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Ben Volin on Aqib Talib

Mar 4, 2014|

Boston Globe Patriots writer Ben Volin joined the show with the latest on the off-season. He said it is most likely that Julian Edelman returns next season due to his agents relationship with the team.

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Our number 3-D NC 6177 have a 9793 several get your phone calls in a little bit but first we're getting a joint on the AT&T hotline. By our friend who writes football for the Boston Globe bad and -- joins us on the hot like -- morning Ben how aria. Or sorry we're doing very well two questions one generic one specific generically it would seem to be based on the numbers the franchise tag over the years is a trend that's heading to go smaller and smaller and smaller. Why is that why are more and more teams choosing. Not to use the franchise tag. I just think it's part of the news PDA and why would -- Twelve point three million dollars on receiver when he can go in that third trap and scrappy guy who's making 900000 dollars and he locked in for three or four years on the contract. Should not good value for our eighteenth. They're very few players where you absolutely can't afford salute him you don't wanna let him go. The patriots clearly didn't feel that way about equally enjoy it handled in the Euro only fourteen -- afraid techtag that's down from -- last year nineteen year before your right it's clearly trending downward. Are right now specific question as it pertains to the doing -- patriots of these three players who is more likely. Be on this team next year. -- cola to leave or element or not the about. I think settlement I think the patriots are at a point now where. You know last year was we -- -- -- -- in the in the beginning to see him -- you can have any of these targets not been secretly struggling. And there are some talk we can't do that again. After letting locker ago and that obviously Hernandez has is staying in front injured again and they -- -- and all that last year. Now gonna let the one guy the concrete truck last year to an element. Who are harder catchy -- of the best punt returner of all time -- you let him walk out the door and out serial I think. He's got that in Asia Tom Brady who has several players on the team that good relationship with feature. And Bill Belichick recognizes settlement value. Eric -- realize too that patriots probably get in the best chance to succeed and do well. I would imagine that somebody and -- into -- media older more system player. Is acutely get out of the market I think someone some -- irritate overpaid and for top dollar and try to. You know it's important features -- they have any of those players I think panel in order to back. But then didn't they let the guy that Tom Brady was most comparable with the year before getaway. You Wes Welker. He did it and and despite what Jonathan Kraft and you're never home even last Friday he felt the need to hit the -- in -- -- agent again and again -- -- dollars. You know at that particular -- -- -- dictatorship and the agent and like a settlement has Tom Brady's agent -- a much better relationship with team. I think you realize. Despite what they say publicly they realized folly of letting all of their top receivers walked away and having Tom Brady Argentina would educate. And you guys he wasn't too comparable -- to get learned their lesson and I think it really need to get Alan back -- -- the -- compact form. I -- it and get him back for maybe former New -- ugly year. Danny Amendola got him going guarantee last year I would think element get try to -- -- -- But -- -- have a -- -- the states and at some veterans and some contract extension that they can do. Cut and got to create more space fighting element that the -- that they're gonna look to bring back first. -- And you write about -- Brent Grimes in Miami signed a four year 32 million dollar deal with sixteen guaranteed -- older and smaller than to leave we all agree that eleven million bucks was a little rich for Talib for one year for the franchise that. Is that about right for toll will the patriots pay that Willie except that. The decry the Grimes. Yeah I think he's gonna look to surpass the current fuel for what to say he's taller and and and younger. Believe that's in the -- -- But he got red flag as well the recurring hip injuries what I would be most concerned that. The date back to -- -- -- -- three game in the little seen this year and obviously -- -- some off field issues. I indicators would be willing to pay and as long as they can get in some hurting roster on it and some incentives. You know obviously built in some protection in the contract you know Bill Belichick relaxed -- Who really wants and back. -- respect and that to figure out a way to make that happen until. Does that make -- a ballot because -- get out there record that it the art capital 132 million higher than you'd expected. Every team has little more room now conduct their lights -- Oakland fifteen million cast is somewhat to very well. Completely over paper -- -- right in the prime of his career at 28. But the patriot that -- carefully they let out on free markets as fair looks at it as a. It is already out there amend that and only of this exclusive period but why would you even answer the phone -- -- you've done the hard part you've stayed you've made it this far why not get. To free agency. And it strikes me that Talib is not like gentlemen who doesn't love you know this place in this team and he would go. He will go to the highest bidder would you agree -- Yeah he does he liked about that was part of the reason for taking a one year -- million dollars last year. Kind of a gamble on himself to have a great year and the job market and then you can get better offer. I think he will. And I agree yeah I think you and are probably go to art theater. Yeah you -- Gelman I mean the pictures were great -- Korea and clear that think but nobody got I don't blame them they wanted to create a small window that -- that. And and you know we we know we have some issues yet and been able and that's -- factories championship game. In it would make sense for into except until now well maybe it's units in March 11 that while effort as a win it was shocking in trying to deal marks and we'll let you know that that aren't kicking and also the patriots decide to play at all in the eighties terms. That would deprive you go right now it makes no sense right on the art park and holding up this long won't get free agency and wanna have that read it. If they thought they don't -- and if there ever a good plan you know immediate you're Darrelle Revis which would be a phenomenal -- in the albeit expensive one. For this -- out on murder and intensity of a particular quarterback who looks like you let it marketed well. Hockey check on the next here at Logan -- on the standard and Al Harrington or operate on quarterbacks that that we keep in a deposition. Believe or redistribute great he -- -- one. Even if he -- the guy that can expect rookie coming to replace Heatley right away so they don't restart them they better have a plan B. Right I mean Davis never happened but that would mean at W a -- fantasy what what do you think they're gonna do well we sort of -- do -- -- -- that Revis will never sixteen million dollars. Coming -- -- all the service that was my reaction away but yet that's it you're gonna take a leave. But we're going Derek Jeter arteries and yet it's not maybe the horse and get readers rent or -- -- And maybe your approach and look concept is very unfriendly it's that you Darrelle Revis yet he's he's seeking billions every year by. A team and collection before the season you'll get it done. Let's work something out OK -- signing bonus will put election money in your pocket and all reached restructure the -- that it works better for everyone looked out again a look at that on the circuit it didn't make a lot of sense but I don't think you can count out. Also new GM and it has sort of the show there now. If not we got a trade forum and the tickets -- purchased after the well. So maybe they are open training Darrelle Revis and maybe something does happen because pinching and has created -- few weeks ago when the rules work. Mean it's going to be -- -- don't think there's any way that -- -- back on the current contract. Eleven point six million for a 33 year old defensive tackle. Who is coming off an Achilles injury and forget -- you know playing that well last year he can't have bad. It's much more reasonable to get him down for five million range. I'd give them a contract extension that you can't -- you know in the -- -- -- signing bonus you can spread it out -- so years. Little money in the pocket couched in look we get Tom Brady you're a -- for the team last year and eight. A -- cap space advocates -- those guys now EG step up to be here. I'm sick and calculate all the blatant and look at that little money hockey like -- -- that there's no way and I think it ought to consider cutting and because it's just. They need -- gates or at twelve -- now and each -- that brought free agency and signed players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But how -- -- how you calculate this bit of -- were Vince and I think you know what I mean by that would he not be more at risk to be cut. Definitely that they -- some emotional attachment you have to answer that more so than. He's more beloved by the team and about innovation that's what the -- I mean that was shocking that that -- block it you can light you know pills on the McIntyre is acting perhaps were tired of doing it well Walker's agent a little bit. So. Oh with you know -- for everything he met the community to the team in such an important leader in the locker room. On Miami this year how important that our current leaders and in your locker room. -- that that was great people will it I don't like Brady on the defense I don't looking -- caught them unless he gives. Completely you know stick foot down and I'm not barking if you can be that problem. Then maybe we can have a sticky situation what all what I don't think -- well. Technical people at the bigger picture and they can get a contract extension to another signing bonus. Make it a little work while election 88. I think that'll be good in imposed acting on a reasonable agreement. We're -- -- -- -- -- football for the Boston Globe bend at does that make any sense whatsoever for the patrons to kick the tires on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and or Eric Decker. And I think no one -- -- -- Marty is in what you need right now he's seen player has Logan Ryan and how iron in. You -- one corner you don't need number Q3 four quarterback and -- -- those on the roster right now. Backers it's going to be too expensive. I would bet ultimately it goes back to Denver. And I think he will want to play with. Peyton Manning but again it. Which all the dollar -- money out there now they'll be sucking it guilt over and I think that the patriots. They and they were much rather bring back element and I think -- can Garrick -- X index and the giants on its feet. These aren't in the one little one year deals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Europe touchdown -- in Bristol the talent there go into any rate I think -- get a solid outside guy. On the cheap and they're having to pay top dollar. I'd -- yes or no will there be a bombshell out of the blue from Bill Belichick in this under in the spring. -- but -- party -- the -- Revis out there and and Jimmy Graham was actually talk about out of step with rookie Jimmy Graham happening. I get tickets that are upon a pick up -- -- -- keys which I think it's -- TJ wardrobe but are there are Jerious birds that we Tucker. Just murder TJ -- those with excellent signing. Putting a lot of money into your back line that forty is entering the last year his contract he's -- -- -- an extension at some point that you want -- lower is numbered out ideally. If you're sick and money to forty and then our expert teacher award that is a lot of money but I would really shore up secondary and -- to. A league CD's -- -- the model that the Seattle Seahawks can't can't can't circle on this. Without interest and that to me that all the -- little bombshell that we. If you had to -- yes -- no -- Examined dole get released in the -- -- Sonoma quite a ways of -- from it do for you yes or no they release seminal. I would definitely see the longer they do it as the June 1 cut. Make note sent to caught them and actually cost more it's capped just outright you see the July. Yeah you to do you want to work with the money to -- and only pay one point two million Crandall this year down from you know -- asked that -- skating. And the way I look at it. It was closure -- have -- to -- -- under catches in the one of the great for the person walked -- in Jewish settlements. For the guy that always injury prone and operate and even bother looking to -- confusing in -- -- -- to adopt. That's trick question right there -- that it seems like it's not a pay a final question for me -- the competition committee in Naples continues to drag their feet -- time because it's nice and warm down there. About this extra point situation and Peter King writes an MM QB. There it's it's not even -- no way 24 of 32 owners will approve a rule. That is seen as -- ain't broke don't fix it about the games you that. Yeah I mean there there's a little angry about how to expand. Complaining about where all for the extra point too easy now it would be neat meeting with the back to -- our -- -- a lot more. Two point conversion but that is a pretty radical change from what we have right now. -- gets -- is not what it used to be it's been used to being 99 point 9% conversion rate but I agree to -- committed exactly well. Just kind of a silly little ritual that there are -- touchdown and kick extra point. Combat that is pretty radical move back 42 yard line. And again you're encouraging. A lot more two point conversion impeached on the seat. That is a bit radical sort of or somebody orders you. Frankly are just happy -- money. I'm not suggesting it's broken but it would make the game more interesting that period between when the guy across the goal line for six points and that and the ensuing kick off. Is is dead time there's no interest to watch that game in that in all 456 minute period of time this would change all of that it would make it. Yeah absolutely but then how the other we're talking about making an NBA champion do want hot spots and nine point touchdowns and you know. Pedal power plays -- got up to feel -- -- there's. We too much tinkering with the rules and out of matches and that. Daughters are pretty conservative by nature what she's moving next point back to what our problem is probably too radical move right now. All right emboldened -- football for the Boston Globe thanks for the time always a pleasure -- And Poland joined -- on the AT&T --

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