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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/4/14

Mar 4, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/4/14

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Text 37937. Or call 617779. They sold and Ali. It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Artist the question -- by air as a restoration specialists of your -- premiere facility manager of a cold weather disaster plan in place beat prepared conflict areas it's seven. Sports X 11111. -- -- dot com IKEA here Mikey gentleman what the -- -- Michael guy's got some work. Show suggestions -- Break world's smartest man solve some problems for people Mike Adams of Mike adams' music over. The last month. Always great we agree guess and which Reagan backed off this weekend he's -- stickers. Was comfortable here. Though only for 2038. Years now with -- estimate basketball's. We have tons of stories that some much -- -- About time we all -- -- -- -- Africa testament that next time -- Select your it was a reason. And it ain't got it out of Portsmouth what I was getting. Let's get a lot of he solutions like the army announced -- -- that's going to be its last Albert. Or. I'll always talk so much trash you know officials. -- back before the officials seems like it. Smaller -- thankfully. -- born knowing you. May. Are you. As you know I personally have probably have the mobility. Noisy so you view you can hide behind that at all. At all. Distracting current. Wise so jointly. With the doctor -- -- Aid users like it here now doctor Robert Leonard. Is your confidence. You know your trash stark let's do we've got what is the oldest keep the heat beat. What is the oldest piece of clothing that you -- It's a sweater. But it nights -- Of clothing. -- is it is a pair of boots. It. Currently work boots. Right wing groups would you please note you do construction you don't animal you know where you see you have something -- something if your minimum times of those -- moved with you. 4552. -- Poll patriots lecture and really old magic teacher. -- -- particular pat patriot patriot. Yeah or no it was for exactly when they just out of -- old girl twenty years or so what's your 24. That's not yet been over and it's going guys good teachers in the sixties what's that -- -- play -- specific except. Mickey Mouse giving the finger. Keep on truck in. In Paris a lot of local are all this question him in next question to slow this list is -- -- They're both of you won the Lotto or all three lot. Ten million dollars. Which one of you would give more money -- a question of party establishment but it wouldn't lottery might. Reverend Michael missed archer and it's it's it's a foundation going to be what's what's going to be missed. You know that's stripper -- charity the brotherhood or something. Richie got -- -- -- people who have been in jail and have good jobs and give people is tough times of need to know that there. Can you win the Lotto have been on drugs like an incredibly. In screening oh absolutely yes we're certainly very restrictive. Immediately you -- So you have to go to -- neighborhood and find some people almost all of that was that Kamal I think it all. Took a turn we're gonna go that way you're not working -- because the charities gonna get into a lot of trouble Mike yet as part of the rest she's -- stuff -- we talked. Next question if you were even apple or banana in the cars and located throughout the scraps of dwindling. Apple orbit in -- but the court of -- yes yes I think totally -- a degree -- planning -- Wear him like in the middle of the -- know how to narrow highway now. And that -- -- -- -- I want to bring you reach the side of the road as bush on the highway don't matter to them. Brilliant people. I did do you do that the animals come -- -- -- are dark -- felt like north of NBC would have to deal with those rules and Billy Madison I think he can do -- -- -- probably you can do that -- -- in the -- -- -- there's it would that would advocate is that considered when it says you pass a -- know that -- I don't think it. You say we don't want. Officer actually didn't -- tonight corps that was an apple or right right and that is in officers are regrettable okay yeah I'm sorry. I start I saw you throw something out the window and I I didn't know what the apple cart daughter you have a nice day of the matter back -- be careful merging. You've got onto the road yes. Well the problem I don't know by the way I kind of like a -- in the DOT. On the colts out of it no doubt it. Everybody uses that excuse not to know how to tell the jury all the other -- Our goal -- you know but his problem -- -- cut up pieces of records are are biodegradable. Once -- stop me for that. Question so all you would have thought the -- guys baby to make -- that upset with -- -- -- canceling. And would have made him angry there's a Baxter and I Bosnia I don't know I think about all the Brendan that you know cope act. It's you know what is -- reason for why these it was quick these white bread before now before you. Well good luck or since I you know took Wendy. From -- And that's what happened -- -- Of course is when you were talking about here is his name is Britain now because it went. Next question but it could be -- -- speak on. Speaking of which salt why did you break up with Wendy and end up marrying -- out of that happened I have a great week hitting. What you like broke a particular shoes you try to work with you guys went there together. Select reliever was apparently gripped the Acura Buick you can do it right. Can you racist and you like and oracle. My beliefs are more -- and clearly true you where she is now yes. She's in the Bay Area -- -- tormenting Black America where this other guy who was called to a she's not in the day now -- in the Bay Area is just it just hit be hit because I have been. If that these are racist so she's not actually were just what you've got a different answer simple they can't be true racist all right last question. What horror movie villain wins at royal rumble. There all gathering together with horror movie villain yet. Freddie can be in your like he can kill for it but it. -- -- it is never seen I've never seen. Him. He's an -- -- mysterious character ever seen in or who's who somebody who has some supernatural powers because. Regular axe -- they can do against -- but he was to match tickled that supernatural powers aren't real in the -- rumble it's. Illegal to. My motto country for old men -- as you'll ever. But the candidates like. We're done for the will be back tomorrow too of course the trade deadline tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Gators will be with 330 my -- coming up next. --

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