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Peter Chiarelli explains what the Bruins did and did not do, plus response and reaction.

Mar 5, 2014|

We listen in as Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli talks with the media after the trade deadline, and break down what he had to say.

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Let's turn things over a picture and a potent and get it you can get that keynote there for you guys. He's he's a big defenseman effect defenseman I've had a history with him. He's he's played -- national Slovakia. He plays both sides. He's having and the puck. He's more apt to to push to talk and defend but he's he can defend anybody and he's he's heavy. So we acquired these two. Players. For depth or -- for depth I just wanna be cleared doesn't mean that they're just reserves it means that. I'm looking at defensive corps as a whole. And and which is bolstering that corn and we've got a lot of games in a short period of time so. That was my our intention going into this trade deadline. And you know we'll take questions for you know I've said enough for an opening statement. Thanks. Did you expect to under to be in the lineup tomorrow night and -- I don't know Steve is gonna come here tonight and I am one of those things are said to under is that they've been playing man to man there and I said you were putting his own here so he's got to. Get back commanders that'll be close decision. Yeah Indian where you win on any of those the high end forwards that moved today. You know I was I was in a note. About my main intention of today was sent to bolster adapt. No way do you get the get in these conversations and and I know has been talked about -- -- -- Montreal and they've strengthened their team and good for them. They never seems that word anointed the winner of trade deadline day and I'm fine with. They're better team and I look forward to facing them but. -- -- to answer your question yes. On the periphery but. We had LCI space Steve works with Pat Conroy and potentially could cover -- them. Sides and and potentially Adam so that's we'll look at that and we weren't really in that makes anyways welcome -- -- their forwards. With that with Andre your history with him did his relationship or connection with Chris Kelly and Chara -- intent. Maybe your decision to seek out. It just you know it just I'm more familiar with them and I know we've acquired. Players former -- players it's more familiar -- familiar with them is because they're characters and what to make its people and and you know knowing what their origins are in -- while they started just gives you more information so it so that helps but it's certainly not a big factor. You mentioned Peter yesterday. Over here you mentioned yesterday be in a busy day. Disappointment that you weren't able to come away with anything from tad busy day in talks and things we're going. Well there's there is a. There's a few good deals that we are in. And and yeah a little disappointed those -- sometimes those deals come around. In the summer and the fall so. You lay some ground work that's what happens to -- these. -- trade deadlines that you lay some ground -- deals there aren't too and we -- we do that too but I thought we. We're a couple of deals are delivering good good acquisitions. And just to defenseman corps general nom is ROC pottery and Seidenberg out. How much confidence you have in that unit the -- the talent to you know the size experience all that stuff going into the playoffs. Size is good militarily you know Adam I'm not sure what's gonna happen that we're gonna we're gonna shut him down for two to three weeks and and he -- His injury while it it it it keeps healing its bid the has setbacks ordered just give him rest. 23 weeks and Nancy where is after that. So. You know we got we brought in two guys two big guys that that can no victim both move the puck in both pushed bodies down low and stuff so. You know it's for me the the defense is number one player it's about the group as a whole and how they interact -- -- system is that sort of -- our coach coaches so. These guys both are Smart players so it may take them some time usually takes time for the do you do it in depth to our system. New -- we've brought in and expect the same -- with these two but. It's a good system it's a system of Chastain and how they can both contribute to that to the group. Two things on ms. are roast Peter he's got ample experience on both sides but he's the left shot. Do you see him sticking on the left cider maybe Seidenberg -- -- can move around. Overlook that who wouldn't when the defense to complain both sides it makes him more valuable player and that was one of the things where if much ms. Harris's and he can play both sides I don't know like. They can change during the game I'd like to do the same way that -- likes to use more than once and nonaligned annoying extent switches do year round. So we can give him that option it's it's another tool. And some more depth. And you said the didn't want to move any guys softer Austria to get through this trade deadline. I've -- -- adding a ton but you didn't do anyone off the roster so that must be a. -- yeah you know it's it's it's. It's the chemistry you wanna try and maintain and preserve and and I think we've got a good group here and it didn't mean and I didn't look at potentially moving guys often some of those discussions. I'm thanks I was telling about. Just shortly ago was good that it involves some players and really wanna do it. So I guess mission accomplished there. The era of the teams as well maybe signing some of their place of extensions and and that -- you. At all involved and don't any of your guys that that coming up or where is where do you know we're gonna we're gonna wait -- -- -- To do it. Guarantees I ambassador burns dot com Peter so much is made about this one David trade deadline day but you alluded to it. Earlier you said this was kind of a three days or even when you look at some of it. The -- and writing today you may be your sense of having -- them. In the past he's just expand on that. Well. That this was -- different trade deadline because there's nothing happened for that Olympic break. There wasn't much happening before so what happened on the whole feeling out period that happens month month and a half two months before the break that happened on. You know four days ago so is everything was hyper accelerated and and so there was there was still is different different set of dynamics but you know -- just kind of put yourself in that vacuum for a little bit -- go through it. Existence of -- for three days are kind of really busy because everything was happening normally takes a month and a half. You mentioned you had the experience with with Missouri surcharges played with him. Over such as you. Talking about him at all what you can burn her idea -- and -- -- -- games. And I've seen a lot of Philadelphia games over the last two months. Did have some discussions he has. Pro democracy itself. Nor will he shirt he's so. It's earning more information give us on sort of what happened without I'm afraid to step back and and what could happen in in two there's three weeks whether it would be he's gonna. He's got a quad strain and it just it just -- just he was really close you've heard code say about. And I'm ready and and being like ready to go and stuff in the end and good sessions over the break. Just she's just reiterated it. We we had something similar. -- -- Last year and he just -- just kind of you know we just basically -- that -- downturn. Couple weeks and then -- just you know Reston. These camera so but I don't know I don't know like. In an app that lets you expect would happen so. Easy doesn't it surgery summing it might have to happen are not looking too far by I don't know. I'm just looking at a strain right now and that's the discovery generated. Peter Mike -- -- ledgers with when when you've seen is our us this year with Philly and in the Olympics -- -- do you see the guys that you saw. A few years back I mean he's TN a little bit of a tough run their furcal we. Yeah injuries yet so he saw Andre has. I see a lot of what was there he's been out of the lineup for. French maybe through injuries. Doesn't carry these little behind in stars and conditioning because of the injuries and and you know so he's been an on line up. He's a strong player. He's he's not a Swiss player but he's as strong skater. He sees the -- well. He likes to push to talk like -- pushed the -- in the defense is on the neutral zone and the offensive zone. So he's. You know if that's an evolution -- aside from what I've seen over the years and in Washington for the number of years. For whatever reason he's you know it's probably because of the injuries and he's probably slowed down a bit because he doesn't get that proper conditioning when he's had the injuries. I don't know how many species placed -- to presently. They've got a lot of a vote contrary so. Peter. Defenseman with determine their contracts. Did you get. Close to any of them don't and I know lift us from us the first talking about the deals that. The day before so I thought we are closer. Any Ozzy tells about Louise is our recent absence -- The very minor heel injury. A little infection in the deal that got aggravated when you put his -- in the boot. So no we weren't treating him he just. Taking the he'll out of the blue and -- he should be fine for -- tomorrow. For straws -- conditions apply to the pick. Barnes and -- don't -- OK so it's a third round pick. That. Becomes our second this year. If we make it to the conference finals. And he plays in at least two thirds of all the games all the playoff games okay so both those things have done them yet or. We re sign him. Then that this third becomes a second. If we resign him after the -- US and intelligent -- if we signed him after the draft. So it if you sign -- the draft so it'll be a third going into the draft and if we sign and after the draft it becomes an additional fourth. Good following here. -- And happy to have you kind of thought ahead to that now in terms of -- ended up -- here and -- It's. You know what it's it's that's actually fairly standard. Jim's done alliances. I've seen more complicated than that. It's time on the -- amendment that. But even wanna make a move for forwards me you've got some new year guys can get some some chemistry storm for the the last push the season do you feel. You know for Verizon maybe just over a team was this you Europe into the -- well like so it's. The forward wise. I am. You know the last few games we've been -- defensively. We're getting a little better taking up a little bit each time. So -- that will come that's in that team we're gonna have to work that you've probably do the break a little bit. You know what you never fully satisfied with everybody -- like the fact that we're scoring. Like the fact that we're creating chances. And I like the fact that we've sat pretty decent performances from all lines may not all wants. So I'm on the good there who I think Louise gave his coming I watched him play all the schemes and sweep in Russia. And it's really coming -- we saw you know he's getting confidence and I think the temple there helped him. It -- is playing well that line it's playing well. I think birdies line is playing well. So I'm I'm I'm good with the forwards like they've they've shown me that. That that I'm going to rely on them going into. Go into the stretch and playoffs the no we're first in the in the division we've you know we've we certainly can get better. You know I'm -- these this group has been through before so they know what to expect going forward. And you know it's about getting them ready getting the proper mentality of placed in the preparers. Schemes in place and and and peeking at there at times the same thing it's it's a challenge peaking at their time. We face a challenge again. We're you looking for any depth Peter at the Ford -- at the deadline and is that something where maybe you. Continuing to look maybe a waiver wire and. Oh yeah a little bit little bit. But you know I thought to them. You know it's a fine line like we're so it is the Fed him his -- who were on nine. And it's it's tough it's tough caring -- the guys that aren't playing your first question to professional with the interest rates so you don't wanna add too much. So I'm. You know we we looked a little but we were -- we're fine like you passed -- thirteen for which has been Jordan. We've had some pretty solid performances in Providence -- -- so at the end of the day I felt pretty good about our depth. Larry autumn is -- is big he's big he's heavy on the -- he's not swift. But he is a strong skater you -- from Peter sure rally. -- was close to some other things but nothing got done maybe even some other bigger named defenseman who had more term left on their contracts. Not just the remainder of this year but at the end the only thing gets done is under him as -- to the bronze. Is it just may Salk or does he sound uncomfortable. But he always sounds a little -- sounded uncomfortable I wonder if he was uncomfortable because. He wanted to space company was holding back. You said summing up the Erica thought was interesting and on the -- you mind me saying it. Depends which thing we're talking about. You know that thing that other thing you're going to. Well water thing. A lot of say what I thought Antarctica -- just say whatever you think guys that are out yours you said. What I like about a disease on Susan he has literature but that was -- -- -- -- not swift right is there anybody know other people so they transferred I was not even faster and general manager says. Just pretty honest that's what I -- and honest but I think he struggled at times. Tutsis say what he was gonna say because. He didn't come out in just flat out put it out and that is. I want Thomas -- argue one I like my guy. Like the guy that I wound up where. And and he he actually got to that it's like I don't care about. You know winning trade -- you know since I've been here we don't win trade deadline day but that's not what it's about I think that. He wanted to go off by and that just I -- they wanted to say look generally care I don't I think I one don't deadline that just because you wanted to and it doesn't mean that I wanted to -- air force right. I think he got as he sent a depth guy he said is over and over in his goal. Was to get deeper his goal was to add depth and they did. But I I think he still wanted to do more than add depth and I think -- said he wanted to do more than add depth. Talked about some of the other bigger names that he thought he was closer to -- unfortunately. They weren't able to get those done I don't know the price tag was too high for some of those guys but. Based on what we've seen -- the price as you said earlier -- bargain basement. Marshals TJ Maxx -- Bradley's. -- -- Ayers on they're going back was I don't Caldor aims. Teams and it was bargain basement prices Ayers there I said in an artist that I just said Dieter. Come on Ben and listens to me at all. It was two people who know sports bag Scalia expects that around we still out there to get baseball cards your bags that you go out there and get tons of baseball cards for almost no money anyway. Bargain basement prices for these guys and what you end up with -- depth which is fine and I'm sure you like your team -- treat it like having depth. But they also are still I mean a lot of top of common about Montreal. I got better got. Good for them he said they bolstered their team. I look forward I look forward to facing them. -- At times at press conference to vote like it was. The system than that it used to see when office with good. This public parks and recreation with just like. What's going on here they're there there's a level of humor happening right in I'm not really sure. You know -- in on the joke and I was being funny and who's not. Who's who's really. Who's being serious being it's a series to -- confused -- equate with the speak on what I was -- I was on the I was asking the question -- we got that -- -- kind of equate whatever -- guy from -- -- -- -- what's the -- name is on our -- what's his name. -- look better earlier today with great. When Wade Redden. But I'm not the general editor of the team they look I don't think he's trying to win the press conference I think he's trying to do the mystique and at the trade deadline the question is do you think he did that. You feel good about what Peter surely did today forty you -- needed to do more. I don't think anybody currently I'd be surprised if -- people were saying he is -- I hate the fact that they gave up with -- advocate and -- -- the second report. -- hundred Missouri OK if you hate that deal. Are fine but I'd be surprised of their many people who hate this is error stating I don't -- -- my team that's not true. You need gap -- need more people you gotta be careful -- others get hurt he's a guy -- -- complacent defense -- he's played with -- -- like pitcher -- has some familiarity with them. I don't think that the negativity that's a positive I agree at all that. But didn't you want them to do more today that's my question because I did -- -- war that would more. That -- somebody who is going to -- going to be a potential healthy scratch -- -- When it every -- honestly say you wanted panic you know what I warned that if I did it's what gonna go out on the excitement and a and I really didn't wanna go to Montreal. I did think I can't think that there were more opportunities for them to do to get better especially on the -- Six or 777979837. If -- Bruins -- today you satisfied and happy here from surely you believe that he did the right thing to. You think he should have done more he had some players could give an -- Certainly there's a couple of goalies in their system that I don't think are going to be big pieces for them in the future. Because Tuukka Rask and long term deal that he signed yet it'll be big -- big pieces for the Bruins in the in the future but they are assets. Perhaps perceived around the league as. As guys that you would give up something significant for. If you traded Malcolm's about at a gas -- yesterday about three. Very adequate amount trio. You traded Malcolm's a -- to the islanders. Prevent it for. This year. But it didn't even need to do that art but I'm sick and he didn't need to give up our -- -- just and ask you this kind of if you would die if they had done that would you be happy with. -- trade this guy in and not pitcher he's got to play for real but you can get something more. At least you would think so it's something more lead draft -- seventeenth overall. -- may -- -- that number up but I'm I'm thinking now -- dollars and -- number seventeen. So seventeenth overall everybody talks about that criticism how great he is -- Pretty good bloodlines brother plays in the league so you trade that guy. For a rental. Who's been got to turn around rumors months I started archer -- Minnesota the Minnesota he wants to go to Michael soda but if you if you win the -- if you win the Stanley Cup -- yes well what you don't well you gotta make that decision that the difficult job of being -- general manager. Decide whether or not you think that's the player that put you over the top it Peter surely thought that they've been with the player they needed to get over the top Indy needed to keep them away from Montreal. And that's what he thought he need to do a deal -- that. If he really liked the player that much. If it's not and then there was there's somebody else was there a defenseman. They had an admit it I just didn't exist and that's why today's frustrated and frustrating all along that they didn't seem to be the right answer for the -- Go to bills in Walpole I've bill. Comment that I could direct or -- All of you -- these Bruins killer. Yeah. That's I got. -- how happy that the court can -- your your whole lot. Yes there's not a good feeling I got to -- target -- at all. Yeah luck he's a Bruins killer and he went to a team that is full Bruins killers right now. He added fuel to that fire. Duke has been disasters against -- the Bruins haven't played well against them they matchup well against the -- their potential first round opponent while and now they've added Thomas Danica realistic guys and that team that are -- -- The -- I can't help but being -- -- a camera -- a playoff that gentleman left over 1980 spear of the Montreal Canadians but tough. That's why am about your calls and amounts alcoholic W media.

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