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Jim Boeheim loses again the guys rejoice

Mar 5, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing a good night for Dino and the show. Boeheim lost and Sam Berns is being honored in Foxboro.

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Yesterday. And last night was my friends Monday and Monday night. Tuesday to -- today I don't know it I don't -- so -- Tuesday and Tuesday night -- sort of went. This week's fight night line right by out. Now the significance of yesterday I don't in other -- me it was one. Feel good moment after another firm T yeah there are real was the Bruins beat the Panthers for -- had a Patrick got the feel good moment. -- David Ortiz tells us he's going to get to the bottom of how his name and that up on that list -- that's a good thing to -- out. I love this this this this with my favorite feel good moment yesterday. Jim -- climb the Dinka -- Danks. Lost at home. Two Georgia Tech that's four losses in five games for Syracuse any excuses. -- you'd think. Obviously injuries are part of -- of basketball but we were were a team that needs all of our hearts we. We have all or parts I think we're very good basketball team. Much it just hurts injuries yeah yes I think they they'll -- you'll be lucky to be number of Reese yeah. And the problem would be far far away from partners and no I don't think it could make me feel better than Jim -- -- the deaconess here accused weren't losing their fourth game in five. Tries. Until I found out at Foxboro high school decided to name their brand new football field at December's that was the ultimate feel good moment for me yesterday. Yeah it was a nice story it's. You know when you think about it he wasn't a football player. I don't think nobody was in the -- the -- play snared. And he brought such attention. To Foxborough and the power went to school and and to raising money progress here. Sam birds' field with a with -- it -- yet it's going to ask my earliest field. And it's nice new turf field. Will be there for one. Good joke for -- it was the same location where he marched with the marching -- I would assume I guess so yeah I think so but that was what part documentary hell for all the stuff he went through times -- Really really fresh for news struggling you know April this up as the thing. It's like you want to release political -- right that your and they figured it out I got that light one it was a great. Yeah question should I should pay attention I'll watch that special again and he said. What I do is surround myself with people I wanna be with. To take it they found this little -- -- -- to play seats down it's not solidly as I am secrets for a happy yeah. And that was -- surround yourself with PP you like and the you'd have followed his last. Bullet point whose last secret to a happy life is never miss a party. That was well that's true all right a -- -- -- -- want an exit and he had a blog out of the hearing was your speech in Washington. Because it's homecoming that technical. But he never missed the party. Personally. And you missed lots of people like ceramics and lots support yet -- have to be alone and tell us a little in. Well it's even harder if he were surrounding himself with people like -- that's true yet despite a Bradford you like. I love him you got for audio IQ what I think you're like my I like -- -- -- -- hates. You can find people that you'd like. You'd be much harder pressed to find people like you inducing -- museum yesterday she she even. Gets bad scheme shapes -- Bubbled out yesterday showing it's gonna get some new lotion yet that sentiment. Since under the new Regina. Users that dirty roster the current. It looked like -- smallpox is a a -- -- -- eruptions. It was huge I didn't see it contain them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smell something horrible spot. Now you know. Off food smells that's pretty discussed. Missed a few parties right. -- more like goes -- But the -- tickets -- -- -- heartless as to never miss apartment -- -- market obviously. It's it's the opposite him and and that's it in terms of positive that he -- negativity right Bobby and great the world what sort of that glowing piece of positive as -- to have that I had real -- -- and everything and -- yeah just the silver spoon right -- life. And he still not happy -- burns. Was dealt a bad -- -- question most eloquently have a better attitude talking about me and him if he grew up in the gutters -- like New Delhi like. He'd be. A good idea didn't kill himself by now you wreck that you like this great guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think about it at bay I'm talking about you defensive problem it everything it. Everything Trinidad and there were times at the start my car. Asked. Well what's what's the struggle the struggle. The word for the Jihad that you -- ago. That means struggle Gina -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was also there's also the -- that he went to summer in May. The main -- at home but the -- wanted to go to the Nova Scotia. Well patient and Birmingham that was their -- on the -- -- India expert out there that we call that the Bermuda thing right -- that we don't talk about that that's that's. That was awful. I Bubba and I know you have some things on your agenda over there and a list yet. But speaking of Sam Sam who's been built the -- hand we have to get to Sam Thomas it is. This we have failed the right to say it would -- you -- usually pretty good at this getting. Some attention yet on when Amare you know. Causes. But this one and it's frustrating to -- and Ellen DeGeneres by all accounts a wonderful person. Everyone says nice person does things for people cares about people. Has not responded to our request and the request of thousands of others. That she meet Sam Thomas a fourteen year old Jimmy Fund patient who idolize user. And I tell you why as a cause he stuck in the infusion room stuck in treatment so often that he's always watching. Allen and he enjoys and loves her and he wants to meet her. And we can't get it done we've talked to we communicated with his doctor he said yep that's what he wants he wants to meet Alan that's it. He's not asking to go to the -- and -- and even go to Disney. -- -- -- And we've tweeted after a hundred times we've emailed staff were asked her if she would. Take a moment at all. Compliment I can always listen -- -- that is not gotten to her she doesn't -- -- -- would I would assume that this for quite well because she's she's brought. You know people who were ill people were struggling people who wanted to see her on her show all the time and done big things for I I can't imagine that this is the one occasion. -- says out of -- -- -- not -- you might Alter this fact I don't I just I assume I assume though I didn't she's brought people like you said -- sure that absolutely I don't watch it to -- I've seen you know -- epic fantasy stories like that show up -- stuff at the White House has not gotten -- -- -- -- Twitter account. That -- and -- somehow problem then there's a -- steel around here is some mean we we've got to Justin -- -- Tweeting she tweets from what you did that the other night off that's why is all I assume she must be. So I don't know as a Tweeter. Maybe -- Ball that you elect this -- helped -- Does what what show the person next hour of the person closest her. Can't bring this to attention -- is on channel five here right is that right appear Greg and exercise is any of the local. 6 o'clock or eleven the clocks appeared on the green -- out to -- you know all the channel five people we know Lin -- right but they but they haven't done a story. Right reads a group with its have a local affiliate wood to a story and then I'd point they have not that we know and and we assumed last week week before the oil was little -- she was planning the Oscars -- Well that's over Allen and you had the highest rated show you ever -- Monday after the Oscars you're hot stuff right now. Let's come back to earth for a moment and do this nice little -- -- not asking you to donate a kidney yeah we're asking you to say -- to -- it. Re gather here and and and I think this is -- very good ideally comes from not my brain detector built fine. Is the president of WCVB. He definitely times does the little commentaries at the end of the news don't you think somebody who used to be the president but it -- a lot of -- -- -- live news release do that in an idea that it is considered the last station in America as yet so like that so if you know bill fine. If you work for built on built -- is up and listing this program bill fine. WCVB. Channel five president. We gotta get -- Just let Ellen 014 year old Sam Thomas from the Jimmy Fund clinic. Really wants and needs to meet her he could use a break in his life and about a -- buying get this stuff. I'm not a FaceBook. I -- you give the biggest give us our choice couple years ago we need to do one of the other Twitter or FaceBook we chose Twitter. But if you're on FaceBook I assume the talent show is on -- Churchill. So we need some help on FaceBook reaching -- that maybe she looks -- FaceBook account. And if there's any other way we have the email account of the show we've emailed the show we don't have a personal email. The week I'm and I we have to. Your power producer right up you've talked not talked to be emailed multiple emails are producers and I got through ES PO which is BBC and she has the producer responded in any way shape or form not once not once. And I know for a fact it's the producer in the book for sure. Well. Say it is her assistant Max good point do you think Michael mallet or -- Michael checklist no I mean. Now or no I mean I don't matter but she's in Burbank. With the show -- emanates from yeah if you officials in Burbank which does that mean you live. You're the only Santa Monica is still Whitey Bulger she can also live like Oprah out. It down off the bodice and Malibu to -- -- and easy commute -- for her might be she gets an -- priest you know. The copter maybe surely keeps a couple days a week which is a lot of travel back you're like a real jet setting. -- -- -- Personality and those -- human -- in the -- -- monikers like that look at a marina -- get a home address spot what they're pretty good you know pretty good slow to get home at this time it would work and Ortiz and unfortunately he's busy trying to -- name trying to find it in the court tees. Those fines of one final chorus like -- and generous house. Now World Cup for a -- it. Someone else so he's got to do the show were all working on this on the I'm tweeting matter again right now and have stalking her and has run under house and elitist is that a Bryant -- on the case a totally dead human element that -- community yes so -- even -- your candidates -- Does he know war yet they've brought in similar circles she probably it's all right -- particular. Bryant Gumbel and like peace folks live in the same luxury commuter -- this in Florida in Jupiter Florida yeah. While noted that's a good a deal that the -- some credit good idea met his father the -- Bryant -- to call Alan I'll believe it but it's it's as we get if he gets -- to meet Sam policy little lift he gonna give. -- a break unit and some credit -- who have done a good job producing radio show for which he gets paid. Every friend I believe that's his -- All the -- just simply snap Sunset Boulevard. Is yet is DMZ January 2014 she's volumes and -- house among the richest areas of LA teams aren't. -- a snowball our teams rights -- in the Brody house. Real estate sources throughout the Ramsey Allen paid forty million for the property no way that's what you got a 2.3 acres. Thirteen thousand square feet six bedrooms half bathrooms a pool. Pull -- Jim spot in tennis courts paid forty's considered the most iconic modern state in all of -- it was really to design architecture. -- supporter and Patrick houses like this to become more awesome teams -- I'll also -- nearby estate for 21 million -- paid seventeen million. Last year -- and a half thousand square feet syndicated TV really -- as well that's. Yeah that's that's where you re judged to really cash and use that generous I know she's a big success. As a home. -- forty million actually he exaggerated. And paid 39000880. That's all that's all she -- was closing cost I want to right right yeah. Action HO way to do that. -- -- -- from she's from New York. Midwest is I think. Elena could be the most liked the -- percent and each nation is right now the most liked him who hates who despise you know -- and and she's not. As we saw -- -- cuisine of the Liza Minnelli who hates. Nobody nobody an -- she's good David Ortiz. All she must be a nice for television people ought -- Dave Ortiz Vince Wilfork -- piece of renewing the patriot Borges hello. This will get to that we that we a lot of people work on this. I would think she would not only wanna meet them but she would make it. A lot of fun for -- she would -- out there if beacon go out there. Or meet him halfway of this politics and have -- -- the day with -- -- hopes so yeah it's strange there's been nothing but. And maybe steps in the -- -- talk to people I was told some of the story yesterday about. Friends of ours who doesn't make a wish things and -- this girl we knew. She's -- woman but should they make which holder. Make it good in we get -- this for a make it could come -- you know and in the first two things she came up with they rejected they tried. I think the first which big country and we had a on the show Taylor Swift and no no it was like Kenny Chesney you're ready he wanted. Tim McGraw to come to -- -- in to a concert on first street. In public as little tough. And they try yeah but they ask yet and they said come up with some -- and come up with some -- -- finally. She came up with a trip to Australia for from the ago the Great Barrier Reef for someone in school in the -- done. And that they are more than willing to do creative. -- issues. Has -- how many times can you do Disney it's their you know they have the of the money they can do -- yeah that's what you want yeah but they want things like this go to LA and meet meet. I'll always scuba diving. Off the great leader Reid would not be anywhere in the top of -- -- -- -- all the sharks right that's with the greatest school but it is. I've always wanted to play the conflict you know how many sharks kill people as opposed to people can sharks like 101000001 -- -- help me -- for sharks but the Dodgers got right IK. Hate people's skin shocks to them you know -- restored in the water shark -- would be Skype did it a week we snorkel in the Dominican in the sharks below -- scared. No they were little nurse he talked he talked nurse sharks on mortgage jaws great whites in this like one in the whole world for that when you. How many people that he. It scares ElBaradei on the other credit. Writes -- -- And it in the make -- wish people. Decent for me it was one point -- and that's gonna happen. A sick -- looks like yes you do you didn't make our combined value veins and excrement was the Aggies had testicular surgery right yeah -- might get a polite at that site -- a play amen corner that would be your make a wish. Yes I think so Augusta me. I I I'd like to play against the but I know screw it up I don't think I'm more -- -- Hit it in the water on whatever is one good shot there over the water at twelve under this is what do you have any desire to play the eighteenth hole with the pros -- in the masters. So hard -- look at African teach tee shot to put this one all right if I -- and the if you hit it good ends up in the trap in the -- hundred need to get to the green up a lot of attract. It's not a fun look at you know Augusta with the expectation. QB that just great right yeah like you Pebble Beach hello. Maybe not yeah. -- that's the one that's probably that's not a great wish I know though right I guess if you had that attitude that don't keep score to school and -- look at -- you the most amazing back to in my the most amazing back to about Augusta National list. The tournaments in five weeks closed as soon as it's over. I think at some people play on the next -- Expedia as -- right -- old wreck on Monday and the course is close at that point right and this year it's buried in snow yet. As we've seen many -- Eisenhower tree is gone on its right -- Will be the same as the plane as allies I think it over the eyes. That's great it got so Eisenhower said -- -- we have the industry is that now not when -- not not. And aunts Condoleezza Rice said during the trees that yes I -- pot and they got rid of it. But that will work on that we're gonna we're gonna get word that's been the -- show us -- we've been trying month. -- -- three week we've got to stuck. Will we shoot it down already yeah it's a shame on some -- disappoint -- costs as they as a group here. Well you'll what are you disappointed in just like we've looked at the request -- ignored it. We have -- -- -- -- don't tell my dog called a since we'll do this recess truly think we first heard it first started tweeting about it talk about it we get a yes but it's our health and it hasn't been done if somebody -- all the elements and. It's something you've been in this business long time when you went to your assignment editor channel seven that. He wasn't addicted -- -- -- care about the excuses when you didn't get the interview now it's like it that that's. When I worked -- -- -- one thing I liked and an expected was. They told you do this story get it done they didn't care how much is spent on your flights are your rental cars CO pills or anything. Just had to get it done and as -- called accidentally he was that they said. Did you get the story in no -- -- -- -- -- so you have to go back to Sports Illustrated with your tail between the legs when Barry Bonds political council well it turned out to be good story it's kind of like searching for Barry Bonds was lurking the whole time yet. And I talked to. Its father was great digital photographer. To get pictures of very adoring you. Forget I think so yeah got a market -- club house and I got to talk to all the people around him Jeff -- teammates and his father -- big what are the original idea to talk to bonds himself. You'd just try him in many people tried to blows tomorrow like me off but ambassador also -- also probably had nothing to historically talked. Rate to a kind of worked so well it did not that's fine we -- get a guy who doesn't wanna talk and I just saw someone did a good joke. The guy would talk now was this really good story but the talk all the people around him right. Usually better it was one of the league of denial guys. Refused to talk to him talk to people around him. In the book in the book wouldn't talk forget I get to -- just brought back via distributed to much he wants that you know -- mentioned this in the book. It's an. I actually got I think it -- that not only that I think I didn't tell you cannot believe I told him all he felt that he did not -- -- -- wanna get too excited. I did know he did not help me that I was completely surprise was that a nice feel. Well we ought to mention of Blagojevich or six times in particular -- read it didn't help us get all the Hollywood is trying to make a movie out of that book. And it's probably not get done. Because the NFL says we don't want that to get them that's -- powerfully NFL. Independent Hollywood people. Now hired a script writer a screen play guy to write this thing do the research and get it done and they think you'll like a one. In a hundred entity when you get mentioned that in how they're connected to virtually every network mean it's it's one of the smoke all six studios are somehow for the six studios are connected -- -- -- -- -- -- about -- OESP and obviously right. It is his whole box and see the Austrian right blocks NBC -- which they're big ticket Sunday night. Com ABC. Ago. CBS is tied him ABC easier life on ABC easiest of their completely in the satchel. He be up to all you don't have to do such -- CBS NBC ABC ESPN. Where's the other what else is there before Clark walked here's the other thing -- that the ones that aren't. Wanna be business -- action that was it right he bids right at L one part. And and when you think about when the bidding and you think that's crazy four billion. And then three years later it's their -- is the most profitable and entity they own and and history's shown you -- over today. A more showing TV is some notes one of the twenty I think I believe it was 23 of the 25 approach via a football last year right football pants as the Goodell says to anyone of those studios. If you do this movie. You're done under contract comes up what's. -- -- because it was originally gonna run documentary right of denial Frontline yes on PBS and they said -- -- -- -- It is -- mean it is the whole the whole theme of the book it is. Weird as the NFL's heart truly it's a lot it is originally there in the aisle but eventually -- -- comes around and now he talks about when he speaks about it every day. One make the -- safer. -- finish that books and an end it's and that they wanna make the NC for obviously from liability reasons that no other. Is there away and you need Mexicans is not -- -- games Portland as you cannot and they have tried to -- that helmet did that prevent concussions they they failed there is no ailment. They've changed the rules. -- it's it differently and still in -- guys still it's almost in intrinsic part of the game cannot be changed. 6177757937. So get into that will get in this -- you for the fourth time in five games while that. But David Ortiz. -- clearing things up would you -- for five years later -- -- a bubble team now -- -- -- got -- -- -- in their -- -- -- -- foresee -- -- Ortiz never set a timetable and 2000. Whatever year that would assess. It and -- -- -- -- thousand dollars is what it's -- it's like -- now when he said with Michael -- We're gonna find out -- -- that's ridiculously hot and -- yet from the 2003 tests -- that 2009 Ortiz you look at him he's -- -- active and he was the old David Ortiz -- like a comment here are certain now or present day. -- Ortiz and now we got -- back on the case he's working on an hourly basis and taking his time to the longer you wrote a lot out Woody Harrelson which order -- The content here with here. Him he'd be -- acceptance -- -- effort made to what he's a -- fun loving guy right. Yeah they'd never be my -- skinny and Richard are at the trading deadline NHL is arriving at 3 o'clock we'll talk was shot important during the 9 o'clock hour and we -- depending on how his day goes. The Jimmy Fund clinic. Here the Dana Farber here at an apartment that they -- that in a -- amid talk to fourteen year old Sam thomas' well we'll be right. A hodgepodge of thoughts today.

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