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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/5/14

Mar 5, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/5/14

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. On a trade deadline Wednesday Mike I'm Mike. I'm happy to find out that I have been treated -- you know so -- any -- I can ask you more as your performance -- down in the last few -- worried about this now I try to keep my performance up but -- -- -- using straight adrenaline I -- drugs if you were required. Do you think you would be described as heavy. -- -- -- Mr. -- low -- department opened your press conference speaker during the super be very yeah you know writers really -- Adjustment of pitches woman meals accurately. It's a story seven that's calls -- expletives supersede. Coming up after it's -- question as to -- it was so mean to me for no reason to be mean Leo she was just. She sent word settle. It revealed it looks like maybe maybe there was some history in particular she's heard you posting sexual jokes over and over Veronica she's knows who he walked sexual jokes that's for that woman Albert. With most -- that's a good mood -- Alexandria reveal news of the doors Eagles. -- the most handsome brilliant really gross there's this woman and women standing. So maybe -- wherever you. What you do that you had nothing to do with selling this woman swear to -- and government before she just maybe is dirty look -- -- -- listening at 6 o'clock to -- find out just -- -- agreement that -- class for him -- to -- We can't say hello. No know. Miserable you know it should -- can master it she may not been at any time in this building everybody you know as you guys given her the benefit of the on this you've known me for years you know give -- India and may well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hello hello and. We got today would you -- speaking of which would you call in sick to work if -- died the day before. No but I had a lot of people who have. I I know him as the week of work a week that seems excessive it was a car dealership or risk a week -- -- or pat this week and this is started and here's how many years with the dog on the matter I'm doing a lot of members of your thirties it's too much to miss your time. Are you like your dog well like dogs and make them from happening your dark I don't think I could take a week off work you work with my -- so you backed over in the driveway forget just give -- up at night and says. One even one day seems a lot but I what does -- mean you got to go and take parents. -- -- -- week. It breeds of dog you know it's different and look at what my dogs I have a -- when I'd take when -- out of doors Tuesday you know. You gotta get over. You can definitely -- the next. Pushed her to play and get married to him by your two best friends and I decide who to pick the best man normally the better friend Jennifer -- -- get your ticket or -- -- that. Does that between two guys well doing your best case scenario. You have a brother remake the brother of the best man and and you two different way -- did. It Billy's treatment. And he'd do to that you. Expect -- -- anything that. Has no rules anymore into every one away in embarrassment I am going to tell him little officiate away. -- but he minister -- -- have to get or game. It's okay and that going to be -- Jewish administered allow weddings on the Internet minister now -- -- the Internet. What you guys have to anyone have a problem at this Maryland. Getting power vested in me by the Internet. Think about how great this I was asked the in September what you do that's what others the major on. And neighbors going to be the flower girls -- Internet it's going to be Internet. So to speak now forever in my house I asked that a vehicle -- -- couldn't whenever we're here it is on the deacon. What is gonna be. -- -- -- You see the power the power that it. There will be and you get you know get the -- -- that it'll be vested in me. And it -- its official wedding it'll -- official wedding isn't on the a couple of -- all. Thank you. We just weird when you guys when you guys Goebel. And do you rent shoes or bring your. Own she wants to. But we -- it -- if you all regularly use no worries a lot of money you have. Accurately you can just go at the time. -- comfortably. At different credible and Shubert in audiences are you know. Encompassing -- And different -- director and I'm pretty sure. -- yes next question -- people like you didn't boldly. Yes you seem like some reasonable credit Miami. And well crafted question the -- splendid -- questioned for. -- you guys ever thought about getting your own it's like W. When we talked about a -- particular skills. And produces an -- show who told us. Today it may then you implement. Ninth podcast. Listening. To. -- -- -- -- -- -- Florida where as the services are not well rapper told you were unnecessary. Forward to do about -- -- rappers still looking for Josh -- Louis you run producers and show you wait for four hours to radio show though -- beyond -- reasonable and as one. You have time to give it time that's a stupid question. How many buffalo chicken wings in one sitting. Friday fifteenth when he when he. -- at one point in my life -- drops it. It pops it knows it George's which used to be down the street address where he got it to the argument we waitress about -- would work slightly similar recently won awards what are you talking to an almost exact in fact I believe that took the time. They were small yeah -- but I at six my body on how do you do awesome -- to each one -- yes. What happened to your body although some of the more money wings in the when everybody the next one of those guys like three big Macs with him for -- when debris is to -- we. -- big -- lord Rezko I've never bored I was and what I've ever felt or disgusting in my life. You went back up to date. We have five big Macs a day yes. A lot it was a bad call. Davis big -- and it was two for two what was he supposed to -- -- -- dollars you know won't almost didn't have a choice among five big -- takes to work through -- lower GI commitment to begin tonight though I doubt that's a question -- had died of that it I don't that was when he's wearing now. And other tech Brothers walk for orders like experts for hours yeah she's had a poll -- Next question. Lot of people that you're in the Universal Pictures of the bottom until we've yet -- question which WR personality. Shall post and what a -- right now -- -- -- and if you. It's maybe it was yesterday it's now but it's him up here it's him but it's him three years ago -- talked about it and his family -- That's pretty is that it's like years ago you were fifty years ago -- him I mean to show its let's make it -- or the jokers while your original graduate in two years ago pitcher and the prices are. -- -- -- -- -- Bob Barker with a long microphone out of abuse my animals as him -- -- can -- barker have. With Afghan sexual harassment of the court the models used to hold on how it is. Raining around all the time ago he begged everyone about it. What's your credit. They have the price was right how many -- there are 456. What it's like hitting him in and you're expected to. You know on the contestants and argument for -- it's perfect. Put them inappropriately or appropriately. Richard talks that start up appropriately by the end may be too little -- appropriate is it Richard we got four hours of -- coming up next including. All shooting for regular quarterly go to tonight tomorrow tomorrow no real tonight -- would excuse Ruoff. It's going to be great -- zone entry deadline. It's and I and I talk about -- defense where Mike is going to be talking about -- defense and he's gonna talk he's not angry women in the yes that's stories and just process will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock until then about. I don't -- and.

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