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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Give It Up Edition - 3/5/14

Mar 5, 2014|

We talk about athletes that gave up, who we'd like to give up, and more in the 4@4 Lent edition.

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-- Now word excel and Ali score -- -- -- report or -- for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally -- got on sports radio and WDE. Based on this and -- -- their territory is. Songs that have been legally sampled by pop star's last couple years question number one which one is better ice ice baby polar. The -- says baby is whom were staying power. Wouldn't know. I'm guessing what do you think. Now you know like ice ice baby one more staying power similar lines. Can be blurred lines like thirty years or not he will be like I sampler outlines what place is -- animated you know it's on the map because. Legal stamp -- so as ice ice baby plus it was legendary -- -- -- -- example. -- is app that was -- Jack with the objective this is pretty much history objective. It is I think it's great news. -- was having nothing there was no change at all tell that to. Analyze the added ones near celebrity after this that I must admit that. Plus there's comedy effect it is right that well either that sort of thing -- that's why it'll always be remembered. We're staying power even if that some of -- to suggest. And why -- why -- that -- was a category is lent is Ash Wednesday which so few and far. Far more about -- and oh given up easily of the national we have. -- it's like when I don't know just ash. Not gonna get your -- -- -- now if you don't support are you. -- absolutely. Now because at that moment right after this tournament you're down. Diana died fighting in -- need to. I remember a man surpass them at. You remember what it means yes what do mean it would be -- now Ankiel. For that alone or did are you -- question might Jewish -- -- you don't question -- -- -- radio. About the after all don't -- people it's not that I'm gonna question you're Jewish -- -- what I am impressed by major member you really do have an astounding memory. Countries debt -- for things that let me mention dying to a really long time ago. It was a favorite part write a river down Fenway Park we're talking about it the red -- I just on this. I gave him. But I embodiment of that now here for you. So an owner Hebrew school have you been studying a little -- little bit of them to do with your neighbors. My apartment of an. Arizona senator it's like really -- I'll move on okay we have tomorrow on the show Michael. -- additional. Got them so in honor of Clinton. You have to give something up for four days we're gonna talk about giving things up and twitters so what player do you consider to be the biggest quitter you've ever seen in sports. He's still being mentioned in rhymes today. JC mentions it. The bird Durant. No mosques. Of the biggest -- Barbara. Second fight with Sugar Ray -- Sugar Ray was a little. Sort terminated the first -- Roberta Durant had the stone. Then the second part would -- come out of the corner. No moss. Didn't want any war. Shameful. But at -- -- thirty -- Under him on Hamas. Government that felt no mosque no mosque payments. I. -- I was so happy though it was a huge trailer. Growing up and then really -- jealous you know I saw him a couple of years ago I was shocked to hear all your memories of when your kid you'd think -- whether it's a star or somebody that necessarily celebrities but. Somebody who's older than you are using their larger than it literally larger much huge right. This small got. -- still in great shape. But I can't believe he'll take you down how -- yet another kind of like a fan poll after. Today -- let's fight I didn't say that -- -- just surprised that a guy with that side. They would do so much damage. A replay here something under review in the Red Sox game. Is that the neighborhood point. -- that you -- C -- in -- in time it looks like it's the neighborhood play which is supposed to be under review how dare you guys saying -- -- no stop. I don't know how. Ricky Williams Randy Moss about Ricky Williams you know losses -- for -- is not a group and of course he would overturn a lot better quit -- quit when he was in Oakland. Ali I don't want okay -- out of and it's gonna kind of know that I pass this whole thing was Ned Jarrett playoff and the vikings. Hour and forty ready muscles equator for have a Ricky Willis. Letting -- -- right now I think they mocked him because I won't -- -- DA has showed this last. That's that's pretty accurate Ricky Williams went to go smoke pot and went with before and -- I'm good for the most part that make -- a decision bit while equated your bed and they're committed to something something larger. Something larger than himself. Yes we -- Michael is there a sports figure you are sick of hearing about. You just which would take went off from the headlines and disappear for awhile. -- -- Football. -- themselves. Tired of army men -- Jon -- -- is huge. Johnny -- cells psychoanalysis. And I -- that not all on him. The people who were who works for them down Hamas that would. -- football and shame on me could probably miss Tim Thomas in terms of quarters equity for year two analysts to go smoke pot. This is bunker for a year and I'm Tim Thomas got in the list is. Excellent. Effective Thursday -- -- the -- that's for sure agree. That's all right go out there and the reason you left a lot. -- -- a lot rest you. Be entertained and surprised by Yuri it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I'm surprised you didn't go with the guy who keeps inserting himself in to every NFL story squawking and -- -- the opportunity to. Yelling at skip Bayless and trash to Darrelle Revis you like it wherever you are Richard Sherman let -- be your god on but I like here. -- But Shaun White. Sucked at the Olympics and then for some -- came back he did every weeknight show. You won nothing why you do only night shifts because they still want he still puts eyeballs on the television. -- divorce and Rondo Rondo go -- Rocco. Probably won't say -- -- he's trying to he's doing his best to get out of it -- nervously adjusting question -- -- the combination of the guy himself. The athlete himself. I've been the reaction in the commentary about the athletes are being made it to Rondo. He's not saying much but -- always Rondo comic and -- can't say if it was singing god needle I want to hear more from incognito. A little more about his mom is that his brother sister does that. Wanna hear as much for me because NATO's we confinement -- office area. How she kept -- from chapter. Go away no. Jim Brown yes. I agree with you Jim Brown. Anytime there's any issue but the opposite of that. Like the opposite your -- around you know the opposite of Jim Brown is Bill Russell who Bill Russell. Like every once in awhile he just shows up to put people in their place which is what Jim Brown's trying to do. But Jim Brown usually fails fail any that if it weren't exactly what the issue memorable where is where is Bill Russell just comes in laying the smackdown which -- talking about LeBron can -- here. Ash up to -- really bad at this he's the complete -- come off so you're angry. Too angry yeah I mean it's too angry at these images like these that the the only guy he's the only black live in America you don't want. If united blackened Joe Brown. You know I really black -- I hate that what Tiger Woods you -- him to Kobe Bryant. You've spent time in Italy. There are no black people and Adelaide. You know black people in Europe great dancer so you're not really black couple Mercury Morse. I have been around fielder -- ground every year. And once a year. On the team gets real deep in a while LeBron answers -- finally Peyton Manning writing for those are tired of LeBron. There aren't LeBron tired Peyton Manning should it long enough not to mention breakfast club but I that I clicked on Yahoo! today and there was Brett Favre you see the shot of Brett Favre. -- in the picture of odds -- greatest act he is definitely Japanese hair is freaking parade. He's got long -- we agreed -- years like from the deck off. Looks like he's 6580 to find it from the next Downey looks like he's -- he wants to play Ric Flair in the -- -- -- of -- Mystery. Which athlete didn't give up on his career and hung on caller too long. A lot of guys. Every you just mentioned -- -- -- Favre but there are a lot of guys in that category. Our stance that was me as it well richter from Ricky Anderson as the sale of good things must come. Gone through me and hope. Who knows. Home. Special -- This was six years before they thought. Good to have been well Jordan's public Steve from Fall River. George Foreman. That's the answer that's I was gonna go Emmett Smith is another one at the political George Foreman Rick flair -- Shaq. Robert Parish these are all very -- ads. Really made these are all good marks can now I think. -- about Willie Mays. Or what for example it's like Willie Mays in 1973 right I guess you have to be there. I don't remember. I was looking up the numbers awhile ago. Willie Mays 1973. On base percentage was thought it was like debate. Really -- -- would say that's my guy. On base percentage -- -- like 350 really. Repeat it what it what is what is really the real story we're -- bring a couple of what was it -- was 340. Are probably next year. I was last I was last year but clearly before his on base percentage is for a -- -- to ask what it was a case of 72 Willie Willie -- with the Mets in 1972 correct. Yet but it includes 6969. Game four to -- before two on base for the -- 446. It would be for or anybody for 46 drama -- -- -- overall his OPS was eight what would you say the on base with his OBS was 840. The program that's. You take a guy that he 48 probably lead your team and -- -- -- -- I that he led that team you know PS I guess you've got to get you had to beat my Betty led that team and opium it probably did. -- -- Jeter communities who don't know -- collectors here. He has another year were sort of marred by injury I could without Roger Clemens the government -- -- Tim Tebow. Portal two already how performance -- and auto service when this -- this hurts my heart texas' Julio Franco but people don't do that the market. -- -- -- simple. Forty is what are you giving up for -- nothing. And I I don't celebrate the lent -- like you don't celebrate lipped now. For more about you every day you. Well I don't think you would. And hash mark today you don't nausea Reynolds is subtle today Ash Wednesday for -- -- commented on March darkness darkness. Now we are at. He skipped Sony literally say I don't see -- well you look closer. I know I know the color of -- It's darker than you are. I'm gonna give up something from what are your lights it is it's on the -- that this is that we do every year you give us on the for life. What try to. Do -- -- -- about it are you not a particularly religious guy are -- are no not not particularly you do this do you do you view -- don't I don't do now. I don't what. I'm giving up. So. He took a lot of soda to and -- given and the -- doctor -- -- Exclude non carbonated drinks. -- great turn. Great drink. -- -- -- -- -- Like Hawaiian on what you try to stay cool way to know what I'll so well last night on the boys went out we watch and organic goods that. Your column but immediately it's a funny game to go to finally would you go to watched so remember I said okay you know we're probably just wind up going to game right. I told the that a game like you know game on his under repair what they know how to. Cook but I told us every game on. And they don't have what we need of some were right area caskets are over there and a Boston Beer works towards ago cast. I don't -- -- -- -- -- and the Bruins game. We've got Miami Houston and very good game yeah we got Indiana Golden State. Another great game good finish. Klay Thompson. Up posted up George Hill got him. Game winner we had even Marquette Providence up -- to a cryptic and so many good games so. You know -- about it heavy drinker I -- are so generally what I do is go in there and repair. Nickel corner but that have given up so you -- -- -- -- -- -- For the waitress was great came back that. Would you like another or just showed us. -- The problem I think you're making a mistake -- Not that I think about giving up soda seems like a really good thing to do for once it was terrible for him but aren't just terrible for you to that's a socket crystal sugar in their two. Get the same problem is just not carbonated pencil sugar. There's a report recently that orange is terrible for orange -- that -- sugar. Where does Austin or just straight water yes I -- basically that they -- I think all that there's nothing else you can drink a little -- I am aware that. The only usually Hamas army is not fun awesome meal. No deal Scott comes caller's -- really water not. Waters the only thing you can -- that isn't an orderly offer forty -- you only do that. You only -- could you only drink water for forty days. -- -- -- -- I'm I started right now okay and they're giving up some excellent what's it like it up then -- -- -- coffee. I'll have some water entered the water -- cut off water and I think that it's a hot efforts total -- are in terms of cold ever are we speaking of cold beverages hadn't considered hot beverages -- Limits auction rethink some lemonade I thought about sugar and Ice-T in order to make it taste -- -- -- all that stuff culture and who refers to a sent. To Eddie Murphy. I don't know well old Elvis singing about women and what does happen. Or armor that brown -- Enron delirious these two leaders remember that casinos while. Seltzer waters amazing. By other people -- so far but that's pretty this -- really discussing salty yeah you get that awful moment where you go to like clicks on them on the on the soda machine. You think it's going to be sprite it's not working right he only gets total water. Disgusting pigs forgive or give up truffle oil me I couldn't give a truffle oil amid the other night popcorn truffle oil. There last night on his watch true detective. -- -- my truffle oil. I'm not giving up sculpture. We skier or anything like that give up talking on the radio how you gonna get a talking on the radio for like three minutes will be right back we'll get into what the Bruins did today or didn't do soccer -- at WB.

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