WEEI>On Demand>>Why not Revis? Would be acquiring Darrell Revis be a complete departure from the Patriots team-building philoshophy?

Why not Revis? Would be acquiring Darrell Revis be a complete departure from the Patriots team-building philoshophy?

Mar 4, 2014|

Salk and Holley debate it... Holley wants Revis, Salk doesn't want the Pats to change what's made them successful, and believes trading for Revis would do that. We debate it and involve you.

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-- a lot about the patriots that it might -- -- a lot of patriots stuff today and I keep thinking about you or. Or wanton desire for Darrelle Revis there's no other way to say it. If they want and desire. Army denies it you wanted to back away from a little admit that its wanton. You can. Any kind of fancy words you wanna use that fancy or old fashioned word old fashioned old fashioned kind of -- that. It was probably not old testament does -- surprise you that is that workers -- price -- got Chris -- want to. Christopher price. -- -- for price I haven't heard anybody under the age of eighty. Years that -- wanton wanton. -- -- Somebody over the eight year earlier it was going to be there some violent war hurt or 29 what with a quarter hurt in honor of Darrelle Revis an older guy. Or it's an actor. It you're you're you know you're reading an old. I acted that Dead Sea scrolls through American become old script. Something that should be banned all old English in numbers she'll old -- says. Oh. Ball it's one of those yet to -- this wind -- that it gets to grow Darrell Revis would be great. For the Balkan. Argument read about football because you are going to read. I just read about everything you got the Revis stuff out there Reese had a really good point really good breakdown today of all the various defensive -- pass rusher types. Just look at at all and I keep coming back to those numbers for Revis. I wonder how how do you think it's gonna work. Sixteen million dollar cap. How you figure out a sixteen million dollar cap hit a -- job for team that has twelve million dollars in cap space so I just wondered how I understand the you don't necessarily need to figure out all the details of it. I'm not asking you to play cap. -- -- Well you don't need to do that. But even if they've managed to find some cap space Arenas which I'm sure they can because right now they can't just front. His cap hit or they can just straight for his cap hit. Is more than -- even have available on the cap so they would need to make some moves and do some restructuring make some cuts in order to just get general re this year. And then that's it. Are you willing for that to be the only thing the patriots do this offseason -- -- is acquired Darrell Revis makes a move some money around and then be done. We'll see how that works forget the -- to leave -- you know building your super backfield to both of those guys you know I sincerely don't want another -- at a young -- the cap. -- I think that's what yesterday we just say you'd turn your head and then things are done. Just look away here now don't need to know how you can hear the raiders part that's the cowboys and the gallery and all the reports today. About teams that have. Magically created. Ten million dollars cap space seven million dollars a cap space -- the patriots did restructuring. Tom Brady's contract and then we just get a little more contracts -- -- cap flexibility and you can do that and they still have a restructuring do whip there without Revis and got Revis obviously the -- but does it happen. But it's -- there are some challenges travel old -- But with the without Revis there's still a restructuring and needs to be done on. -- according contract. Line Vince Wilfork contract on Logan Mankins -- contract. So bear some -- that restructuring means yet those guys -- guaranteed money but you also get the space. Outlaw war there at the patriots can do that shape their roster and shape their cap situation. In a way that's comfortable and I believe that they can do some of that I really do I don't think they're stuck at twelve million dollars that's going to be yet lets it make it'll ultimately get the missiles that went. But they can add another eight million dollars in cap space by restructuring a few of those deals and maybe make a cut made it giving it to 22. This guy's worth sixteen million of space and yet restructuring yet. -- -- Maybe he had a restructuring and his future you wanna be a patriot or not. What do suffer there in Tampa put -- god awful uniforms. Going to be there but do you -- Sarah uniform okay what you would love stuff with with your third with coach pursue their third coach the last three years you gonna do that that's what's hot. War when it comes in knowing the Patriot Act and AFC east and the money that you rearrange right now welcome back to you because you will be. He you'll be high profile you're already high profile player which we high profile player on high profile team. And there will be opportunities for UN New England that do not exist. In Tampa. I can make the same argument New York was in a bigger market in New York now and high profile team -- -- -- back to back AFC championship game will -- do but you're still not. You're not seen as. One of the top franchises viewing the patriots have enough sway right now that -- to still do that -- more than the Broncos here Mike Florio today talking among -- talking about various teams that may be -- and Revis and the other team most interested in trying to pry him at a Tampa. I'll play the sound here in just the second is not just the patriots they're not the only team interest in -- that. Interest that Darrelle Revis everybody should be but there are other teams that are actually making a move to I haven't. Heard from the teams involved I've heard from someone I trust very much. That it is the Broncos and the patriots who are trying to put the idea in the Buccaneers heads to move on from Darrelle Revis. So you know would with the Broncos -- the patriots like to have a shot at them I believe they would does that mean the Buccaneers are ready to trade him. Now. Electors like this it was John Elway vs Bill Belichick. Is Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. It is it is what you've seen recently. With the Broncos hotline offering low dud in the Super Bowl. Over the the established. Old money. Of the patriots have won a championship. In a while but you eat you know Correll. You know better than most. You went up against Tom Brady for many years. They are always in the conversation. What he wanted to. And -- the AFC west and -- Peyton Manning. Were you wanna go to the go back to the AFC east. Have Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick you're already good game you're great. Couple. Great guy and great defensive mind hanging out together Bill Belichick and Rory and I just want to make my money thanks I'm gonna make much sixteen million dollars a year without. I'm not you have to borrow the money Terrelle we don't care about the money right it's so much -- -- guarded secret yes I call you. The money will come. People -- -- and one of dynamite got to come right targets out when a charter short right of money drugs and of the Olympic. It was her that don't wanna give you money or are they don't I don't wanna give you money they have right. How money and I don't want to give 200 others look at me I have money a miserable there. I think about it comes down to -- came down to the patriots Broncos that Beatrice in. As Florio said. The Buccaneers would have to be convinced I don't think it would be that tough to commit. To move on from her ribs and their coach. Lovie Smith. A disciple of the Tampa to. -- That system you don't necessarily have to be a great quarter. Agree quarter because you're not playing man to man coverage be disciplined had to be disciplined at not a -- system. And he probably feels like you can get a guy can teach him how to do it and ball hawking that's all sixteen million dollars and as captain drilling down. Eight until -- billion dollars just this you can convince -- surprised you think this would be patriots the animals like everything about it screams the opposite of the way the patriots have built their -- they don't spend huge money and -- in fact they've -- two really good ones -- when -- wanted to get paid to -- -- we believe we can replace you -- -- -- they did that work -- the first -- worked -- great but Ty -- worked -- great replacements -- -- -- -- -- they went -- -- and exactly how it went fine. It is not a and Super -- that is Dante went without time. He did not an actor but he went to one certainly wasn't his and dropped the ball and dropped the ball flight. Just like -- it worked out -- read -- repair worked -- find it to the quality of their defense did not drop also significantly. It worked out fine and had another guy who was a severely -- -- equal or very close to it would not our utmost to it. And it went fine. It wasn't I was equal but he was close still it was fine the second time it didn't goes well until eventually they found to -- to leave because -- unfortunately can't stand the feel that the right time. A good time but it's not there it's just a really difficult I applaud -- is going to be entertaining guys. Let's try to find time off to wait you're gonna say the Ty Law thinks he's better than Asante Samuel there are no kidding -- just what I hear him -- tight. -- -- -- Matters that it it's not a matter of being write about it or wrong about it -- happened Ty Law that it won't just listening to him during the Ty Law thing it's very entertaining. But. I don't patriot like move but I just like attempts to sit here. No one will ever make more money than Tom Brady's back and happened not talking about that the 1990s bro wins. -- with Harry sinden and Jeremy Jacobs and had he came he can't ignore it re sorry. -- makes six million dollar so anybody who comes -- you can make five point nine. To make -- point 99 you can make six. Can't make a little more than -- we're not talking about that situation has has Tom Brady ever demanded to be. The highest paid guy on this team or the highest big guy in the league easily do what he's got credentials for that doesn't. Tom Brady property walked in the Foxboro today. And put its feet on bill Belichick's desk said hey Joseph. Dropped the -- right now you're what you're doing gonna talk to me. I'm going to be the highest paid player or football or this whole thing's going down -- not to show up picket till it. Brady has never. Even hit it. That he's got to be the highest -- -- team so I think that argument falls apart by that at all. Not a just all right get distracted from -- NHL moves are starting to apparent just from -- I understand it's. I get distracted look at a few of these -- -- to move to answer some your of your thoughts on under Reeves and Tom Brady but just a couple quick ones. Dustin Penner. Was traded -- trade into the capital for fourth round pick while watching Dustin -- play surprise that that he would get dealt to Dustin Penner. Goes to the capitals for fourth round pick and there's another trader just a moment ago it looks like the defenseman. From Dallas that's been talked about -- -- I has been dealt as well to -- -- that they end up picking up defenseman and dealing -- -- to two and two names or certainly one name they haven't talked about for the Bruins looks like that's not going to happen. And and Dustin Penner will now be traded to the capitals or another pretty good player coming to the east. From the west -- just wanted to point -- -- six point 7779. 79 victory seven grab what are your calls here and then now toppled -- more about Brady and and and Revis Chris has him playing bill Crisco and. Big guys would be. Between the progress and the patriots if Toro Revis is primary reasons and we -- we know it's money first but it -- primary reason eagle Ford is to win a Super Bowl. I think the Broncos are showing and have killed over the past year to more of a commitment to win now. I mean I'm just not -- the desperation and the patriots to win now I'm not seen them do what Tom Brady needs in this window I've seen him more of them are and it it's about winning a super ball. Twelve rivas has more reason to go to them up and -- symbol. I know but Demi -- commitment to do so. -- it's not made a commitment to do so. What what what what is it I just mean that I'm not necessarily disagreeing I wanna know what you imagine how about advocates are Welker is not just the -- for what the situation. I think and Welker and I also think it's the window that they're trying to commit to love Peyton Manning. Now explain that I don't know compliment the patriots -- the patriots are committed because of that Welker -- Amber's that your. -- At one of them yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take that off the table and because that's the easy one you don't wanna do with the easy one now your argument becomes a little more difficult troops so without mentioning -- Welker program. Cabinet -- I think. It because they gave one year contract it's believed in one year contract settlement that would short sighted in palm windows -- Brady's window and they they knew they knew the market back then. Normally hold on hold on hold on -- ball short term deals are the operas in it now what you want them to -- Don't you want them to deal with the window right now you want short term deals that's you're talking about loading up for the short term right that's one number two settlement is nothing. The -- to a deal nobody else. Wanted to Chris if you can tell me this obviously then how I roll -- -- back off but can you tell me that this time last year. That would be march 2013 probably this damn cold this time last year to use them believe -- march 2013. Julian cattlemen freeagent. With Chris from -- bill calling up radio the radio stations saying. They need to -- Juliet cattlemen. Too long term contractor this guy. Is a real good football player he's going to be wanna Tom Brady's most important weapons. No I was calling I was calling because they'd let. West welcome go and that was just again hampering the window with Tom Brady. What you. -- And again Chris you break a rule the critics are critics like you're -- -- Wes Welker he's tired of your argument is just Wes Welker right and and according to Michael and I'll go by Michael on this one. The patriots offered a more money than Denver -- -- that being shortsighted. Because Bill Belichick I -- shot him out of town that's -- but by offering a more money in Denver and nobody I think just the disrespect thing that they had between each other. But he offered a more mean at the end of the day -- this big sign of respect right. I just think welcome party is gonna get more money when he came back in when they didn't get more money I think. He decided in spite you just got to leave less money on the table and go to the Broncos because the bill. IRL and I made that short side had nothing to demean you you wanna argue about Belichick's personality and whether or not that cost -- that case fine. But I'm not sure you can make the point that -- that they were going -- right now he can't make their point but it's one thing he does he's going somewhere here. There's one part of of his his comments to get there might take him there okay Chris from -- you gonna come here with me. Doing it right now loading up. Right now. Going for. Don't worry about to worry about 2016. Nothing crazy and reckless it was that dallas' seventeen million dollars over the cap. That they're very conservative Pittsburgh Steelers. Were five million dollars over the capital almost six million dollars over the kept saying that just -- just go to spend spend spend what you don't have. I'm not saying that but just really look at the next year or two and see what you can do it takes a more risks. Instead of being. A low risk franchise. Come on moderate risk for and just it's not -- it. I mean look at Michael -- -- with -- two point because I would love to see I understand that this window is closing and I see some of the values well loading up. I don't know Darrelle Revis who qualify as low risk or even moderate risk is that I -- hot sixteen million dollar player is high risk especially when he plays the position. Okay well that's why especially -- the how long is he going to be a double digit salary cap guy. How long is that gonna happen more or another way of saying it is. What we're doing it now I don't double windy get to the point where you can say what you can make some changes to his contract without it being. -- really devastating for your cap. -- worked here for a year. If you just need to deal with that sixteen million dollars or one year and then next year get in it's much easier to manage. Joseph. -- or do you think you're -- here in this case. Don't worry it. You know sometimes so many better ways to spend that money the way I see the patriot system. And I look at this is how I understand -- is that the league is not about having one great wide receiver. And then everybody else sort of is often the others that's -- that level winds in the NFL anymore. Right that their offense is the big time passing offenses that are successful in the NFL beat you with their third receiver. Right EU you have to -- so many people that they are taking advantage of your nickel corner and their dominating him because their third wide receiver is better than you -- nickel corner right. So I'm not sure I see that the advantage to making sure I have the absolute best on one side and Darrelle Revis. And if it comes at the cost of some other things in my football team Soviet. I think it would come at the cost of everything from ball to him makes sense I wanted to -- or that the third guy in my defense is great not the first. Asked why. Would you say there's really -- -- But this is why it's -- it's -- during the week it would open up to genius when I tried to thank you but here's where this is what you're missing from the patriot. The patriots have done. Everything that they're supposed to do you. They haven't just. We're going to be a team that caters to stars. -- team that has bragged about the that lower third of of the roster. We're really care about having depth. So you have got. When you bring Darrelle Revis cannot bring Darrelle Revis and to a -- onto a team. Doesn't have anything else. Your apartment but you've done a really good job player Daunte beavis and you have to leave. Even if you don't -- great. But if you don't have Revis and and and to -- all utilities is exchanged the lead for Revis all you've done it. Look I'm not saying that's not good yes that's great but is that helping you for the big picture of your defense -- bats and you're -- you're overspending dramatically you're gonna you're gonna essentially spend twice as much on Revis as you -- on to leave the and I'm not sure that the upgrade is enough to war to drive higher deep I love listening to keep doing. I -- you know and it simply in it mentally I think Aqib -- sound you fine it's fine with me. We want him I would come and -- and we let job to do as improvements in non had a system and we just kind of -- today. That is a statement in the game plan and only. You know much about the -- to -- Myself. -- Need to -- as much about. Better Darrelle Revis I don't think he has a -- so you have upgraded you have upgraded one position on your team significantly Joseph you've upgraded -- -- I don't know how significant -- you definitely upgrade and if you really. If you really wanna go for me low risk franchise to a moderate risk franchise and now all of them but say it I'm about to say it. Bob crap Bill Belichick. To change up your medical staff to. Upgrade your medical staff. Make sure you're coming back healthy healthy here as healthiest parts one no injuries happened sometimes of football. But you happen to have him medical director who had some issues with the Red Sox the Red Sox moved up from them. He had issues with you you're not moving out from him maybe you should. Becoming a moderate risk franchise you bring into -- -- you happy healthy Vince Wilfork helping Jerod Mayo you have healthy Tommy Kelly. Now -- world. Now you roll it. Think about that now because you've done a good job for the past dozen years the entire Bill Belichick era. You have thought about the long term it is very commendable that you have not thought about yourself you have thought about that health and wealth of the franchise 'cause of you have -- -- first -- who have not have gone zero and you -- too great if you're great you're missing great competing for the Super Bowl even now you've got an opportunity answer is not to panic about changing your philosophy I -- plus just you are you talking about changing your philosophy of the philosophy he's always been to be financially responsible in fact responsible and everywhere structures and -- talking about being somewhat irresponsible oriental -- short term. It seemed that way the answer the reason they haven't gotten over the hump. Is not because they've been -- responsible. Maybe they've made some mistakes in drafting maybe they haven't evaluated all the personnel correctly but that's what you need to do. Did you need to just do better than the other guy not change appear philosophy in my six point 77797937. Guys are all over the -- to get right to talk on WB yeah. Well there's other quarters out there that that that's where this whole read this thing comes from when you think about. What it's gonna cost to keep to leave. It's very easy to get yourself to the -- where you can justify making a run at Revis and you throw in the icing on the cake of sticking it to the jet for him to end up but the patriots. Would be the ultimate. Kick in the pants to the New York Jets and I'm sure that the patriots would like to be able to pull that off -- if they think it's a good football move you throw on top of that. Tweaking the jets and they're not gonna they're not -- feel bad about doing that. No good that's where you wanna see the patriots make moves to tweak some low life franchise in New York as a -- preach you know for Mike Florio -- -- -- jets I don't know but that was his secondary point. On the secondary report. His primary point was if you got to pay a -- to leave. If you if to franchise him you're paying him 1011 million dollars. We gonna pay that to four keep to leave. You talk about -- extra five million dollars. For Darrelle Revis. So. Is for about him being twice the player to leave the odd million dollars better than Revis responded -- I mean dollar bet until the better it might even be right. What do you do that five million I call you you -- he's a better player -- not I don't know I don't know McCarthy on them. -- I just remember you saying -- but it it was determined. Well the picture everything from deals and I think -- better than Sherman and Revis got into what was it Twitter -- If we leave yet whatever it is -- he said he was the best corner in the -- an inch and that's got upset and so you'd think he argues sighting which Sherman I think I think Revis is the second best -- currently I think Sherman is better. I think it's marginal and I think they're both excellent -- -- does -- argue that Revis is the second best quarterback in football I think you can really really good quarterback -- that and I think -- day we -- -- they probably in the top fifteen or worse so. Yeah I think I think Revis is better than we haven't gone through its other significant upgrade even upgrade but what -- do that extra five or six know what that five million -- don't get Jared Allen. -- I'd rather have a key to lead in Jared Allen order rather have Darrelle Revis. I'd rather have to leave and Alan every day of the week and twice on me. Now the I would much rather how that give me a very good quarter and a very good pass rusher and you can -- your one shot down guy I'm Super -- is Darrelle Revis one. It's been in that situation once again -- -- -- -- get sixteen million dollar note of. -- he did make sixty million dollars in New York. Don't blame players for having bad general managers. Don't -- don't blame players for the the lack of vision. Either on the coaching staff. Ownership. Or the general manager level. That's one -- -- We -- weapons -- why the patriots did win Super Bowls OK to say they need to be better drafting. Or immediately right. You can always be better drafting any -- even the best franchise to be better drafting or you could say. You've done a good enough job of drafting and get yourself -- to a Super Bowl situation. So nobody's gonna say. You fail. Bill Belichick tried getting apps and duties for his draft record -- pretty good. But it a couple of situations. It's especially the last time they were inseparable. Part so Wes Welker had -- drop but the game wasn't over there. Game was over when you had just think what these names here. You -- -- -- Moore. And Patrick Chung closing in on Mario Manningham who try to make a play didn't work and it did not work out. To get in the Super Bowl perhaps. You upgraded and as usual or read all -- -- Are you already upgraded those meetings have it both guys are gone now. You're right -- -- -- they need to be better at bat there you go down over patch on while I know the and you got according alongside -- I think you need another safety quite frankly I'd rather go -- -- and the money at TJ -- I think it's a better use of small money on the towards a better player than -- but I think the ability to -- ward and leave it may be -- -- To meet tiger talked him. You're you're you're secure and got a lot of money do I know it is but it's -- to secure the entirety of your defense instead of just one story about the signal. You try to be they're trying to be a fan and you try to be a cap colleges. Don't worry about the cap destructive -- as much as you can across your defense for the money. Back -- this area will be great okay but this isn't it time and I'll let you just be completely. What's the word about -- all crazy. I'm crazy. Fanatical passing -- the -- yeah -- go to you fantasize all deal in reality Scots and Raleigh Scott. I don't doubt no problem because our call me later in like suggesting new rules for the NFL what they can do for the for the extra point instead to to deal with famous and today -- I don't talk on our arguments aren't I have no I'm not about Michael Scott Paul I have Scott from all I have no problem with criticizing grads got. Michael I don't -- that we don't wanna go there look I think I have an interesting point to make up the rabbit contract a -- or bring it up acting like just your call to register long before I bring it out. In -- like your book you've written about how. Bill has those relationships at -- Chip Kelly with Urban Meyer. And Alex helped them but all the players that they can't decide on the -- Belichick the wrong guy. What Jerry spurt with -- -- the -- on both Oregon Ducks that's just failure -- never heard that mentioned before. Jermaine Cunningham would take rights for Carla and come up the top three PP in the -- coming in the jets practice so I think. Mortician amputate usually ships that have hurt they'll and it's actually quite -- about two rabbit contract. You know going to gear Q what -- -- I'll never be restructured. To me ask you this before you ask that question aren't going to like going to short. And on derailed right on the Reppas. I is that like if you don't like bill Bill Polian always called the patriots the patriot I always wondered if there was a lot of. And here and -- into the outlet and still making that mistake was when the sooners after what -- what was -- is Garrett either content. A lot of money. Falcons could only help went it was zero -- guarantee you that he makes six million. Million or at the freeagent. That's -- guarantee. It's one of the other you'll never destruction that you are sixteen million dollar a year. You don't like it I'm freeagent statute guarantee that are gonna be -- should never gonna give give them. 24 million Taka two years of the salary to about sixteen year ever happen. I want to talk whatever you call me I love it just Q autograph when we're at start you could say anything about another -- -- -- I need to know I need to know that. I've got one more than a -- by you mentioned -- the -- and -- he refused to answer the question. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sport now I know I know I just wanted to know how it started. I've been -- and I thought that instead. Played a funny story I will keep you are willing it certainly in -- light at -- -- -- -- you might call you -- -- -- it would negate its Stallworth. And them. Helen Washington -- -- -- seen them beat Tennessee. So here we are with Darrell Revis postal worker and a quarter out. My boy in Minnesota so let's go one at a time. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- that you mention it today or even earlier today which I'm very proud you know to -- third round prospect that. But we never match that you like Hilton. We're given these guys too big of a -- to draft is not good Brady covered up that all Israel players decent. It traps and those six with Chad Jackson debacle. It has got to look at that we talked about a lot of these I think that's the point I was trying to make earlier -- I don't think it's about philosophy. I only their problem is that they refused to go after big name players and giving big money like Darrelle Revis and out of the issue was just they've missed on some of these guys he got a hit on them. You've got to be better when you draft somebody specially in the first second or third round he got a hit on them to avoid having to go spend sixteen million dollars. On a quarterback which is not a good investment. It's not a good investment to spend sixteen million dollars on a guy who plays corner when the league is set up for four are -- of one good corner great what you need three. I'm okay I'm just not gonna throw your guy over there and I need to keep hitting or the guy across the middle. I don't lineup might slot receiver against your third corner and he's gonna beat him so good I'm glad you have Revis over there. He's got to cover up part of the field at mile wide receiver run down that way take command of the play but how's your third person has your third quarter is that's going to pick on Iowa you can you can try to do that. Well a lot of guys haven't won one championship saying okay I'm gonna go to my. You gonna take away my best option. I'm gonna go to my third option and what a championship not generally doesn't have to -- the I think it's happening more more don't know because if you look at if you look at a typical NFL. A wide receiving corps vs the typical NFL defensive backfield which you think is deeper. I think more teams have three or four good quality receivers that have three or four good quality quarterbacks. This -- -- register at the different she -- in the position. Really good corners are pretty hard to find that so I understand right by Revis is okay. I'm a rare commodity remedy I'm -- sixteen million dollars because who's got a great quarterback on one of only a few. But if the other team has four wide receivers and you could only cover one of them at the time. And because -- sixteen million everybody else kind of a bomb in your defense the backfield will look it up for. That help you can help you win. I think in this in this case Mike it's not like you you you're not ward he's bad franchises that said. We want one I want -- great guy we're gonna go out got to pay. Mike Wallace that remained up right where to go out and just get that guy. The patriots. They've they've got a dozen years of being responsible. And and really disciplined. In their system. It allows for some type of you you can freestyle a little bit this is they don't. What they preach ball slightly style might not giving them credit for everything they've done why do you wanna change it now this is the equivalent of the my -- steel. This is an equivalent of that except my life a better player Mike Wallace is not equivalent of Revis yeah your priority but it's the equivalent terms of an -- have a house gallery. We have an opportunity to get a great player. Let's just say this about Mike Wallace and about it. Given opportunity to get a great player. And may be all all it's gonna cost you is a restructuring or two maybe it costs a first round pick. I think it is your responsibility. To try to deal wouldn't go out and do everything you can't get that great player. Post when he is gonna be 29 years old July you're not you're not giving a guy at 3435. Who's past his -- -- the guy right in his prime articulate the same thing that you said you were gonna do but that you didn't wanna do again get caught up in the big name. Are you doing the same thing you decided to let -- -- over and over again you know we talk all about these big names why it's always gonna come down adapt we talk about these good step but they got. Well that's a beautiful thing that's what keeps getting you got bulky body got up. Giving Darrelle Revis on your team is not gonna destroy your depth you've got to it will help destroy your -- it would I am not we will you got it you can't find him in to leave at the same time until you're doing is upgrading one does yes. And I agree that's outrageous that's nice it's an upgrade at that outpatient upgrade it's gonna come at a cost somewhere custom line and it comes at the cost of -- to -- 61777979837. You guys keep your calls come we'll get to a lot more of them plus trade deadlines tomorrow in the NHL some names -- on the move. We'll talk to Joey MacDonald and others in the blitz an -- W media about a rabbit contract. Let's go to Daniels in Springfield I didn't. I -- -- -- -- well he. In -- and now but no out situation. In the New England. Now. My my question would be. Everywhere. Let -- couldn't -- couldn't do it. Where -- loading up work. A good team that worked for good teams doesn't work for bad teams. I won't let me tell you I would say that you would rewrote. In the draft. Is free agency I highly doubt in all 32 and the -- and I don't think that they believe that the super there was one in free agency. Well I'm asking you say what has loading up worked so a team that loads up and then have to win the Super Bowl. Boards we're what six or what is it what is success. Some money previously loaded up -- that you're now. Has been successful. 2007 patriots. Now 2007. Of them seven entering in my estimation trailer or Brandon Moss Wes Welker idealist Thomas Donte' Stallworth. Pretty good -- And what ever happen and now they went -- you don't want a sock. I'll let you dead or you know you're right I can't give one example other than eighteen and went patriots. And it's -- Back in a -- -- salary -- are there a couple of T -- in the salary cap here there are a lot of not a lot of success and I would say you know this team this version of of the Broncos loaded up. They got you know beat down the Super Bowl put. Our party had Eric Decker already had Julius comes -- -- Thomas they had Wes Welker. They draft Monte ball. And yeah they lose those Dumervil because of me. Because of me faxing an accident and score restrict our ports or am I guess they did not review. What it's bad teams -- -- combat team. No matter how are -- Single quarterback got into an average. You'd rather have to. Good -- and -- and outrage. -- and you. Know you make sense. Didn't make instead but I gotta tell you what -- area I know what you want. I'm -- and I got it's been proven that out. And and then and then your secondary. Lending. And credit. That improvement that can cover a wide receiver for longer than three seconds correct. You read it thirty -- wide receivers and no matter what he's gonna find an open I'm -- There's always going against this Daniel. Whether somebody's ripped it me or agree with me always appreciate the -- So Daniel I appreciate the past. I totally disagree actually and but I appreciate. Where you come in -- I am tired. Of the I'd rather have the above and note two above average here then -- great player year. Part of that. You have to do that anymore you don't have to do that right now. Pretty soon this thing is gonna is gonna take a step back -- on this thing is is gonna collapse. And it's just it's in it's inevitable. It's been a great they've got a great thing going to -- going. For a long time since 2001 it has just been good times in New England to -- -- football it's been awesome. -- a couple of years it will not exist anymore and at the -- going to put you gonna. You will you will step back you'll be at the top fifteen top twenty drafting team. Tom Brady will move on. Take advantage of what you have right now you have. Not got a chance to get a great player. Don't pass that up north start off talking about this. Tongue was -- and cheek and our roots are -- Now really believe. They'll get a great player. If he's there. Get a period. At the -- you know. Instead of that -- great player kidney. Are gonna be here you know going to be there. Plus is nice but again. Or five b.'s. Great get the -- -- Strive for excellence Mike -- act. Still Axel funny this is this is everything you have warned. That you would do once again I I said the next -- like doing a great reminded me that this is not what I wanna do I would automatically gets you are. And I think this is exactly. What you were talking about there's a problem what you already ruined your own argument and I looked at Michael. You know look great and all that I agree with you that everyone is allowed to change their mind driver ever -- is allowed to have one thing that doesn't it -- the rest of their rule that is going to happen all the time the more you talk about sports there's going to be something that it is different from what you believe somewhere else. But this is exactly what you've said over and over get a get a depth you may be right to make sure they're -- now I don't have. Shiny -- quarter -- -- especially football baseball and that your entire roster is -- the right way over for the patriots were able to survive this past year -- the Red Sox were able to survive and win a championship this past -- the -- different -- differently with five guys in the -- -- -- -- -- but -- in football and baseball it -- -- that's what -- -- that he's been sick -- as my retirement -- -- they -- without money as -- you don't wanna talk about that sixteen million -- the -- and sixteen million -- -- money you're not spending somewhere else but the -- that you're not getting that more players that more quality players. And sometimes have a five Nichols go to have a quarter in the NFL you. Already have that. It's not either or cycle today that our oldest is not like these are one problem with a major you don't always they're always so many holes aren't old -- -- if you don't get Darrelle Revis and you go out and you spend your your difficulty there. Excuse me. I've got another nickel if I spend -- time and -- if you are only -- quarter. I don't what's your neck coal that's really not stupid and it is is that not like it is complete this aren't. I try to say. We stop using -- that are lower quarter we just everything is 25. We don't need -- we don't -- and eat any of to make everything a multiple. If we're going to use something less than at all which we shoot something shouldn't hospital. -- -- -- Agreed only going to use quarter consider. Let's look at -- like to the -- down it will all work out and work every treasury source apartment in lower than. It's. Why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Commit to throw my way for him. Make a great point for pennies they're worthless or don't machine takes pennies the -- -- queens. Cost -- make. -- -- Well but he Illinois ever go for -- -- them apparently to your place. She's throwing. He said. It's worthless topic is wrong if you want to be like that -- the quarters -- worthwhile but act viewpoint. These deals. Chemicals used to and now with more. Honestly about the patriots in their holes all right yes. Even if the patriots don't -- Darrelle Revis war Jared Allen or anybody else but they don't get those guys. And they spend their money very intelligently wisely in the nickel here and -- there. When the season starts they'll still have whole teams have holes the Seattle Seahawks. As great as they weren't Super Bowl they have whole understood so that you can't go with that premise what if what I'm saying this president is. They have done such a good job of building depth on their roster and have young players who were still in very friendly contract situations. For them. If they can afford. To have -- out liar or two. Who doesn't necessarily go along with the plan. Who's not necessarily a good value player is just a great player with a huge contract. Those guys gives him -- hi Jim. I don't write up was not. My colleague. I want to agree with Cadillac caller didn't make it correctly I think what it meant to say it was. Why has loading up on all spent several works and -- and in and out point hitting major blow up on top that -- they like crazy. Got beat by Denver loaded up on offense they got beat by defense yeah yeah I think at the when he was trying to make -- Ex army didn't Philadelphia load up on defense a few years ago on the stock. Order and there -- ball up on that one of the better owners in sports a minute they've been pretty well respected Andy Reid was their coach just turned around Kansas city -- it was just an organ is our job cuts are so you made his point let's say that's his point you made a battered -- dead. How do you feel about Revis defensively for the patriots. Derail rivas a -- thousand. 8009. Yeah sure but I mean what what -- -- got out. He's got a lot. -- is. A camera and yet last year. So last year his first -- back from an injury. He played all their games. He was on a terrible team so the year after. The comeback. You've got you've you've got this guy. Get choked up here and it's OPEC's. Cuts of about throat excuse but you -- got got got the -- 29. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- why did they not say the same things in Philadelphia that that man -- free agent on the market best quarterback out there are a matter of -- they're very well put Philadelphia is gonna do they get Samuel one side and they had they had the other two quarterbacks there as well they had Dominique brown -- Cromartie and they had a million global. Look at this defense that they've -- plus they got the white nines forget about it. Philadelphia is gonna run away -- -- -- -- they were terrible team awesome what was the biggest joke they had not -- Saint -- is gonna be that guy but quarterbacks in the fall off fall off part you don't know exactly what you're -- be maybe to 29 maybe thirty maybe 35. They're definitely a risk factor when you get somebody 29 and not 2526. February that you're gonna get all it can get up -- first round pick in sixteen million dollars to -- him -- at least acknowledge and Kerry Washington point you -- you know you know I you know how I feel Booker Washington you know how I feel about her to see your picture. Which one. From that the red carpet at a SR at the -- you looked unbelievable she was unbelievable pregnant -- She's the second most beautiful pregnant woman I can think of policy trying to points on my -- break we saw positive way to -- I -- That there -- the opponent yet but the guy's suppose to do a job -- across gonna join us in a moment get his -- what the Bruins are gonna do defenseman are coming off the board they're gonna be any left for the being the last -- grass next rockaholic WB yeah. Apparently there's a clause in Revis contract. The allows the Buccaneers at anytime they want to -- were restructuring that would kick a big chunk. Of the base salary of thirteen million into signing bonus that would significantly reduce the cap hit for this year and two things. The salary cap went up ten million this year which people really didn't see coming. And the quarterback market is gonna rebound to the point where your alternatives are gonna be more expensive. That you thought they were gonna base so sixteen million for Darrelle Revis doesn't seem like such a bad deal. About that -- Okay -- laughter. But Republicans what year. Could he play for that jerk. She or take all that back given men comment into English try to -- world championship to play opposite Tom Brady. -- -- Darrelle Revis feels about the jets that. It was he was and that he was he was that yet he was defending the jets if that original -- awesome what they'll say it would. -- disable the jets every week they play Obama over the greatest team in the universe -- -- NFL films -- or -- smack -- to beat him. 37 points to as the prestige and ultimately. -- -- Yeah than it was a -- there are some others during the stores and restaurant in New York Post. -- said he did something after game. Where I would the fan it was an interaction. With the fans -- profane -- government yet. The near post -- that were -- -- those 5050 whether or not it's. I don't know that happened but apparently there was something about Belichick and jets where you want you want this guy yet you think he is the secret to the future for the patriots. Spend the money spent in the draft they can get get him here he's your number one quarterback he's your race. I think little a lot of players who are past their prime. -- that you're just going after the name but then the game has declined significantly so if Darrell Revis is 34 years old 33 years old. And I'm saying go get them. That doesn't make a lot of sense got a guys still on his twenties and still playing at a high level and is a year removed from -- certainly two years removed now from his surgery. This is where you expect to get the old Darrelle Revis. Plastered again I was pretty good and bad team. -- this year he'll be better. On me much much better team it's a no brainer. It is no you don't think that. I believe that no you don't. A -- -- like I believe there -- a unit that is not true you don't only this is an over what I think that's not true I do I -- that you like this idea and you have been fantasizing about it and you're talking yourself into how much you like it. I refuse to believe you think this is and open. Outside of not true outside of the quarterback position. Outside a quarterback and may be running back. Quarterback for obvious reasons Girardi have one running back I don't know. What went into Adrian Peterson bringing Adrian Peterson to the patriots that make a lot of sense I don't know. But other than that he had a chance to get a great player get them. I believe and talents. You have a chance to get down like you'll get there it. -- get it -- wait and say OK well we do have our first round pick and you know it's pretty good value and our first round pick and a weakened. Develop this guy and he's pretty good sports news contributor for four years five years we have monarch terms and he may develop into a player. Who who contribute to a championship team -- great. You've done that you DB and very very good at. Struggles of the different if you can leverage her purse tropic into getting a great player. Whether it Darrelle Revis Calvin just not gonna happen and open despite those types regards. Patrick Peterson even. Hell even Dick Sherman you get when you can get those guys those blue chip which don't get. That's not that I'm opposed to talent like talent who want more talent on the patriots -- -- got to go out and get count matter. Is much more -- what you're willing to pay for only because of the salary cap not because I care Bob Bob crass money or want to be make more I don't care about that at all but. You do work and salary cap league and I know there's a lot of the -- things you can do with the cap but usually the bill comes due on those eventually. That's you end up like the cowboys today having to continue to commit restructured Tony -- long term tight end up what -- -- your manager the ball right by an advocate general manage according to many people call our show news the patriots in any event. Takers actually happens is what happens -- -- -- hitters I'm not saying that they're a bad team or in a bit in a bad spot regulatory they'll tell you and is that you don't do things like that. The reason they are where they are the reason they have such flexibility the reason they compete every -- is that they make these tough decisions they don't go after that -- EU. Diamond out there and think he's going to be that one difference maker form when they did it it was Randy mosque who they were taking advantage of him when he was at the damn important -- career. They traded a fourth round pick for me enough to spend sixteen million reform and they turned him back into a start up you listen to my one -- what has -- -- -- clip. Talk about the claw her Revis has gotten in crevices contract but why but -- -- going to restructure and then trade them. It's -- more credible. I don't know that they wanna number one pick that badly but I can understand if their -- okay we don't wanna spend all this money on -- And and we we wanna get -- OK fine but why would they do ball. Would they do is get it would need to restructure and keep them out -- our lineup restructure root structure having gets something form. -- there's a clause in Revis contract that allows the Buccaneers and anytime they want to -- were restructuring that would kick a big chunk. Of the base salary of thirteen million into signing bonus. That would significantly reduce the cap hit for this year -- instead and 66 last the salary cap went up ten million this year which people really got -- there. Another of the -- about twelve million and cap space right now. Are you gonna take a significant Meehan is gonna be ten million of the that you're gonna turn into signing bonus. Tonight is reviewing -- six million OK it's time implement it -- six million on the top to get Terrelle -- Michael Clements I -- -- -- -- with you. I'm not only objection to Revis I don't really mind given up the first round pick. I mind the sixteen million dollar salary cap and think that's absurd for guy who plays quarterback. But if you're telling me that that number isn't going to be that high that's right it's going to be closer to 9000010 million somewhere in that range the gamut. I'm in -- like I think that's fine. I think a number one pick is incredibly valuable and got a hit on him but the -- -- -- and traded anyway. So I quite frankly I have no problems of the wanna give up the number one pick to get Terrelle Revis it's not gonna be sixteen million against the I just think there's so many other things you can do that kind of money to. They don't when they have when they have multiple first round picks they almost always trade one of probably not the lead one now. You know if it's like you know fourteen in nineteen right but if they don't know any -- anyway I don't trade nineteen we have 11 round pick. They they don't always tried it don't use that no place in games with that. You know maybe go up here go down there. Maybe that can trade. You know trade back a couple of slots of if there's a player on the board of -- quarterback and when these quarterback thirsty teams. So we got to get in here got to get in at 29. Get a guy. But they're probably slate it will where they are right now with a slotted. Or use the pick. But you have an opportunity to get any great player with the 29 pick in the draft. Come on. Come all right. Can I make it any easier for you. BC which just happen -- like three minutes ago and on what I don't know I'm just looking at the tweets and I apologize I wasn't here looking at minute ago I was concentrating on our debate. You know -- -- teammates. Do you know which to hockey goalies are now playing on the same team. -- will be the funniest comedy and you could think of of two goal is to play in the same team -- team. You've got to give you any to go take these two guys are now teammates. With -- and partner. Right there's only one answered this question was involved pumping it sure does. Aren't really at its promise Thomas oracle Longo -- are buddies now ducks have traded Rupert Longo to the Panthers all over quarter. Cannot -- -- go to the Panthers now maybe Richard important Thomas but. According to everybody -- Longo has been traded to the lord campers and -- Tim Thomas are now going to be team. They compile each other fires -- out -- dollars how great is that -- -- quote. We'll see what happens by the death on that if that's the biggest trade that goes down will be in its in his car. Yeah they got up. Double digit. And it -- create. It. I don't I don't know how you can do -- I don't know how you're gonna be able to do both and still cover the other need you how both offensively and defensively but. Look if you're talking about just an upgrade and and it's not a huge money difference -- with you on that. Let this thing you know you'd like but -- -- definitely -- Then again. -- line vote that don't know -- setup an outsider now -- wide receivers and match up with those in. While the slot. It that's what the patriots have done to all these teams that have happened to the Eagles when you had Cromartie and a Rodgers-Cromartie rather -- and and awesome on the same team as the pro sort of a third -- -- and I'm sure this can give you what a championship or start your third received yes that's -- don't absolutely. Real advantage of mismatches OK okay you got two guys of their great -- took -- a little -- third receiver. So what how how how well that's your slot or top however cannot be your your slot receiver how -- of the mismatch to drag. I didn't Wes Welker and settlement already well as well -- do what they've done on our radar Stokley before him and only slot receiver unless they -- -- -- Brandon Stokley. Now west smokers and is it different is different count is thirty slot bodies slot receivers just not gonna -- -- outlook or slot receiver like we're Cincinnati. How we really wanna -- AJ green where Detroit really wanna throw a Calvin Johnson -- -- and Calvin Johnson away. OK what brought our slot that's not a good team does -- me right -- Detroit's not gonna win that way because they've got too much invested it in there one great wide receiver I don't think that we -- are probably not gonna win that way there. And I love Wes Welker I'm hoping Wes Welker is the best -- -- -- leaked summary Victor Cruz the best guy in the league. But if you wanna go if you -- if you wanted to go let's say -- and Thomas and they are forcing you to do something that you don't want to do. I don't think customer. To be for success I think the patriots are not about putting all their eggs and a big basket on the outside Belichick had the opportunity to do this in the past he's always said no to -- I'm not sure he would change his mind now 617779. 7937 salt all WE Islam does. Well Michael's been fantasizing all day. But trying to get Darrelle Revis to New England there's another article written by another person we both like and respect. And has a name that I am so much more interest that it only because not because necessarily better player. But because I think he's so much more attainable the price will be right I think he's exactly. What the patriots who have -- that here and Justin Herman. -- to fantasize. Well no you're you are trying your ignore it or how little you know you are afraid of dreaming. You're afraid of of letting your imagination. Take over and run wild. Big free. Rethink possible. Re think I'll try to do that. My expect thoughts are sponsored by -- how could you really gotten into that'll endorsement avenue I mean not only be used their phone now finally of the new Samsung galaxy deal and it. -- noticed that you've been you've been happier ever since you finally thought damn phone I know you love him to go out to start out today that he -- transfer contacts over a really -- only on anybody's number I have some of united realized. Kind of barrister that this Michael's ultimate diesel. I didn't realize that some of numbers had were on the phone right. Some morons that how many are in the clout. When he's put him on the cloud you know the problem on May be reckoned that -- do then marketed like that you can put him on the clock that you start sure. You're doubting I'm doubting you a little bit since it took you 34 months just to transfer to the new phone didn't take me three or four months to transfer look like I was. Actually actively trying to transfer contacts recruitment and let you work at the fold very nights there -- -- like -- that I get to a pocket to get to and then and it didn't really bother me that much. Not having this new phone use. Another -- and I love it is that the one that where you know what you have to touch the screen you can move your hand above the screen it'll actually do it -- interest in Russia. It well this is about the -- not I thought I was at the Samsung forgy right or whatever it's called Sanchez. Picks. I think he's supposed to be able to do without actually swiping the discrete. Do you work on that see if that works because that's pretty awesome if that's. The meantime immigrant efforts in Rhode Island without Jeff Jeff what's going on is that important element of your hands are wet. -- -- I don't -- I mean what we can't would be subject to the mindless ramblings of that -- from Fall River. What you -- and it -- -- yeah us yes -- the absolute must deserve them. Yeah well -- You know my feeling is that what you why. From new coach and personal director somebody -- the other team that wins and that would go check out. They -- not every draft pick it great maybe free agent signing works out perfectly but he went eight. Conference championships I will bulls won three of them. And what he knows that are not -- backside remember that. When the super every single year just. It was easy you just can't elect -- passed by. So you know you kind -- -- -- wanna vote this crap the spewed out by he'd get no basis. -- just a difference of opinion. That's different and that's. One last thing I met -- were not happy with the putrid. In the upload I'd be allowed play to one focused -- eat and practically did -- -- just. Look I I generally disagree with Stephen is taped but I think there's at least some merit -- you're right obviously you don't win a Super Bowl every year they don't pass them out. And I agree with you that Belichick has done a great job of putting his team and to compete year after year and some of that relates back to the very difficult choices he's -- Or made to occasionally let guys go that that were popular or seem to be vital. At that time -- were actually aging in his view not as important to the to what they were doing is maybe -- appeared to us in the media or us as fans. But it has now been a decade right. We've just a little bit of credit and say -- it's been ten years I know they don't and it out every year but it's now been ten years -- they've been in at every year but have won. I -- -- it was relentless and hole twelve understood I -- plate and not think it's bad. He may not -- paying out the big bucks for individual. -- -- -- put a lot of on the fees are absolutely guys were -- -- injury like we had this year yet plane came in and I think that the copper. What's your Mike and others feel like Stephen knowing where you're talking and it's fine. If you're taken personal. Because. It's -- it's been personal for -- -- of it I would not only. -- okay and I do it or. Not running a red eye and those limbs down and I'm -- lost seven plus seven pounds in three months aren't apple it's. Jeff Jeff thanks for the call OK -- the couple a couple of things. One -- is statement very very personally think we did this that we -- plays. Every year so Steve's saying anything negative about the patriots. It is really got -- on Osama Steve's point some of them it's hard to believe our our ballots on a museum this summer and these Texans are great. There's ascetic on the phone yet to do this views -- setting. This disguised as you can even use your. You -- that -- -- your your -- dead and then you shouldn't -- freaky it's awesome I got the guys we use -- that I was even worse like if I want to get one of those -- from one another iPhone around every -- allies with a pretty good while I feel like we're not jail like Reche Caldwell is now what you think that the into the vehicle hit it and gave it. Guys that they've only got five different about it. Jail door latches on your eyes are bigger than your stomach or jail -- -- -- -- the way it goes up I'll have to work on this phone tonight we thank god for the tonight I want this done much that clocks are conceive but works there isn't on Wednesday. -- -- Well what are backed Daschle Paul rivers and three more on one and -- on the public that he treats. All I -- like -- still on the philosophy. Of gay and plays late -- don't pan out like for example already you'll like that at a million I think in my. As well I don't know. -- do you think the majors philosophy is to get players that don't work out. No I I -- about that I mixed up or just give -- IIR I know that's not what he means it is wanna I wanna make it clear what exactly sent. Weren't shy kid like I they had success to talk radio I feel like that's a guy you'll never see ever again that's. -- 190 act taken an approach rats that became the best quarterback in -- -- But I don't think you can noted that their philosophies -- -- on -- legally get this kind of hit -- he looks looks Crable and an -- in -- fairly -- being. -- -- -- Terrible. -- -- I got a two days -- I'm confused when I agree with you disagree with you and I'm not sure. You are are are you saying that the patriots. They they're lucky to have Tom Brady right there were lucky to get Tom Brady. -- Well they just can't stay on that. Mindset and seeing that lets go get some new a and Tom Lee met see how they -- an -- that the first first beauties. Terrible -- -- guy that the expected to make. Do you think they're putting all their eggs in the late round picks value basket. It make it -- -- its look and you're not the only person who believes that a much of the facts really bear that out all right I mean it. Many of the mrs. they've had not been on fifth and sixth round -- the problem is -- end by the way they've actually hit on a bunch of those dinner in an entitlement and have been a bunch of those late round picks. Bit of work to be even grown and Hernandez were first round picks but. The problem I think is more all of the second and third round picks -- -- worked out the problem is the team on Wilson's the Patrick Jones. If it's. One of the topics. I got back -- That's not -- -- -- you distracted drivers that are terrible it's the problem is that he is not the fifth and sixth rounder. The problems the as the early round. People are they really think. They respected the patriots the whole philosophy was get a guy has it worked -- Tom Brady pick 199 -- Let's see how many great players forget to pick 10 you know originally said the patriots philosophy was to try to knock -- good players and I don't think that's the case at all. Trying to get the benefit of the doubt I don't think that's -- were talking but -- everybody. It can't be so I don't know Steve if the same it's the same act a lot of times. When he -- it just makes up some points. That are worthy of conversation and I think a lot of this is almost like the numbers conversation we're having the numbers -- intent of the intangibles people. Vs the numbers people. They're both on the music these extremes. So. You can't be on the extreme of 64 in Fall River is an extremist group. So he's got -- you know on the other extreme where you cannot listen to any type of criticism whatsoever. Of what the patriots have done in the draft or free agency or even in super balls. And they have got two super ball so it's not like. Well that's the end of the can they want and it felt like a couple of callers ago he wanted that to be the end of the conversation right -- answerable got a little girl right. -- out and I can't be that. But that doesn't mean as I said earlier I don't think they need to change direction in terms of the the way they go about trying to build team I just think they need to do a better job of identifying the talent that they're drafting. The problem is the mistakes they've made not the philosophy the philosophy in the tough decisions the Belichick's been able to make over and over again is what's allowed them to continue to compete for all of those super balls. Some of the mistakes they've made in drafting some of the mistakes they've made in identifying talent is maybe why they haven't gotten over the top and one another one and yes it's partly because of a couple of wonder two plays that just went the wrong way unfortunately they don't want and I. We don't want to. I know in this in this position. Are you just post derail the way it's hard to -- just going to -- it. But I'm telling in all seriousness Mike. I really would like to know. I would like to know. The logic it's an example that if I keep coming up. So we had a first round pick in the 21 round picks. In into that and the Ridley draft 2010. Under Belichick saying this to me. Privately. On that boat well one of them privately was worse for the books for war room. He said you have what you have to consider is we traded. That pick our second first round pick -- -- the fact that they after the drip veteran with which rated. They drafted Mark Ingram. We wound up in the third round with Steven Ridley. So you'll have to compared down the road you have to compare Ridley. To Mark Ingram. And right now who've won an outline the patriots right -- But it that makes sense. I really would like to know this. Why trade back -- EU trade that pick away makes a lot of sense you have the first pick in the second round and you take Ras I Dowling. And Belichick said if they had made their pick with New Orleans. They would have taken Robert -- in the first round. That's just up that if I don't under -- even. Mad about like Heidi I'm suing right and I want and it did wrong and how do you how you say this guy who was. Injury prone and college with injury prone and high school and ultimately injury -- in the pro. How did you say that our guy and the guy that we will in the first -- like you gotta hit I would take them I would take them. That profile probably in the -- third a fourth round. If you look at you know is going way back but if you look at Curtis Martin. Curtis Martin. In college. You know why he was there and a third round of the 74 pick overall. It was. A wonderfully talented running back he always had an injury not ankle injury here sprained rare strain something. So you couldn't really take them. Could take them in the first round in good conscience. The second round may be little risky third round was about right for Curtis Martin and then look -- turns into a hall of Famer. Those guys those really talented guys with injury histories not sure what they're going to be you can take those guys the first round and Ras I Dowling was -- damn near first round pick. And that was held with a huge. Swing and a -- they do. And what it and get other ones so incredibly right. The -- but it is an especially some of it is just a fact it is in the game as part already had some of it is yet to wrap things entrapped right as hard but that is has been a position you know it's really been tough for them to master. It's been an area the region. I just corner. Quarter and safety equipment all that all the capital on a draft capital they've spent over the years. Last ten years on corners and safeties names you haven't thought about -- years. People you've forgotten about people you can't forget about you want to. Coming comedy really worked out on the bottom misses there Sunday Samuel was a -- was a draft pick of there's absolutely worked out. Great pick fourth round pick he got to give him credit for Eugene Wilson even though it didn't work out what they want them to give great credit and they won -- Super Bowl and got great rookie year played a pretty its debut in -- and they want -- -- right. So okay give him credit for Eugene Wilson was partial credit -- -- no. Darius Butler now. I thought that was really work out Wilhite. Now now we got no okay it's our. Were you thinking that we interpreting that -- yes I think Jonathan Wilhite was yes the party started. Yeah I mean these guys just have a -- whether yeah. Really the only other moves in the secondary that have really worked are. Rodney Harrison was brought in his freeagent. They are ready to leave we traded for number two US gusts. Number two us. There's got to -- while yes I just got to outfielders a girl scout I literally thought they drafted them in into west Scott. In work a lot. Dexter -- Dexter -- I do -- a lot of you could also -- -- couple made -- names -- -- there's a decent chance that you -- a lot of -- a lot of guys there. At that position -- -- according worked out. But he's point position that he was drafted the planes in the U duels. But Eugene Wilson racquet -- that makes sense they draft him they thought is going to be quarterback. Retained and didn't take very long for him to move to safety with the same thing jewels in -- Nigel. Weekly dole out -- to weeklies and. They get a -- up. I'm so that it can. Quick point slash question arm. So I mean let's say you know just put the money aside perspective and let's say that on either you've basically got in about to leave. I'm verses universe in -- On straight out. -- you -- reader and certainly you're you have a better chance. It is that simple yes if I TV -- disaster in which -- -- rather have I'd rather every desperate you know it's not so you why wouldn't you want don't sit you know trying to after -- amenable because the audience not in a packed inside. One can't say it's not just money. But you can't put money aside and you've got to give up a first round pick form. So it's not just -- straight comparison Revis verses and verses to leave but yeah you're right of course I'll take -- we know what everybody well that's why he's making twice as much money. But it's Revis at right now sixteen million -- to leave that -- or so in giving up a first round pick in order to do it. So it's not a straight up comparison. Right but at first round expert is a proven commodity and they only have 34 years let's put on the approval commodity to -- player. Undertaker drastic know he's if he's gonna do it not three years two or three years three years. If your -- comment well I don't yeah I do. He -- it take to take two or three years for a draft pick console at least three years before he decides somebody's a -- and doesn't mean isn't he does contribute right away what his point is you have three years. It three years from now where's Tom Brady going to be. So you don't really have three you don't have to privately may not immediate always take a guy three years before is gonna how good was Rob Gronkowski is a rookie. How good it was Aaron Hernandez's -- do you wanna think about what it. You'll take that chance. Whereas you know right now. With derail. Revis you know exactly what he has right now. Commodity right. Now proven commodity who's about to be thirty year old Colombian -- about -- Oh no there's going to be an -- I know it was. I don't it's going to be into doubt work you know would do without you about a third thereabouts -- -- think you'd always gonna be 20042. When I don't care about what a -- Until then -- Jones. I'm from Brazil about thirty -- and let it process. I don't care about Darrelle Revis is thirtieth year he probably you know somebody tried -- -- the -- was about it from a nice birthday party the degree to have a good time. Accurate and Tony ninety. He's got between aren't all year 2014 that's all I'm worried about is 2014. With this guy Barack. I'm giving him what they hear it now. Happy hereafter and you're given preferential right to do about a pretty tough to fight it and I probably do it value function to win long term in the NFL if that you don't are up first round picks for one year of a guy. You give up first round picks if you think you're gonna have somebody to drive got you here why. For one year. To put all of that one basket. Brady by the way is not just gonna be good for one more year I know the windows closed press archives one year window 61777979837. More patriots calls them hockey calls while -- on WB.

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