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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 3/4/14

Mar 4, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 3/4/14

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. -- -- -- Los Angeles. On Sports Radio W. Our -- -- -- always brought to you by AT&T NHL trade deadline of course is tomorrow afternoon but moves have begun. Joey MacDonald the history of boston.com. Joseph what's going on today what is the market shaping up to look like. You know what -- -- spirit and picked up all our hero go -- for hours so a lot of he's got to make deals with you know obviously expect -- don't quite broke left me and for the guidelines Mark -- are. On the Bruins right now -- Israelis working the phones but I bring out quiet or Eric causeway. What you can expect. It's rootkit by tomorrow it is probably that you are. And completely and most likely be out on the practice and actually the only thing they need at this point so albeit it's completely dark I'm more. I Joey which are growing should be a little nervous about the deadline which guy could be. Heading heading out of town of the Bruins were to make a move. Well I don't think anybody on the on the current roster Michael Owen because you know Peter is director is saying that. -- know what you want -- -- -- the rostrum as it's currently constituted and not necessarily track natural if they do make you feel probably going to be a prospect out of Providence. Along with probably a draft pick out probably -- -- -- I depending on to bring in but one thing that I was players in this -- Novato. Is that if they do add back up and all the sudden that. They're healthy competition that this team on the back and had at the start of defeat and they also went away because of interest. Q Dennis Seidenberg incompatible -- all the for not healthy competition. Compact incomplete -- remainder of the season. In a while and it had been approached for legal defense and product really a thirteenth -- final with the -- -- You know Joseph everybody can say they need somebody in the back end that physical defenseman okay fine there haven't been any of those guys who are a rental type players -- don't think they wanna get a ball. In a long term deal for some like Christian air -- but secure gets treated to Dave at a Dallas -- dostum who fit that bill exactly. Physical guy just Iran Tony. We're we're the Bruins in on the hill. I'm sure that the -- probably had given that at some point that's not something that really are yeah. I'm sure people trust that morrow after -- after the deadline at all or not. The one thing that they are looking towards -- is is that almost one dimensional kind of pain in the butt type of defenseman. Where you know he can -- to the -- But also. Look at so what's a jump in into the offense I think. It just -- that has been a guy who brings up this and wolf it well in this room and there -- many of those guys available right now and if you look at the guys from about Iraq so. Some industry to create content that they are looking at are coming into summer as you think I was. Obviously Chris felt that that's -- laden you know into McDonald and an economic. He's -- is a very -- guy out there you know -- routers where he can come and play any role so. It really is going to be interesting to see what they but fraud and purposes at this point I think which is very critical gaps. Because who knows what you know and great situation as -- -- here. -- -- four hours left to go before the deadline followed Julie -- and ESPN Joey Mac oxidant article. -- let's talk to Ian Browne. Ian brighter valmont Twitter had Ian Browne met some ground within -- to -- the he and -- Brown on Twitter it's got a book coming out by the way on the 2004 Red Sox you know what I asked you about this Jake Peavy incidents. How far does that set PV Barack and are you comfortable with the story were so cynical now doctor guy says he got cut fishing and helping political friction with this five year old son people say -- you are right. Paxton Crawford said something to what's the real story. Yeah now like I'm going to previous to that I heard that he had a springer -- speedily fishing net and remind you this. That's typical hunter out outdoorsman fishermen. He felt he starts there and everything so our. It shouldn't be anyway you look at the guy who might miss the start beginning of the regular season. But then again it might not right now he wrote today you know they had to Britain's got the ball or if there are. And it's you know all the -- right now but that's sitting back if you -- senators to block it from finger up. How buckles look today. -- very yet you know what those look like a guy who hasn't pitched. That's the last October and he's you know he's going out there are enemies today. If labour a little bit you know veteran guy like they can't really read too much into the first -- -- steal -- back a little about the -- From charmed -- the second half last year. You know always support people who write books tell us -- when your book is coming out on the Red Sox what's the title of. -- I'm Michael -- title is deputy revisited. And it's coming out by April 1 that I think you know got a lot stories about a photo Florida that -- whoever -- or larger. I mean amnesty and -- Outlook on the front subsequent. There -- some treatment that in my -- -- I nice thing about that titles could be about anything. I mean it happens they about the 04 Red Sox are you gave a lot of it -- reveal its residents that applies not a career out of a very good properly and talk to sue meant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On Twitter and the art joins us right now patriots football weekly these Revis rumors have been fun to talk about do you see any way they actually. He could end up here in New England. I don't I I think it's just that he sits on no -- -- the politicians. I just don't think it makes a lot of sense on. Some level and that's okay you trade maybe a first round pick and -- even if you get reasons to cut his salary they have steak and million dollars this year. What a much better argument than if you re sign you believe and you have that first round pick to draft so. And I don't see the other issue is free to vote for the guy that was about Revis and making more money the year after year after year I just don't seem to pay cut and every guy that they could ever treated for. They've talked into adjusts its salary taking a pay cut a theory is doing. He will he's been humbled and don't you get it -- spent all in the error of his ways you are famous the world that I yes. Yeah I am okay. If if Revis is not a possibility is there anybody out there in free agency was not franchise to didn't have the transition tags slapped on them. Who you think would be a perfect fit for the patriots. Both were right about quarter I mean all front burner I think it's a very good young corner you know in the guy that's. Durable government's climate -- about health issue with the lead and you know he's forty years and consider giving -- Crime of his career if you get eight or -- I don't watch -- every week I don't I'm not saying is. Particularly shutdown -- of that besides. But I heard over the next option if you look at so quarter because if you don't police. To me that your knees you know the court we know with the defense look like without -- six. It's giving up what are police so they'll that would be one. -- I'd get back to the perfect fit in terms of the player -- that. You know a veteran pass rusher who I think not only on the field is still good player double digits back but I think he could bring an attitude and supports the idol. To that brought was -- cost a he's gonna cost a lot of on how much. I guess is she gonna do it. Evans. Seven billion dollars a year on -- three -- site -- multiyear deals so three years point one million something that. So essentially the difference between what you have to pay to leave the -- you have to pay a Darrelle Revis. In that ballpark probably yeah -- that -- -- they're angry it's it's sixty you know. There's no way in hell patriots until eight Darrelle Revis sixty billion dollars this year which quarterback it's not perhaps. -- -- any are you find him a -- hard on Twitter thanks -- talk soon -- -- there's an -- And at the Boston what's brought -- by AT&T ATT covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. Dare I don't think we in my mind and think about what does that speak my language would you -- in that AT&T spot. Which is there. Rethink possible rethink possible. Rethink possible Mike was all over a year ago and not wasting away there they've always done it don't -- They've always done this they've always done that this is not a Bill Belichick -- this is not a patriots move on and on. And this is how Belichick is able to keep some people guessing. This is how he's able to catch some people standing flat -- -- I don't think will be involved in some things that he's an involved with. It thinking he would Randy Moss and think that he wanted to deal -- Thomas. It think that he wanted Corey -- is not a Bill Belichick -- -- -- and give draft -- raptor project are gonna pay that guy. I'm telling you keep it -- He drives open Darrelle Revis are. I'll try to stay woke me guys jumping in the phones -- 61777979%. More your pets calls laws. When you hear that there is one guy out there who's a physical defensive minded defenseman will only a couple of months left on his deal and he gets traded today not that the Bruins you know there aren't many guys that fit that bill and I assume that like me you think that's something they need -- replaced Dennis Seidenberg and they'll feel about the fact that the Bruins didn't acquire. May be the only guy who fits that bill meanwhile Chris Phillips looks like he's moving towards a new deal in Ottawa and is unlikely to be traded. I iffy on your Bruins fan Whitman at 3 o'clock deadline tomorrow and thinking how the heck -- they gonna find that defenseman they need well dressed both those things -- WE.

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