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Minor Details Ep. 73: Red Sox prospects explain time of first impressions

Mar 4, 2014|

In 2013, Jackie Bradley Jr. used a non-roster invitation to big league spring training as a platform to an unexpected major league performance. Yet by and large, prospects in big league camp for the first time have more modest goals of creating familiarity -- both on their part with the big league setting, and in an effort to try to impress the big league coaching staff to position themselves for in-season call-ups. Red Sox prospects Garin Cecchini, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo and Bryce Brentz discuss their outlook on their first big league camps, while Bradley joins to explain the difference he feels this year in his second big league camp.

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Welcome back to renew them down on the farm look at the prospect of it in Trenton. In the Red Sox farm system this incredibly fun time of the prospect watching -- -- time -- first impression -- our impressions are made -- different -- -- -- participant in big league spring training have a -- -- -- -- it -- -- by in the -- they can impact their big league timetables but beyond that there's all the impression made on players who have never of course and put in the big league spring training clubhouse the first opportunity for a number of these players to beat me with established star for the first time in their lives and it's it's an impact -- experience. As explained by Red Sox third base prospect. -- -- -- Mentoring -- and you you bought season trying to make people feel quickie questions guys grown up. When did you like them and to dream come true humbling at the same time but the same time he got lucky in the vacuum my dad out. You know you belong here you've been -- to be here early I do it's it's keep playing singing your plane and don't try to be too much and just played as well. In terms of you know in terms of the kind of like eyes wide open moment you know was it who who is the guy you first -- it. Yeah this is the same -- meant the first -- and walked in. Jon Lester and John Lackey and dim and the other side -- mostly in business. This is all because I'm watching him pitch in middle school -- victory -- just dominate in the playoffs and stuff like -- so. I mean that's when -- news I -- this is big we -- reality is going to be really fun. Quality of life what's different -- out of here achievement bitter feud. Better balls from. The filter are wet when we go out there happy if she is she's a better life -- Everything's better about it since injuring countered everything now expected -- more. -- -- it is a dream come true for a lot of these -- to be in a big league clubhouse but the difference of being in big league camp is also felt more than just a dream coming true it's all felt in the way the big league camp work -- take they take command the attention of a number of -- temperatures in camp you Matt Barnes who explained that different it's the -- That we can go about you know things outside bomb a little bit more truly on your own you're expected. -- river is expected to be in here in good shape ready to go. -- obviously amounts of other students are contenders for the veterans have their own team now. You know where they would it kind of do their thing because that their they've earned that trust. But somebody like myself you know you're expected to be here on -- percent ready to go. This is a time make an impression. And Alec finally can you don't want to admit that a question but. And he is just it's a little more. Pushed along you can tell that that we're kind of you know get into games will be sooner. That a -- but I as a whole I think the threesome ideologue wanting -- we -- our fifth season. You know all of the other times and then dinner time down with position players and things like that. The -- -- this there's there's a funeral and there's some differences. But just quality of life stuff like what what has anything you know is to -- spread veteran who in the maybe it would doctors. You know you do. Nice nice pants and others like little things -- That there's some people who aren't and haven't experienced both -- -- now. Bomb and had the breakfast and then in the launches are. Definitely better. -- those -- do know. Parker's. One. Lost most of us dollars. And a little it's like the little things like that that you know -- golf lessons cost. It's it's amazing how simple having a washcloth in the shower. Like how much of it. No way I've made it -- ecological assets. It was there anyone with whom you know this is that you obviously don't wanna kind of be star struck right at the same time. The opportunity to be in the same clubhouse or to work with anyone -- has there been any one guy -- it's been like oh. Cool like I am currently like you know I'm currently. Indeed we can't -- X. Com played a lot of these guys who gets we have to me we don't to Boston in September and saw a problem rookie programmers to write a news we have source you guys had come down. I got to know some of the guys you know Padilla pretty well -- hostage to any position of Weaver and things like that. Crowd the -- sparked me was by pitching against -- that. You know you try to that's obviously when you got there it's it's business but. When you go out there and see -- this season aboard -- that's pretty cool. Mean you know it's early in the spring right you don't wanna put too much stock to him and things like like BP that -- What does it mean just to see like you know oh look my fastball can get by a guy like Edwards admits it's awesome you know -- -- you were going -- to work on stuff and he's obviously working nonstop so so nobody's really you know at a 100% team competition. -- -- nice it's it's kind of shows you stuff him his stuff can still play know even begin -- it's -- against. -- one of the greatest hitters in the game. So that was that was definitely interested. Here you had yet to vote to get promoted at the end of the year and then they brought they made a point of bringing you into Fenway park at the end of the year just kind of give you -- familiarity with the land if you've been part of the rookie development program that that you know it is just one of those events including -- -- big league camp. Stand out more than the other in terms of kind of. Offering a reminder of I am. I think last year's guys who was off the ball was was definitely. You know kind of reminders -- showed us how how close you kind of really where. On the -- -- becoming a big weekend is good to like the ones -- -- in -- locker room with these guys going out the fuel judgment down playing catch in Iraq with them. On a daily basis. I think this is kind of good. The one that's that says you know you're you're. -- -- -- -- purpose all of their first big league camp rather than just our -- this time when players can show that they understand what it means take their work seriously and show that they can conduct themselves in something other than a game heading in a -- suggest they're ready or at least close to ready for the big -- here's how pitcher Anthony Renato explained it -- Closely ordinary thing like us that kind of gives off the lead back five in the clubhouse on the W on the fields all of its all business at all we're -- -- -- Travel longer on the field you know that you're that you're gonna bother me. -- get a good cop bad days you're gonna learn a lot tees up I think that's. It's so far is there any one pitcher -- him who you kind of sweeping New -- kind of focused on like drawing from their routines or how they approach their work anyone who's kind of who's been -- you sound kind of practical application does a guy mark. Home I would say there's one specific guy. I think all those guys those old pictures and everything they all bring different things that tables are all different routines or anything like that. So basically what I've been doing this kind of watching how each one of those individual who's not there hasn't been once specific guy that I've been Michael you wanna. You know what do you do exactly he does but I'm just as a group collectively take everything that. That every one of those you know even less than it is now -- like -- effect on how he carries himself. What are you working on specific things like that and how he approached that kind of work and workflow and things like that -- -- -- different things from different guys everything just kind of try to determine the best that I know. Eager are you to be able performing game actually benefits exhibition game action and you know kind of at at the Major League level -- and. The -- on the side on the job. Excludes eleven -- for a long time you know ready for the challenge that they can. I'm excited to see where how much pitches that got him Nolan and and on the bill Bulger -- and go right I guys and then try to have some fun with. Now that you've been -- anything that's pretty excited. He -- on the back feels it's easy to kind of like to kind of RAMP up gradually you know not to get mean enough to kind of push too fast here. There's there's no one watching -- know a couple people on the metal bleachers seats up. This is a little bit different like you have to almost you know get to be a little bit careful about about not pushing to back. Ask when you're kind of in a different environment. -- out you know there's there's tons of days where. -- had to tell myself hey you know this is this is still Saturday whatever day it was you know and even those that you might be a thousand people outside watching -- up like that in the budget. Front office and coaching staff watching so obviously gonna realize that it is whatever it was February 10 you know and try to get my work and I'm not trying to Red -- -- quick and then. Make too big of an impression you don't overdo it -- like. So definitely yup by and that that's I was saying is trying to pick away different parts from different guys realize that still live there in the different situation that I -- they're prepared to. Throw 200 innings out of starting spot. You know in the rotation so. On the try to find that balance of trying to. Keep an impression compete for a spot type thing but also. Statement bulletin I -- that your realize that as it's along here. -- -- There any part of you that quite feels like I mean you know like if it was kind of -- long -- and because. You know but for the injured 2012 you probably would have there's a good -- it would have been in position to be in camp. A year ago and you know frankly like you and I've discussed before. You and -- in Britain where -- -- guys good well I'm I'm kind of surprised that you -- to beat him in some ways last year. Is there is is there any part of you -- -- finally or is the experience of being here is such that it's like you know. Repairs but yeah I'm I'm here now. Yet neither knew that we finally aspect of the deflated so you've been working so hard to -- you know -- does. Your whole life you can. -- -- that you know so there's definitely finally. Okay I'm I'm here now and now it's time working on this is about the level but I want via Alex. Time to figure out how to be successful how to help the team win and -- how to make myself a better. Pitchers -- there remains a fine line in a balance between looking comfortable and at the same time remained deferential to have a big -- it's not always easy line to players to comprehend it all as outfielder -- spread explains it's a rewarding undertaking to figure it out -- It's as you gotta know your place and mean -- had started they. Keep quiet work hard try to be good teammate. Not kind of nice stepping bodies the veterans toes site. We don't know hero and and is trying to come in fair hard work harder then and still have fun. Is there anyone among the Major League among -- the people on the Major League job roster. We you do try to pay particular attention to and you know -- might not be the best example his left handed maybe it's like a right and a power guy like -- middle Brooks or Jonny Gomes is there. Is there anyone who you you know just tried to see. -- this -- what they do limit people to pick up something you're there from them on. Hitting aspect definitely. David Ortiz because of the night. In name pretty much -- at the -- you know I'm not saying -- -- but anything can happen about the asbestos matters best left handed. This wasn't fit is it's pretty flawless and pick up on things how serious he is now. Everything else how -- how easy you can repeat this morning. Defense side of the ball. Upfront that he doesn't have a position. Like watching the spins footwork his ability to. And so consistent and sending basement. Instincts and and especially never really. Partner in both those guys have basements doses were picked up on things and and just watched guys and accidents and try to make mental notes while it. And go from there what what's the coolest part of being in big weekend. It's known every day and walk in and it's like okay you know. You're close knowing knowing you're knocking on the door so hopefully it's yet removed -- -- priests and so. That's the main street the coolest thing. Coming up after the break we'll check in with Jackie Bradley junior. A year ago Jackie Bradley junior -- these story of spring -- think about that the Red -- -- the ground work for a World Series winning team -- and not all -- -- the -- played so well that he was the one who -- every -- spring training when he later Bradley is -- a different place he had no designs on opening day -- 2013. Even though he eventually won one due to a tremendous performance this year however he's in camp and more -- fashion trying to show that he's deserving of the opportunity to transition from -- -- but to protect them to a Major League regular here's Bradley to explain that. I think it goes. You know without -- in -- -- in China come into spring training. -- -- like three different groups you know whether you're in the coming into Deion -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New coaching staffs and gotten out of sync them about making the team game and I had a previous spring training zone. And I end -- making a team I'm not coming to this year. -- one of the guys who's who's competing for spots. So you know I I don't really know -- about last year put that in the past. And I'm focused on the president -- now when I think that drove. What does that mean to be in a position to know that you know from a Christian point you have. You're in a position where you are ready to compete for a at at least to compete for regular -- -- -- Yeah. You know it is amazing how you know the world can you know any junior a year. But I mean -- just that comes with a maturity level and you know improve in every single day and get better I'm as a ballplayer as you age. Given the benefit of the off in the think about it explains me what was last season for you -- last season. A Goodyear was he's made great here with -- and a disappointing year because. For me you know as an outsider there was there was really hit it right. I thought if you had -- out the part of what you did it in big league spring training which changed the expectations of who you what you're supposed to be. Then most people would hand him kind of focus on what you didn't AAA which would have been a very proud of level. For that for where you where your pro experience we're talking about a pretty good year. In terms of what you did on the field. If you add in what you did in spring training. You know that it changes how you view it if you add in which he didn't mean what -- and shoveled up and down for you know a couple dozen games in the big leagues. That changes how you look at as to how did you view the year when you're getting back and think you better be off. More of a learning year not. Not really get to focus and tied up into the -- numbers and stuff like that but I am not you know focused on you know prisoners in the day. I'm. Better myself and -- better team. And you know I know I know -- last year -- and I know that I'm a better ballplayer so you know I'm I'm -- on it and to get back out there. Let us prove myself. That I can't -- at the highest levels and I'm just I'm ready to show. Howard you better ballplayer finger as a result of last -- what part of what -- -- for your development and did you really need drives him. All of you know just learn you learn a much -- you know being around the guys and you know buying into what you know the coaching staffs. What to do and you know I feel like I can be more than it did. Whether it's offensively or defensively and I also want to steal bags. And I want to incorporate that more in tonight's game. You know -- you know every. If the ascent. Of the game I want to get better at. I know. Bunting is one thing that really wanna work on. A lot been able you know its stock price down -- or even bunting for base hits so -- -- something that I will be working on. Not that -- move forward. -- those you know things aspect like bunting and running it more they are those are your ideas about how you can make it -- better towards that specific player plan that you've got. From sitting down with president of player development of the front office. My idea because I noted that can I can do it. -- Allah is our our confidence and if you know he can do it. They do it be aggressive don't beyond the cost out of things. Do what's gonna make the team better and advance ninety feet. It's only gonna make it seem better and it with a golf -- -- about it obviously not there. Just go out there and do stupid things got a -- certain situations. Who. And I think the overall data is better my game as a whole. In terms of your game as a -- when things get done that we've talked about a little bit but did did did take it did obviously. -- a different direction I hear what you hit for more power you hit you know I think it between the majors minors from a thirteen does that sound right. And so was that something that you were -- we try to doing how mindful it is that number is that. Pat and I was just what he's taking batting practice and it was it was interesting to meet you kind of -- ball -- ball -- right in her. And they were carrying and you put put you -- you got a -- little bit of strength for him right now. Is that something that your mindful of trying to incorporate or. Who are you who are you as a hitter. Where does does it how do you get. Self. Well. You know I I I doubt -- and more home runs last year than I did the previous year. I'll -- was a lot younger -- -- You know I am one of those things that I also comes it comes -- -- -- Richard body you are to fill out your body a little bit more. And now -- Gotten stronger you know from wrong offseason so. Every single offseason -- that's out of work on getting stronger in obviously documented the so the power -- dot com. As -- continue to get younger -- put on no more weight so. I got an -- is not something that dominant strictly focused on. But I feel like it's strictly focused on that you get a bad habits but it's going to be there. It. It's it is gonna be incorporated in my game and I know I can hit for power. And time. Are always willing and wanting to a show that part of my game is. Do you ever it how difficult. But the bit about how can that be just incorporating them but also being mindful of -- you know one of what of your you know one of the traits that you're best known for respect your wing guy but you know what kind of what people boy friend his leadoff hitters on base skills. You know. Is it there are those different things that pull you in different directions. Now I feel like you -- find a happy medium in both of them there's there's guys who can. Obviously hit for power and who can get on bases. You know it is not example I -- -- nowhere anywhere near him. Sound -- size of that joint bottom you know a guy. He's good as an on base machine and you know to keep his power so. You know I feel like this as a player you -- you know find out what works for you and which way you that whichever way you wanna go and trying to. Figure out. And just being you know you don't cut any of these something you're not because. That doesn't seem to work out too often so. And I'm still gonna kind of -- -- on base percentage guy who's gonna work. Accounts at times but also I'm I'm I'm gonna pick my spots and -- with excellent manager of. That. That your politics that and last year one of the conversation one of the things John Ferrell that it is fifty felt that you were more more and more comfortable every time you were caught up did you feel that way. Yes yes it comes to the experience. Don't know what you're actually getting into net of any year you kind of know. -- you're there you're you're trying to learn. As quick as possible obviously the game -- -- employer. And but you have a better feel for. -- -- -- are round game as well yeah it is more than just not on the -- stuff that's off the field down there. You know media -- there's another that you know deals namely so I mean I -- you have to separate. In order you know focus on what you need to do and at that up to now learn that -- more -- more -- got more comfortable. With. You know adjusting to certain things. So how much were able to use the -- he's an expert similar purpose you know to kind of process everything that you went through in the coming to camp feeling like you have. In some -- in some ways feel for the labeling him. Some judges -- it's slowing down and discuss you have you know it appears that you you know what a life you can come right into it and you know you know the routine you know the guys routines. And you know -- you feel like you you know where you're going in this sense. Like you've been there so. You know what you have to do in order to get better. In both 2010 and 2011 you were a central contributor to championship teams in college. What was it like watching the room. Number one you think you had -- you have your kind of thumbprint on different parts of the Red Sox and I think the viewers a future contributors especially from the tone setting opening game win. When you talk about -- being from being important. Your ability do you know to beat out -- throw at second base. Kind of pivotal that statement. What would like to watch a championship -- of a team that -- been a part of rather than being in the middle of it. It was great don't you know witness. Something that you were part and they always different -- were. The guy that you played -- It's it's great seeing -- bring the championship home that there's nothing that will work for from him again he's. Their fingers are going to be filled up he's getting all these rings. -- a -- a good thing right you know you you always want to. And championships under the belt and hopefully retire with a whole lot of them. Talking detective of the junior -- we talked about Lester was how you bought a car feels very routine and tried to pick up from it. With with with a veteran like like Grady Sizemore the price -- match enterprise spending a lot of time. Hang out on the field with them. What are you picking up from him. You know it at at that's going to this place is more the -- didn't learn each other. You know once we start. Against moving around a little bit more and -- playing games you -- -- to his brain a little bit. You know I felt like everybody's -- adjusted. You know the down. And given only to there's a bomb player. As a teammate. And you know being. You know we'll we'll start being revealed on that. You develop that bond -- and India and everything gets kind of his heels in and you know it makes you feel right. As you -- -- you talk about competing for a job I do you and true with the gold thing I want to prove that I deserve to be there if I ever did an outfielder or. You know -- for more on kind of the Tito in the process. More than the teachers and process because that need to focus on you know what what you have to do. Everything they -- nothing she can't you can't make it means you know you go out there play hard and you know -- Hard and following them and you go out there in the event. I mean what more Kenya were. Do you think that you're ready to be in every day mutually and -- I believe I -- It. Is that are you surprised that three years you know removed from being drafted I mean you know really not even two and a half here's more like figure in that position where you can have -- Now I'm not surprised it is and I he worked hard to. -- can -- in whatever you fleeting and you get out of it so you know usually if you continue to work hard things here you're not surprised by. You know much do you take it drive you go with it and you could change we know work because. You know you never done learning. As you're going to the game your -- without -- learned in order try to get better and if you feel like you can. Help any particular team win. At the highest level then of course you feel like you belong. Oh I'm gonna kind of finish up by going into circular to that direction basically. Kind of back to last year's spring training. -- that teach you about the ability to kind of pushed through expectations. Either up expectations. For the expectations of others in terms of what you can accomplish. Through your place. At that -- and so much -- -- healthy you know that's. I think a lot of people -- industry changes you know continue working in and you are trying to make a team. So no matter what team that is what you have to be healthy a hundred make a team and it's you know wire things you know I got those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it gives you the best opportunity to play at the highest level. And you know that that's what my main focus is offseason we'll stay healthy if not working and hopefully put myself in the position. Objected to much for joining great to have you on once again had no proud that you.

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