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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - The King James Edition - 3/4/14

Mar 4, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from Lebron James and his career night... don't worry, it's not all about Lebron.

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-- And now our needs silicon -- -- -- -- already roller board or the four. Fun for me. Green card. Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. Tanya and me. Faces is just an excuse was blowing but today. Some overhead costs -- they were unbelievable nineteen. He -- 1990s it was 1991. Voter in concert you know later. You're about to go to a concert. I 91 it was a well there's certain people like yourself now with them. With great where it was it the whole people away some motor heads the metal church. Judas Priest and -- who. The problem is they're huge -- -- -- juice -- -- place. Director -- personal frustrating only in theory that's right the things go. He muzzled just take caprice and 40 early it was -- air America ever get a squeeze. Or and there are definitely still -- This this is this is about the game. Left for age. That all the votes privilege. And the property itself. How to do right now plus for sixty or sixty war. There -- been five guys who have scored sixty points. In the last eleven years. I don't know why this number was eleven usually people go six year includes six and I was in the last 116 guys the last eleven years. I have been able -- -- -- of the -- thought I had Derek Rodham has totally forgot about. -- Gilbert Arenas. What Gilbert Arenas to -- right now I think that the media to put a gazillion NBA two K he's cleaning is done right now. -- immediately. Gilbert Arenas ai and I lifted up for some great player. That's what I am Tracy McGrady at guard Tracy McGrady Gilbert your -- and Kobe and LeBron. But and Carmel and with a six. -- that hey I was born sixties. In the last ability feels like so long since he's been a good player but NBA how -- would -- not long at all NB ATV showed a replay the other night game one. The 2000. 2001. NBA final -- between the lakers. And that in Philly -- -- actually won game one. Just look at it any either. Elected as Shaq and Colby and Rick Fox. I know it you know he has a he thinks that character right now you feel sorry for -- and have a number tired -- for him but. It was Hiram -- fields are talent you man and he was so much on the watch paramour. Bill. It was fun to watch AI step forward Tyrone Lewis and that would be at the shop recorder now yes some over him down over a in front of their bench with a great game. They are a and that is issues but when he was on his days off you. Are sort of government -- the war. Well since the -- put up 61 last night for the bobcats it was a great game for him. There have been many thirty players in the last eleven years scored fifty or more point -- the school Michael by -- of thirty of the good locks. So who had the most impressive fifty point plus game in the last eleven years. Back to eleven years again. -- go water -- go to a big east side. That a lot of people here don't remember because you guys are probably like me have an East Coast bias you do to. Dirk Nowitzki. 2006. The reason -- -- Obama picked this one was in the Western Conference finals. It was in game five. Series was tied to an airplane the sons. Dirk gave you fifteen points. I had to 26 shots. Seventeen of eighteen from the line. You also had eleven or twelve rebounds. It show a fifty point game of the playoffs and your team really needs you to step up wasn't a garbage time he wasn't about it look at -- the company points I can get. The team absolutely needed him and he delivers a moment ago that the really good answer I still got to go with Kobe scoring plus. Anytime you're gonna put over ED on somebody it's just incredible. We we talk about 5050 happens it's funny Heather was asked me today or can show how often somebody put a fifty. A few times a year tax you more often and I even realize what 630 times the last eleven for thirty people thirty player thirty players in the last eleven years so it's been done it. Been done over fifty times during that timers or happens five times a year. I read it it's not it's it's a -- it's incredibly impressive but it happens more often and I would've guessed it happens but eight. Didn't happen hurry up maybe doesn't happen often have happened here since since a hundred well -- say it's a great accomplishment for Coretta Brian however. Just a couple of nit -- an eighty point game. One. There wasn't a single defensive player. Checking Kobe Bryant. -- yet Jalen Rose at the you know toward the end he wasn't. That it never really with a great defender to. Had a decent defensive player but without Shaq and Kobe was Chris Bosh was lamenting. Two Kobe took 46 shots. To get -- to 8146. Shops still. Also got to take something -- that in order to get AD also. Horrendous both of those things. 2006 the lakers were bad there was this -- Parker lakers. And the raptors -- -- recent 46 is a bad way to -- that's a lot of shots blocked shots 46 points which you are reported -- -- have to take forty to -- -- to 46 shots 28. I think with 28 of 46 Salinas. Eighteen. Yeah it any of the -- he made victories that links him directories in the have to free throws by. Score the F a little I totally -- I get up as an important shot I'm not hate Nam -- picking. Regular season game 81 point great playoff game fifty points I'll go. Publicly US what happened to Cooper Lawrence you know I escalated to only twelve for the Shanghai sharks. I mean that last note of interest was as the rest. Of last year for possession of illegal fireworks once. Come our legal firework -- were not illegal firearm illegal fireworks are legal fireworks here's what's that like Roman candles. The -- the fireworks you for my take on this before. The two is doing the dumber than fireworks is getting arrested for having illegal ones. With last night's performance LeBron James has jumped back into the MVP conversation that had been dominated by Kevin Durant the last month so. Who gets your vote now LeBron. Or Durant LeBron. Was always LeBron. Who brought the best player in the league level during does I'd like him more if they play against each other in the NBA finals and guarantee. I'll be rooting for Kevin Durant the Oklahoma City Thunder over the heat. But LeBron is the single best player in the game he is the MVP he's most valuable to his team that he's the best player whatever metric you look at however you consider. The MVP whether it's the best player the most about whatever he's the guy he is the best player in the league -- on how easily. You'll have to ask -- Jackie McMullen about this but I think Michael Jordan to this day. Brings up the fact he's in it he he. Is still pissed off about it brings up the fact that Jackie McFarland. I believe writing for Sports Illustrated at the time. Started the campaign for Karl Malone in 1998. To be the MVP of Italy Jordan remembered. He still remembers it. He's OK okay that you're you're behind that he gave him the MVP of course about the finals and -- want. I think he gets two point sadness jacket and disappointed where a lot of NBA writers. Someone else's turn now. You know whether it's Larry Bird winning three straight and then OK well let's. It will move on to somebody else got doesn't become bad but. Like he wanted to 3M VPs pop up this guy over here he turned its franchise for a -- that -- Charles -- its first -- in Phoenix. You know he should be the MVP of the league you know probably it was Jordan Karl Malone an idea acknowledged immediately probably Jordan again. In this case I think it's LeBron fatigue Kevin Durant is a tremendous player I love watching him love his attitude. Just does all the right things says all the right things about this game. But the MVP of the league the prompt. You to get it again three. Ever since his days in Cleveland Browns name is repeatedly compared to Michael Jordan. So your general manager would you rather build your team around LeBron in his prime. -- Jordan in his. Right now the answer is Jordan that that answer may change in four years. I I have to admit it you know LeBron. After after the decision and -- he's afraid of big shots and he choked down the stretch all this stuff that is a that is that passed today. Dialogue to pass a conversation with LeBron James you talk like that you probably stuck in. And 2010 or 2011 no longer the case work for James. What happens -- the guy. When we went well why would operate in a row how it would -- trick right. It was four straight here's something that something that magic didn't do something that Jordan -- do we could've we have retire but he didn't do it. Summing -- bird didn't do. He won four straight save you win another finals MVP. You don't have any major injuries. It might be Jordan down the stretch for right now to go over without a bit maybe the brought down the stretch in the in the laurel that -- but right now. Go by you might be right about all that I mean I just think LeBron is such a freaky athlete in the way that Jordan of Jordan is an incredible athlete. But the body on the broadest is just it's so different who looks like that he's just completely unique from everybody and you know. I don't think anybody would be wrong if you speculate on whether or not he's been using. It's my team on goalie Jordan just because I don't want to put up I don't want them. I know he's great Jordan also great if it comes to splitting hairs -- take Michael and his staff and I just don't care I'll take I'll hit just. The cold blooded aggressiveness of Michael Jordan on the court as opposed to LeBron James -- he's passive I understand your right. The game in the -- them narrative about LeBron has changed in the last few years. But the personality still matters to me especially in the NBA I'll take Michaels over -- personality -- you look at it. What what are we talking about his personality what big games in big number that's just personality in general. Quotes -- the media things he says I just feel more comfortable building my team room like. But how market. Just just for context report Mario. In the -- -- at 1050 point plus games. And that's in eleven seasons now -- Jordan in his career 39. Are above it and texas' only the best players get you repeat that stupid thought it would also speak. You get that that's what I got the other place let's put that stupid. -- the best player. Shouldn't always get the MVP. But if the guy got the if LeBron James of the MVP last year so if you thought he was the best player in the league last year. Best player on the best team. Probably the the reason he doubted they would what 27 two down the stretch right praised. As the best player on the best team last year. He still the best apparently this year. The stats are down from last year but not dramatically. On the best thing. Why -- what took so justify going in a different direction. But you got -- could do some good phenomenal and -- that got -- deposition agreed. What do you what what changed tell -- -- -- like why would just give the FB. Are we to say is to say. We're all gonna go to dairy queen after the last American audience if you're gonna get a don't Brian you've got to knock MR YUU wanna spread it around a group. You gotta tell me the logic you gotta tell you if you explain a lot can explain it to me. I'll give you props right now I'm not Brian. Every New Hampshire says at least Jordan woman without help from the NBA -- talked to some mix of India that have a feeling that. That's not right every great players have help from the NBA -- Jordan. Magic bird. Wrong Colby everyone and let them. It. While LeBron is on the books until the end of the 2016. Season he could opt out opt out of his contract ended at the end of this year if he chooses to. He's hinted in the past that he may if they don't win another title should LeBron leave the heat at the end of the season. -- You know what our cemetery where I could not agree now. -- -- And to -- that Michael Strauss of silverware when it's not the same player he once was. Chris Bosh is not as great as he was supposed to be. It's time for LeBron to find some other best team to join. Great front runner of all time should LeBron -- finding a couple of other guys he should go join the Oklahoma City Thunder and go play with Kevin Durant and that -- trying to beat him every. How much are -- -- sarcasm aside. Mr. so. And it's very why Italy. You got Pat Riley there is the president. You've got to structure. Pat Riley -- you can call corny or whatever all the all the quotes that he has the inspirational. Stories that he has and he's. He's talking about generals and poets. And then -- -- And captains. Throughout history he's that guy shooting for excellent the president of the organization talks about excellent. You've got the owner who was and what ever you wanted to -- Harrison -- don't. That Erik Spoelstra who's got the backing of Pat Riley. Do not underestimate. A functional organization. When making that decision. About what you gonna do. So an open agenda on the decision really. For LeBron James he's in a great situation. Guy who coached magic. It's not is now president of the organization he is the one with Erik Spoelstra had -- He's won what LeBron he's he's one would Dwyane Wade being healthy is one would Dwyane Wade. Being a little inconsistent. And being. Toll offer some playoff games this is the best spot for -- tell you -- I actually do agree -- jokes aside about LeBron I do agree with -- he should stay you're right about the organization there in Miami I do think that he'll do whatever worldwide -- thinks we'll get him the most money at the end and given the most famous hour. I don't know whether -- in the staying or not but he. Conversation about about Riley -- How Pat Riley going to be viewed when he's gone. But where will he -- in the like importance of basketball history. A -- way up way up there yet. Like -- if your ranking. The great basketball minds in history not the great players but debate. Great basketball -- mean -- it's going to be on the list. Phil Jackson's going to be on the list -- I was going to be on the list who else. Please visit are those lottery. It Popovich can be there whether you think you will. -- -- -- on the list but with them like it equals Don you know those the Regan a standalone yes Phil Jackson read our back and parent right would you put Riley up up there with the other two yeah. Well. Close I've never really thought about this for a while masking a DM a radical -- up there with Phil Jackson -- Integrate our great motivate -- -- a great coach -- you like to get you to get out Pat Riley. Pat Riley did something that Phil Jackson never did. So Phil Jackson how old I don't I don't crush Phil Jackson like the people do. Of doing them them the LeBron thing Phil Jackson was the coaching LeBron. Where we're at some whereas regular record player welcome governor what do Michael Jordan. I get my six year if you arming and a coach next where we're gonna coach Mack oh the lakers. Shaq and Kobe OK okay I'll do that again or relief or -- go back Kobe still there and I'll go back again. Coach -- Pat Riley left. The lakers. Woes pushed out of the lakers put an X after a 63 win season in 1990 -- went to the knicks. Well I don't try doing great great great player but. Arguing was not the -- the best player in the league at the time if you -- Anthony Mason John Starks Charles Oakley I hated watching those guys play. And they were just really would just Wear you down. They would follow every time and in Riley's logic was they can't call every file to follow again. It was a completely different team he -- different came and got that team. Within a game -- this -- -- shock amazement of the of the champion here the guy who would build showtime in LA this -- completely different and the NF NF Charles Smith and put up on the bucket the tribunal they beat Chicago right now. He goes to goes to Miami. Is -- having -- in plays van Gundy. Then is not don't like what Riley wants -- to -- Garrett van Gundy out puts himself complaint with the championship. With Shaq and older Shaq in the way way.

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