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Jack Edwards: Vanek would have fit in fine with the B's, but now the Habs have it

Mar 5, 2014|

We talk Bruins and the NHL with the great Jack Edwards of NESN right after the NHL trade deadline passed.

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There's a potential 400 removed no question about it we opened the -- movies very mobile here for a total of six you can help party can really shoot it. Each edit the structural problems. Peter surely knows you really well because she was with the Ottawa Senators. Where in the Peter was an assistant general matter complete for the Vancouver giant. And actually if you go look at -- -- -- record book. His first season in the NHL he -- partners Zdeno Chara. He's eighteen years of age is plus miners are better than turn his rookie year so yes you that your yes you can help open the familiarity factor richer helps a lot of. But it is under him as arrows is heading it to the Bruins in exchange for third round pick Pierre McGuire was on there with. Muck Lou earlier also Thomas manic is going to Montreal that's the scary news -- Edwards. Here to talk about all of it and more he's not -- -- -- power -- -- let's start with what the Bruins did it. They get -- what do you think Jack. Pretty good player significant left shoulder problems. It's has passed the a peak of his career but it -- -- helped influence either real good puck over what it came up. Very interesting a mix of talent and vision. That had some injury problems that weren't a -- much tougher brand of hockey since split with Philadelphia which should surprise no one -- If he can survive more than six weeks -- -- -- -- street sense Cuba has broke off and says so pledged not the guys vote that. Through the back into it and Nestle was also brought up this stupid game. I will be at peace and say don't know what he's dirty game changer. But Peter turley that it is so you know we're not certain the -- approach is done -- That the the drop off. Since Seidenberg especially a penalty kill has been horrific loss and so. You know -- had to be something. To try to bring fresh blood into the -- Our -- so we we think that this is probably the the major move the Bruins made at the deadline. Was there any rumor that intrigued you was there any name that you thought about coming to the Bruins and and you said to yourself. Okay now that's a game changer and that makes a lot of sense. Yeah sure two if if promised that somehow it ended up being about what influences. Peter -- at some way to make that happen. But -- He thinks -- one as it takes. The number one Bruins killer is the National Hockey League. Out of the mix for any opponent. And that number to put him on Iraq mr. And as it looks right now and as it's being reported in several places especially 582 Canadian networks Thomas -- goes to the Montreal can. Canadians. And that. This is the guy. Who has says my about Detroit's 62 point in 53 lifetime games against the broad and you know back the beginning of record Julian Eric is better not go crashing into the -- reports -- for weird collision with -- boy chuck. And not basically waste his ankle. You know this whole trajectory of the Stanley Cup pick for 90000 what may have been altered. You know maybe -- -- stolen silica but certainly it would have been altered trajectory is awful lot of very players more effective. Player gets votes and and that's part of what made him such a -- the acquisition from Montreal. Lot of looks like this is what molecules given up according to Chris Johnston of Rogers sports -- the haves. Give up a prospect Sebastien Kohlberg any conditional second round pick for Thomas manic what would -- what does the Bruins equivalent of -- That's the dark matter and it doesn't matter who went on to a guy Clinton the National Hockey League prospect period and and you know -- yet. They get better or for that. You know landed also remember you know -- not to make a lottery any time soon so those are -- The -- and depending on the conditions of the picks you know weather turns into the first drug based on and so on playoff run -- like that they'll. We're talking at best like you know -- -- 21 points to the first round. And and a prospect you know the guy who tech couldn't be split and get a -- right now there eighteen year old and nineteen year old played in the NHL right now so. You know maybe a guy got a real bright future like. You know it sure seemed that Thomas Eric was there to be had if you're made the significant offer. It is the twenty year old kid second round pick in 2012. Plays for -- Melinda in the Swedish league right now. Yeah well you know. The idea. You know it is certain productive next Peter Forsberg -- -- You know Jack there're a lot of people and maybe you're one of them think that the Western Conference is so stacked that whoever comes out of the west is going to be the favorite. In the in the final so whether it's the Bruins or the penguins. Or even Montreal they've got a they've got to fight with the Western Conference team but I'm looking at a forget about the Western Conference a look at the Bruins in the way they play Montreal -- -- -- You and -- talking about this the last time they played it is a very difficult. It's a very difficult matchup. For the Bruins. What what is panic what -- do. For Montreal that just is it to the team you don't wanna see if you're the -- Yeah well you know the -- Tokyo has been it's been the Achilles heel of this team since Seidenberg got hurt. And -- Mixed and of very good power play I think Marshall somewhere on. They are not in the NHL. They're like -- conduct with a lot of switches and other. Possible -- -- match up by the way in the water and an easy out in the stroke last year. But but but -- is. Montreal different dimension that it gives them a big bodies forward who likes to play right in front of the goal. -- with a guy who. Would get his stick on the I can score off the rush keeping score off the cycle. You pay your flight he's got a scoring opportunity. Not the world's greatest two way forward but that's not his role in Montreal you know it it gives them. It gets -- and -- factory principal then. You know for anybody to say it's just another guy and you know we're just gonna go out there and play our style of defense let the chips fall where they say is ignoring history. The guy has a pretty substantial track record in scored more than a portrait -- against broad and if you have a chance. As mark perjury and GM of the Montreal Canadians to get him. -- -- That's a really nice acquisition for the past. Meanwhile the play that the Bruins do get -- ms. -- is there a chance that he's a top four defensemen for the Bruins does he help the the -- penalty kill that you just mentioned. -- at this at this point -- career. I'm I'm just not sure. If he's the top four guy. He's probably gonna get a pretty good -- -- And and don't know it'll work out for a -- it was also -- -- Philadelphia which is it's seen its not exactly great he's -- a team that's averaging 51 seconds short edit like for being so. That's not his greatest strength. No doubt about a minute of our plates are pertinent so they'll these. He's -- playing ducks defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers right now at some significant left shoulder injury this career so. Directly. He is the Apache out he's he's part of the -- but they've got under way to get it better they get it done better. You know their their goals against average. Before and after the Seidenberg injury -- up by. Almost -- import or six goals -- -- There's save percentage for a vote cigarettes and checked out and combined is down by point 16 Purdue. Since the Seidenberg injury -- team's point percentage is down. -- heroic war. There're. Pedal until what conferred personally the second worst -- in terms of percentage and third that's the second worst in terms of a power play goals against. Significant significant issues march relative prove its power play I'm not sure supposed to improve the -- to. Techsters wrote -- said Peter damn I think this is a minor -- back. -- -- -- -- It's. Guys. Very nice well done we'll play a masters in all seriousness I know you love defense been about talking about what makes defenseman special. Everyone says that the girl was what you just outline the Bruins are 88 different team without Dennis Seidenberg. Specifically. Why what is it that Seidenberg did that maybe didn't go unnoticed by a lot of people that is noticeable now. Strange experience -- additional awareness a complete. Understanding. The system record Julien wants to play. Seidenberg was not a star player until he got to Austin because it's it's one of those situations where you get a -- for their rights and aren't sure. References to people can make sure. The sports world million dollars for that Seidenberg. And our. In -- system are built for one another. And you know the guy has put that seat in hockey he manages to block shots. At a ridiculous rate. Is responsible he's Smart he rarely turns over in bad places in the rights. So he's he's. He's a pretty close -- the total package resentment for the pack two thirds of the -- it is. Is extraordinarily reliable and you know it's just he's just a great fit at a real good fit in the world so. You know -- you -- all and there have been Dennis Seidenberg apple there you can't just -- acquire -- So maybe in the post -- just about when it was available for the prices are being asked. And I liked that they did something a minute look I'd rather have -- and not have ms. -- right -- -- you know that you needed to make a deal. Similar to the Wade -- deal a year ago and this is probably you know he's better than -- was when they picked him up last year so. From that perspective I don't see any reason not to like it but there's a taxi here a few times has written word underwhelming. And I think that's probably appropriate you know we talked about Seidenberg when that injury first happened Jack and wondered whether or not he was he was part of the core. And at the time I wasn't sure -- you know -- I didn't know whether he was truly great or whether the system took a pretty good player an elevated him into looking like a great one. I don't know that -- can become that but can clue how much concludes system helps someone like ms. Harris. Well doctor and relatively he does try to. Some guys get at some guys don't. You know they're they're that a few guys you're comfortable with a -- -- vote at all our players complete disaster. Without Greg and it was going to be able to be an effective depth defenseman. He was so OK that probably. C -- in terms of how. What they thought it was going to be able to contribute. I I am all but certain that they must've talked to -- Zdeno Chara. Natalie it is surely watch the toros played for Slovakia over -- The Sochi Olympic order in -- -- -- is defense is error in humidity. Several times where the Slovakian national team saw on. I'm pretty sure they bought the consult with charges say you know that this guy still haven't and it -- So that the it's probably the best we could not to try to -- up with the following them on just what an area. A report from sports net candidates this Euro -- Has been treated to the -- apps so you might be -- Pringle be packed up more regarding. You know Jack has got better to get us another team or Washington didn't. You mean you look at them obviously Montreal did. You know the Rangers enemy with the rate got better suited. Yeah yeah I think the raiders got better short term long term. We're -- happy face now now on I was a little surprised that it got so bitter and kept them they have most of between march -- -- -- And you know arguments role in team Canada for the Olympics and and how long it took first Saint Louis get on that roster and then only because there goes. Couldn't go and they just waited and waited and waited until the very last possible moment. It's not that you know all the torture that Marty Saint Louis which a great teammate effort but he on team Canada over the Sochi. And that obviously what he's done on the ice here for Tampa -- has been tremendous. And Callahan. It's the kind of guy who took grinder. A leader by example. Played unbelievably hard as we -- saw the Rangers series when he was hurt I mean this is the guy who played injured last spring like. When you give -- Marty Saint Louis. Telling parents skill set is different and much more defensive oriented maybe that's what kept Albania is that got the only -- feel fortunate vote but. It's it's hard to see. Once or changing the look of an entire teams probably till I I think. Four watched at least it looks at camp that they give up more than it gets back right away. Well sometimes organizations say it would takes a year to two evaluated trade fans say. It takes about a minute or two and I got to tell you the instant analysis. For this among Bruins fans based on our AT&T Tex sign is not good people are really bummed that Montreal. -- had to give up much for Thomas panic they got him. And the Bruins wound -- movement with bizarre -- making you see wide. If you put it side by side on the split screen you see where people our our little ticked or some people a little ticked off about the straight. Both -- yes but I I totally understand that and there's got to be some frustration there and especially when you see that Marshall did not have to give up a roster player. And that the older. Recently beaten Providence and you know. There's effects it will that it just put that little guy actually blocking and it being an. National Hockey League player you know imagine having to conduct the NFL draft when the guys are coming out of high school. That's what it is in the NHL you know I think you know I want you to pick. The guy. Who in 2018. Is gonna be the number one draft choice in the National Football League based on what you know now -- high school and that that's. What the NHL entry draft is -- that's why so the -- he seemed to have. -- opposite end up seeing. It is OK but not great and so many guys that it is and you know about a lot of foreground and -- terrific -- -- -- -- If you if you have a choice between ticket and establish whether. You know what a player can do that is just -- How it worked so let's say the Bruins have been able put together a little bit better package for manic. How would be if it on to the roster what what with a what would you had to do to the lines in order to fit in meant. Well no he's he's a lawyer who scores quote -- and the -- almost pretty quickly that the -- that you could put him anywhere in the top reliance on any on either side of anyone that you know. I yeah I would think that. Mostly what it does is put. You couldn't give up out of you know he would you know we only Ericsson together or something didn't you just what provided there are spotter what do you do. You know dangerous player and I knew he would fit just about anywhere in the top three lines then you know obviously a guy like that. It is it is a toxic -- -- forward it gives you an incredible scoring if you're able to pull that off. What you get to see -- look you're Canadian now that a. -- authors Jack Edwards. I can find a course on Twitter at real Jack Edwards and he's brought you by Norfolk power equipment Jack they go the trade deadline is coming Gumbel talked to next week. -- -- -- -- Underwhelming I think is a really good word for the Bruins didn't do as much as other teams around -- -- I think Washington did a lot more to get better that's team that you looked bad against last week. And I Montreal obviously get a whole lot in order to get better Pittsburgh not so much but there -- right now on the stand. -- asked the question earlier Mike and attitude in the answers so far -- the -- -- And how are you gonna feel if the Bruins don't make entry well it's a three mix that bit the Bruins made a trade. But at the trade that it doesn't sound like anybody's. Fired up about it well you know I don't care it would have been OK if that had been in the deal. And Thomas manic state in New York. Which you for you hear about this deal at a few minutes later oh wait a minute. Cosmetic has been traded about the teams rumored up. Montreal and we said he yesterday he's going to we talked about it all. Imagine event it goes to monitor -- we -- yesterday for not that berg guy that I am reading reports that hasn't gotten any better in two years plain unsweetened. So great. Garth snow GM of the islanders identify some stiff that he wants whose plane in Sweden and so the Montreal Canadians now Tom is -- and the Bruins have on drums are six or 77797937. Salt and -- W --

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