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Mut and Lou on the NHL trade deadline

Mar 5, 2014|

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, Mut and Lou discuss possible moves the Bruins may or may not make.

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We don't budget for interns the work with the -- the station. Well a second producer. For our showed Joey handles that by himself as an intern to commit one of -- John I called big John is a bigger do. -- said to me in a hallway today doctorate today is my favorite day of the sports year. On the hot. And I understand there are big games but John is such a hockey fan. That the trading deadline day in the NHL is John's favorite day of the year. Any employee when he said it of tennis that Mikey he. I understand it's a big day and it's a trade that. Biggest idiot but be some other opera for me it would be Kentucky Derby day. But that's just that starts the Triple Crown series and force that's -- I think our rights and and a -- that would disagree with that. But on -- eventually opening day. Here you could tell everyone. Just to go on the ice I don't I don't want water five point off the radar what people would say that be mighty. Is that what it is you. I'll put it best sports day of the year is common won the first Thursday of Nancy doubly term. I'll say off the radar like I'm sure there are some things that people have is their favorite day of the year. That's not Super Bowl. Or not opening game baseball or not Thursday at the masters or Thursday the NCAA tournament and for me that the Kentucky Derby I don't think many people. At NHL trading deadline day is -- off the beaten path favorite sports day of the year was was my point. How many people feel like John. Joey is that your favorite sports they -- your favorite sports say that your about it and close though. You're laughing some although I can't put you in the big John category today I kind of feel sad for big John why. Is today's his favorite day of the year. It's it's an exciting day man love the -- trade deadline specialness of action and it felt that trade islanders even one forget that that would doesn't even count. It doesn't account. But any trade deadline -- fun. Funds -- rumors right back here in the middle of its beautiful. An appropriate these kind of agreement -- do though. Open and it's a trade deadline is on my in my top five and immediately techsters Wasilla AFC NFC championship day that's a good day sports masters Sunday. Yet he got a good your ball I'm sure these guys in the morning do you rate a playoff after -- -- present day. -- sat out of for that second weekend when you get the date of not the wild card gazing at the divisional games that weekend NFL draft day. That piece -- along lines of NHL trade deadline day in the draft -- now the draft was great. The NFL draft was awesome what he had the first three rounds and that's Saturday. Idiots sit around all day just have to pay attention of the draft now I get that the first round the prime time. But if I tell you the first round on Thursday due to all the other rest of the schedule -- I forget. Is it second and third round Friday night and then getting out Saturday is at first round Thursday. Second round Friday and then third round the routes and that kind of making a primetime event changed the NFL draft day for me. Yes and trade France against this guy agrees with John. Daytona 500 -- -- have a lot of options I just. Was taken aback when the first thing I say walking along hallway John's always that a good move which sets him apart from most people in this building. He's always smiling always happy. Which I love about him he works hard force obviously for free. -- powers are free to Joseph is that correct your -- -- confirmed that that help that's other people care about that I don't I just always always had a good mood. He cares about being here and he's not a double hallway about 830 -- stating here. Ash Wednesday -- -- that's what he's solid -- no NHL trade deadline day. And what we all over it. -- imagine during the trending now eighty prickly is gonna join us about an -- now 11 o'clock we see you believe that sparked this question every single week. What to the Bruins need to do. And now he'll be what four hours away from the deadline and as of this morning the Bruins have not done anything try to rephrase music I brick. When they got to do is referred. -- -- Is -- massive appeared Africa we try to dress which. I'm open to suggestions. And made it re freezing -- lines -- now that we know some guys aren't removed. A who's left who's the suspect is there were trades yesterday or made I'll be honest. The trades yesterday surprised me. And they'll get us to with the Bruins need to do between now 3 o'clock what I expect and what I hope to do what you guys has Bruins fans expect and -- hope and to -- Well I heard over and over again about how is going to be tough trade market to acquired offensive players. -- example but we got with Andrew MacDonald -- McDonald's -- player. The plays a lot of minutes the islanders. Statistically. In the advanced metrics that the hockey guys look at he's not very good but he blocks shots he's always on the ice -- 2526 minutes a game. And blocks and allegiance. We heard over and over again and it feels like maybe the Bruins even heard it it would take a first round pick to acquire. If your -- -- trading yesterday. For third round pick this year a second round pick next year. And a minor league player that has three goals this year and I only knew it was thinks he played I think it's the humane or you woody to back is humane. So injury W -- was gonna cost the first round pick. Ended up gold for second at thirty different years and a fringe looks like minor league player. I wrote the DOS guy you -- on yesterday's show got a Hagerty brought up over a Comcast. Went for conditional. Fourth round pick -- the Chicago Blackhawks acquired defensive players. Per second round pick while I don't know. It can be just nothing but to -- -- you guys are talking about mcdonalds and Robin you know -- mean -- fourth round but the make it two rounds in the post season. It then goes to a third round. You figured this out of respect and deposited the Bruins make you Rite -- depth -- from may be another move given the news of -- -- -- hold off. As expected. What's the trade deadline is over the probably not done for the year would you be shocked by that no -- -- once it's over no -- because it'll throw out there that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He still might be -- -- -- -- -- we're up we're not that desperate to equate that to rehabbing he's doing just fine -- -- twelve hours to announce he's done for the season which you don't know that yet. So they'll they'll just got to continue with that. But it and again maybe they just -- -- you know what there's really no neighbor but these kind of guys for depth guys because. It's a chance that we can acquire somebody else. Whether somebody like Jack Johnson and -- didn't he get a sneak it in without giving up the Gallic Archos. New -- -- but they've got to get two guys that because we're including -- -- he's traded. If they don't trade -- Archos being gated defensemen they really need to. With -- going down against only two defenders you know -- and -- if you look at it. As it's set up now you have a lot of young players and that in that mix -- group we race at this point -- salt is gonna kill me for saying this. But Crowe gets a specialty player right he's a great we like he changed the power play -- in the playoff won you won an active every playoff game. But he's a bottom to defensive pairing guy right we ought to limit his minutes. Against the other team be one playable the power play specialties -- -- offense west he's proven that with his size. So he's party group Kevin -- is get his first opportunity Andy's favor in the biggest eye opener to me this year Eric Miller got the opportunity. So right after that that put -- bullets. What's keeping you from oh what's that offense line from crew and Miller the next two guys right now are Warshaw ski. Who is a BCA great crew Colton. And it trotman parent who -- I know very little about I'll be honest but as the next guy up for this team has played sparingly. But those of -- 78 defenseman heading into playoff from. Let's see acquire one one guy. All right so maybe if you're like Kevin Miller get pushed out and our -- -- down to. 46 line and and that's new guy comes in plays and a second parent you know or plays in a first bearcats nobody goes to the 39 floor yeah. -- here Miller given the injuries last year don't -- second gap in the ninth for most of the -- a lot meats and at that next guy up get a couple of injuries he won eight. -- -- -- And I DLA Atlanta delegate to map out gonna give up the picked up some guys in the ninth floor just in case. Make your pick for -- -- spent time but one thing is what you think the people within the get a -- you guys that's because -- Clinton dealing -- -- I do. I think they've figured Archos QB and a deal -- you improve bark just keep but he got to go get depth well maybe you don't have to give them up. Net therefore maybe you can just look at you just look at this they're to -- we're good -- -- you know. We know we don't need to go crazy here we skew it one guy improve. It is Jack Johnson. Maybe it's indicated sneak it in the Columbus ball those guys who else. Naked as a unrestricted -- get some four years left in his deal. They gotta do something OpenId at a show that you think -- what if they keep Murkowski -- -- -- you look at that back -- Yes it's. You're getting into a playoff situation. Even about the sit him -- trade a fourth round pick next year they can't they won this year because they -- traded this -- -- for wade red a year ago. If you trail late round pick -- get a veteran defender even if he's a scratch. I hit a better option -- going it's the playoffs knowing that your one injury or you're one injury away. Problem maybe -- -- cal -- Miller by playing big minutes in a playoff series against Montreal or Pittsburgh. Or Toronto -- a year to injuries -- right from trotman were -- -- go. I mean allocating three entries with not having the guy again but I mean at some point yet he can't have nine defenseman. -- kids you have all we gotta we gotta really worry vote for injuries three injuries 298. And we can't collect cores and only give up a third round pick forgot it's it's open tonight for all all local time the boy got to believe in the guys it's unfortunate. You get to playoffs and you did lose three defensemen a series you're done you all just like every other team you can't possibly. Did enough depth to overcome go through three injuries. Bring young kids up and hopeless amateurs in the croak if crook goes down it -- shops is the guy he had no I don't. Yeah Joseph Hagerty in resort top -- Columbus Blue Jackets. Is David scouting one of them at one another again last night scouts from Columbus at the Bruins game again what the third game. Bruins head scout Adam Creighton. Who has got to attract Dennis Seidenberg before he was traded to Boston from Florida watched the last three blue jacket games. He says you know usually. Location of the top NHL scout is pretty destructive with a plan set. So this -- watching Adam -- watched the Carolina coming Columbus Blue Jackets -- what three games. There's got to watch the Bruins C a week -- tonight Arkin Jack Johnson. Nikita naked in a two to look at that you loved it I'd do another name it was suing social is unique and it was you just Nikita Nikita. That be outstanding. Wouldn't it be great. We get the name changed. The trade. Jack Johnson's interest in daddy's. Still young. 61 left handed shot. He's not a guy gonna have just for the one year Ron -- he's not -- rental player that they're talking about he would be I guess part of a bigger deal. And it and that's that's OK with me I like that that looking. Every option besides just the rentals and the rentals are feel like it's a big part of today. Your LeBron tweeted it out now about half an hour ago a cut -- -- -- -- But the guys they're looking at calendar Schultz ms. -- From buffalo Edmund -- and Philadelphia respectively. Those are on restricted free intent of the year those rolled to straight rental and it that that's fine by the way. If you want to get straight -- get genocide -- coming back in 2015. You can afford to take on a rental at the right price. I like the idea that Jack Johnson deal does not happen defensively. At least they looked outside the box here if you're -- rally in seven is a bigger deal to be had -- weakened. Really supplement our defense coming the next year which are inside Bergen and Jack Johnson. And -- easier give up a young defensemen in that trade so you might the league depth guy but. I there's there's something positive about that that at big Bruins fans the next couple hours you feel good about now they don't -- woman many think. -- get a deal done and it was a smokescreen and you know all the stuff was all rumor and now there really bloody young players. By Michael and nobody we mentioned government for fifth trumpet that he might not the eighties even the renters when you just name. But they get them they're gonna get a body. And this goes back to what we wanted to do access I wanted to go after someone. With some years I'd love. Ted there -- is Jack Johnson. Christian air off now. Was clueless that -- -- just an era after little great. He got to reflect on the -- after the game last night to recruit deport all the same thing -- like they were told. Myself behind the Bruins organization I want to that you can rubble out aerial shot. Buffalo and OSHA entry and -- and if your team like buffalo whatever your. In a division -- at bottom line trading with guys in my division is -- economic team that especially if it's a rental it dead good luck. We're not going anywhere. Good luck this year because next G -- players no longer on your team. We've -- this pick that pick that layer and years and now we look back and say hey you might have been a little bit of Iran but we're better team right now. Wanna give up in the air -- was get seven years left in scaring him for the next seven years. If you're a Buffalo Sabres. A one at that more to do with the Saber -- down and argued that kind of player the Boston wrote that can happen because seven years -- that. That was so front -- eighteen million dollars for the next seven years for the Bruins. B four million dollar cap it but they were paying them that's a great real money real and it and we know they care about anyone have numbers going up -- no big deal on those buffalo. Why would you have interest. Mentally get Seidenberg -- this is three years ago. Go outlet when you -- wanna bring in somebody. With a B reject Johnson are at their -- off with some time left. In case I'm very concerned -- older. What white why wouldn't rate now being on the kind of supplement that. Odd especially given what happened in the last year right Charles to rentals go back to Chicago series at the end of the the season and an -- she wrote cited her Christian coalition's I'll rebut this last couple days my adamant today might have been Monday. But the end of that season. And of that series last year Seidenberg banged up charged banged up and it got to a point where you know Bergeron eighties. They see a car accident. And I I Bergeron put -- -- top two defenders guys relied on at the place so many minutes getting to a Stanley Cup and it was a great run at. Last year for the team that second line and offense. You'd have that third guy to your point I agree with you whether it's Johnson air off. -- third guy here now knowing that you can't rely like he used to be able to onside Bergen Chara. Would be a good idea and if that go back to a conversation Monday with -- LB. If it -- trade exporter. The mantra you -- to get him back a premium player. I will be OK with that -- most Bruins fans would be okay detects -- we got Monday that shocked me so much work. While would you trade at a young player. A young prospect and lose the first -- back to square on. That's the last Quayle look at this thing. That's attacks we got immediately talking LB about this. Now. I reading -- -- -- Perez do that. Did not make them one move in losing round one in -- deserve that -- -- and you were right I mean what you don't show off more young victim we're all say we're good enough to win right now Montreal bounced in the first round throw bounced in first for a advocate for a really good. -- in. Early ticket price goal of 40% next year that make you feel really good. That it make a run it outside -- make a move that stuff Spooner but yet they're honest voter they still -- did it go all the draft picks. And everything is just fine and -- We lost the first round without we're good enough that it happens at what the Stanley Cup last game over over it -- -- spilling over it happens. That did not. I don't think so -- into something -- absolutely not absolutely not and in the column itself does not. -- they necessarily -- it is but Joseph McDonnell. Wrote today at the ESPN boston.com and headline is Bruins can win without making a deal. And Joey Mac writes a lot of people said that ever since -- with Dennis Seidenberg suffered a season ending injury. Charlie's been exploring the possibility of adding someone replace the veteran defensemen truth there is no like in a place Seidenberg Joey Mac writes. Naturally realizes that. But he's trying to bring in a similar type of player to add depth the team's blue line but is not a lot out there that fits the Bruins needs. It's a relic doesn't make a trade that group in talks about the young group of Hamilton -- eccentric. -- back group along with the veterans will be Boston's defensive -- moving in the Stanley Cup finals. And base in the current roster there's no doubt the Bruins had the talent to enjoy another deep run well into the -- Now -- the headline Bruins will without making a deal. I disagree with Joseph Mack -- they can win. That could win a round that that I would agree with if your -- to see you get -- seven. -- -- -- may OK you can win you can win that first round. But make a deep run into the spring if you go with Chara Hamilton. Boy chuck -- house. I don't agree with that. I think you have to make -- move between -- 3 o'clock today. Why not make it move the message you're sending is they were gambling on the young players to do what they did last year. When by the way we have the talent it with the salary cap space they're going get a veteran defender. But there's no excuse not to. That yesterday's market told you you can afford to get it offensive player McDonnell for second a third player. Keep forgetting is -- the guy -- Dallas traded -- out for a fourth round conditional pick. Like I rejoin activated say. You can win around but I don't -- you can make a deep run right. Now without -- -- sort of -- -- move is the identity that that is missing yet you know they have a roster and the core group and experience of winning a cup and go back to last year which is is no doubt they have -- talent well. Much Sid did Doug Hamilton playlist in -- postseason. A map Arco ski -- was outstanding against the Rangers -- did you slow thugs. You know it could even move for you saw the speed disappearing act more against Pittsburgh in in the Stanley Cup against Chicago. De LA so Kevin -- In that's four of your six Mika boy chuck in -- of the really kind of have that experience in the post season. If four of six right now that I would say extremely limited experience. -- I don't know think again after it cut the win a cup. They don't the answer is they don't appear surely has to make a move between now at 3 o'clock today. And not doing one will be MB disservice to a fan base the like you said is gonna get a hefty hefty ticket increase heading into next year. You -- championship contender -- conference that by the way. The best team like it better today what do break -- goes out get rockets right Kessler as as well rumored everywhere. And you stamp out what this team -- they yell like we have. I I would be bull crap as a Bruins -- even if it meant you we only get one of the bottom tier four through six defenseman. You gotta do something today to shore up that defensive -- or maybe agree with Joseph McDonald. That they can still make a deep -- Ron without making a move. Curious on your thoughts aren't term big John's favorite day of the year trading deadline date 617. 77979837. Is the phone number 61777979370. AT&T -- on. Is 37937. What are you looking for Peter Shelly did you between -- 3 o'clock that he or -- Joba Joey Mac. But he has been a boston.com they can win without making a move. Look forty your reaction coming up and one of the guys their rumored to get. Opulent wire -- money DV DTL break down to us last week devious got a report we get to your phone calls next.

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