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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Upskirting is legal

Mar 6, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the bizarre ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Court allowing upskirt photos.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. Shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment we see the calls -- all lineup will be short -- use well he -- Jim Mike and -- we'll get it'll. And will start with the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. That's secretly. Take pictures of under woman's skirt -- -- but it's not against state law because women who -- or partially new -- congratulate wow how I can I can get my iPhone out with impunity on the -- The ruling came at a pace who right now our guys -- -- -- right now this. That's that means it's legal -- it's abnormal guys sentinel also -- Yes it was like teetering on the brink of the server and judicial court is encouraging and Jerry. Orchestra today it's like thirteen degrees. Johnny winner is again a picture of it here you know he'll flash. I think of this and and you know that bug guys public does the again like to see my grandfather who was a Boston -- and I like to see him sit right here NC. Grandpa it's legal -- -- opposite skirts ago -- and it's legal to smoke marijuana. And it's illegal to smoke cigarettes is simulate a cigarette at -- compile we have -- can of soda and someplace she kept. Nobody can have a plastic bag and that's drill where -- -- Soto was. Florida's a Florida 7-Eleven elevenths in 64 rounds it was it was a hell I was 55 doubled its relentless -- about it is it felt like it was sixty wasn't perfect down right. I think it was that the gallon we saw someone with. One right there was enormous that so literally came in -- case of Michael Robertson was arrested August 2010. By transit police to -- -- staying after getting reports she was using the cell phone. Take photos and video op female writers skirts and dresses the High Court ruled yesterday the law prohibits peeping Tom. Boy here's -- isn't that does not apply by pictures taken people were fully closed quote a female passenger. And MBTA trolley was wearing a skirt Dresser at the like covering these parts -- -- not a person was partially nude. No matter what is where is not underneath the script by way of underwear other clothing court said its ruling. And how come to this kind of conclusion and suggest they say -- state law is not written for it should. Well there is supposed to interpret the law writing a letter could not find it in the law of this is illegal this is good you know it's not. That these these. Like a result of a lot of great things with ticket but they interpret delighted to say you know why doesn't feel right. Of sexual harassment. Well Linda what comes out so well sexual harassment is a crime. Well as a workplace. Think about this -- -- you can leave here at 10 o'clock and be walking down the hall and one of them sales. Female sales weasels walking -- front of you. You can walk up behind her and just put your iPhone underneath and snap a picture and there's nothing she can open your mind on he -- to -- -- on the tweeting and out. Trip not doesn't like it looks great. At bat at a time. We fought too hard to -- -- writes that the stepped backwards dusty president trees -- said yeah. I am in disbelief that the courts -- come this kind of decision outrage with a means for women's privacy and public safety. Try and pick anyone's particular picture up her skirt probably. But the point -- -- this summer MBTA he's great looking girls little -- strike you guys think and not public of beauty -- -- pick and drunken 23 year old Extenders or twenty year olds you know have a -- or -- evidence yet I think sometimes common -- those four guys to -- you guys -- just got arrested for having a never ending party of the celtics' skirt and my -- you might skirt shots. Does the name bill -- mean anything QL knocks Jerry. Belle Knox now is that -- with an. -- technical. At a at a degree -- you know I don't -- -- -- They stunner. Coming ability oddest -- in a row. -- -- -- in order has to be immediately in order the -- Helio would never do the -- every year he obviously all over again you do they all -- this reverend you know Brian -- -- the quick answer -- books that I read twice and only three a gradual -- one of them. Yeah that's that would have been a lot of people's book that read twice we know dean announces that cannery row and be will know could be. Urged a -- written on defense. I'm never at any book twice. And RI LL all star dawn Knox and it's in the and what else. I'll know when I was in junior high school I read Larry Bird Bob -- like five times drive but it was the greatest book ever that's ago this is it's really. That Stewart's tremendous. The Duke University coed who's more like porn job grabbed national headlines story racked up nine videos since December including moment the adult industry's biggest male star. The freshman goes under the stage the Belle Knox came out this week in an -- she penned. The women's professional website XOJ won the titles now available from a purchase freeways the best way. Stars -- -- and world famous porn actor James Dean her first video up for sale December 10 the video team went on sale February 3. So you know James Dean may have seen his name -- format you know -- points or are you think about it it's. General meld points those ugly to run Jeremy off but it -- that'd accountable muscular -- up now it's it's not it's not -- and I like sex -- so intimacy anymore and seen -- guys are dead it's all into laurel man banging away is public controversy. There were balls to data -- for the escrow account that she -- I'm doing it I got no money in 60000 dollars a year tuition at duke of surprises -- that. Associates trying to make -- right. And a -- -- and all these -- -- these -- You know pain nothing and -- all the grants and financial -- and they -- -- hear you and the day she explains this the Duke Blue Devils lose a basketball court it's true I don't think probably not -- set -- just Huskies there is cause he's made a few videos that you've been among all. -- marks casting couch part tent. Is our most popular with standard she were at Indiana university of Bobby Knight was you would assume -- -- them on Julia apps whose group -- just -- flick was of the nose nodes. And Chris what does not only. The average American watches how much. -- live television per day you know. How much live television per day. Three hours factored. -- -- -- 33 and a half. The average American watches more than five hours now live television every day that's more of your African American quite a bit more. West -- here Hispanic or Asian American from that ethnic groups. TV viewing time increased steadily as we get older -- in March 2014. Report released by Nielsen media ratings company wants who has 65. We watch more than seven hours a day you know that's okay. If your old you're tired. But -- -- -- and -- to -- you know -- always -- production bonuses while all the facts as I did this yesterday the average -- -- -- we only watch PBS. And we usually just -- regards I don't TVs and so that at least you know you wouldn't really -- -- what Billy who one of the ball Billy -- -- do you have that Billy Wilder film festival. Last weekend I don't know that is the duly record her you had the the faster by one dude the did he brush and -- some like it hot yes -- -- front line. -- Frontline fans in my house. -- I'm -- sports too much dubious that -- -- you -- imports from its previous the average American also spent the 32 minutes today on time shifted television and our using the Internet. On the computer -- -- -- television is DVR -- look at our seven minutes on the Smartphone two hours 46 minutes listening to the radio. That's five and a half six and a half. Seven and a half nine -- -- that sound about right yeah I think I can do all three a dual freed the same time to ages two to eleven. The average 24 hours a week and then it goes up a little bit -- up 6515. Hours 34 minutes a week. Are you watching the rules with the rules for Kate marry -- gets tickets to watch it too well the whole Erica sponge -- -- and knows what. Never. Will make remarks that. What she does her homework and she's stomach there should brush their teeth. -- before she watches TV. What time she takes a shower bath -- whatever she didn't go watch a half hour show which kind of brushing teeth I have to TV could yet equally watching TV -- Asia's new Russia what she does she has not worked. The hero which has been legal marriage. It's got a bag pirates' boat post better short hitter -- -- of channels -- really that. -- and Italy in the in the -- your money that's not really. Why it -- -- mess nine this out kids that's feasible me to a lot of kids -- nearly what do you do you -- cookies so companies now you don't you cookies you talk to call is Harrison at any age in which are -- them it's up to temper. You go trouble they care we did it pop somebody -- tree Rollins. He built emptied and dedicated and oh that's like -- Johnny -- It was same circumstance. Or that you don't know but I'm comfortable in saying it probably wasn't the case but yes we -- double talk -- by them. Figure. In my I'm not doing much no no that's not what happened to call for terrorists always yesterday were back at the would not -- and Harry. Stick -- television real quick who is the highest paid actress TV release them as well yesterday Gary Sinise. Melted just. Ted Danson don't know everything. Now. -- -- one of those two broke girls -- When I was -- got the guy who survived not Charlie Sheen the other guy and all what's discharged prior -- -- Now the other -- to replace Charlie -- it torture Kosher to be delivered to yes somebody higher than -- yes. You should know this one DO. Actor on TV should notice. I'll -- games later I said I don't know yet as an actor or actress ul. You should really knows -- girl. Girl asks would you marry. All of us of givers Gerris unease was that your yachts are outside -- to save my fiancee -- of Adair is the highest paid actor actress television for -- while highest paid -- the -- -- on television is a few. Which you make. She makes. A 100000 dollars -- Nominee -- says that 2222. And a map and it's a third of a million bucks Sicilian -- and -- -- cultures right behind her. Number Jesus would be for the first time ever female makes the most popular on the list but to broker on the somewhere -- out there anomalous let us know Ray Romano is still in fourth place because of residuals he makes. Other growth in the Big Bang theory is also in the top ten. -- the -- -- people to get paid me know as of yet have been on their for that but notes about the two gig and O'Neal. She's the one who people gets paid by getting Hank thank -- certainly won't last you between endorsements are -- thirty million buddhists Sophia burger. Now thirty -- Alex yeah. -- and two more looks like -- he she does she is a much a commercial real big in the print Spanish. Born no I don't think so she's ever been taken to mistress in question lol traditional industries and we should. A long time yeah look at mr. skin. We bring hats as a likely brought an hour and hats we get to him and what happened in my -- would be has to be in Chicago -- to skin hat yes it was on the road treasure book residents -- Tokyo let's get cars skeptic. Skilled partner and at the Marcus throw. They dictated -- six months -- a that it that's headlines brought to you by AT&T it's 777 point 7937 were still putting together our. All -- team people that you didn't he play or perform athletically just like deceit. Also still given up stuff for one -- went. Jury cell -- EV one the other for forty days. I would tell you about on TV. That I watched a Formica not a machine that's cheating on -- watch the masters forty days you can watch the second. And never have a cellphone correct. Not after the cell phone and wanted to without cuts he would watch the masters. Would you pick that third. TV out of do we wash the -- how would you judge to date last night would you check it would Brad -- when you're feeling lonely we write letters to each other yes -- today -- expiration -- vs Iran is the -- are your phone calls extra DNC.

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