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Shawn Thornton on the trade deadline

Mar 5, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show and discussed his 100th fight as a Boston Bruin last night. He added that he hopes the Bruins remain intact at today's NHL deadline.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan on an HL trade deadline day our conversation was -- or is brought to by the city of Boston credit union and by -- how equipment and as always. He joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Sean how -- yeah. Aren't on very well hey what's. It's more nerve wracking and unsettling for hockey player NHL trade deadline day with a minutes before face off of a playoff game. Really. You can't. -- -- Exactly playoffs. Up exciting caucuses. -- there but there's this trade deadline is. I didn't really ought to opt. What's the conversation in the room -- in the last couple days between the guys about that subject. -- we talked about much this year here are. Because there hasn't -- -- Olympics but I think that a lot of -- escalate the deadline usually it was who -- -- that be completely honest mystery. In an electric current XP later so. Out of -- -- ought to talk to. I know you like the guys you love the guys but can this team is currently constituted win a Stanley Cup without adding a body or two. Oh. While we're talking literally part of the opposite but. We're seeing it I like I'd like how we are like. I like our bill that they all work. -- I don't hit her one last letter not -- -- that annual one point out of -- Easter picnic or a white dot. Where were pretty -- but I know that. -- hope yours always look into crew. It better so. You out but. Right big it would last night so your back three points. We always say that in and July show McCormack the Red Sox in baseball's trade deadline is that the GM. Asked to do some to show the guys in the club boast that he means business that -- that he is going forties is committed as they are. I get the sense though that if he didn't make a deal that it that was not. -- added to this the locker room that you guys still feel like you'd be a pretty competitive team and in the playoffs. It here are those. I heard a bit. Also look at it is culprit the group here that's like it didn't make the vote so I picked up. Like you said -- all we're all really like each other reflect group work pretty APEC group. Out -- here I'm okay open. Obviously pretty good to amend that helped by -- and what you need I find fascinating obviously saw you and another fight lastly hundredth flight. As a Boston brood wasn't the most exciting flight eleven have got to say about. You tell us what led to that how I mean you you guys are up so you're doing him a favorite that point correct. Thought that holier we had a lot in the second period I. You handled so obviously but I didn't like that you're an up or ship. -- -- He is brilliant guy I've played well I actually -- much at all this court -- actually. Like what you're going auditors. These contradictory dobbs are all but I'm not a couple actions others are worried -- Are. Gonna. It has got to get after a dispute -- took a little. So did you discuss it before him and you've told us how these things unfold on the begin in the past like who says what to hoot to see say some do you use -- some hammers it just a little weaken the guy you guys fight all the time you know him well. Is it just there's a look that at least to the fight. I -- but actually I was -- also got out you've got he got out. Yeah I like Archie but we got a court but he got. The I don't call up like it's a lucky that it until I wanted to address to not delegate -- guys that. I was going to go out -- has not ever talk about. -- and ended. Did you guys say I was trying to see what these talks anything like that's -- would Donner and -- nice job or anything do you say something at the end of that because. The officials are surrounding you trying to decide when to break it up because no neither -- we was gonna go down. Neither news really inflicting any damage did you guys say. No we're done here. All it I think polite and they want to get his helmet you ought not you but. I think -- just waited to get caught up picked up in the air at. We we -- -- -- Ali. I'm out quicker senate. Our -- of -- ago how to act opt out -- get hit. -- -- -- I think I heard a little bit. Keep it up god let it beat it into bite that it not that article that. So if -- hundredth fight is a Bruin. Last night career record you think over 500 under 500 what's it look like. The I think -- pick it court at Wimbledon I thought I like the big bad anyway. They -- -- at the hat trick last night you'll find out soon enough that's it -- 70%. -- -- -- And it's not tough guys -- I am right 500 in my Blu-ray by tickle the shot that's if that's that is on the air shot. I've never in my life one -- -- I know my record -- 000. Never. Never happened evidently -- lose eight or 900. Teach and I cannot protect himself could use that. -- It is hotter line of your days hockey a crate she has nineteen points in the past fifteen -- get on my team in his past twelve and fourteen in the last well that's there there. -- That play real well but it really well or -- it. You feel -- something really big big big bucks at the eight decreased but are. We rely. Heavily -- those guys. Think it's a quick walk until -- beat this game where they don't appoint. Like those guys all. And sure the opposite PayPal political horse all year that there's there's such an. They -- -- at all other teams don't have. Power or not I'll score card and all others that are all but -- What you do so I was gonna ask you -- of the talk about the guys -- make in the big bucks. What are the individual hockey skill set best thing each one of those three guys possesses John. What it from a hockey skill standpoint what's the the best thing that each one of these guys Milan David in -- bring to the table individually. I think French -- -- -- -- -- -- Shot or our ability and -- that you look at this shot at it -- He's probably. Underrated at the activities. Play maker yeah. If you find out today have to hang -- -- those of you find out someone calls you watching sports center some and it says Ryan -- to the penguins. Which -- reaction. -- content if there's. I don't know if all I mean it's too late or. A couple of black art or. You guys didn't exactly hit the ground running at the guys running after the after the Olympics a theory on why -- I. Call it a couple games are a little -- little -- at. There's there's going to be a cost of real quick break always a bit. Don't go quicker better I think so -- so we're trying to are -- Is this is -- got to pass -- -- no longer strange we play against Thomas. Yeah not at all. Orchestrated. Where a terrible. It -- one of them. Which one of your teammates is doing the most yapping about Olympic Medal in -- closet. Not actually all those guys at all. Property -- of rocket and of course -- I think. Brought out -- Well. Battle like that he's got a -- up at all. You think all your teammates will be your teammates after 3 o'clock a mash unit to predict whether a traitor who will be made. And we -- know. I don't I hope so I really don't buy it in the past year. Really. At that track. Oh it's got. Hi John good luck we'll talk you down the road. John Portman Dennis Kelly on the AT&T hotline -- interview was Sean has brought you by the city of Boston credit union by Norfolk -- equipment.

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