- exactly in our division you know and -- -- -- concern. -- -- You are reaching these same guys I mean. And now I mean he was incredible last year but. -- -- and I love the fact that you know Hezbollah is is is the real deal along way and -- because it could deal. -- you got three guys Eric Close really. Much about standards you know to me the big guys. -- -- you're gonna do what he did -- all there for a time that got people we got excited about Miller didn't -- the way through that. Here Europe are yet it is striking -- guys at the rate of you know more than one operating. And his stuff looked nasty that he has that weird foot injury. I rate Wii's about to bust out as it as a lefty -- left and left -- stopper. You know in the middle -- a middle relief and -- you know at least -- Breslow and then they have workmen as well potentially. You know it could be regarded here. Aren't are there and think about it and you know about this -- -- work hard guy because nobody can is more qualified to -- talk about what Kubrick closes disposal look like I said it last year. We talk about Mariano Rivera was no longer you know in the major leagues but you look at the the body -- work did he put out there overheads and many considered to be the of the greatest of all time but what what I saw from coaching last year was as an individual season act better than any individual season -- that. That Mariano had an and -- save for maybe 1990 where you -- out what zero point 61 for God's sake. You walked four guys as you know other and that I can't think of any individual season even Willie Hernandez. Where the guy was just so lights out. And you look back and think I'm not -- it's absolutely phenomenal. It's not about the last twelve months nobody did anything I'll discuss. I mean that's almost seems like a given but. That's the manager's dream. To have something like -- -- everybody got a heartbeat would discuss this in the night getting their career for a month. I mean that's incredible and I think you get I don't think you attribute accurate but he didn't do it again. I've ever happy no he's 38 years all -- watch him on me if they if they take care of them. He could not be may not duplicate but I expect it to be good anybody. We didn't -- his -- at 38 some people worried about that act but to the -- picture as he's not a power pitchers so. -- -- You know he can definitely got a whole lot of fitness. You mean the way things have gone up in what -- -- picture yap about in god let's get out of here -- gets right down businesses. -- -- the media and it hit hard to do quite what he did. But it does that experience. And even machine. And you're gonna take care now there could be better be careful. We talk about 38 for him you know and every soul where for some pretty -- from this week can be as you said he's thrown nothing but strikes they all know always gonna thrown -- -- -- strikes he's not thrown more than 89 and ninety miles an hour at the most. And and yet no one seems to be able to put the bat on the ball is it is -- voodoo. I felt I mean Israelis rebel and everybody talked about a -- beat like that the adult. You know what they're dollar jump in there armies of little deception there because the -- -- ball the most consistent -- -- I've ever seen. You know -- anytime you want sitting there and it mostly down. They just don't see depict -- up about like this guy came out of nowhere you look at your numbers at all career hit there yet and doesn't walk anybody. And he gets picked on and sometimes I think Jeter close. You know -- -- -- -- -- up you know who knows but according. When you're not the closer you know yeah well I think that helped him out of luck here. Now is -- a maturity confidence thing with a guy that he's now you've been around a long time and you and by the way when you were 37. You had there's that the sickest I'd be with the MVP. And the Cy Young award winner. At the age of 37 so is there maturity thing where -- do you know they hitters you know exactly where you're going -- them. What's -- gonna throw what they can't hit and your eight year old -- it's -- like is screwing around with B&Q. It's about -- hit this and if you can hit this you deserved it. -- gap immediately I work my way up to that the year that Lester had a -- year. But they look like they -- to mean I had all that extracurricular. If I had control galore yeah I could paint. You know what my fastball. And -- then it becomes everybody thinks you're gonna get them out. You don't have a talented like he can pick -- -- -- -- -- that the way it's supposed to be and that's what I do OK so everybody go along with this. In our face and that Al west. And picked up how would -- here for them. You started as a -- as a starter we don't know that -- -- -- -- that I bring up was the one that the late Ken Coleman brought up when we had a party for US Fenway Park when you ride I was stunned by this suspect it's us -- them. Cy Young had 511 wins in seventeen saves so he was involved in 528 victories but you know if you don't have a different way. 197 wins 390 saves 587. Victories. So you kicked his asks. All mapped. Out like you know what I have big game restraint -- what forty years whatever it is. And you know the way they've gotten specialized and and I just felt the -- was incredible. When I let my career because. There was no way I was gonna accomplish stepped up elastic and went that well. You know I was. You know I was ever -- get to create -- you know closed -- doubts about me. I took advantage of that weight gain is gone yeah and yeah they say immediate. We don't know I'm -- -- game the -- as overrated you know. Is it you -- nowadays you've got to have I think he'd have three closer you know that might have probably the most important part of staff now. Is that have that depth in the bullpen. You mean 789 inning guy a guy that has the same basic function of shut them down in any of those three innings is is almost in your -- is import as the last night. Absolutely not plainly that the tough job that you're with Hezbollah. Backed I didn't know what it would go to break. -- -- and they got on him every time they get up back I was just better than anybody last year -- you really. Yet you take Colorado -- -- symbolic of value like viral load because they're in -- -- got like a -- watched closely man that guy had a -- -- job he's coming at six -- guys on base. But then also you want to get you know sick throughout the next night you'll ever. Right right and you know not only did not know the phone was gonna ring act but he may not know what they were saying when he picked it up. Yeah you know I let him go without you art scene that I mean I want. Yeah. Well some of the silly -- Red Sox pitching wise is now because I'm looking the lineups here and you know the Yankees have made some moves in and -- some people -- it. And this American League east of the Baltimore Orioles go back to what they were a couple years ago. This can be a very very tough division of the Red Sox to duplicate. What they did you played on championship teams and great book clubs is there ever. Even a subliminal -- you know you -- a psychological letdown for team it's going all the way. Where they don't even know -- -- a slightly let down they just come out of the box live with the littlest Jews. What directed that the starter without less here -- we got out of pocket and we liked what he -- you know in that really helped with the club need to find out. Kind of like the pick -- pressure often he would it work. But you know isolated regret doctors that he could be you start to look around on the Yankees -- Obviously are going to be better what you know they didn't score you run last year which is like. -- to get it. They're definitely gonna score more runs -- bit -- they're picking it up in the air. -- like here is ball well because we don't play good against Baltimore right you know and then I thought they -- gonna make a movie they get eminent. He not the end all but it stake if they had been pitching -- -- stock picking that we have and their -- it up in the air. If he's here -- -- you know. Yeah -- always talks about Tampa happened I doubt that they're not record. If granted the starting pitching look -- is five starters. Right and I don't keep thinking that they're not that they -- all -- may -- know a lot of put together. And look at them they're probably that he could be. They explicit in Chicago that tell you the camera leave and we you'd told this vision new job or did you seek it and when it happened. What we have thoughts what. Well I left Chicago I let spray it right in the spring of 87 and -- the -- it would -- -- it is dramatic was coming in number they get -- and Moyer were common in. So I was sort of it was time for me go. I'm in spring training I I think that's lovable and the they didn't know I didn't know yet on I guess what Bill Clinton and then got -- audience don't just sit around and I'll figure out what to do would be belt. Yeah and it just like this sort of found my way it was like. They were meant to be. Let's -- was Duncan with Tony then told. Yeah -- so how did you two get along and he's got a pretty good reputation and you became the best in the game. Well you got some I I just sort of fell my way up there I still wanted to start you did you know. And even when their euros over 87 out bullpen. You know it in the -- and I'd say I don't want to start PDA but we happen we will conduct Bob Welch. And -- and I itself. Yet what he's like Alaska went 27 games problems with these things are clear night in 1990. Unbelievable. Now when you were starter could you have some interesting stories don't -- verified it pales to one of them was the obvious the no hitter when -- Cleveland. Is it true. That their kids you -- you know what we're going this. Event that you got the ninth inning one guides down. And that was it rip you struck out. And that you did you really point to the next guy and say you're next. -- W it's got the -- with that it only happened once it's been noted that one more out at Andretti was docked -- he -- -- Saturday it was guilt or okay. This don't want to nothing game there's two out he's coming up aren't shopping at the -- want to pick yet and he's ticketed -- comment that the plan. 'cause I kept the cameras camera guy -- bother them death. -- -- came out their camera while their you know certain -- -- try -- -- Longo was that what being on TV. These things refugees as though he was bothered by the camera I'd like turnabout that hey they're not here to take your picture. Yeah the last out here you're in math. That's when everybody is like it. You know we all know that you know what you're dubious a pitcher -- major least you have to have a degree. Especially the closer. But. Of cocky newness that your ability is going to be one great up from the gadgets come to the plate that's almost a necessity -- to be a Major League pitchers that yeah. If some I could do the level and done and I got carried away but that's how I want to me I mean I -- -- about now present you know I want it to. I wanted to make people know that I was competent even know half the time I -- it. Right you said -- bet half the battle it is looking like you're the guys that you have said -- -- -- tightened to get mad at me up but. Mile -- -- that you know. Did you have to do that just to because you have said and you said it here. But you -- set ever do in the past and interviews and impressed and how I mean. It's a dangerous job in close it's all on the line. And you either never says skid may be both -- is that indigenous of all close there's always that you and that's the way you combat ended by disband hey get up did you're out. Yes if there's a lot of -- Yeah I'm when -- -- demonstrative stuff like that you're just try to like your -- you know -- got immediately so practiced there a lot involved here. If I give up I am big -- yeah. Yeah I mean yeah it's all on you every putt is not a big deal I give it up I gave it up there though you know I took that out the mallet. You know and -- right -- -- -- I'm excited about the -- -- you know earnings. Happens yeah I know hall of fame generally and an -- largely to the closet and as you said at the distinctly differently defined position over the last twenty years. And depart and thanks thanks in part to Tony La Russa. And his whole attitude about what that role is but there have been some closers that I feel you know. I'm not talk about Bruce -- here who I -- -- know he should be but what at least Smith getting ignored the guy had 400 some saves. -- what do you think about the way the hall of fame treats closes with yourself notwithstanding. Right I mean -- the next guy up is there's really going to be -- Trevor Hoffman yet -- there guys out a lot you know. They have been certain that sort here. At least let you know -- the public of the -- ball. I mean what -- -- -- worries post it don't end up being one any any shape or form eighty games -- -- -- -- -- I don't watch a bombshell. Who -- then you know I bet and I didn't get in because I get close game don't know I got in because I didn't vote. Yet yet it's wanna get season -- the no hitter you know you Pittsburgh and by the way I wanna ask you this -- -- 78 -- to this day. What you don't we talk about the way the Red Sox won last year without really. An overabundance of stars. High paid. You know big name guys but. The one team that I always I'd like -- -- of pain when I think of how it's 78. Especially the end of the year we what are what are light up that team was that a Red Sox. And you guys down the stretch when yet had to win what eleven out of twelve or whatever everybody wanted. Everybody took the ball went out there did their job and got your guys that one game playoff. Sent to this date is that they knew that it didn't have a better result. -- -- -- at the time it didn't you know -- without thinking at this scene you can only look at him back here though about not -- -- -- -- Qaeda and the cornered hat or about it and it. Meanwhile got between desire by apple. You talk about it every -- lineup you know there was no -- there -- no greater than just threw him out there. Yeah yet for five hall of famers and and a couple more that -- a bit. You are absolutely that was a great team -- in the ninth active you know like right today. Yeah -- how was that comes from. Cleveland Boston -- -- out of a life change you play the old metropolitan. -- -- that place is a crazy place to play municipals that municipal and it -- but it got it I was single I was a mania and there. But he ate the night in -- They actor and a greater part of my life. Two things I always wanted to ask you number one. When you do decide to make up your own language and number true. The next time you mad Gibson asked in a home run who said -- first. Well aren't all that the language -- -- yet just sort of happened over the years I got -- myself but pat Dobson. Really -- passed on since then they'll you know -- got a lot of myself from him. So what does not necessarily original I'm sure people get second that they hand out -- comment just -- locked up Namibia nobody gets sick of that that's I guess and I didn't want I don't wanna associate myself with a walk off beat the other thing. I don't quite buy that but I guess I originated debt in the lead accurately that -- here and -- I never Whitaker gets in and begin with since it yeah that really hurt them and. Get yourself you sell me you know he had a good pitch there we go look at the tape he went when he was hurt. And you say dagger blow smoke up is but for the rest of -- like every time you run -- told. Oh yeah hop 200 reported aren't here. Why can't you -- you please give us -- -- how the conversation goes. Now IdeaPad not stepped out of the many and went over exactly what happened how he went to just walk out back and how -- -- is way into the game. Yet -- to do with me. You know it hit the ball like his -- back -- -- cricket ball and I -- live with a whether it's quite -- here but it might. In my in my -- like it you know you're the manager leader paradigm background and at all and yet. That's -- that's okay that's negative it's like a bad tattoos you got to live within a matter how painful it is and a look at as -- -- in the course they show that highlight all the time. An accurate you're great on television every knows it I tell -- I've had nothing but great comments about all the stuff you've done TB from everybody and by the way we have a pretty critical audience here Boston. Everybody likes what should do the way you do it to me and tell me it is accurate it's like you are -- Broadcasting you're you're talking baseball and the camera and the Mike capita beyond is that fair to say. Yeah yeah up because apple might not mean but it is too careful he -- it let fly. You're out there that fine line there. And you know what the biggest thing not break -- passing. A kid again united in optic like giving in to a man. You know and I and I and I could be -- -- -- (%expletive) kidding me last year it was like a dream to be able to regain the. -- you know a part of it really is helpful with all due respect their you know the -- can be -- horrible year with I I told -- this last -- are yet to duck boats. You what you -- Al Sharpton. Were born on the same day in the same year and look at him and look at your overhead every you know he's not he's only -- and -- because you know what he's a he's a troublemaker. About -- hours at a -- you look so young man beat his old you are. Line in my you know men and -- 59 it is start to go. The guard the ball out the back -- only if you always called doctor Robert Leonard if he really falls out. I know. Word is say an X I I thought Mike was gonna say you have a better and -- chopped him but he didn't count on their predecessor and the well actor -- -- going to be joined what to tell what's your schedule as we don't know what you're going to -- and he got nervous at Florida things that. But what what's your schedule going to be NASA and -- and I even be back -- TBS and obviously. And at the Indiana yes unaudited pre -- post -- about that you're -- the other and then let me give like ten games. To -- grab me a break there at some point okay which -- -- -- that kind of cool that I'm done a playoff like the first step play out for you via. Well that's good. That's good everybody likes it man you do -- -- you know you may and appeal of a -- broadcasting hall of Famer when you don't notice -- -- it. X thanks for joining us and that will hopefully we'll see you down there around one were down there or when your back up here but it's a great talk and he. You're very welcome aren't right at daycare and Dennis packers' lead. I was always fun on no matter what he's it has always always been that way too this is monsters pulling -- he's in deep trouble -- -- lives with an idea draft by a bigger rake is directed upon the floor. I haven't noticed that those in from -- looks like he's he's got tons it -- it just me. Atop his at UC he's got long many years ago before he has an issue would have to call it the good doctor Rodham Clinton's eulogy about the image yet from the get roughly in look at how would look who looks the better for you -- certainly me right now I'm -- my question would be no question.

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