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NFL mock draft central

Mar 6, 2014|

The guys went through the mock drafts across the country. Johnny Manziel is all over the place and it looks like the Pats want a tight end.

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3-D NC that's the kind of effort. We're looking for from the Boston Celtics last products that was brutally beautiful they weren't even subtle about it -- ninety you know it was was kind of mortal and embarrassing which is what we're looking for -- as Tommy or Mike on -- to vote no Jeff Green and knocked on. Didn't even try to get out yeah. Mean economic outlook could -- and they on the sixth game of a six game road track gold plate and back to back. And they didn't even break a sweat -- It was what you need to do here. Trying to get the top -- but I -- that notion on the catch and -- they have no shot again in the bottom three I'm -- I'm hoping I can -- Orlando epic finish at the as the third -- just absolutely ought to shoot a -- to know only the bottom two were locked up Celtics have twenty wins Orlando who lost last night to Houston has nineteen. So for adult decided did -- -- and they're probably -- Orlando for third spot. Philadelphia. Didn't play last night they got fifteen wins and they've lost fifteen in a row. Milwaukee's just. Number one and -- twelve wins or early -- game up on the lakers and Utah so they can't mess around -- I can't examined -- -- they can't get complacent. No actually have to get it had a ridiculous they can place at the stake a place and -- Detroit giant plug in Monday's game is -- -- Detroit. I -- there. A tier two more games on the homestand means it's Brooklyn. And Monday it's Detroit I mean it feels really if you really wanna be mentally weak have to lose at home. Mean that's the key right at a bad teams lose that teams the good bad teams lose at home correct. Lose those games and one expects to win when it appears that everything's -- in their favor that's the game you have to lose right. Yes and I think these it's they really need some stupid and futile gesture isn't just the guys that -- exactly -- they have. One he. One games left to play totally yes the -- 61. -- so five and sixteen -- that you. 2557. Point five that's too many now wait to me now -- -- Ferrari in the eight of the illegal three NET. Milwaukee neither Milwaukee north -- is gonna win one that's over you're done those two -- gone sure integration issues for the record of the box credit they have stayed. I had their two and half games ahead of Billiton or behind. A speech is that like a fairly light by a locomotive writing the book on tanking true minutes amazing that they mention state -- of them. And they probably will remain ahead of them correct between one games ago the 112 when they play each other parts that that's that is going to be that tremendous. If -- -- How will that work let's check we'll check. How that worked the ball the teams will go all out to lose him. Some rule some of Boston Orlando hillbilly surely. Milwaukee the Milwaukee the -- like shoeless Joseph in the 1990 World Series where you the other two of the Oregon take the money. And Gordon -- anyway. Someone in the failure in the 35 points or someone yelled go out policy vilify. You -- on board and all year goodness don't judge Landis is gonna suspend any idiot from its post tank. From the NB AFL draft and now is the time of the year that if you get on the Internet press a couple of buttons you'll go almost anywhere you're gonna -- mock drafts. Now I don't know like how well adamant I do too I don't know how adamant Johnny men's they'll it is about having Houston take him number one. He's going to be a big mistake they don't leave -- Are upset angry pissed off chip and a shoulder -- and -- yes if if -- -- -- all -- all that well I have three now three mock drafts in front army. And you know what Jon -- Zell is not -- number number one on any of the what is. Shock area but he hasn't thrown yet and now and two things he has thrown yet he didn't throw yesterday when -- all the guys were texting and and I have zone today. -- Also this do you agree that that Billy O'Brien hasn't decided yet. No I think yes why don't I think -- -- yes and I and I grew Doug -- is going clown yeah not that Doug Farrar says he says cloudy number one. Two -- with one sack in the last 33 quarters and out of college football right right. And everybody seemed to agree that saint -- lunatic the offensive tackle from Auburn bread crumbs -- seen anybody else that's -- he's a popular pick for -- -- he's the -- thing and I've seen a couple of people take the receiver Clemson there watched it but mostly -- I think it's the shortening that then Farrar says at three Jacksonville will take. A quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater. And at four. Johnny man's L goes to the Cleveland Browns all all all of the guys we have here that's the highest ego correct yeah right. Just in case you're interested I'm sure you wore on for -- NFL draft draft. Knowing the patriots at 29. Eric abroad. Tight end North Carolina. The fact going -- won twelve games and took the AFC east crown as a testament to improve defense. And Belichick's overall acumen because Tom Brady was seriously lacking in targets for most of the year. Belichick has built his office around the too tight and concept in recent years and with Aaron Hernandez. Departure he writes in Bronx injury history help is needed. Abroad is the most complete tight end in this class really providing an excellent mix of blocking prowess and play making ability. -- inline or in the slot. Sold the scale Eric I'd like tie it and -- but sort of things sports. But no maps I've seen is -- remarks but not not there so there's -- -- tomorrow is the trendy equities in an obvious jump up it doesn't matter even if he's then they won't take several months tactic that's true -- know that's more than we know. As a text someone no one expects him -- that's true right generally has been the case is up Pete Crisco and god knows Pete's never wrong. And he hasn't taken. Rasheed Hagman. And I've not heard -- offensive tackle university of Minnesota. In. I mean the -- evidence that's so sexy itself like something Belichick might he says his versatility makes him an attractive option. For a defense that values flexibility. You -- them and here is and John king of Yahoo!. Obama shot and it doesn't did you chuck king of Yahoo!. As the patriots taking deep Ford who were the guys a lot of people -- is better than cloning in a better numbers. And gets after the quarter I don't like that and be sexy and cocky in your earlier point you know -- Shaun king at the patriots are drafting that point 19 and charging stripped naked they can take John and so I want to -- He's not have him in the first round tournament what receive public settlement he's asked Zelman who. -- you know passes from Brady up Briscoe has -- bore holes going number one overall the Houston Texans. Now and again Greg -- that Greg Robinson. OT. Auburn St. Louis Rams what makes you think Billy O'Brien this is you have to if you think he's taken clown and you think he has some faith. In shop or case scheme yes and you think that he must not think any of these quarterbacks are the guy franchise guy right. And -- might be on his trailer I'll stop you think malice better than board rules man -- Bridgewater sideways -- and that's that. But -- he looks a cloud is a disorder generational talent right you've got to take up it -- slash watch. You question right -- was not mean Mario Williams is what he has Mario Williams the guy with great ability great. It's miserables or did -- every column and at the heart is in question now Mario Williams was topic cried yet so -- -- bush. Produce in Houston. You know he left and you said and they did miss a beat complete the year after he'd left to have one of the top defenses. When he with the buffalo that was two years ago and it appears to finish second year yeah yeah so and it was like they said -- that -- -- observers said that it missed but always very good year this year that's good -- -- and he's the highest paid defensive player he's the only one that makes Darrell -- money. I think he's the highest place I defend my body. And that's. It cronies very count that we know he has very fast and all that but lacks the motor motivation. Is he worth the number one pick but the question is if O'Brien looks at each one of these quarterbacks as -- about the guys not that. And can't take I talked to a guy down in Fort Myers who at the pool on a deity you weren't there. And he was from South Carolina and in fact the -- restaurant that is right next to. Who university's South Carolina and he skated -- I don't know. And I asked about -- sure. Yeah and I said -- that you big -- game -- all yes he's -- remember Estrada's -- right next to the campus that -- all the time as that's what the book on -- he would bloggers -- greatest of all time. He said he's getting a bad rap because when he is double and triple teams. And the -- goes away from money as often does. He conserved his energy and his strength -- and doesn't like through the facts are red flag conserve reserve and their energy on to -- JJ chaotic and servers and it's well. I don't think so. Yeah American the right guy make him not to. Our approach the Russian coach the right defensive courted Romeo delta will be our teams in the NFL so that right will he takes plays. That's -- this guy says maybe it's 'cause he's a game clock -- it doesn't take plays off there are plays that are out of his control when the other into the field and he is triple T. -- last 800 play he had one -- Wheldon that's a question -- I am Adam and I still think you're right they'll take him if Billy O'Brien looks at. Those say those three fourths or Derek -- -- there a -- port journeyman papers wanton and he just measures and looks and up and down and doesn't think their friends. None of these guys -- is. -- -- -- Brees Rodgers who budget even think their body do what he already hats Roethlisberger right button you can keep thinks none of those guys. Will be better than shop now while that maybe they would have evaluating quarterbacks more than Billy O'Brien nobody nobody. Amid ethnic he. I will say whatever it is it makes sense and if I don't think you'll do out of fear. In some guys -- -- quarterback you know afraid he might turn out to be Brady and they're afraid that when you look at so that the the quarterback and Nazi Cleveland won every year two years ago 2012 shop head. 4000 yards 22 touchdowns and nine passer -- it would post season in the up to the Pope -- ability Brian bull will will do this is like he's about it makes you better X he. I'm Coleman as a Rock Island and all of us. It felt that. What do what do you think I mean I mean that I mean man I think he's average I think -- middle of the road but I think -- thinks. No big won twelve games two years ago shop record I -- she's Thinkpads before he threw that pass to. Sherman I returned to the right just threw it yeah and it was -- etc. I was not it was like the end of -- -- -- -- not the answer but I could see him. You know rationally I get away with two years show up. This shop guy you let a little bit of Tom Brady. Idiocy is why can't do that carcass and never gonna have the topic again. A little B and top five next year -- -- Jackson will be the tell anybody can actually you know Houston -- -- -- -- horribly borders will actually be middle of the road quarterbacks at best. You don't take him just because your perspective gushing colonies there -- I think you know I don't think it's Gordon and Alec Roberts says okay fine we know he's going to be. A guy to -- drop -- supply route for eight or nine years write that into that shortly but I think. I think you forget men's -- for second Bridgewater. -- is their chance he looks at one of those guys says that -- the next. A -- global that guy who's going to be the guy wins twelve games trust and nobody also said that. I always say these guys are going to be right this is not a July. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says portals to Houston. With the number one. What people think I heard. Portals through at the -- mind -- he also have a a pro day probably if -- ask -- yet when he does pro -- mix and great prone lasers and obviously he's big strong enough. The next Ben Roethlisberger yeah somebody said. Hmmm could he blow everyone away at his pro day and become the consensus cooperate but up to this point I've heard it described as a project not NFL already this first year. Maybe it'll take two or three years but beat Briscoe has mortal Blake portals. Going to Houston Texans once again Saint Louis ray and Craig Robinson to skip that. Jacksonville Jaguars should -- -- Cleveland Browns next quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater. And egos. Atlanta Tampa forget that Minnesota Vikings with the eighth pick Johnny man's cell. Is that I don't have a good welcome -- to -- go to Cleveland it is environmentally not financially. I get specs yet about slow what's good about it either impedance yes yet. In Cleveland -- Josh Gordon have afflicted you the first words out of a small that we get threats -- likely -- says where one of the Josh Gordon much -- market confidence and wearing a uniform. Like browns uniform brought you from a loser ultimate total Lucy yeah or it was a look at it from loser look it's one of the there in the months and division they -- the top. Team in the months and division that will never do anything right and it's Kennedy and his store coming there. There ineptitude is restore -- there's almost no one can compare them or not dissimilar to way there'd been less successful in the Maple Leafs and say well we've been around forever -- -- great franchises and fundamental beliefs would be if you could pick one team -- -- to make up the months in the vision. Who beat Cleveland Toronto. Nam. Was as the Cleveland again but Terry Francona and baseball -- -- to -- Houston. Never won. In one baseball yet. I mean certainly historically bad now in the number one say Seattle but it'll kind of unit. Who. And a better. Drag. And basketball. Again Clinton should be on the whole city's one big months in the vision. For the Charlotte forget about the camp. A -- to new Cleveland's been sock and since you know. You Rebecca for you obviously did -- -- clippers fears they'll count important good quality people wanna go there and. Now they -- James says -- -- a mock draft when a team takes a quarterback in round one a lot of jobs are on the line that player doesn't pan out the general manager -- head coach generally aren't there to choose a second one. Jacksonville Cleveland and Minnesota all need quarterbacks now. Yet they all drafted one of the first round in the last three years the vikings GM Rick steelman is left standing the rest including all three had coaches argon. And then this I expect -- they'll be taken early in the second round when the pressure to get a pick right is a lot less. And -- where every one job is that on the line. And everyone could apologize to Joseph Jaworski I took a beating when he said he wouldn't recommend the first two rounds yet we've the first 33. And it was supposed to be Jewish to it shall walk ESP NU mapping on the -- that was there are people breaking down film and you see his wins. He he lost the good team action journeyman Zell against SEC competition but he beat Alabama -- that one for. Like 45 against the operators throughout the conference. And he beat up on you know Savannah State. About -- most guys do -- Most guys just don't you largely a numbers Karen did -- -- a lot of he was on SEC resigned team will get it we'll get the teams where he. Added is that to get the -- where he struggled. Against NFL caliber defense is mental struggled. Shocking says the Houston Texans will pick a quarterback first and he says Teddy Bridgewater. Jacksonville will take today and should be Avian -- ancestry sanction on can play quarterback yes -- -- -- talks. Cleveland Browns Sammy Watkins wide receiver. When you think -- Brady just looks America -- not like we just want -- one Sammy Watkins. Hum. Then we go to Minnesota Vikings Blake bore holes. And everywhere you look no where in the first round of John demands they'll that would for the patriots but he's got the patriots old guy like this yeah. Reset the fort but the habit but. King has that North Carolina tight end point night as -- he would chase some buffalo and in -- with quick abroad. 199. To buffalo -- his mark via. 29 doing the patriots the pick before defense -- Auburn one of the best edge rushers in this draft the patriots are perfect fit for him based on Belichick's ability. To Mir is defensive scheme to his personnel. What has been a weakness the pass rush in becoming strength before in Chandler Jones -- that. -- -- structures goes yeah in general now on the right or the cartilage are now on ten years. That'll he's not by these -- -- birdies yeah yeah it's the wrong side of her yes yes but still you know got a good motor that motor. Are 6177779837. Johnson Lexington Bobby is in Charlestown your phone calls next would -- and.

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