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Jerry Remy on his return to the booth

Mar 3, 2014|

Red Sox NESN color man Jerry Remy joined Dennis & Callahan to discuss his first broadcast since his sons arrest last October.

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3-D -- C begins at 805. I was curious to see the best in baseball broadcast was going to look and feel yesterday mr. rejoins on the AT&T hotline. I gotta tell you Jerry ten seconds into Europa -- Don I said. It's is not going to be a problem it's seemed like every other NASA were so low -- broadcast hundred field yeah. Well how good John again and it felt good to be back yeah obviously didn't. You know I was I was nervous the -- before I got up early yesterday at 6 o'clock in the morning which I don't normally do you know for -- 1 o'clock game. -- -- Well when I got there you know but to the ballpark but from my comfort zone and I don't know -- happy with the -- -- -- -- thought it was a pretty good game. Until the end and you know I'm a lot of double. Tell us how nervous you were Rem dog and tell us from how it feels going forward do you think. That that the tough parts over now and he'll just be baseball for you now and won't be any to start. -- you know we it is going to be I mean that's -- that was the whole light years to come back into baseball now you know what what the public but it's going to be different -- you know I. It will be people let us happy that I'm back for the people than not but I'm happy that I back. But I made my decision and I bury my decision to go on to beat myself -- -- during the game and in the and that's what I plan on doing it -- if that plays well great. If it doesn't. I'm sure the people at -- in the people with the Red Sox look. We'll make proper adjustments but you know this is the way I've I've got to go about doing things. And I was nervous you know I've been a little bit nervous for a spring trying to get and so my very first line. And -- you know what I got the ball pocket with cigarette in my comfort zone and it back on what kind -- -- agrees you formally you know there is -- right. -- who's not happy that your back are you hearing from a lot of -- Oh I don't I don't win beauty. You know I -- actually -- sorry but I don't believe that the comment that -- you know. Well I mean I I don't know why I'm sure that you let Iraq that are not -- you know. But I can control that and I can only control what would -- would look I'm trying to do. It would imparted it was a move all of my life and I'm trying to get my -- to move well what they'll likely. And I figure there's this you know me being an example in every. Will be a good example for everybody else so ID you know it just because it was just nice to get back in. This atmosphere that I've been in the 27 years and and actually forty years. Professional baseball and it is it is maybe Gilbert he backed up going. If you really address the situation with your son Jerry would mean you run aired all your -- -- -- was actually the right moment ago this -- sort of -- and in. To -- it was during discussion behind the scenes anybody -- and watch you to to talk about some into the top I was just gonna be baseball from the start. -- it's gonna be baseball because I you know I made some -- Kind of press conference back before -- left I did that for a reason so that when I get down here. I could just you know it's a question about baseball talk about baseball -- not talk about my personal life you know what. -- that that's where I wanted to do when I had that little. Conference back at Madison prior accomplishments and I didn't want to -- destruction -- -- now O'Neal. I do not wanna match around here on so at all I had to say about everything. And is it wouldn't be here -- anybody else look into Indianapolis of that so. That was my at my feeling and now we you know we we just discussion about how we how we gonna go about as a -- -- -- again. And I assume that a -- Louisville is Billiton and that's. Final question on that subject I suspect their reaction to yesterday's specifically it was pretty unanimously positive. Is that the as best you can tell Jerry. I hope so I got a lot of excellent phone call last night people who matter to me. The end they were very pleased you know what the way things have gone in very pleased. -- You know I -- represented myself yesterday so. That Micky Gilbert and it is people like hear about it people like over it very well. In. You know also -- from that point of view you know I know they'd be honest with. It's very well we you know we were glad to see you back but we were even more excited to see L Duncan and action -- Rem dog. She seems like -- we just played just played her one -- little bits from -- today she seems like she's already comfortable on the job. Yeah I just got to meet him a couple of days ago you acknowledge that -- is very polished you know like to keep them look. Very good background -- -- about the Atlanta area. In she's in the -- write it and and you know go live with there is -- and does seem to know what she was argue about -- and well I you know I think it was so at least he should be very happy with the way things. Develop order in the very first game as but he got me. Thought about being nervous I mean here's someone who's you know bought into the very first game in retrospect mentioned I mean that you -- be partners that. But doing that -- the fact is she didn't seem to be and she got the questions in the you know I put she did a very very nice job. A jury would like about this baseball team what concerns you. Well what I like about it is the approach is that taking you know coming into this season may have turned the page. Got it focuses is is is 2014. -- angle looked from 2013. You know working extremely hard I've I've been here about five days now I've -- quiet and about three practices prior to that. The blog yesterday and what I'm seeing it very much the same sort a year ago. The end you know everybody's on board. I think I think a lot of the players ought -- think he -- Florida. To say hey look you know we're defending world champions now we've got to -- another one and that's the kind of approach I think that they're taking about it a very good camp. -- Farrell and very pleased with the way the players have responded. You because you don't know you know I'm in the but you know you just don't know how guys are merely. If react you know us is going to be -- you know all the -- apart again and it about the cases and other approaching. The end you know I think that they are they're doing at the right way it did it feel very civil. The last spring training. -- what are the what are what is -- do if Sizemore stays healthy Jerry produces. All through spring training tough situation he said Bradley junior backed down and you keep Sizemore. I didn't handle that situation. The I think you probably keep them both you know it Sizemore they're able to. Actually to make his return successfully to the big -- he's -- -- -- -- -- the guy coming up. You know two years the inactivity because of injury. And I I don't think you can expect him to be an everyday life. If you can get you know a couple three games a week out of them I think you know that level that he produced currently the Cleveland Indians -- you've got. You know a real -- there quick. I don't look at the competition to be honest with you I think they're both guys. Will be able to find a place on this team but it O'Grady's got a long way to go Ortiz he's got a lot of they ask you. In game before -- Serbs felt completely healthy and ready to produce Major League level. He's got a very good start which is the kind. It and you know I think that they have been out there better ball well with both those guys on the left because I just don't make it that you are on the guy every single -- You know what he's -- two years with injuries. Do you think they should have brought -- they should still attempt to bring back Stephen Drew and a. I don't think. So now I think there I think -- fine with what they got to watch both Bogut very closely been talking to but you've been working with the daily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some minor issues it would still work non. Defensively. Particularly -- right. Did it working very. Diligently with it is that first you know if I don't get ready for a pitch to get -- -- -- stepped. We've -- all schools. And I think that that the work the -- -- putting with been down here -- commitment pretty solid shortstop so. You know news it looks pretty good in an. And I I think that surely it will in the the question is well little -- it will bounce back. And become the guy that you know we -- -- -- would be like better today. From his view is really worked -- -- -- I mean he put on. He would really really strong and and you know we didn't put on a lot of weight put on a lot of muscle and so that's a good sign that he was prepared to back you know -- -- -- Most young players welcome that consult the got kind of a workout routine in the off season and he certainly did so you know he's prepared so. He set himself up success. And hopefully Hendry -- the broadcasters that you put so critical. When you start the -- and not -- -- side and -- what -- situation like -- because. That you incompetence that you would be able to you know sustain that that that the plate up courses he's that the a couple of bats. All of a sudden the minors working on illegal again and I do that so that's important for. -- Jerry Dempster told us last year was the most fun year he had ever had baseball possible -- that's an outgrowth of winning the World Series. But he went on the say specifically. This was the first time in his entire career that he was part of a club halted did not heavy single -- hole. In that clubhouse is that rare in Major League Baseball to your way of thinking. Yeah I think it's very -- yeah well that dictates certain guys yeah. You keep other guys in check and they have that combination here you know I've played with Roy Eric I like the old and like he he's. You know all who you know will I'm not afraid to step up somebody and saying hey that's the way we -- on here. In that they have the kind of respect that other players listen to do so but it also stuck in the -- with barrel you know he set their own. Gotta be done this way it was when we do things here. And and you know we're not going to be putting up with what we're -- now that's not to say there's not fired against a good in this city an era when you played. -- Agree laughter cellphone. Journal it. If you can pair us up nice job yesterday. Good to have you back congratulations it was a seamless transition and it's good to see you back in the broadcast Booth put on Carcillo. -- right Jerry Remy on the AT&T outline.

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