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Andy Brickley, NESN: Discusses Bruins trade possibilities

Mar 5, 2014|

Andy Brickley of NESN gives his thoughts on what trade moves the Bruins might make, if any, as the trade deadline approaches.

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Here on the East Coast were talking all things trading day ally with a guy -- Brinkley of NASA and he joins us. On the AT&T hotline a brick -- -- pry the hundredth person to say do you terrific job. On the Rangers call NBC sports network on Sunday. Yeah different perspective that I level and other. A couple of games so as. The second man in it to be broadcast -- my local it is. They gave similar on hockey day in America a couple years ago where I was in Montreal actually for Montreal game and that location though was besides the fact -- goalie in the run late on your way to the locker room on the opposite side of the actually go to the coach but the -- -- it and bring you back a -- vote -- should downplay it because you kind of embarrassing everybody else that you bring in so much. Feel bad for awhile -- That's pretty kind hoopla it's unique place I've -- for this could be up pops shall look we got the call play by play I think there's a lot war. Fluidity. A lot more body language a lot more opportunity to really have more conversational game but I'm glad we're able to pull it -- people enjoyed. All right exciting day obviously trade deadline is at 3 PM and I wanna get into. A little bit -- he's the -- complaint lately but first I wanna start with. But Joseph -- reporting Adam Creighton one of the top scouts who was in on Seidenberg wanted in Florida before the bottom husband -- the Blue Jackets. Last three games -- sold their scouts have been watching the Bruins and couple names come up Jack Johnson it was a there's a third pick overall in the keyed in naked and -- looking disable these two players disrupt what they could bring. Well two totally different players who attack boats and more talkative guy likes to have the plot pop likes to jump into the play want to be on every I'll play -- -- -- -- -- Who is gave he is highly skilled but when the you know you put their team get a for the Olympics you know he's not in the puppy which -- -- his game has gone in the wrong direction. The -- could -- be -- a political will connect peak body allowed just to be written do your job. I'll be a hard critical punishing Gary mural will make this simple play or maybe more fit priesthood. The senate that you don't want some -- like Iran sir in order to go get what you think you need -- -- -- keep it really is probably. Hire a -- list even projector that's what talented player that being said. I'm not sure what the -- they use all the Columbus blue jacket in their defense that the -- I would be in place to be honest with. We surprised yesterday brick at a cost to some of the trades are made we heard a first round pick for Andrew McDonald he goes for a third this year second next year. And a minor league player I'll robot dog goes for fourth round pick it seemed like maybe what we heard the price might be for defenseman. You for the Bruins will be lower at least yesterday on the market. But doesn't surprise me that I think that usually the way it goes live -- really -- -- that start IE or higher. And it'll -- more reality sets in and -- players actual abilities become a little bit clear and put all the -- category right up there. And all it's made a displaced but that placed him would have bet he would know what it but he shot blocking a lot rather have a guy at the puck a little bit more -- Block fewer shots and maybe a few works that. That they have a little bit better -- let it all those things really get my attention more of a sharp blocking it -- -- York. A defensive specialist -- the killer hive six the third and now now that you -- blocking really as well with or -- Also it doesn't surprise me that that price is really irrelevant other guys coming -- a broken -- you know he he's been through the -- good player. I -- -- you -- -- what street for five years ago -- elite players when it that kind of been around the league that long but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First round picks in multiple players. You know brick at yesterday's kind of raised my eyebrows them and we said here names like the gap brick who now actually could be dealt to the kings and seal that develops and gala panic. Any -- caveat to -- good player -- kills the Bruins went. -- is that only because may be a deal it's even bigger and it got to include certain players that you buy into any of that interest that's still seeing or being in the at all. Well before baker -- the Bruins they're probably looking at and in the possibility of pull them all in being the -- or player. You know not all the big name players are gonna get little trouble move so well that's just the reality of it because. -- hit every player -- you play. -- -- -- -- because all successful match out there and -- and it'd be Smart that you are better -- making it feel around the rafter in the hot seat or that thought about changing the complexion of the direction of the very war. What we're trying to get you don't want -- to -- arrests under under I would that sort of speak. Because that's not the best -- could make you -- little you just overwhelmed by steel player that your situated where. Describe what the -- would probably leading. On doing here I guess what great country category they could make believe that group that they have. Asking prices are let's say it a little height of their people back to you what is being asked for our players. Second category probably be that the recruitment. -- into the debt deal for forward if you look at -- -- in a charitable at -- people which a group Miller. Now you don't know what -- situation -- -- -- don't have Seidenberg now you look at that even equate -- -- -- great -- -- trust he would trot that we talked about that earlier in the show. Does that keeps you -- that brought went through barring the Huntsman blacks here. Chicago Blackhawks really only played six I think this sympathy at the plate or at least be healthier but -- -- from Barry. Outweighed -- and deeply aware of piping and so what you need many different and help -- such an experience that there's been personal assessment. And the right attitude the commitment if you -- you can have a long way opera it's likely that is it ethnic look for the Bruins. I don't think they need to deal for a sort plate -- Right now and it's per student. In LP eagerly pro sports. They -- -- -- ops are really effect the third Leipzig apps and chemistry the court ordered the real good lately people particularly in the policies and but first guy up off the bench a guy to -- Our -- -- since Hoover I would and that's. It is that people there. If you look at our election year article. Say won gold -- -- -- -- -- So you are able to quote get a veteran forward so that personal somebody that you could move wrote. Riley Smith his first experience in the postseason isn't going his way. You can move him around a little bit maybe get their contract optics. All the meager options in knack of looking forward to oppose it and you have. Veteran -- -- -- in there and know what the playoffs is all well and it will cost our elected that's more in line with the pros that do. A little -- category is what everybody's all excited about your the deadline. Straight and gay is that significant impact will deal -- -- -- -- would be involved in that particular cycle that you. My belief that it that it's war with fuel that they would make an evaluation of another playoff and that would be more likely -- in the off. We're talking eighty -- of NASA and -- -- I agree to completely -- about defensive depth than what they have to do. Between now and 3 o'clock there there's there's four names I guess that a common names he mentioned today. On this Eros in Philly talent her up there -- buffalo Chris Phillips and auto what Nick Schultz of Edmonton. Of those foreign EC all these guys plays there it does one stand out to you is that I look at that group before and say that guy's the best fit for what this team needs defensively. I don't think anybody is head and shoulders or the other three Q and Eric go to -- organize. A leading to a guy like Chris Phillips I. My belief here and when you watch him play as long as he still has the foot -- to compete against the orchard. Because he's a Smart enough -- he was the first overall pick over a -- experience in the post season. I think he has a hockey guy you in the willingness to know what his role as an that would in the system and familiarity. With the people that word auto that a little -- all Austin ruled the -- current management and coaching until all the acting that it would probably be that guy I would -- too. If I was now without those -- there. You know -- -- of what few games out of the Olympic break are you start to see this team kind of get back. To that -- -- back to the way -- they're accustomed to playing those just the if Florida panther team you think -- very good. What I like words arguably the first security -- the ranges when it'll go to the front of the land a people who already get cross checked from behind -- -- -- -- thank -- skier that all the let me install base that we get Lucic a little bit more engaged -- in -- Egypt on the fortunate. They get a couple Rangers that allows you -- it's so different that that was really candidate. Turning point for that game. Not that it was a clean next period by -- -- -- -- -- this year turtle which. And -- 63 win maybe not at 63 win it without two of the occupant at first you know. Our product it's the first fifteen minutes sitting here at B. The game changer. But being scared at all to the already game's first period is pretty good they created -- Florida into the pocket number that second period not so good when it was winning currently illegal the second period that third period against. That are seen by that -- not to act -- with -- wanna be. They need to really. Washington will be better look forward to tomorrow's game they lost in the fortune that penalty killing was included one of those first two games coming out of the break and I think her state is the world it's better indication of where -- -- that. And and that what you were real beauty give that to be back with a and the trade deadline albeit a -- there. And brick when you look at the not last writes -- but there was a stretch there. That you think it goes capped off by the early ranger school where the Bruins have had given up three break away goals. In three periods -- from Saturday into Sunday did you -- any sort of common thread. In those breakdowns defensively for the Bruins. Yeah it it's turnovers and bad areas whether -- my ordered it went -- the united that in most cases forward thinking he has of late you know IP outside like IP it's. That combines with you know what pollution this in terms of positioning in the neutral. That you can give up -- breakaway opportunities and that was the combination that seemed to be the comments Greg sometimes it's just you know it's just that. Neutral so the lack of understanding what he. He's trying to do despite being -- going to pull back and liberal given -- long passes the rate is consistent. That we in that first period the minute they that it might not do that job and angle. Get the body positions because they are without a lot of other broadcast some of the coaching staff just it was all day in day out what they're asking because they play that way and -- a -- beat and talked to penetrate. But it was too loose and I guess that comes with. You know to have whipped up the majority. And that the he is not in other. And -- five guys coming back that are you don't respect the little bit even though some played better than others as a group. You know your team is a little destroyed. And it's gonna take 45 games I was -- that they ordered to. But the -- to show that that is still searching the game. -- -- -- you're -- to dig in and it'll fire infuriate you look at your -- A brick my last question for you when -- -- got scratched last night early in the day found out it was gonna play Jordan -- plated Europe. Antenna go up all that -- may be Ericsson is on the trade block guy might be headed somewhere before 3 o'clock. No it didn't it did in the -- say that it's you know cookies that and I know if you make an ideal you certainly want to. -- pretty good players because you can only here's the deal would you try to make that. I don't schedule -- conversation didn't know or evaluation from the coaching staff -- -- he'll discuss and find his game he looked good -- for the Olympic break we'll talk about how great he was for -- we built a fictional political -- talk about it on the special all right first how what you had obviously equality penalty killer they treated this guy for a specific reason that even though because of injuries that -- injuries this year. He looks like he's drowning performs so. I just thought that was part of you know maybe small injury but more importantly I. Aren't my -- Q okay you know particular really bandage. The actor played Olympics and in minutes in their keeps it in play -- -- here that it would ask the first game coming back. And then I thought this was Ericsson currently sit down and McConnell and because he's the first -- off the -- somebody -- he -- -- to every twenty games. -- delegates walked in here and in a very that you look Clark. Trade -- show today. 330 that -- 230 -- on the air gap and then now we'll have coverage over the -- -- continue -- therein approached let's talk scheduled. Will be locked in brick appreciate the time is always enjoyed the next three hours 40 minutes of rumor central and -- the Unix -- It will do court expert Andy brick -- -- joining us are brick joins the show you guys know this he's brought to you by our friends. And awful power equipment and by Massachusetts. Business associates.

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