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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: Rondo, Stevens and the Future of the Celtics

Mar 6, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN joins Mut and Lou to discuss the future of the struggling Celtics as well as the rocky relationship between Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and Rajon Rondo

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Jackie McMullen ESPN boston.com joins us when Jackie does join the show. She's brought to you by our friends at Toyota of national and by commonwealth mortgage. Jackie but -- how -- you heard gentleman who. We're doing good because he be forty degrees here Boston tomorrow Jack. -- is that -- one of bum you out when I'm in Sarasota and it was 83 degrees here yesterday. I heard you might have been a warm climate that's why I brought that up to good rub it in Bakersfield. I -- you know. -- -- -- much and that's gonna help my mom she's recovering -- some surgery. All hope she's okay. -- -- Margaret you if you are sell you are in Sarasota Danny Ainge is here in Boston and -- -- -- talk do you we're talking about his comments. About Rajon Rondo and his explanation yesterday. A Powell went down and I thought that -- context why I wasn't sure Jacqui maybe you heard behind the scenes but I wasn't jerk. How went down that Rondo went to Danny and and Brad and set -- like to stay here they so we like you not to repercussions and need you anyway it is it. Change your opinion all in the context is -- about how that went head down a couple weeks ago. Well we kind of knew it from Brad called memory that I talked to him before and I talked to a left. Democrats said that all the way back last week so to me I thought you could draw this conclusion anyhow. Did he was obviously a lot more specific about it. But you know my feelings haven't changed it it was he did the wrong thing. And it's not the end of the world. But it's not it's not nothing -- he wanted to see and and I just thought he could've bailed himself out. By making different comments that he made when he finally spoke publicly about it by once again blaming everybody but himself Ali had to say -- you know what miscommunication. Probably should've gone did the wrong thing it won't happen again let's move on. And that and then you know what I don't think we'd be talking about it would week. No no no we know this could have been buried Decker said two weeks ago but they can keep talking about it is to keep hearing. More comments in more of the story on its music every three or four days and -- -- you've you've you better hours on Rondo and off amuses us what he'll always be you think -- five years now and all that interviewers that you know. As a young player I was this I was that now different it's always now. No no I think he's really listened with Larry -- -- from start to finish yes he looked at. And with the difficult sometimes -- his coaches and teammates. Yes it was but everybody lived with it because he was a hall of Famer now is -- hall of Famer. Think he could be against could be but here's the thing the differences Larry Stedman -- Would not like this it was in his government was never in violation of team rules so it's like to be stubborn it's all right to be. Different if you wanna use that word is certainly -- -- to his own drum and guess what part of that is somewhat refreshing -- Which you have to know women and where and how and why and he. And you know I I read between the lines didn't comment well I think what he was saying was Dockery in a different show because -- lived in Orlando he'd like he can't see if kids played with his wife since he gave Kevin Garnett certain rules you know that we're probably a little looser so heated up to -- that's all fine. Battle trying to get -- -- doesn't consisting. And I think Brad Stevens has been pretty clear about what he hopes and expects from his team and you know I just think it's the same for him Michael backing him because at the end of the day. He's the one that I think. Suffered the most here because his best player is captain -- that he spent considerable in time investing in in terms of her relationship. Has had to basically you know shut them up and there's no I don't care what anybody says. That's what happened yeah can't change that -- It happened and has been a lot of reference of you know a decent docket KG and Paul and ray. It is is Rondo at that point where he would get like KG treatment or deserves KG treatment or Paul treatment already treatment. -- what his career. I don't I don't really think so number one but number two I think we have to be careful about saying what -- treatment and KG treatment life. And it's not like. -- ran you know looked the other way leadership could stall without looking at all -- if you remember when Kyle first got here each one of them was chasing. Under some of the rules the docket and Pol Pot I remember him talking about some of the things. Doc didn't tell me what kind ecology you know he would like it at all they can get along so well in the beginning. Every coach has the trial and error appeared with his players where he's laying down his style his -- his waist and you know went over time. That Doc Rivers who was the coach in his first year I'm sure is much different now as the Doc Rivers to the code to the clippers. Did you learn what's important when you should put your foot down when you should take a stand and when you let things go. I just finished -- biography of Tom Landry and his crazy but I just finished reading with 600 something pages. And they were talking so much about the the moral dilemma he's had about letting things slide things that he knew were wrong. I'm looking the other way and how it affected you team and I think that's the problem here when Rondo gets to do this when -- think he can do this. An and I think it's quite came up I think became public that they don't want him to do this. You've got a couple young players and particularly particularly in the console and to collect thinker keepers for now anyway. And there watching this and what kind of message he's sending it to -- to say we don't want to do that and you just do it anyway. It's too bad match. Accurate quality as PM boston.com was last night's game a mad -- is -- bad Rohrabacher covers the Celtics for our website -- has this headline. You know let the night the Celtics quit -- really goes to the entire game and and and points out different areas where. He feels like they quit did you feel that way about the effort last night. But did I thought it was the worst game of the year because. To me when you wanna look at the barometer of the team and the temperature of the teams you just look at them on the defensive end. And it's I have all the horrible things that have gone this year for the Celtics. Defensively they only gave it ago. Elite media effort and that game was over in the first three minutes of the game. And that's never to win the NBA -- you know I think it got to like 2720. And then it started up again now in fairness. David Lee did nobody can match up with them and that's why it's much people like I like -- phone do you like Garrett -- Decade you -- idea -- what he's not quite there yet okay David -- just ran roughshod over him and everybody else in the front line. And that's very talented team that can score quickly so they can make you look bad is no question about that. But I thought it was just a lackluster effort Rondo you know this is the Rhonda you've tried you're not right the one that's gonna happen haphazardly thrown the ball around. In the first quarter alone he set the tone of sloppiness and get interest. And again if you -- to Cathy you're the leader -- folly. Deck -- -- 21 games left with this final stretch you concerned how the MBAs gonna look and it does it seem like okay now coming down the stretch the lot of talk what teams and it looks like. No Milwaukee and Philadelphia and I know the knicks last night but -- that trio at the knicks probably gonna end up worse than the Celtics you feel like MBA. It can be tough to watch last couple months. Well yes and no yes BI amnesty McCain -- a lot of bad teams that are perfectly happy being bad but I'm really curious -- for instance the pacers. Now we the pacers were the best team in in in basketball Paul George is an MVP candidates. But something's gone wrong here I'm really intrigued are they are they toughen up and I was talking to Larry -- last week a Pretoria are doing and it will see how tough they are. -- last week and you know what so far not so tough. And they would they've been bread and butter with the defense when they were having -- winning streak Daley gave up ninety points a game -- -- given up almost a hundred. So there's enough intrigue for me. So the -- it'd just as business as usual when it's all said and on the -- you're just gonna blow past the pacers and the -- were memorize that interest me. Kevin Durant and OKC now they -- Westbrook back are they healthy enough. Interest may play Howard and and the rockets are they for real. It is just me for the splitting things that interest me. The point is going to be a lot of Yond along the way. And a with the Celtics is going to be human last night I agree it was an awful lot in their worst of the year they've. To their credit they've had fewer of those and Philadelphia who's in and just thrown in the towel for a couple of months now. Do you believe Jackie that it's. It's bad for next year's team you know some of that of the beat writers -- -- his team talking about Brad Stevens try to instill this level of winning in nights like last night or bad and I just remember. How bad the Celtics or the year before that on the championship in and that didn't translate over I mean evaded did Brad have had a more scallop the next year. I don't think it's so bad because I don't think most of will be your next -- -- but that's the truth yet I don't think this is the group was staying power I don't think many of them are coming back and I think. If you were auditioning for Brad Stevens. And they did again I told you last week he's the one that's gonna be here he's on the -- -- play and the rest of these guys are on that as long as we need you plan and it might be tomorrow we don't need you. If you were auditioning for Brad Stevens W kind of -- -- -- that you're gonna -- and the -- are gonna fail are gonna they're gonna try to move because this is fifteen. And Danny -- -- build together with a certain vision and a certain type of player they want. And you know what that player might be different than what Doc Rivers wanted and it and -- Bret Stephens is in his first year in the NBA. And maybe he's gonna write a tighter ship than -- and can you blame him I can't. That's what I would do if I were him. So I think that this. The way I look at this if these players think analysts you're able to create a lot cut them not to worry about this year -- make -- huge mistake if you're auditioning for the future. -- just switching gears real quick patriots offseason started and I know -- you've talked to Vince in the past and this is. It's a subject that has come up we've seen some other -- restructuring some older veteran players that point six million cap hit what. You see him back here next year restructuring goals and where you see it. You know I'm so concerned. About this. You know I have never ever heard him talk about not playing in the -- guys know after this injury that happened so. I just don't know I don't know where he stands physically. He deserves to be back here. If you have to restructure it hopefully he'll be reasonable have to do that if you recall he's one of the few Celtics -- Celtics are patriots. Than ever kind of held -- made noise about a contract is succeeded most of the time. When you made a lot of noise about contract he might get it for awhile depending should get a time like Richard Seymour and some of the other -- I think it's a fair question. Luke. We know one thing about Belichick he can actually cares about Winfield Wilfork but he's gonna make a football decision first and foremost he's shown us that time. And time and time again and a lot of question mark what about clock. -- -- -- fit in here you know you get into problems get it get things to really consider. Well and I couldn't help yesterday it would talk the last couple days Jacqui about a letting a -- to -- get to free agency and I don't cost a lot to franchise tag him but at least -- -- control of York. Most important defense a player not named Vince Wilfork and guys thinking about your column -- that Tom Brady open letter you know what's Tom Brady thank you. Is he what's laughs and it's very early free agency starts next week. Is incredibly frustrated knowing that he's probably gonna lose to leave knowing that. -- needed tight end need a wide receiver. Andy knows he's -- a three or four years left to realistically to a BA championship contender at the level planet right now. I think get the right to be frustrated. I don't know how we held them all these years if you know I think he's been perpetually frustrated on and off and killed argue with you but you know they got more than three -- four years we can debate that all we want I think he gets to keep you play longer than that. But the to -- thing I can almost see it with the patriots because he just can't stay healthy. And he really can't and it's good he was. If you can't stay on the field when you need -- most. You gotta wait that so I can see where there was some hesitation on terms of the patriots from franchise and I can understand that. -- great stuff is always appreciate the time best to your mom in Florida and -- talk may soon. All right guys but the next week aren't talking next week -- -- we will thanks Jacqui.

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