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John in the Cape challenges Mut and Lou

Mar 4, 2014|

Mut and Merloni caller John in the Cape issues Mut and Lou a bet regarding the performance of Xander Bogaerts compared to Stephen Drew.

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I would backs of phone calls here pitcher John from the cape always is a strong -- -- my little 1937 hi John. But will you Johnny Johnson a pal couldn't hear from him. Unhappy -- baseball season and how much to talk about. But I'm going to be the first -- and I blew up our agreement here I can't get people agree with a -- I don't mean our people our company used a word and it's probably gonna be over overly I've got -- by. I don't I don't think it's gonna be -- said that they can cut the corner that market. Like all want to not -- -- -- an -- -- weekend. Remember that much chat laughed. Remember the problem and give it back the ball. It's that we are we are we have this call logs report the audio Bogart me -- that give you some reasons. Are any number and in an Internet. Comparatively little -- Mel Brooks is -- Going to be good talent great guy he should keep right worry is. Give them a 160 -- let -- hit thirty home runs into seventy. 260 to seventy to -- Well I'm not important not to repeat and bigotry -- Now and we're looking at -- latched I want he'd seen above average. Identical the next not thinking J. D. Drew major a week. I'm RC drew a Major League shortstop. And I think he's a lot of top play ET I think he was not a hole in the playoffs. And I. -- you know you've got the 250 and thirteen home on break ego and that public donations that -- -- -- until the 215 and thirteen and alone so. And ready for that could be an actual. He's got a booking and where and when you look at true and I -- -- you remember senator Lou in my he's got a hit test to sixty and not gonna be important that moment. I would stroke let him earn the job. -- true all around. -- Bogut and Johnny from two weeks and -- Don't and the job and they're play action assassination you if it is true. Stephen Drew now I'll say this Johnny know and hang on late John. You can't say something like that please call back and talk to our producer joked about it. You can't say something like UV it's under 250. And hits over 250 more than thirteen home runs. You'll donate money to the Jimmy Fund that hang up without getting now official. Article that talked and it's at your year offer to give it to charity and then young hung up. OK it's five you wanna call it Brittany. Or ripped blue and then hang up but when he when he -- the Jimmy Fund a great organization. And available for getting the details of it. That it costs and are actually think that it. A lot of these are better known. And he said that he's a great player that there's there's some special bottom the -- the way in -- certain things -- sorrento last year offensively up quickest progressed. Lot of things they've passed in the do offensively throughout the minor leagues for the is as young as he is. But defensively. Knowing that that's. That's legit concern. I don't think that we did appreciate what Stephen Drew did defensively. What are we doing here Colin John back. We're calling John. -- John it's what low paid nobody. Hates it's it's it's month Lou we wanna cut you off to continue the conversation. -- hung up again. Listen circle back not a John is listening so John just asking you all -- talk to his back on the air. Please call joy back and put in writing a -- if how what you wanna give its fifty -- her box you said on the air we had to call. If it's over 250. More than thirteen home runs you'll give money that Jimmy Fund I wanna know what your devious edit or your back it up. As if it. Maybe it's under 250. And under thirteen home -- all your body the Jimmy Fund. Can answer now trying to work that curb appeal. Yeah. Our camera. That part of the -- arts are so 25013. Home runs it it may audio and John your good guy Garrett on the -- John. John you can hear us now. If we're a little little little John. Another day that's -- -- -- this job the most viewed the guy calls up donates daisy give money to charity doesn't you know finalized that. It's a Joey is called him back this guy's trying to war that's why this is the best Medicaid here is finally the joy just confirm. If he does I'll I'll do fifty dollars for each right I'll do -- under 250. But hello John. Eric go about corporate -- a longer period I -- -- don't and -- -- it was a great call it good -- it -- I'll -- you and the giggling when that when I'm and it only one I don't have a producing -- what Stephen. Home runs and RBIs last year. -- man I I'll get a right now to set its -- even wrote. Batting average almost we Lou right now police are a market on -- batted 25313. Home runs 67 RBIs. Okay what's going to repeat pretty well got a lot to create green globe got slaughtered Turkey home run. Going. We are behind Samuel. Seven. How much he never the case public beyond football got a follow. You want more -- -- 200 dollars on each action you guys put into. You've got important so my credit card right now a 101 RBIs he won't lie it doesn't throw a hundred on on average -- -- management throw and a hundred -- the home run. -- -- -- And I'm eating allude to these. -- -- -- -- A lot of people oppose even a minute you guys are now I'm Natalie and -- how to play we're still a good -- Yes yes what are firmed up. Wanted to confirm and I don't work or go we have to shake it and stay out of Oakland over the radio. Won't be pretty all right got -- -- better and and and we know. That you work -- Producer out that the deal. You gotta put -- paid big national war for the Sox. At all. But ethical and ideals that somewhat agree model I'll take those -- I work part time as -- I do work defensively -- -- your your 100% correct. He is not gonna play the defense that Stephen Drew. We under appreciated as the difference I don't put it was a one of the best. But it is a guy still is that -- defense advocates when he when he result can be in everyday shortstop. You look at his numbers in Tripoli in numbers -- you know it's my league ballparks -- different you know later big league level now and things things are different. As far as the fields and everything goes. Nineteen errors last year in 96 games. You know six 21 -- is the before and 119 games defense of leading. That is the area where he is going to have to prove himself. And BO report ever behind him -- and make the next big plate for the steam Stephen Drew was a very good job well above average job I think defensively. Board -- team the one area will be defense offensively. 253 it was at thirteen. 67 will be the existing ones but I think -- he has those numbers -- those numbers either way the Jimmy Fund benefits we get the call job back three different times. When he's when he put him on hold let picked it up you still yelling at you guys for vote fifteen seconds I -- this is John curb appeal. That's where he said right works for a company called curb appeal is that we now know civic contract on job from the -- or works for curves I guess he worked that woman's work Oakland Kirk's. Billick instructor there clean and on the machines like the job that John. Effort orders texting anywhere -- we got we're we're we're locked candidates. If you wanna donate the Jimmy Fund. You can call the -- -- donate. We can wait until the great Jimmy Fund radio telethon in our big two day event coming up in August -- date set for that joke. We do they're animals -- many of them are surely on the station so why would you African no when that thing -- -- We'll get a particular cut -- it's we'll tell you what's on tap including could -- BA Bruins trade on tablet -- there's something going on with. Louis -- scratched tonight next.

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