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ESPN's John Buccigross with Salk and Holley

Mar 4, 2014|

We talk about the NHL trade deadline and how it specifically will work out for the Bruins with ESPN's superb hockey analyst John Buccigross.

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A trade deadline is tomorrow the NHL and we talked about this before Michael my personal belief. Is that teams should be and moving at the -- you should either be buying or selling in most cases not foolproof. There are exceptions to the rule young teams that are building. Maybe they sort of fallen to a different category where you can see you've got the young nucleus but next year is really going to be your year if I'm right but most teams should either be trying to get better for the present. Or for the future at the trade deadline that's like trade deadlines exist and I think there I think it's one of the great things in sports on it mostly in the NHL and in and in baseball. What my team either buying or selling the deadline almost every year I don't wanna be better make sure you're making doing everything you can to make a run and and at a championship. Or understand that you're not gonna make it this year probably the year after and do which you can get as many resources for the. He's always that way it is off -- such a way of saying the Bruins don't make a move. Tomorrow this time tomorrow we're talking about no move from the Baltic discipline really disappointed disappointed will stop them and ended the the point is for the Bruins to get back to where they were last year. So what would stop them if they don't make a move right now you look at this roster just look at it up and down look at the players. Obviously look at the coaching staff to at the big part of it. Is this is this the Stanley Cup team a team that's capable of winning the cup right now. Can -- when it actually yes. And -- at the hole is it possible course -- -- it's possible for an 888 exceed the limit in either conference. Do they have the look. Of a championship team right now Michael any -- more than possible. I think it would be a lot more likely with another defense. I make I mean look it's possible there are good team they're one of the better teams in the league -- one of the best. Five or six teams in the NHL so yeah. There contender for the for the for the cup right now but how much better contender are they would another defenseman a defense to shut down guy for the into games I think our whole lot better off and a whole lot more likely to the Stanley Cup at that point spring -- which -- is BN into this conversation he joins us of course. Via the AT&T hotline in you know it seems like guys are available sir Michael's question. If the Bruins -- enough. If the Bruins do nothing at the deadline tomorrow are they a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. -- aperture. You know but most points in the lead. They can score the shifting goals scored their second in goals against their third and goal differential. Our players -- that point 1%. Got a good goalie. Goal prevention is the most important thing in the NHL and the very very first law now in the -- of the best last year. -- you before that second. You know. Go back to the Bruins they were to meet single prevention team a when they won their cup currently. So you know be in the second best -- prevention. Prevention team that's the best team that we know their DNA that's why they got again -- that's why mark on the degree playoff performer -- -- -- with an edge. And they had guys that law of the battle and that's a huge. Being that you really can't put a metric on. Why bill old money ball thing doesn't work with hockey they're trying to make it work in and night but maybe so -- come up with a metric that really can help. Define a player better than we know from our normal. That and our rise but we haven't found it I think that's because of that that -- did you happen at the play -- the game. It's funny in the last part their job noses read the story about that. MIT conference and and Brian Burke a couple of years in -- rose been fired up about this topic this is not about metrics. It is not about analytics. And hockey. I have five balls this -- business but pocket don't tell me this habits and -- business. And I agree with you John I think the broad economic move they are championship caliber team. A year Bible study that whoever comes out of the Eastern Conference is gonna have a really really difficult time. -- in the Western Conference representative especially if it's or Chicago or LA. The -- and I am I mean men get -- and Perry are load. That's the hard deal to be aware that the Bruins you know -- -- -- report Bergeron out against them but. You know. Get slapped this huge Perry is creating a system a couple of anybody that handle. I would printing press treat bird Europe that is the top match up for the -- and -- if they -- -- -- The first mark their -- Ian and obviously their playoff tested so you know. It's at Saint Louis that the Anaheim. -- it's Chicago yeah obviously -- cup match -- obese you know I'll close the Bruins last year and again. If you you know you to get there yeah shot in the brewing whether the -- to the penguins are some which should be. You know at 75% chance I would be one of those two teams in my mind -- somehow someone else -- and I think they'll get trucked. But I think that the penguins or Bruins get there it'll be a reason why they're there. And open up the good fight with whoever you know I would be -- it loose about the Bruins and scored Matt keep. Probably not to worry about matchup for them -- the big one would be Chicago and a group those multiple scoring lines. That can throw that. Me or Chicago temperamental. In the -- this year so you know that I'll that would help them did you go to the Tucci. -- like the upset earlier. -- so with -- if Dennis Seidenberg was healthy -- am with a healthy Seidenberg I would agree with everything you guys are saying without Seidenberg. I don't think they're the same team I don't think it went from being a good one to be in a bad one but I I misjudged the importance. Of -- to this team I thought he was a really good player I didn't realize he was as crucial to the core of the team as he is and outcome I'm. I'm fully in agreement with the people who believe that they need another stay at home defenseman if they're going to go all the way and win another Stanley Cup. And I don't wanna see them take on a lot of extra years battlefield again it's Lambert back next year. I just don't I don't see a name that it's what they're looking for in terms of it -- shot defenseman for one year who can be staying on top four guy. Is there a name I'm missing that you think they can go out there and acquire. Well I think it was LaRoche is the one guy that and I think they looked at as -- -- said who got a tip that bowl. Under -- -- -- you know but he said Seidenberg with a plus twenty minute guide. Crude is obviously small his effectiveness is primarily on the power play. You know obviously it worked out Ian Campbell at a very young and so yet they would like to have you know that sturdy guy back there have been -- twenty to 22 minutes. And you know be real good expect to defensive defenseman you know little are kind of -- he did score a little bit. And you know he's got good size he's 62220. And you know also in the guy that I think they can look at it and say this guy's good experience. Army in the NHL he's been around. You know the flyers this year. They get their position -- to move you know we could experience with Ottawa -- the Stanley Cup finals sturdy guy that missed you know policy of the miss any games. So I think he's the guy that they look at that six to 220. Now kind of a guy that plugs into their system like you said they probably need a little bit more that. You know John Nathan Horton was available to the Bruins. Because he was so inconsistent he was a high draft pick any and they never felt like he was. He he lived up to the -- consistently so he's gone but he was a great he was a great post season players is no question about that do you think. Whether it is it whether it's a -- Or someone someone else totally Erickson do you think they have have done enough. To replace. That that big game scoring potential that big game scoring ability. That Nathan Horton had last year form. I -- certainly again a lot. It is close enough. And that's obviously what they got him become a plug -- right on that line right handed shot way more confrontational. They're not that make important giveaway like everybody every day I was talking to a player. Every game these Politico you wanna go when ago if if every time you scrub out their current group game that's what -- -- -- -- to everybody do what ago -- ago. But that's life you know you might be in -- back in the -- just loses to bind situation that's like that effective. What all Spain where it might get 600 goals and and but still looking obviously for that cup so. He's the kind of guy that he should. Be in the Nathan -- mold and -- and that's why they got up and that's and that's going to be the plan you would obviously you know primarily side for the post he's. And you know we're gonna find out and Nike Sony Ericsson is the law party not done very much because the injuries. If they could ever get in -- and slaughter that but he got a real slow start and a note you may never find its footing on this team this year or effort. He is the big wild card in my mind. The other big rumor that's come our recently were talking to jump which draws of ESPN espn.com. This came from the fourth period which is a hockey blog up in Toronto. -- that the Bruins could be in on Thomas manic Winger for the for the islanders. Who had great success against them in the past both of buffalo now with with the islanders. Could you see the Bruins finding a way to bring Thomas -- If you wanted daughter obviously wouldn't sign a free agent after this year and -- -- the box here you know -- these -- just a big time goal score. He you know. -- have the greatest Olympics some people thought he was the biggest dog there perhaps Austria -- basically not to get hurt. Straight to the islanders would probably just sucked every bit of ounce of energy out of this -- the -- wonders. From buffalo but you know just amazing hands as the guy. That you know has scored forty goals in the league before. Home but this kind of settled in in that you know mid twenties guy so why they would get in the plugin. I guess they would possibly Diop -- sit down and try to get some more lying -- as they prepare to face the penguins. Plus they might wanna get under so the penguins don't get our body has performed the play offs one -- political play a lot. But he you've got to measures up to thirty gold got in the playoffs which is good numbers like that I've got to you know. They can produce and policies and so I would put by the Bruins beat to get him I don't think you'd be error believe expensive. But they have depth -- the defense the islanders need defense desperately. And that's for the Bruins organizationally -- string. You mentioned the Olympics and I just can't I can't let go I was very disappointed by the bronze medal attempting you know the game against. And it gets candid what are got to do was. Very competitive. Closely contested game but that their brother game against them it was just crazy what do you think where do you stand on. NHL NHL players in the Olympics do you like the system as it is would you tweak it any and in any kind of way down. He had that that the problem what what is going on to see people get up at 7 o'clock in the morning to go to bars. That he. In America and all over the relieved that North America -- under tremendous is critical pro hockey fans who have bloat so -- for the most part because there. Most of the media to talk about them on a daily basis it you feel good for those two weeks but I understand shut down your business or sixteen days. Probably doesn't make very much sense. Especially with the realty. Strange. I'm chains -- have -- course. You know. Russia next time South Korea that it really makes sense you'd better -- evident every two year Ryder Cup kind of World Cup in August strip before the season starts. It does that make more sense to bring anybody together Rick where training camp and really kind of kick up the -- -- into it that way. The World Cup the US one. Way back in the -- -- was not before that was very passionate lot of energy. Have a America or Canada would be the two bullets that hit but an -- is sellout will be a lot of interest so. I go back and forth on it I still think that -- to open the player would rather have a Stanley Cup. That a gold medal -- -- mean rewarding redeemable people said that recently. So I still think it in the cup playoffs are -- -- but it is kind of cool but how popular focus. During the two week Olympic front. Well good to talk you were definitely enemy in the focus for the next what 23 plus hours for the deadline tomorrow -- -- while you -- hockey hockey fans have low self -- we have this we get -- I don't know if you if you heard there was a big debate between Jack Edwards and Peter Gammons over the hole I Gammons -- had to -- at least at hockey's a minor sport and Jack Edwards. -- -- Jockey webos they would not he went nuts he went off it he's still going to Ottawa. Niedermayer Peter like pocket again no what do you met. You want talking have a bigger stage in the media and you know get attention that sort it and I think his intentions were good. I was talking about the it was the -- to -- -- it was a whole -- -- the situation re right got this thing to show up here yet at -- point I would like on what they knew we -- nobody wanted to talk about the big point they don't talk about the -- minor sport that just said Jack often. He's he's basically -- -- be the commissioner I would I would I would support Jack Edwards is commissioner over Gary Bettman. That would be why didn't we we definitely have a -- commissioner there's no doubt about it how many more teams you have in the Sunbelt either hey John thanks so much to talk to -- Are they -- jump which -- -- is -- dot com good guy great hockey guy and he brings up the analytics and hockey. And I just -- you know you mentioned the article you read the column this morning Dan Shaughnessy in the globe. And like the way I agree with like 99% of what Dan wrote is called that he put it on the good stuff in there. But there's one line I see and I just hate these balls. Arguments the store rob and the dam has built we got to address -- -- WB yeah.

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