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Jeff Van Gundy on Rajon Rondo

Feb 28, 2014|

ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy joined Dennis & Callahan to talk about Rajon Rondo's birthday mishap.

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As the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan in the last commercial break -- rather lengthy one -- might -- we put together a list of our favorite guest people leak in joy. Talking to the most in no particular order there would be Stephen -- Smith. Curt Schilling Jake Peavy Pedro Martinez former patriot Matt Light Robert Gucci from Sports Illustrated oil can Boyd is a laugh riot. And included in the list is number one Jeff Van Gundy is certainly in the conversation. Morning -- how -- While what you know what went and that if it table at the basketball talk I need to clarify something for. You started at Yale University you went to Menlo college and then graduated from Nazareth College kept getting thrown out at the problem. I was perpetually eighteen playing time. To my mom's chagrin. And I never found it. Hello now now when -- a two time all greater Rochester selection as a point guard were you a pass first and -- second point guard. Re shoot first and pass second point guard. If you would have ever -- -- -- you have not I would ask first that ball just didn't know in the bucket very committed to the line. Yeah I know I guess I could make -- -- no problem was. I want right good enough to get out that. He should I -- I know a lot of like problems in my game and that's why would it be coaching. Even at this advanced stage can you still stroke it from the free throw line. Better than -- great Jordan. Well are about as well Dick by talc and you shoot from the free zones will. I can get beat I -- could be go to I tell -- yeah IR I'm sure I can. I interest hitting your thoughts. On tanking I think I know we're gonna go with this but we here in Boston -- in a perverse kind of way are rooting for the Celtics to lose as many of their final point three games that they possibly can to get more chances at the ping pong balls as a head coach of the former coach. And now as a broadcaster your thoughts on -- Well I think this system was set up a bit NBA lottery system was set up for all the right reasons. In there are trying to help -- lesser teams. Get better or get a a better chance to get better. But I never bought. The people who decide that system. Would have ever suspected so many teams would. Purposely. Try to put together bad rosters and so that they would lose. And what I think you have to do is. Eliminate any incentive to lose. So if you didn't have the NBA lottery system the fifteenth would still be going to rebuilding phase but it would be trying to get their they had the best product. Available. Instead of so many teams. Today. Try to get their -- and that's what -- thirteen and felt that. It's that leads to a better team down the road. My parent -- works for the Celtics has come up with that thing that every. Thirty years you would get the top pick regardless of your record and it's a little bit more complicated than that side. He he would design the system and it would not bad system it could be some other system where. And still get the chance to get my draft choices but also. It would remove the senate to lose and I think that's critical for items -- to do because quite frankly. Some of the teams. That are out on the floor this year. Are not worthy of ticket prices that you know you're asking people to page. -- see what's supposed to be the best basketball in the world. At a time it's just been you know it just utterly un watchable. But Jeff at the other end of the spectrum would -- not be much weeping and gnashing of teeth if the heat or the pacers as an example got the number one pick in the draft this year. I don't understand why I -- my suggestion let's get the best record the best stick. Because you're should be incentivizing the owner. To try to win. That would be great competition happens when everybody. Is trying to -- the college model it such that. Boston College doesn't get better and basketball like trying to lose and at the top recruit. Although I think address system would be great for college basketball duke but I I really think it's like this idea that you. Lucy in the plan. I don't understand how the NBA still the -- as a viable option there's no problem with the strong getting better. Our Jeff your your Brad Stevens say and Rondo comes up to you before but take offense as a coach I wanna stay behind and all the captain understand all that it's my birthday -- like to stay behind even going on not playing. Do you say to him to get on the plane -- have a conversation with him or do you let him stay home. -- -- Go to -- whitbeck conversation went to management to -- those specifically that one Stevens said he talked about it you know he said the talk beforehand. OK. With that. I think it Rondo had a do over you would have gotten on the plane because. You're -- player. Have to set the example I know he wasn't playing in the game because he's not playing back to back situation. I can understand. Wanting to have a birthday celebration in LA verses in Sacramento. But. When you're the best player you're charged with setting example. -- everyone should follow and one of those things that's sacrificing. What you wanna do what you should do. And I don't think there's one. Argument that could be made. That a guy who's traveling with the team should mr. game. To blow out birthday candles I -- there's. Less -- there's no rationale that. A guy could come up with other -- it's what's best for him but wouldn't you want the best player. And a champion. And everything you know like you Ian pearl so many of the right things are I -- dead. You may have say it publicly but that he wishes he had that the do over again because. He did what was right for maybe -- but what was right for the -- Only -- point guards. Jeff in the MB how many point 'cause we need to think ahead of Rajon Rondo. What they're a little bit that depend on. Who you who you've got around him there's an open -- point guard if you surround him -- You know offensive weapon. He's proven he can. Impact the game defensively on the board pushed the ball and yet -- great field or. How to keep multiple really good players. Actively involved offensively. You have to take a backseat to no one when he's surrounded with offensive talent. Right out of their rebuilding it changes rebuilding now would he be would it be silly to give it Max contract and keep him. For the long haul if you're at this point there at a certain rock bottom up their rebuilding from the bought. Yup I don't think could be no I don't think would be silly at all. I think -- Max contract that your are are not negotiated. As all I don't know it if you should give how many guys deserve a Max contract. You know I think those guys should be very few. They should be the best bet the guy who could beat the best player on the best team. On. So put it -- in the Max contract by. Can't Rondo be a centerpiece of a championship team going forward absolutely. And I think the only question that. Any management person that -- about himself it's all we'd better get him. Or better go to different direction I think those decisions yet. You know only the guys who are around people every day now so that -- ultra tough calls were dating but. He's made some very very good decisions in the past century old makes them some really good ones go on Florida as well. Would you be concerned about his maturity yours attitude you know you hear these stories you read these stories you see him play a lot of -- log in big spots too -- is added to be concerned for Europe to give him. 7080 million dollars. I think this -- and our guys greatest strength is often his greatest weakness so. What I love about Rondo. Is it is so early. Competitive nasty streak. I loved that about him now does that go the other way at Times Square. He may go over the line eighty. But. It's hard -- guys in today's NBA. Everybody knows what to say now everybody's so polished media wise they know what this sale -- hear about it when he. I would sacrifice money or you know winning and he's not a -- very few of it is is it true that. -- I just know how to live right. Do that the media space. But Rondo. I believe as a different type of attitude. That this thing would probably influence positively by. Garnett. That back up against the world mentality. I care about my teammates my coaches. All I'm not going to be bullied by that either all go at that as well I'd love that attitude you don't see very often. To me Rondo. And every player has. Time where you would like them handle. Situation -- a little bit differently. But for the most part. I think it executed absolutely. The type that you need to win and I think it it's perfectly and took a Boston band mentality. -- -- got -- got no -- you to do this from a distance but what is your assessment of Brad Stevens assimilation. In to the NBA from the college ranks. -- I think what he undertook was very difficult in that. -- never been an assistant in the M yea. CE. Was taking over a very proud franchise with. The -- history. In the NBA and he was taking over for a very. Good and popular -- you you take all of that. Boy that's a tough job. He has handled it all. So poor that glee I mean he made the transition. Seems seamless with it's anything but. My might pay I got what I would say -- of the couple coaching friend of mine is that. Bret Stephens. Worst attitude -- Butler. In his whole career would be the best attitude. And -- okay so I thought just from that standpoint. That would be a challenge. In and of itself is learning to deal with. Selfishness of the NBA in and you know the business side of the NBA. Uncle handled it all. YouTube -- -- very little other than a couple Gerald. Wallace wants comment right. There's been no dissension. Or or or whatever this sentiment has been has been kept quiet. I think. His team play. In an organized. Disciplined fashion they share the ball. They are prepared you could tell there obviously well prepared. Defensively. Our game plan I mean this guy. We do we with a great coach. And yet the great coach. Right now yeah yeah. He's handled it incredibly challenging situation. As perfectly as somebody who had thought I could not be -- impressed. With that job. Brad Stevens is that end -- temperament and demeanor. Have been exemplary. You know one not Raymond Felton got busted for the in the gun charges -- We're people like us in in new York and appears that didn't he pay attention you know on Plaxico Boras got busted and did two years for shooting themselves. Is that a silly question when you as a coach do you think your players paid attention to stuff like that learned lessons. From things like that or was all just all in all just fall on deaf ears. Well the gun cultures such a different culture for me I mean you know. You would think that from me what I don't understand. I don't understand. Wanting to Kerry got okay but even if you did. What I don't understand is why wouldn't you register. I mean why would you put yourself. You know one step away from prison I don't understand that part and you know it's. These guys are still very young I mean I try to reflect back that I really paid much attention -- you know. When I was younger the people who could've prevented me from making mistakes and most likely not and so. It's unfortunate. What development going through. I think even an issue that has big his how a lot of these professional athletes. Blow their money I think it's an ongoing thing that I wished the league. I don't how -- -- these guys or but I wish they could because. It's truly a tragedy. They play these about a year's make -- data out of body. And so maybe outlook on themselves broke. Ten years after their dad -- to bear whatever sport they play professional. So we should assume the UN stand weren't packing back and Rockport New York. We settled everything beastly and I what part that -- completely but I put up pounding on him what I had to. But now you know what it now I I just don't understand that whole like. Maybe make you feel that threatened. I don't know which I think is and that's that in itself. If if they do feel threatened. Why not secured. Why not hire a security. -- you know I paid for or register your god I I just don't understand. And I know -- do these in these seminars for their players they talk about these things I did in those meetings with the players. When he NBA. Representative come in and talk about. There's danger of guns but if you're gonna have a gun you register that got. There -- picking -- -- warnings. To try to prevent these type about the. You anticipate. Any bumps in the road here with with Jason called -- any player -- dumb and -- and you you think -- be any problem with -- him going forward here the rest of this year. Well again I think everybody's good -- say the right thing. Behind the -- Will they also say the right things when they're with their -- him and with each other I don't now. I think the nets are a little bit older probably a little bit more mature -- with the with the Garnett pierce. Type that. Having had a previous relationship. With Colin bet that the Celtics I think data goes smoothly -- wide there's always going to be some knucklehead. You know who. Either say things or tweak things or. Say things behind. It. -- back in the locker room that you can't worry about that changes not. Never is easy never has smooth. And you don't have to worry about whether every single person is ready for that change. You plow ahead with what is right and everybody else has the ball on the line. -- will let you go with this one a month ago Kevin Durant had -- Iron or lock on the MVP. LeBron has since started to respond well accepting gonna play itself out. Well I never bought into the narrative that Durant had a non. -- even though he was playing quite unbelievable because if you looked at what James was doing. I mean he was having a year for the ages of shooting lights so efficiently. So. -- connected to a person great I think the media oftentimes goes with the underdog when they vote I would suspect Iran that would let it. But it either to rant or. Changes worthy. And. Are you made a good push an -- to her that time Chris Paul without a public Griffin really made a night foot putt to win it but I I would say you would be in the top. Five now. Easily because of his improvement so. I don't know go to the wire but I I think -- will win it but either James or -- -- -- I'd be remiss if I didn't visit the mount Rushmore of basketball can I assume that you would have currently Russell magic Larry and Jordan up their LeBron said he wants to replace one of those if those are here for which one is LeBron a race. When it comes time. Could be one of the most bullish. Talkies like trying to decide that because there's so many great players yet but to me. Russell is definitely meet you can't have it you're gonna have a mount Rushmore basketball. You couldn't have. Not have Bill Russell. And I I I don't understand. It will put up the numbers that will put up during his career he put up today it was a two time champion. ESPN would be falling all over themselves. To do a thirty by thirty yard and every night. I mean it's the -- numbers are off the charts. So you would have to be in that discussion -- in I don't understand -- Kareem are. It's not -- I think you should just do the mount Rushmore Justin Leonard and then come back and you want perimeter players led by Jordan because. Both senators are like. Don't -- both guys were the foundation of the NBA for so law. No doubt in my LeBron will be up there at some point right. Well. I don't I mean it's hard to predict those things and nor can I hate about compared some guys it. It all seems to diminish the person. You're comparing somebody cute so I'd say game that is better than you know player. That somehow diminished his player -- which. It shouldn't be you're just say it like let's let the broad gains at the end of the day. Is gonna go down as one of the greatest people differ on where they put him. But. That guy and I think to rant on the same similar path I think they're both -- -- this. Super stardom that very few achieve in need they're both going to be right up there. Jeff Van Gundy this conversation is why you remain in our populace to favored guest thanks for the time we appreciate talking basketball with. All right I wanna I wanna try to. I'd get my way up into the mount rush. -- All right Jeff next visible get that done yet figured Jeff Van Gundy would Dennis Kelly -- on the AT&T hotline.

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