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Mike Florio talks Talib and Edelman on Mut & Merloni

Mar 4, 2014|

Mike Florio of NBC Sports and ProFootballTalk.com joins the show to discuss the status of Aqib Talib and the exciting prospect of Darrelle Revis being traded by the Bucs to a CB-needy team.

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The guy who's locked in all this -- patriot in leak issues pro football talk dot com. Is the great Mike Florio it like it's my little Boston how -- you Udell grade are you guys well mortality we're doing good because you started us your website your story about Darrelle Revis and potential that the trade opportunities had us talking all day yesterday and I'll I'll start there because you guys had at first that I guess. To follow up on the story had. When all that the Bucs decide here Mike it seems like they've got a date where they're gonna hole Darrelle Revis money -- we know. Shortly if indeed they want to trade him and he beat the patriots the Broncos as his top suitors. For services there's two reasons it needs to happen before march 13 one point five million becomes due and owing to Darrelle Revis on the thirteenth but also. If Revis is still on the Buccaneers roster on March 13. The fourth round pick that the jets are due to receive from the Buccaneers this year automatically becomes a third round pick and we've assumed all along. It's going to be a first round pick last year a third round pick this year because there's no way he's not on the Buccaneers roster on the third day of the point fourteen a year. Well those two things combined. Suggest that if there is going to be a move it's gonna happen by next Thursday or not gonna happen at all I -- -- it comes down to it's not gonna happen if it doesn't happen by the thirteenth. And the question becomes -- some other team. Persuade the Buccaneers to make the move last year it was the jets wanting to move Revis. This year the thinking in league circles is that there are other teams that would like to shake -- away from Tampa. Yeah dosage of teams you mentioned aging quarterbacks with the window in Denver and New England but. How much is that sixteen million dollars cap hit -- play into what both posted well it depends upon what. The new team does by way of dealing with the captain apparently there's a clause in Revis contract. That allows the Buccaneers and anytime they want to do were restructuring that would kick a big chunk. Of the base salary of thirteen million into signing bonus that would significantly reduce the cap hit for this year so if you are going all in this year. You could acquire Revis and then without. And look the guy never. Never is going to reject the so called simple restructuring because you're giving him the bulk of his base salary in -- check right now there's no reason to say no not taken money away from it. But under his contract you can do it with no questions asked he's already agreed to -- so. You can take that sixteen million dollar cap number you could drop it down considerably for this year. And the fact that two things. The salary cap went up ten million this year which people really didn't see coming. And the quarterback market is gonna rebound to the point where your alternatives are going to be more expensive than you thought they were gonna base so. As the alternatives like keeping Aqib -- become more expensive. Sixteen million for Darrelle Revis. Especially if you can kick the cap number down. Doesn't seem like such a bad deal Mike is there -- any indication from the Revis camp that he wants out from camp with a the of the cover two defense or just the idea they're not going to be competitive. For a year to that he wants out -- would be open to. -- heading to Denver or knowing -- Super Bowl contender next season Revis has been silent. On the coaching change except for a two week where he said he looks forward to working with a new coach Lovie Smith there's been no smoke signals. From Revis is people as to what he would like to do now keep this in mind in this reminds me of Tony Gonzales situation last year with the falcons he wanted to be traded by the falcons but. You fire that Canon. Once when you with the chiefs and you push hard to get traded yet to be careful how many times you you put the ball back in the cannon and fire again and for Revis he's got a history. Of putting himself in situations that caused fans to take a dim view of and so I think he knows he's got to play close to the -- here if he does. One out at Tampa he's just got to let nature take its course and let the Buccaneers make their own decision he can't be viewed as somebody. Who wants out of Tampa although you know what. After seeing the new uniforms. I've won out at Tampa just for that reason alone I hate a Mike I don't know what your fear fans have but they're off -- odd -- feel all the say that because I guess I was twenty years younger I think they look cool but I can't imagine it any time in my life looking at those uniforms -- saying. It also pretty good. -- much of the patriot fans wondered if if you just of you throughout the patriots and Broncos because of aging quarterbacks always there more there meet you hear any interest. All I heard interest I mean -- not I not -- that I haven't heard from the teams involved I've heard from someone I trust very much. The speculation. That it is the Broncos and the patriots who are trying to stir this Revis can be. Revis will be Revis could be -- should be traded idea to put the idea and the Buccaneers heads. To move on from Darrelle Revis so. You know what with the Broncos -- the patriots like to have a shot at him I believe they would does that mean the Buccaneers are ready to trade him. Now but if you can if you can get a message through. To the Glazer family. That hey you know what. You got a lot of good well now for hiring Lovie Smith you can move on from Darrelle Revis depends on what you get by way of trade -- now's the time to do -- people are excited about the new regime you can explain it away by saying Darrelle Revis really doesn't fit this defense the way we'd like him -- it's a lot of money to put on and on quarterback. We're gonna take what we can get and move on with his new regime. I think they can sell that the question is convincing the blazers to do it but the gonna say sixteen million in cash if they do you know throwing that out there thinking anyways it's. You know look OK keep -- we think what healthy you are better than Grimes -- -- Vontae Davis but to let you know there's another guy out there -- there was any kind of leverage. Not necessarily because my understanding is is going to be very robust market Turkey to believe there was not last because what in. What does he really what does he really have an ability standpoint -- though we didn't know he had a strong year when he thirteen. So instead of having to settle for a one year five million dollar deal to return to the patriots the thinking is someone else is gonna pay this guy. A multi year deal with significant money this year you look at Grimes is on the wrong side of thirty getting 32 million over four years. And it to leave at least is gonna get an eight million dollar a year offer that's what Grimes is getting from the Miami Dolphins and the problem for the patriots and this is an Aaron Hernandez offshoot. You can't give a big chunk of money to a guy with a history of off field issues less than a year after Aaron Hernandez blew up in your face she just can't do. We say big chunk of. They don't get the franchise tag assign to a long term deal amid -- still go that route right between now and with the eight. -- they got a window to negotiate with him before eats free agency. Exactly but. I mean look let's be realistic even though the NFL now has a three day legal tampering period. The agents know. Who will pay what they now. They know what's out there they know what's behind door number two and they should now the teams aren't supposed to be telling them that everybody does its -- one of the NFL's. Dirty little secrets and no one seems to care about what you catch someone red handed -- so. So -- to -- people know what's out there and the patriots are gonna have to compete with what's out there and and I you know. Are the days still around or somebody would take less to stay with the patriots I don't I don't know that that vibe exists anywhere except maybe in Seattle. Any would be more somebody taking less to join the Seahawks than someone taking less to stay with the Seahawks so I think they're gonna have to compete with the highest bidder. And if the patriots don't compete with the highest bidder then he could very well be going elsewhere and when you when you're in a position where for a PR standpoint. It's very difficult to give a guy but you're guaranteed money on the hope that he doesn't revert to the things he was doing in Tampa allegedly are actually. That's a that's a big -- to -- and other teams don't have that same PR risk parts of the in European do you think the patriots. Out of character they give the money to keep -- and if not what's plan B. What was other corners out there which is is good news even though. Even though the market seems to be bouncing back you've got all -- Verner Vontae Davis Terrell brown from the 49ers Walter Thurmond from the Seahawks Charles Tillman although he's. On the wrong side of thirty as well so there are other options out there for the patriots if they choose to go that route. That but that's where this whole -- thing comes from when you think about what it's gonna cost to keep to leave. On a long term deal. What the costs are from an off field risk standpoint. It's very easy to get yourself to the point where you can justify making a run at Revis and you throw in the icing on the cake of sticking it to the jets as one of the reasons the jets traded Revis. Last year. Was to get him. Out of a situation where he could walk out the door and some of the patriots is a free agent this year for him to end up with the patriots would be the ultimate. Kick in the pants to the New York Jets and I'm sure that the patriots would like to be able to pull that off -- if they think it's a good football move you throw on top of that. Tweaking the jets and their -- and they're not gonna feel bad about doing that. Like for a pro football talk dot com is joining us there were -- the other rumor this week in the -- patriot fans gone was the -- Pompeii reporting. That the pats were talking to teams about Dutch potentially trading. Danny Amendola I took the leap like of saying look they're the public trading him because they're trying to see what they get for him because they thought. Well for release and we get nothing we trim get something back is it fair to. Take that lead that it is that something year surprised by just a year into the. Prized -- because I'm looking at his contract now there would be about a four point eight million dollar cap hit if you dump him now which is it I mean that's not a crippling cap yet. He's got some guaranteed salary two million guaranteed in 2014 a new team would pick out up you're not talking about a huge cap hit if you trade him. And the thing is with fifty and I know the numbers going down because guys are resigning it's under fifty now. Receivers available free agency I think the thinking is okay we can swap out someone else. Who's maybe a little more durable maybe a couple of years younger. Who can play that position that Danny Amendola was supposed to play and we can move on or maybe the money that's due for Amendola they finally realized to give it to Julian element they got settlement on -- on a deal that was almost criminal cheap last year. And he put in a very strong season in light of what he was getting paid. Yet that's got to kind of makes me nervous because if if I put myself in June that it would choose. I need to get paid I any Google get the biggest money I don't care bowl playing with Tom Brady and the thing about my next deal that -- finally getting paid. What is the market for him do you think he walks. Well I think the market for him is going to be -- AM I don't know I'd say in the neighborhood of four million a year may be on -- on maybe a 34 year deal something like it you know it all depends on whether or not someone has fallen in love with this guy whether stoppage you know into the -- jets patriots thing. As John -- sickened Rex Ryan decided that they wanna take a chunk out the Patriots offense and go after Danny Amendola there's some of that mentality. That comes into play but. With all those receivers out there that's been -- necessarily affect what guys can get after the first a couple of days usually the first couple of days we'll see a team for whatever reason typically not related to being successful on the field. More related to. Pushing aside a perception of dysfunction are selling jerseys or tickets or whatever. Teams all over pay early in free agency and and some guys are gonna benefit from that but a lot of guys I think have to wait awhile. And see what they can do an M -- May have to wait a little bit not Amendola element. But after you know after what he did last year. I think he's going to hit free agency with more people paying attention to him in more people interest today than in the word like what would he be able to do whatever -- ago. What are I I think you look him in those DO five point seven million a year. Five years twenty and half minute just seems like a lot for -- -- a young -- -- -- gets -- say we'd be glad to pay that -- maybe that's why the -- to think about that that company and Danny Amendola that they'd like to just cross his name off the rest of the contract. And give -- elements that. Like couple league issues let's start with the NFL potential experimenting with a longer extra points in the pre season make a twenty yard field goal. A 43 yard field goal for the extra point. Who would be against who would be against this around the NFL while it it doesn't make any sense to me. How much more exciting. Is a 43 yard kick or hey we got to see you know everything they make what like 85%. Of kicks from that distance -- feel most. This entire bush to get ready extra point doesn't come from the fact it. You know -- appoints automatically comes from safety the NFL is looking for ways to take unnecessary contact out of the game how to Rob Gronkowski -- is -- last year. On an extra point last year being in 2012. So there's a lot of pressure that gets applied up the middle I mean even though you're rarely blocked extra point the defense is still try to do it. You get a lot of guys pushing and shoving and potentially injured. And that's why I think the initial push came from -- my assessment of this this proposal is being floated to move it back to 43 yards. I think that that. Is is out there to get people warm up to the possibility of just getting rid of it -- together making an automatic seven and if you wanna risk one point. In the name of getting eight points which is what Roger Goodell initially proposed. I think that's what's ultimately gonna happen and these other ideas that come out -- are going to be all about getting people say you know what -- other ideas that can equate to kinda cute but the stupid. Let's just let's go what did Dell already suggested to get automatically seven points you can risk one point if you want 11 of the question about the leak designed. I really do hope Jimmy Graham files -- -- -- goes all the way because I'm fascinated and how. They're gonna try to prove -- it's simply where he'd lined up to this gas up a playbook and say now this is just dark tide evident how they figure this thing out. Well and people are blaming Jimmy Graham and his agent for this this issue has been lingering for the last few years to Michael Finley and -- Packers almost got into this fight before they worked out a two year contract the titans opted not to use the franchise tag on Jerry -- last year as a tight end because they couldn't get a guarantee from the NFL's management council. That they would win this argument that he's really a tight end. The collective bargaining agreement says that you get tagged you get paid as a franchise player a position where. You participated in the most plays in the prior -- year so. The saints argument the only argument the saints to make his win a tight end lines up in the slot he's still a tight end he's a tight -- lining up in the slot and the argument by Graham in the NFL PA will be. When you don't line up is a tight and tight to the tackle your receiver. When you line up in the slot your receiver and the numbers are 33% of the time last year Graham lined up tight to the tackle the rest of the time -- either in the slot for split wide. And as the arbitrator. Ultimately decides that you know when you -- and the slide your receiver. Then Jimmy Gramm's gonna be entitled to that thirteen million or twelve million and change about five point two million more than what you get is a tight end what that does he talk about a gap like that five point two million on a one year deal. That makes the gap get huge on a four or five year deal. My great step is always you can check about a pro football talk dot com pro pro football talk live every day at noon and then of course NBC sports network. At 530 Mike thanks your time and enjoyed the -- week leading up until free agency next week I thanks guys dug -- Mike Florio joining us here rough on the AT&T hotline.

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