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Ron Borges on the future of Vince Wilfork

Mar 5, 2014|

The Boston Herald's Ron Borges joined the show to discuss his column in today's paper on Vince Wilfork. He thinks the Pats should keep Vince.

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3-D ENC. A good friend Ron Borges takes Amber's advice and surrounds himself with people like you to -- -- the -- popular. -- -- -- Well I thought our presence and that's the minute had a Callahan will be quite frankly how are Iran. -- brightest bulb in the world -- make up not getting exactly your intent in your meeting with your -- Peace on Vince Wilfork today but essentially you say just because he has a big cap it and just because he's coming up a serious injury. Which by the way happened on the job and just because maybe -- has diminished skills and playing time going forward that's not in recent the cut this guy is seems to me that's exactly your recent Bill Belichick wanna cut anybody named Vince Wilfork or not. I'm looking got guys that are worse or who earned -- the same amount of money -- call. Well I it is no because well sport as -- Fret that it may well there well we're charged with diminished skills. It effectively. Those that your. Is still a more than terrorists serviceable pretzel place -- the best of an apple app. Very easy for people they cut this guy cut back like fantasy football get this. But you can't put a pile of money out there as if -- -- any him until accessible football players. So what was the -- a better defensive tackle. And they're going yet. Somebody had to play that position politics they've got a complaint last year who played like -- roller -- Get rid of them as well but -- your side job LeBron can't you do is -- -- you know -- -- -- to Wilfork -- you can in essence cut him -- number on and still keep him is that. It's not cut in go or or keep -- the full salary. While I admit that in the column which you can try to structure right that's -- to do that but it's what you do -- right if you aren't good luck trying to restructure. Oh you think he'll resist what's your prediction on this I I know quite well. What would your guess on what the simple what happens. I think. They try to restructuring. At that point out those other guys. Salt water and why would you keep -- -- it aptly now. Would -- what OK so why do you keep Adrian well. Couldn't play two years ago for the cardinals to come off the field in passing situations. Which would seem to me -- -- what they needed a you know they're almost the to me about all the -- Think -- let go to think we've Vince comes back and he's. Healthy that he's gonna play less and less on third down. I'm not sure about that well I think a player that I. Extra chairs don't you know still getting if you want. It the first four games in the so getting a lot of attention. Bible teachings. And in general that's exactly channel don't do. Their best form that is what somebody else get a lot of debt. You take. What -- cut. And you put her guilt or silly getting there where it is -- -- Sicily you're gonna go to jail jail. So yeah I hear you guys. They -- the respect little or. And he still. Yes and a force there to believe that easily moved out of there when they move inside on third down. Formal jones' background on third down actual rushed past and so it is so they still have to account for well for our -- now -- -- -- Iran -- maybe this is picking nets but -- -- says it has become fashionable in recent weeks for the chattering class too loudly advocates. For the release of five time Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork. -- heard very many people if at all advocates for his release -- most people were saying maybe -- to -- earlier. I have -- -- -- -- a lot of people think -- events get rid of no well no but I read it here. -- -- -- doubt about it ever now now I'd do that now but but don't. Most most people saying release and restructure or release and re sign no problem. Well a lot of -- that -- -- -- release are you know you -- it they automatically just delete the guy you'll be happily sitting there and oh yeah okay. You can -- my money today. That day for all about forty is the first place to be happy to take whatever you get. And I never got the impression that. Wilfork and more so is life. That's I don't look at the world that might not look the reality not -- -- That's fascinating to me run that is fascinating if you what you sense right now and -- -- the -- -- that that Bianca and will will say but American Vince will say. We're not we're structured you can cut us or cut him but if you do we're gonna go on the open market. And we're gonna find the best deal that probably won't be here is that a possibility. -- There's your question when they. Allegedly in we've we've debated this happened or restart operate if they cut it. That's good point now. No no course. But -- also Brady also you know was Comerica serious injury and it's it was a different situation he's was once quite a bit about the year after. Not the year after it. Political out of the -- we need to know you don't -- -- -- -- say though that brought out he went when he bought every moderate body. You know I'll do what I think it hurt people hurt in in football. People get hurt. You know if you get -- release the ball. You know you you you're gonna have probably it's part of that same thinking that in my mind -- what this whole. The difference not to let this whole -- -- -- there's been ludicrous. As I wrote about a couple days if you don't think dialogue and good friend and advisor to our Revis got to tell you go there. And you're guaranteed a one think by getting your money. You know -- -- the longer and eventually. So you're not important any credence in -- -- rumors but but he can't. India veto a deal. -- Not gonna -- that straight. It is if in fact is that partly Asia -- and make that trade. Just -- open a lot. -- nobody yet however you -- you know whatever you you you -- for you you agree to make the. -- you know well as anybody the bill Belichick's favorite word in the entire war world is valid. Don't think he looks at Vincent says that's not be 32 year old eleven point six million dollar cap -- value on my football team. They may very well. May very well this that doesn't mean that. -- That got what sort of role for. How much money let's just say the patriots file economy and -- to be Pakistan scorer Bernard where they -- thought they wait till after they reached try to restriction Cottam. Also the whole thing falls through its ugly they leave much money's Wilfork and again on the open market would be your guess what it would. I don't know what they. They're cute guys like that it over the long time high level performers. Somebody you greatly got to get back and it'll let him do you have noted from the pitcher's got to -- whatever it is seven -- In actual cash. There. Are some people we get the cap numbers are what -- get pay. These are what they pay you what you world. What you guys are. Fully. Why. Am I wouldn't -- involved in other. Iran do you think -- -- personality who he is what he means to I suppose the owner maybe to some extent the coach. Is in any way in his favor as opposed to some other other person doesn't have the stature on and off the field at the -- us. Well -- leaning more on them -- doorknob. I think that -- say -- everybody else. Wrap all of talk about how you -- like on these guys but every -- -- delegates -- I can't really help but what ports in Shelby support for the one guy that I know. What was it. I do not want this guy. If you talked today I'll start. Dog you talked to that have been -- committee said to you that adds that this is what the situation will be like bears they're not gonna be satisfied with this that this happened. Well others are there there there there there and say anything. Definitive. Until. That situation right. I don't think that they believe. Like most players -- That what many people are calling for. If it does. They're not gonna just old. In re know now that I. You know they're in the they understand that if they commit a lot of restart you deal you -- get your money -- you're on the other Randall and give me a few million dollars up front. So that -- government about. What you're told no no not at capitol Tom -- Sure. That -- -- was gonna condensate. You know you -- gonna make seven but in the night and extremely. The sale -- public that's the case. May Jeff hello makes it seem like to leave is a goner today Iran that he's looking for top dollar he's not gonna get -- year do you agree with that. Look at our top dollar -- -- Now you know it. Is. Let's walk on you know no longer at the city -- got -- out some security. I technically speaking are you gotta get -- and the value of the position and the fact he's played very well here. Had had any problems off the field. The only concern you guys knows that what I didn't set that -- injury appears to be. Congenital. When he did get her saint aren't part in three years irrelevant -- -- -- It's better for whatever reason. Have to deal that but did you know that probably four spotted. I would say. Five. Really good corners up there. A prime target page so those numbers -- -- -- he's going to say that he wants to prop up if they don't want failed. There is gonna go someplace else he's not at this style. Charlotte well let's go on this web don't you want your owner. And your general manager I guess in this case your general manager and your coach. To be bloodless and calculating and not sentimental and warm and cuddly and being swayed by personality and emotional attachment to a particular player 1 -- based on what they can do for me on the football field. But to a degree sure but like Al. In -- a 100%. Insistence on. On one way or another not necessarily a good thing epic -- that says start this apart and that's -- guys leopard. Whoop and Holler about a -- and that's what we're. All gonna play that position. And they never ever. -- -- what it somebody at the plate of initiatives say all the money you want. At the end of the season what what what -- Super Bowl Gammon gold plated golf. With a -- So it you know you could say all the money you want but but money can't play football. So I'll -- you got a better alternative which they don't have anything even close to even -- If you rightfully be diminished even at the minute the. I think that they'll better their better replacements for him than they do for the. Well. I mean they paid for by Israel rhetoric -- you'd rather not have a replacement has never stop them before I mean they have they have a quarterback did have a wide receiver they have -- tight -- it is the right than to say why we have the heir apparent to Vince -- ready to go. Okay you're you may be right about a definite -- also point out don't want to Wilson Bartlett. I need it in the as -- I'll go to if you go that -- you are you want to talk right into it and what doesn't work out. I -- football players the place what. They find 53 at some point. What you write these it was right they don't think of that witness at Joseph -- those guys just Jones drone strike right amid the FC championship game denying. -- -- It with with the -- with that crew and you know built next year they'll find the window and engine never won a Super Bowl since law left that's true but they have the best record football by. Ten or fifteen games since. Fineman and you know back in the day when they want to bubbles. And people would say well the -- that the best record in football people or anything. Let's try. To really ultimately it's -- -- awhile and that sort of thing right and ultimately responsible what do bank. Don't -- -- you an -- I don't mortgage in Beijing ER. -- I'm not. But what -- Euro bought craft a you know pretty happy that your team has won his breakfast sixers billion dollars -- has crumble up that are out applauded all right. He owns the team which is -- -- do you think Belichick when he sits with Kraft is is on the same page in that regard and some in some way. Saying you know we're competitive every you going into title games will make a lot of money you know. Don't -- too -- I don't see -- that we don't have to win that next ring that last -- to be successful. And we would -- would get the job done. What do you think this. At that now all the way yes you know is that RB other discussions -- -- that spot. They're really their bodies are -- you'll have a 133001000. -- let me bid to be fair Wilfork signed his deal Rodney -- had to have known that the state was very likely got the cup. I mean this last year. Not necessarily so I don't think what is generally -- that. -- I mean sometimes you know what. You guys. Are a pretty well versed in economics. But most of the guys that founded. Or is around and -- -- wouldn't say that. This city think about it that's the way Bob Kraft thinks about as. Think -- I think you're gonna get. Self aware at what people who -- in in May waksal. I you know they screw this guy and it still does -- allowed me. -- -- -- Another son. -- and pick up thought he was when the credit -- on the ground yet. Everybody that. Law operate. We're told me one time I brought out so I doubt and. Art Ron -- we -- going to return to the chattering class a suspect returned to people liked it at around -- for the rest of the day. Okay it till I drop the time appreciate it. Ron Borges and.

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