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Jake Peavy Injures Himself

Mar 4, 2014|

WEEI.com Columnist Rob Bradford is in Florida covering Spring Training. He joins the show to discuss the young prospects in the system, Jon Lester's contract, and Jake Peavy's self-inflicted fishing laceration.

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Rob Bradford WEEI. WEEI dot com. Let's bring voices of the Boston Red Sox alongside jokes that we -- on the games rob model Dario. I tell us how you doing good -- well with a treat you okay down there. I don't talk about the weather -- studios told me not to talk about the -- that's why not -- -- -- (%expletive) people off -- You got it right overhead. For Firefox. I you're there at the the in the role -- Florida. In Fort Myers and let's start with the question we've been battle about your last twenty minutes or so. Mike Silverman wrote about the Red Sox and and how they're positioned potentially to be a dynasty I said that. Couple weeks go rob and I fell like they're more likely to be a dynasty that they are. A one year wonder we look back -- the other one that one championship year one and her Farrell. And never followed up later -- -- winning another championship consistently getting back to the World Series is being represented at that what you think of as a dynasty in your mind what's more likely that this is the beginning of a long championship -- or it's one and done. For the championship. Guardian in the green I think it's -- C. I don't broad physical ability because in baseball you have to have so many things go right and you guys. You look at this team you look at let's go back to 2011. All he thought that he was indicted yet you know what the better argument because those were proven Major League players. You're going under the premise that could even going to be target you get angry yell into the going to be important starter. And there is no guarantee -- that I think -- -- positioned to be very true. For an extended period. But they're hoping that any dynasties and based on anymore. Guys listen I would agree these instantly because he's got a -- two years from now for everybody. It's is what maybe the high end but we think they can beat him but -- -- down they're now maybe his lot of people walking around if you. Heard any discussions about some of these young arms from the Red Sox are the over -- so we not given enough credit where where does that stand. You all -- argument that a little because I think a total of the most fascinating people that can't. Probably aren't due out this spring training. Where you can split up abortion games and I -- into my notepad right here for an -- work -- Barnes -- met like including great great. I've been going to calculate that don't look at the other answers by I want you to rate these guys in terms of -- And you know what everyone all over the place I know one guy has always second the last another guy the number one Webster who. Whether certain number one they are all over the place and these guys I don't think -- -- -- look at what -- until our country. He perhaps what pack I have got a -- But I people remember a time where we can actually how this sort of back side. -- this sort of compensation. Because they're all very good at all and they're totally off there are side by all local law also how. Potential problems on the road to the Indians. Of the guys you just talked about it a little ones I guess in that group have any of them really surprised more than the other here it's spring training rob that they -- may -- bit better than it. You or the scalp expected for these first couple weeks. Number one -- go -- Britain Draper and without spinning the other day even besides that he's been really really good. You'll all of his delivery from a year ago and he is gonna work in progress and you will he look like countries holders. And resolving the other day again just once. The other guys that are not so we're not all obviously was very very. You go back two years because her receive an important point I was throwing ninety mile an hour -- the poor Rico was toppled. And then yeah how you became the guy everyone -- you -- -- and then what we saw the other day whether -- not though he was really -- I think -- Those that you've got to have kind of jumped up and I know work we had a rough outing last. I yesterday but still I didn't sleep on and we can't forget this guy with a pretty -- starting option even before the all time. -- here and it was David Ross is gonna miss a couple of days and AJ rolled his ankle missed a couple of days and they go to give you an opportunity maybe see some of these young catchers -- no you're not untouchable Vasquez and and -- -- Has how much is -- -- into the these two guys almost didn't play the next couple days. -- -- will play realize that getting out here although our way why are you because your broadly played in total. Friday I don't I'm -- -- super -- Kaczynski. -- -- ought to rot -- about it now it was no big deal if you elect a lot better. The MRI -- nation and sport there was something in the dot even bothering you need to speak up and running. But he's still a lot better -- targeted for tried. But he blew it we talked about it. The more -- can see on Christian out here OK with me that that was what makes pretty contrary to every time to grow. And are currently. He's got up as well as John Farrell and I don't know I went on April drop the other day that you know when you're prospect in baseball. I opened so that -- opening -- now. Because I think he's improved so much -- Rob Bradford joining us from Fort Myers to check out his work -- WEEI dot com on the pitching front off the field rob how much further along. In European on the Red Sox and Jon Lester working on a contract extension. I -- that part has begun and obviously eleven weren't found yesterday. And I got that need -- -- because they probably have a ways to go. Because when you come back Aaron picked out sort of -- rescission. Comedian I think it's got Lester it well but holding down that bumpy because Jack Craig contract. You couldn't have -- eat well we'll let you know the American League east yet the playoff experience that's an -- about a 140 million dollars. So maybe -- fearful of knocking out here. But I idol I you I know there's been a lot of talk about eleven into the agent -- the the -- friendly deal. But bless him and it and you also know that it could you picture right now we're probably rotation guys who were to be eligible for release. That's not sure there and John -- but you have to protect go to Egypt into the -- Dustin Pedroia Pedroia had three years left. This is completely different scenario. No Robert that both spring training one of the stories come notices them Grady Sizemore and I think the reason why it's coming out is. Because nobody really I don't think expected him to kind of be playing right now in these games played in three at bats of the -- plane gets college. But team you're thoughts the odds of this guy being healthy and if which is a big if if he is is you start -- a fielder. You don't -- the -- later in the big -- and it could because you want a real it and you wanna say -- -- poll a month ago for the -- you can start. But you walk a guy and you view look at incentives for the -- -- getting ready for a -- good. You're -- a little bit because the ball RA when you run the first piece you what do you round first being when he don't got quite all. Don't look like LeapFrog them but when it struck such a way to -- and I don't think you can play today complained Friday you can take EP. But you know -- probably going to about a question or right now I think that there's no way around after being urged to. Well I didn't he -- credit ago when his card games and you look at the college game. And period. Not know have a setback. I think that he's not the starting center fielder he's -- -- -- I don't play I had to specify what areas. And I I agree if you it's way too early given his injury history that two really delve into the spot the Lewis talked about in the defeat. -- he's the player that he as was and he's healthy. 80% of the roster trickle down rob I mean I just assumed it was easy Jackie Bradley starts in center Sizemore. Is it AAA from month and then you reevaluate but it if this comes your question it's not -- that guy how to work the roster from their position them. Earlier yeah I hurt it capital are where you get a good interview literally give it the by urban talked about you and Bradley combat if you got. About the possibility. Everything without a break perfect for that happened but another thing that we can't sleep on in terms increased -- weren't valued at. You LP in another impetus for employing a lot. Individually dock that you get all the governor Jeanne leadoff hitter and yes -- -- and economic and we got. Agree besides gore do it leadoff hitter when LP and we're playing well. So a lot yeah I think those. They're everywhere he felt he everywhere performing yet. Level the third chance to Bradley back miners because you are particularly carpet not a. What was the last time your Stephen Drew is named. Mentioned. Back at. Today really solid day -- we hope we -- -- a day without. -- the response of a whatever we're. Opposes John Farrell was the judge felt crying saying like -- Stephen -- come back and play -- -- Oh well I've has already you into the organization's you don't. The rewards you bring a true true then the next thing have you been Bogart -- And I think is becoming that kind of momentum toward that it was starting Bogart's life it's our legacy of values how comfortable you. With the kind of way to go talk about a deal. And you wanted him to take more command it's a natural progression of a 21 year old. But as we sit here -- and very very comfortable when we spoke English or talk and other things the Guerrero had looked a year. I have no problem urban utility -- and that -- into the equation because he comes back and perhaps. So it is your problem there are a couple of -- I think that important to all right for and so then you sit there and you're out. -- wasn't at the question isn't it. He'll Bogart's OK you have seen him play what are but I've -- will play -- you know and it. Physically I loved what I saw from him strong obviously I like what I heard from him when I was down there but. He still article -- show that meant mentally he can be consistent. And flat line and play a regular season and just you know control yourself. Yeah if you would confront melodic note you got this -- you're down here by middle Roy. Is a different persona that he was last year and knock on him. But last year we talked about cart before the horse going to be a leader -- -- order. But but also more open and the pop out before interaction with a lot of guys. Very very business like this year and I think that's the way to approach. And I actually went and applauded but that's the way you should approach that you you -- work and aren't you see him pay extra grounder to an extra drilled. And everything out or because I think that you understand the situation and it isn't a year a short while your. Rob get shot on this with an over under here overall undersea if I said that two and a half for and -- he can save opportunities. In the month of April and put that it two and a half would you go over or under that number with a Red Sox try to protect. Koji early on this year. Under I think want to want to get what he can hit it would be coaching experience. The Carter dropped back and I know they that you want you want to be careful but I just think says. Bit bigger and let it a bunch of days in a row I think it's still coaching guys. You -- yesterday with another reminder people forget how good you look spring training that year fourteenth inning I believe no wrong. Org or six total twelve strikeouts. And you know it is truly remarkable that he started doing this a year ago he stopped. -- five cities Koji regards rob Bradford WEEI dot com rob appreciate the time we check and I work all week. Are all feel Robert -- joining us.

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