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Pats Don't Franchise Talib

Mar 4, 2014|

The Patriots opted NOT to slap Aqib Talib (or anyone) with the franchise tag. Does this hurt their chances to sign him to a long term deal? In 3 days he'll be able to test the Free Agent Market.

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What -- -- ID 37 WEEI an hour from now less than an hour from now 11 o'clock -- to talk to Mike Florio pro football talk dot com there's not many more guys that are tied in. As Mike Florio is tied in all talk all things patriots offseason and we'll talk about the NFL rules committee which is saying we may pull back this extra point. Might make it's harder for you what kickers. In an extra point at the end and and the reason I love and it might be different reason a lot of people. Like the idea when the extra point back you'll join us I just over -- now approximate Sox and some hockey later on in the show. Frustrating afternoon for me at all while the patriot fans felt the same way so I'll speak myself and -- got the call enter text in and agree disagree. Went for clock hit. And the red side and the patriots did not use the franchise tag on Aqib Talib. I felt like. I fell a little bit like when Wes Welker sound the Denver Broncos a year ago. That was that the feeling that I had at 4 o'clock. And I was surprised -- the reaction a lot of people on the patriots you abort them a couple times here you see overcome gash over three trading Mike yardage Comcast in the a very good guy. Between out yesterday afternoon patriots didn't use the tag and who really expected them to hash -- patriots talk op I -- A player is good it's Aqib Talib would you have an offense to back who has been the one where -- -- Like you are on new defense without -- why you went and electric -- -- should put a nice guy like working with urgency talk about you know like you don't like -- like John. I know I -- -- tweet yesterday if god ever -- -- work the more than I have gaze upon is okay that that makes sense -- I thought he was. How does a -- there are window I don't like a -- There's not park is actually good dude I I'm I'm with some I just don't know what -- They want people wanted to tag to leave last year as an eleven million dollar number negative vibe and a half you know that wanted to tag him this year. If they -- they can get a key Toledo spent eleven half million dollars. If they wanna. I've maybe it's a little north of a break -- over at 830 to maybe he's not knows what two and a half three years younger than Grimes. Seats it will age wise OK but there is -- a hip of me -- at the Achilles and missed all of 2000 at all. Within Atlantic came back and play in big plate series it was just one injury like like -- with the ACL Gilbert. Of those almost worse than a guy like to lead that's it hip now to a three years dealing with the same type of injury. So you've got in more injury risk with a -- You know -- gut somebody off the field issues with the key to leave everybody the good soldiers -- one year to. Which set up -- three or four years that you start to see the warts -- your franchise -- -- -- a one year contract and again you have to be -- best behavior would you -- guarantee him a twelve million dollars -- try to guarantee of sixteen for four year. I'd rather be here for look at all of -- -- like he's gone I feel like -- is. I feel like now that it didn't tag him. That they are gonna go into the market and -- a rag -- of last year not that they don't want them okay but that he's not gonna get to the market which is not gonna have. Brent Grimes he gets signed a way by the Miami Dolphins. -- gonna go to -- two teams in the Tennessee Titans in St. Louis Rams that it feels like a fait accompli. According to the real NFL inside his last for about that and eleven. And so it's down to Vontae Davis -- large Marty and Aqib Talib. On the top three quarters on the market. Make him make the argument between was one of at the top quarter last year the difference this year he's just got a little ten million dollar bonus in the NFL. I keep telling about a one year five -- billion dollar deal now feels like a gift. I think if you're expecting a similar below market deal for to leave. I think you're asking for a lot I've seen no evidence given -- -- just got a four year deal the mobile we get believed. On a discount rate like you did last year and last year now you have got we toggle for five million it would deliberately whether it's one year and act. I it's not a -- right now. 89. It's they wanna give every Jeff out today says they wanna give them three and he wants war. With a gets down to that point where it's sign the player or cited the contract really want. Doesn't put the patriots would rather have that be on the right side of the contract. On the right side a talent like publisher would Welker. They kept talking about they got the contract right and they -- it brought Bob Kraft comments afterwards -- -- at Weston west is NATO Miguel's name. I think as a chance that gets the lead gets a contract it's out of their comfort zone. But at some point when a player that's that talented. And has given. That much of a different what you team you have no one to replace it's not welcome where he can at least say maybe Gammon gold or places that may be. MW bring him back -- or some facsimile of them. You know you like to leave it he's the most irreplaceable player on that defense. You can make an argument for anybody else and out by John. You like most irreplaceable player not in gronkowski Brady and entirety. -- when healthy any added depend on. You know -- be there again there's there's still some things with him. Allred Randy Moss was an issue year one year to. I it -- what happens you're three year four -- -- of them may -- are crazy it's just of their certain personalities. That your one UT feel good about. So they can use that as Faris certainly average goals of incidents they won't. We're willing to go because from what we've seen we don't think it's going to be an issue so we're willing to go three. He wants for all -- she's gonna want more years but I I'm not so sure that it is over right now I mean you've got the mark it was set with crimes. Four years 3216. Guarantee that okay well. What you think that what you think and keep the league's gonna be in that area mean giving -- gonna get four years thirty to delete and get. What four times while if I'm 48 little if they tagged him they could still negotiate with him may Greg party's gonna sign his franchise tag is still negotiate with -- -- -- want to get as Alltel deal today that they didn't get him for eight but would you okay -- they think they can -- -- big -- for. Go for. Years for three or four years what's the better option having to pay him more than you want to for a year or letting him get paid little or by different -- mile Leslie ball together. Yet that's we're talking about it to me I IE. I'm always -- right now Tom -- thinking. I want three or four years with that Tom Brady we say how much of the electorate for you a window -- So I wanna keep the lead for three years a lot of full year I with before one year arm wouldn't be right back in the same spot in next year. -- back in the same spot I don't matter what the papers -- this year this year but it -- keep Talib is good you know impacted defense may -- gets injured again who knows. And now allow this gotta go make twelve million dollars and an -- has a good year that really loosened. Right this year you can argue that it was a Goodyear but the injury came up again which hurts his leverage out there -- market now might be the time. Is that I played awful lot in Eagles up plays all sixteen has an impact as -- -- ballot bring him back next year. Not a chance in hell I was really gonna break the bank and what do I do again now back in the old. Take two steps back because they can't replace Aqib -- -- -- for four year well I think in the window Brady aggregate the other 100% three or four years tops. You know for you would say as long as Brady plays that's his window I disagree that you you've nailed it. So in that window I want this team to do whatever they can't without. Without over extending themselves in the case may be one guy Jimmy Graham will talk about to get the best players in and around Palm Pre. I'm with you that a three or four year deal for to leave would be preferable. But why not franchise tag game yesterday. -- open -- risk that they need to exist you've opened up the chance that he signed some Morales if you attacked him the worst case scenario migrates not horrible. But worst case you know you're paying Aqib Talib one year or twelve million. That means your year securing a quarterback who is improved her defense significantly. Has been the most irreplaceable guy new defense you've got to for next year. You have them for at least one more year so it it part of that Brady window you've guaranteed yourself one year to keep the league now that the price is not great. But I ask again what would you rather have them risking the risk of -- overpaid to leave for a year in the Brady window -- have the player. Or not tagged him. And risk that -- -- the Indianapolis Colts this I would rather have. To leave -- Vontae Davis and we're gonna goal overspend. And be more than you're willing to spend and how lucky to -- not there I'd prefer. Over pay per year. Brady went -- that's the point of all this is why laster said that you spent more than welcome but it all the player. It's not the risk of Danny Amendola. -- -- -- -- -- You recoverable value in price and cheap and everything else for how far off where they -- the -- value in the market for Wes Welker. Where they. I think they problem they had it right -- they had a right they had the value of the contract right so they had last offseason and it writes in the year before. They franchise Wes Welker. Which probably led to his exit because -- could work so long term deal -- So they're gonna franchise Aqib -- with the hopes of signing a long term that's the really wanna do. There appears that they had to pay Wes Welker at franchise tag it could work -- long term deal to put themselves through that again. They beat piston against the get a spent twelve million dollars on a key to leap. The Monica and a welcome thing it's the largest franchisee for not NAFTA and whatever gonna rip that thing up no problem. I'm gonna move forward the plan that we want how to build our team. Well someone's not cooperate and we gotta pay the -- nine Affleck gets sent to an extension we get screwed they're pissed about it. In Welker you know when -- Ella or having -- say they guts and you can say that happened they offered -- the contract offer. If they did that assume they will deathly sign a deal. And they -- gonna culpable tonight I -- his dignity to the franchise tag. With the thought of working three year deal after they did what -- -- delicately which would protect themselves. It shouldn't be about at this point. It should be about getting the best players in the field with Tom Brady in his last three or four years we agree about that right. So you put yourself in a position where you're worried about. The long term relationship with the lead instead of which is big series while you're working I believe that franchise tag Wes Welker with a thought the big. We're convinced that there were a three year deal. You don't I do. That didn't work out another face the same situation a couple of years later with with a keep -- You say franchise that because now -- -- work so long term deal you by itself window. I -- two years ago it up the same thing and his organization like now not gonna do that because worst case scenario is bad for us I don't wanna pay a twelve million dollar year. How is it a good thing when your best defensive player you lost control up player as of march -- what's today the fourth. TO four days left we can negotiate with him before it's our -- other teams all what planet as -- patriots fan is okay. In the last three or four years of Brady's when -- is not some score -- players not Julian Edelman elements and he's a scrub. But it development not here I guess M adult into the same things. This is your best defensive player and you just lost control room. You know allowed him that in the next 72 hours to start the teams. If your patriots -- how is this good seriously. Everything you're saying but at the at the base of. You had control over a player. And because you wanna make sure you get his value right and you hoping it's not too long term deal you risk losing him that's apart. I can't get there myself that I could well understand the pitchers feel he's worth 89 million dollars aggregate. Suck it happened. Never happens. Just don't do. They did it with blockers and they got burned -- -- come back into it two years later than they don't they don't all if they don't or go to do them and all up there looking to trade him -- him a year later. And they missed the value on the -- adult and it probably overpay him in their mind he said he never did it. If a year after aside I got is rumors about you trading or releasing him to go back and say well maybe that's what they missed on. I am now the so they gave -- the data that they pay too much money the deal or value of the -- at him. This amount of money is Wes Welker -- we're talking about keeping year old guy. And and knowing who the player is the big difference somebody else coming in -- that mystery you always over value the new guy that comes in if you think what he can do when your system. He was hurt it didn't pan out. We wanna pay the got a money maybe if they -- trading of releasing overcomes the guy the you do know. We don't you think maybe they had little experience with a two Munich you know the last couple years of -- deal the last couple years of Randy Moss. The the last couple years of some of these guys that -- that that that they seen. A good soldiers the first year and a half two years. And they bring him back in they find LO. Well at -- comes -- -- the gonna pay a look at the other district learned from -- exact sort of coach after his life's all about -- you're looking at the guy who said last year don't resigned is off the field issues but it's been a year and a half of them. Always teammate saying -- positive nice enough. Off the field problems the -- much Jiabao -- Randy Moss first couple years. Team leader opera much of -- -- -- -- It's about learning from some mistakes may be made in the past. Like going into it franchise tag in Wes Welker thinking again deal not in not being comfortable with the amount of money paying him. That's the bottom line that's the reality of the -- the patriots. If they think you were eight or nine they're not gonna -- beat twelfth. If they think -- -- two and a half they're not gonna give you four. This is what they think. And if you keep to leave -- blues in the player maybe that they'll go back and say okay wells is out there. But they Davis -- coach Marty I don't know these guys and 89 million dollar market. Yeah they don't fit in like delete it and that. Bring it maybe that will. We got to the three of four years as opposed to a one year in doing this whole thing all over again. You know one year with a Aqib Talib and a franchise Dickey walks next year. A year from now February 4 the fifth whatever day it is cynical Brady's only got two years left you've got rich guys to -- -- -- of thirteen fourteen. Get a guy and after three years four years if it's not the legal fight somebody else. Bodies to do -- -- you trust the other guys to -- impact fullest believe me that we say go get another gonna -- sixteen games they played eight C title game. We don't guarantee but I don't want think the two years straight this guy hasn't. All want to Davis played ten games two years ago and a one year healthy football Dominic -- Marty's been up and down his entire group those guys is how many years of healthy football the key to leave it had. Obviously I am not I got back deck here it's been exactly here it's been Syria and he's been hurt in two different AFC championship exactly it will -- twelve million bucks yeah. Because they if you don't ever replace mere rookie -- -- Vontae Davis and Dominique charged -- replacement spent bullet today. Rights hagel aside Jerious birther top safety then you've got those are two safeties back there you make up for yet Danner. I sought to legal and shut down Jimmy Graham I sought to -- get -- Vincent Jackson angle up and down the field with them. I thought could go it's the best wide receivers opposing teams and once once Steve Smith. Got frustrated the point where sort that out pulled an audio downfield every other not near as pretty freaking goes. At journalists that was that race real ability to support his ability. The next had to keep toll -- sixteen games will be the first time he's played sixteen games in his career. You need to guy out there to me it did that's right for your face as well. Anyway it's the NFL wouldn't be hurt you are talking what a guy that. The last couple years. We sent three seasons now we said hip issue tool Amir and hasn't been a feel for you late got effect of that as well I factor in. But I mean if you will undergo three years with them. There what's the problem bought the franchise that -- you tell me you'd rather get three year deal with acutely but I agree with the so if you go one year all or paying him that keeps him on the straight and narrow it's it's a one year risk -- have a multiyear risk. I guess I'm just surprised that if you go X extend the deal with them then you're okay with them passing on and and and losing control the player for just the season. Because of what he meant to this -- I go back to what Tommy Karr wrote a couple of weeks ago hours of a beginning of the year at CS sanity dot com. When it Talib is the closest thing to an irreplaceable player the patriots have. Nobody on their current roster can do what he does. They're not -- import a quarter with similar skills for less. The world because to re sign Aqib Talib and and I agree with bits of course I like it but I think he's honest -- and if there are other corners that are. A may be that same clash you mentioned Vontae Davis you mentioned Dominique cars Marty. We're gonna call it caution about the same as to leave. That that's what keeps coming down to and now that I say it's phobia. Step price -- can be twelve million for one year I'd read the guarantee the guy eighteen million dollars for full. They give a twelfth for one and I'd rather it's not and I that's the difference I guess I would rather risk. I'd rather not have the risk him go to other team. Overpaying for a year and deal with it afterwards. So that you have during this Brady window. The best talent will be -- up to a point. Curious what you think you know if you if frustrated is I was yesterday or agree -- that did not tagging toll was the right thing to duke has too much money. 6177797937. If your phone number. 6177797937. AT&T -- line. It's 379378. Your reaction the patriots it's a move but it's a not move. And we get those calls and export radio W media.

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