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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Finger gun suspension

Mar 5, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a 10 year old who was suspended 3 days for making the sign of a gun with his fingers.

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Headlines brought Cuba AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment John -- -- this'll start in Columbus, Ohio. Where I think I disagree on this from the little just a little bit. Is central Ohio principle since she suspended a ten year old boy from school for three days. Pretending his finger was a gun and pointing in and in other students at all not that point so I can get suspended for doing this well here's the thing just don't pull the trigger. Off all right the fifth grader said he was just playing around. But district spokesman Jeff Warner told the Columbus Dispatch that the principal Patricia price. There's one -- to pretend gun play numerous times this year in the evolution over the rules by now he's had warned him included. In three newsletters sent home with -- Warner said the boy put his finger to decide the other students head to the -- kind of XQ should -- the principal said. The kids -- told if you don't stop doing this type of stuff there will be consequences it's just been escalating. -- warnings -- sent out continue to do it. It. OK with the warning in the in the rule. Don't understand this is the world we live. It is not -- world we live picture shouldn't be. In most places I guarantee you it's not comment says prevails. Is just. This is that he didn't oracle liberal who wants to be so open minded his brains fall continue to warn somebody do this. In the states today -- -- about doing anything this isn't anything to do that -- it about a two and anything don't do that that's nothing. -- that's don't you just got suspended for three days -- toga got involved no violence I agree and the toe injury things don't threat. If you if you do that you sent out newsletters that's that's -- I told -- because what's your newsletter I -- -- the -- stupid but if you understand the consequences you do to be suspended its fifth ten years of age and years old. With residence at ten year old in the greater side hates him. He's the current well. So he's a Smart in steak and eggs and guys usually stay back with police blocked -- -- the you know the gun culture like a hundred years ago. Don't kids we're living in the prairies regional for having kids. I understand the consequence -- me when I was and he had guns toy guns and played. War in the in the argues that says don't say that but we don't do them like I play when Harry's birthing. Are you know this April 23 I'm getting them and gone and a football -- -- big bull you'll split the if you know again shortly guns yeah and kind of approach joke right it was kind of after that it's awesome fighting sorts. -- OK we have the solar -- sorts first -- Yeah we're gonna get him were inappropriate things books we have some books that -- we all be okay. Not directly to children with parents talk about race -- -- Barbie a life sized Barbie all well that's what it's like they'll all get that. By the policy -- as your appearance of doing he might be attracted to women -- which she went minute winner mad if he's if he's -- -- -- you -- -- be the envy of the whole -- I would deliberate from -- is now not a good. The -- and pretty modest felt. -- SO but Kirk he didn't do anything -- -- -- duo -- and agree to rules dom. My point is it exists and what they sleep thing is what he did was break the rule here's old man. Why has punishment. Was this successive. Because. I mean. I am known. These kids around and school nowadays they didn't fight and I -- in that moment. But -- To make his fingers and we're gonna get suspended for three days I just I don't understand it. Since your policy zero tolerance policy were adopted. Following school -- -- the country Columbus schools have discipline students for violations going firing of foam dart gun at school how long was suspended for three days could for the kid gets a break she'll tell you -- -- -- a similar but I -- excited last year when he Merrill -- remember. Despite the seven year old boy were shooting pop -- to a good -- that's right the golf for your day that was loaded to try to floated up my target hurt you -- taken -- was I think are summaries that popped out to the Michigan -- gun for his mistress on the on the net and actually only can you actual gun. Toward government little orange thing you know I don't know if you see the latest real sports with Bryant -- I saw that with the -- -- to sink right at him it's like this whole movement by Remington in -- all these gun manufacturers camera -- to. -- recruit young kids to get into the gun culture. Marty Walsh ready for this -- anymore -- -- -- -- you know I wouldn't get in the paint him again man league when you think you wanna split. When -- get mature a first of all. And for these three right -- to pursue all. -- Campbell guns as you call this camel camel got a -- a prop with -- -- she's so cute he's so good looking everybody loves. I'm worried he's in the some some some broad. It permits at an early age how worthy of talking about it separates I mean skin this cat definitely need some work. Seen him he's a great look at it. So yes that is the most handsome kid in the school and his -- the smartest kid in the chicks like football players you know and he's going to be. He's going to be in the ridiculous -- yachtsman in. -- -- Would if he does this is in trouble he's always got that broke it's complicated but it generally did -- I have no problem -- -- he said. And turn this thing you're an Oregon. We didn't know that's not possible fingers you can't turn your finger into gotten. Kids should someone what to think it's wasted a I mean at that point. Marty wash our mayor the mayor of Boston. Didn't exactly AC pop culture quiz earlier this week state senator Bob -- who cosponsored the bill with Marty to establish an official state rocks on NASA sees a big YouTube guys. When Marty appeared on WCVB's public. A fair show on the record yet today not good he was asked to song dirty water. As responsible as this group. Not not not not it's just that the saw the sisters said Stan deals that would know he didn't understand -- we. Had to help. I don't know what he said. He's goes right here Eros and he said Errol Smith since you're as bad about -- you might not -- and Elson are okay. Fine but you hear that song -- church heard from the time he thinks that Steven Tyler secular society that is pretty. What would you it's Abidjan dials it -- and it sounds like people -- and yet it's in good seat and -- arrows listen dirty water. Just search -- but didn't know what was supposed to be cool. Yes they're noticeably so that that's a big strike against it that's a rubber band took to what you use violence to their bedrooms like I'm like I'm not call the boss -- weaknesses work place throughout HR person here now yeah how are you I'm gonna speak and -- all right I feel. Marty Walsh in the wrote march in the parade. We wanna get to that it was due to start first to -- can do that we close out that. They have they'd released yesterday the most and least obese states in the union. The least OC -- most simply put it the most obese or leads to please most will be most he'll be what -- yes I'm guess is that you guys. One and everything. -- more thing yeah they are number one all big stuff yeah -- stuff. -- -- Alabama was not the top ten which -- I don't really that number one Mississippi. Graduation -- -- 35 point 4% of the people who live there get actually I thought -- over or flirt. There will be -- -- the top ten West Virginia which a good lesson Delaware. Louisiana I don't understand Delaware Foxboro when -- put a -- three times Northampton. Is he laughing in the external wanna get them to the left or good job Louisiana. The stunning because everybody on on -- -- -- not -- Indian here's the beauty of this the 35%. -- -- whatever it is. Most of them don't even care like well what's our hero obese people self consciousness as -- went -- -- -- play and sausage or stuck with -- that GM and you know. Eat more fruit down there. Obese people right now trying to squeeze in the front door when -- logically figured out why they want to be your -- it it it makes it harder for the ring war. Killed -- -- throw out the availability of Fordham that's -- all the time read welcome them movies. Around here. What do we get to. That's at the book -- book -- it Barbara is where I get the brattle theatre they get their -- quarter a year or -- showing. Great French silent film excellence -- actually be humble. Arkansas South Carolina Tennessee Ohio Kentucky Oklahoma -- top five all of them at least 30% of people there. ROB I somehow am guessing -- rattled would be. As the president would say the 52 least aisle -- a or Oregon State Oregon Colorado -- For the least obese most fit yes and it's number 22 great guests on about the legalization of pot keep in mind that -- you're eating number one Montana. Number two Colorado Nevada Minnesota Massachusetts is it really Connecticut New Mexico California which would have been my guess. Hawaii and New York round -- the top. Of the hot states are fat in the -- states -- fit. Should be -- where you're aware. That surprise you. And what my tennis so that's about. Even from a logical reason one is just don't do a lot of outdoor things there's a lot to do the Montana did. -- doors -- -- -- issue that we all that was the number of applies in. You know other boy he's a true medical bills and I mean that's the Angelos Florida beat back. Florida is but Florida's very diverse and right have. A lot of old fat people right right that's a good point -- it down truths it's depends how many drive through fast food place you have. Montana they eat buffalo right in the hunt for their own -- it to go up to there on that many. Pipelines in in temperatures of one. -- Allstate pop why isn't Montana that's acknowledged in -- is in -- like -- city. Yet again this couple 100000. Organizers of South Boston Saint Patrick's Day parade of rescinded their vacation to a gay rights organization to -- cut -- negotiations and the longstanding. Ban on gay groups saying quote we hate gay people which surprised they said all game -- gonna say hey Allen we don't want them parade organizer. Philip. And that the gay advocacy group like I hit a good number waiting to see decision represented abrupt change in tone after days of negotiations are Walsh says the continued negotiating. You know because they originally said the and I gave veterans right nominee gave veterans that came up with -- one. That's due to -- better that's it and the rest -- collects oil declined one more to be true is that you are veterans hourly and one more -- can't come up and on the only one and they deceived they were supposed to just -- to -- victory at the urging of -- parade organizers broke longstanding precedent by -- participate with a significant caveat -- to be barred from -- T shirts are holding signs include the word gay. Or other references to sexual orient next reasonable as -- -- -- -- The guys -- -- it's not about sexuality it's about honoring veterans as the world and the guy was a teacher that has gay rights for the world does not -- -- That means that your argument around the world does -- get ruined yet has -- operate this -- it it does not but it's a gateway maybe I'll get away from it completely move next morning and now the big atlas -- body grave shift -- hats on yet no one votes. And -- saying on both sides is once I think it's over which I think they should encourage patients league goal fool. Drag queen and have in the middle of the trade have liked his group of -- gently -- you have a lot more entertaining the question cubs got locked it right right yeah yeah the mummers parade in Philadelphia the with a big. You know it's a nice part you know which kind of -- for the costumes in the in the and people. I mean. I saw it did get rid the parade itself. It isn't on its was actually larger cubic in the country daughter I better get rid of that people enjoy Pakistan she couldn't read it read a body gets outraged about it that's the hole I got our people like to Wear -- down in that we'd done to finally give up. Two guys like this. What will guys in the house political curve we're shall we -- school -- literally right -- on the Flacco wants to do they're standing their ground they will not be pushed around it's about. In Kevin -- wrote issues about patrol. They want controlled the -- parade I understand that this is not the argument that you think those guys. Of the world and dislike gay people are home awful they dislike. Having it thrown in the face yes. But did they dislike I don't know one but it homophobic comments -- you definition -- they want to their big -- -- -- an eight year old cub scouts son. They want the leader of the little troop to be two gay guys that are like. Really flamboyant no they don't want because they think those guys who have sex with their kids they just want a more traditional example for the -- like the Catholic Church for the Beagle. -- The Catholic church and brought -- -- saying you don't wanna -- -- -- -- -- -- the OK I don't know that the cynic is the Boy Scouts with gay guys that they don't ask don't want you know -- it was boy scouts of negate. Cub scout leader rare but they're able to be an altar boy or -- or -- -- week a priest has been right -- went -- they don't want the -- -- children either that's seems -- parents exactly that there. They're kind of you know consistent with that argument that but do you think again that if you think -- these guys are morally chairman whose dad in house by. Asks the question is and that's all right or late -- look at gay people as less of a person and they are and I would say RC I guess yes. But your definition of hopeful applicant in today's definition in Pacific we live in is if you're not in favor of gay marriage that's -- what -- -- not true that you could put that out -- you said meet at its eyes on target UNC is a group UNC. It's as as the culture right Lester well I. I think there's it is the guys at home I reporters he -- against -- and at the -- to be fair which would be nice guy Rocco bomber a year and half -- -- that I actually agree with that assumption of some home for sure the home do you think the globe defines home. It's anyone who doesn't sell -- is not day. Before I let it. Better be -- now or against right that's headlines brought to you by eighteen did you do a story that I missed it on the -- -- get to the story can get him. The book the picture is the best part which we should get to him because that I have has changed is to yet and -- give credit -- flexible on these negotiation down into it. To be swayed he can be -- you can change way and one day on the stories up a story especially for all with a trading deadline -- a way Sean. Or will join us at 905 your phone calls as well.

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