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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Pope swears

Mar 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the Pope dropping the F bomb in Rome.

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I wish -- the calls lined up at your idiotic. Two point conversion ideas I don't like Martin -- we can't wait to hear those headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. And by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment -- start over in South Africa were. Oscar stories is standing trial for murdering his. What do you make it -- well knows is his beautiful or friend. Up -- one. We'll get segment yet the trial began yesterday is the stories with the judge will different in America folks do you understand that I just -- -- custodians. -- -- -- -- -- How do you plead not guilty moment. He's not malady he's the judge and jury yes that's -- sign up -- or at the end dramatically High Court yesterday with a neighbor testifying you heard blood -- -- on the night. Resources grow from was killed Michelle burger who lives close to the stories -- tortures awakened by the sound of a woman screaming in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year. She said the -- before he shot yes correct that's what she's for the gunshots she was screaming in horror -- -- She says -- like this monster it was. Attacking her with. Gun in hand you what it thinks you went to the bathroom and shut the door locked at that she was safe and she says she sat up in bed this is burger. And that her husband woke up and went out onto their -- listen it was very traumatic you can hear this very close but blood curling screens. She told the court I thought it was house operate as a brick house. The defense attorneys suggest that the shots were fired Wahlberg still sleep in the bank's chief the structure banks as well. Where the sounds of the stories bashing on the toilet or that cricket cricket bat after shooting -- camp. You said she heard a bunch of banks -- is so upset the shuttered by mistake Houston cricket bat that's not chiefs this year archer she heard guns are suggesting she was asleep during this. Mentally she heard screaming and then four -- yes yes it's not a good day one now Oscar know now not a good yeah does not end badly for him. Maybe star struck judge but that's not yet there's been no jury -- I think the judge knows the whole meanwhile judge judge Ito was and yet he still would have voted guilty. And the evidence in the trial you know public pressure. The only reason OJ walked his -- of the world's dumbest -- that's correct. And then the second mr. it was a rubber -- right. California and California right there was just it was just to judge OJ -- -- have been found -- true. Now we -- resources -- French with him yesterday. -- this guy maligned she is nineteen -- he's first a reference to shot and killed. On his previous closures a danger -- Yeah yeah partners special problem and he holds the stories -- when he goes to 2727. They met last. December now Mozambique -- vacation without -- she -- becoming paramedic you go. So let's imagine Alec two point front -- to probably stay with the money goes to prison for awhile yeah is -- a woman she's probably famous there right. It -- I wouldn't go to the bathroom. Big big downgrade. Yesterday yeah previous -- -- from at and Japan alt shift and that was 02 five. I cash can't be choosy when you murder your -- for an annual conference on the -- yeah. Yeah -- -- some baggage that that's that's not at saint -- TD that's that Japan what your first and -- -- just Leo on Valentine's Day go somewhere else. Yeah yeah are gonna do well on bound to always blowing east and then run and run. Some controversy here once again as always is over the saint Patrick's paper and gays -- marched you know. It's time march it is time for the gays to march edict issued march in drag it should do for the pride great. I'm sure uploading stilts should be should be guys with like lingerie on on stilts. There. That that fits with the saint Patrick that got you warmed up there relaunch probably that way they don't want an enemy period. They were stilts in. That the problem isn't that come -- the problem is that they call you right. We use to please take it over. Wanna beat this spectacle they wanna make a spectacle himself much like that do in the gay pride parade which was actually very serious operated normally anyway I mean nobody say tactics to separate yourself and gay pride -- -- difference -- -- they have their proprietary -- -- gay Irish people wanna take part. They can do. Just don't know the biggest jump I've shared a common -- -- I mean I would be penetrating -- grade I. So hard you might mean you know you'll read about -- So to blow things they do with the gay pride for Dallas that'll be marching in with if that's fully heavily let's or external but the tell me this. Like at -- just march is as proud Irish people. It's Patrick's. Idolize the sexuality matter. -- -- the -- old I'm proud of my sexuality to mark the -- while we're tonight -- but you know heterosexual. Arctic sea aquarium this year it's going aren't -- will be important -- you guys were just gonna roll call it -- Actually if you could I said you caught out of the Q what -- You say we're not having -- your discussion -- what you're the one who brought a Q what happened sex during the -- they're not going to a lot of during the -- because they dude in the gay pride and not gonna have sex during the break to get arrested public just throw -- decent through so you don't think that's a Donald obviously their pride parade. They dig a cynic can tell us Patrick stay when they're going to if some guy is when some guy starts. Another guy. We want is getting there yeah he's talking get arrested. We discussed seriously or not just for the -- -- get arrested series. For what now for like kissing -- -- get a rest should they should rest well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's true that they've set did you privilege said the address your -- but are making progress. Now they just -- the parade a small Catholic school central mass of the boy cut the parade our big guys by the Catholic action league of Massachusetts. The personal immaculate heart of mayors want Harvard to dispute opera partake in the parade. -- school tradition since the nineteen. 95 -- so their. Yeah well on an aunt Margie says cancel the race that's not -- -- She's -- she writes it's time to scrap the so -- saint Pat's parade because of as the bigotry that's going -- becoming. A tribute to bigotry it's an embarrassment to Boston cheeses. It's becoming in what is its. And KP AE AM. Pot page on eight. You -- be on to bigotry. Not a single politician should march nobody but. -- early in his that it and the allied war veterans who parade glorifies. Warfare. At a time when veterans and most of America. One nothing more than peace. So she loses I'll -- -- allied war veterans glorify war and now these like World War II yeah. I think all of them a little grant it to your mind to -- like that she's drunk and do what she thinks that shouldn't have. World War II veterans march but anywhere Jabil -- -- On where there LB -- at the breakfast but yet I think that's. That's a little strong obviously the knock him to -- -- what's gonna happen apps cleanup and some guys will march they'll be respectful that they will be tonight yes. Yes bully can't have a sign that says you know -- for whatever that. They can't. And. The use read the rule right because some guys sentences that he's received Pakistan and that's a huge distraction. That you. That's what he's wearing Z squared and he's just like you asked -- chaps now he's not wearing -- ships. I'm wearing dress like you that seems like something you might -- Notes at Brooke if you ever had desired a much in this great. -- -- -- for me either. But do you think these guys really just -- much in the print or do they know there's a statement win one more back city's culture war. Of course that's what it is right and and useful idiots like you to go audits and let him have a let him have the high ground now I'm -- -- I told the sinuses days for Saint Patrick's Day Pakistan forgive whatever it is that Patrick but -- but today need to -- when -- little kids around. I don't wanna see some girl dressed in nothing if I got my son or daughter with events. Your son and daughter were with you be OK of course Robert are you going to the parade lumping. A career to retire. The I'm not the biggest say that too much -- wasn't isn't either because it's kind of always never and as slick the worst area -- don't you do. You you glorify it here's what we outward drunks. -- -- we get tropical they would throw up on ourselves in obnoxious. Isn't that like would be like give me the worst stereotype of whatever lithuanians -- -- well this is just practicing the world were Rory. I've sat at our hands in the rent if you Jewish you know the day we year old you get act cheap. No right of your. Battalion the all dressed like mobsters. And you know -- and talk like Tony Soprano then I mean it's yeah parish are really fighting mr. now they re racing and glorified and -- -- to say the since. Image we want it. I have a large floppy don't they cracked down on public drinking you can get drunk he goes good the rate that you can't have a beard. It's pretty wide open it is -- I would legalize. The -- history is written excuse Broadway people there's thirty packs everywhere -- -- people are happy it's not there's no flights personal. Cores in a -- hopefully that's why. -- no fights. We wouldn't be Patrick's day of the morning flights although it probably see our special I don't blame you guys I don't play begins to roll over some reports that the -- you know there again. But to texts tweets already pizzas. -- your calendar and you are what's wrong with society -- I daughter's generation of people like you need to die off so everyone can be equals true. I agree that you do need to -- you're gonna. -- eventually the gonna come for you in my a year kids ask he's going to be cub scout. No no no don't you know one Sunderland -- go -- to be molested not really know how pathetic like cuts cuts get molested she would I don't know they hate gay people right. Told they can't -- -- -- about it it trying to cups of course of the -- to reduce. But by the time your -- old enough they'll be illegal -- -- to be illegal. -- Catholic Charities was wiped out the biggest adoption agency and state. Wiped out -- because they were Catholic and didn't want to place children in gay gay couples okay. Who is a religious objection sure that's a political out of his religion -- lunacy but it's perfectly legitimate. Oh yeah that's I don't buy it for legitimate reason they were put out of the book about this I think the reason this is not correct but I did Spitzer private business accent that's fine. How fine no for me I'm fine they're gone it's I understand that I'm saying your act you're talking to your arm and conversation OK with that. Okay have a -- plot against it does it bother you that Catholic Charities was put out of business. Or mean are you nominee well he's either way either way in a way it's okay did you did you stop often -- SA golf the summer in Maine did your world and when that happened. You should do it but I IG -- went on knocked it but I'm willing to -- that heat on this you're not you'll ago. Let it whatever you want whenever they why I I think I definitely I welcome to political courage Kelly's hole Boy Scouts as a kid needs a home but I don't know what I understand other no voice -- there's going to be. Are there are no voice we're getting there yes Hopkins out what do you think happens overnight just sit there and what's out there -- it's a good actress said when your kids old enough it'll be illegal to becomes can beat the cubs -- and you're tired or not. -- and it's good. Why did you decide -- -- seen my cub scout master with the shorts and a hat that's like concrete el -- So I didn't like how to get as much leader is -- is always nice -- nasty things they went to the -- they had you know on the. Any job where you were the leader of a consumer does knots icing -- put the shorts for the fifth it and it real quick what final islanders talked about. -- escape price per one guy was in favor of the gay people marching. At this rate is the Pope. He's sport he wants them to do that my guess because he's very pro day. Says Lovett his heart must implement as both hatred and Jesse bright he wants the -- out management Jerry. He yet he's he's he's anti Buddha masters adoption for the Catholic -- against that said they should not be should be adopting. Andy famous and yesterday -- the Pope yesterday it was this clip and. Francis dropped the F bomb in his Sunday blessing in front of thousands of people. And he didn't even flinch. Monarch who won that case. So it doesn't propensity Monday may get said he took -- -- they. Mean we've still got so and it took us on and apparently -- that the deal CNN that he needed. In case you aren't Italian bomb came when the pontiff said -- so. When he meant to say process which means example or case. So is actually the Italian word for penis but -- house. -- unique case because. So cuts though only do we place should pay a grim task we have trouble yeah SEC gonna come down and says you'll bleed to operate. This -- in such as Pope simply went -- here's apology yesterday afternoon. You know what it does but Mark Phillips while it's not like what would get it. But did and I had to -- don't you -- what one got bad -- I -- This Pope is at least edgy opens the greatest the drop F bombs like everybody says -- like period saw the World Cup so. So we gear and now we send them now -- In the way in the arm went from one we can't say. -- it's wired. There -- offended ignore -- -- I had that necessary it's like you said third language she doesn't know just reading it would be no more excuses form. -- want to it is. I would hate him because he's -- this. Some guy has the Pope costume in the -- Obscene. -- at a -- in a Boston Marathon with a lighter -- Costa know and as the two asked to cook outs and that's not. Gonna have. Happy. Harry did talk on line at every year not have happened this in the South Boston Saint Patrick's Day right guys -- -- -- supposed themselves OK or not -- day. It will be over that's what he wanted to -- got you guys -- do. Do it's it's going to be recognized let's call -- -- love in their heart and noble intention as opposed diesel and black thing this isn't your heart just 1 march that's all. Jerry I just gonna take it -- into a tree. Oh I thought we weren't all that sublime and -- and and so -- that I brought -- -- welcome -- want that do you want to say that and they get to that. Get to actually look at that I'd pick as a pathetic -- -- -- -- because -- -- want to know as you know what it is today. How would your quest to delegate -- do you we're just how. Explain to what you're going to take on the one tough guys not afraid to because I thought it prudent to get guys on March its high hiring that she told you I sit on the air then them against -- -- five years I'll get. Arrested the -- first. Bailout that's it will be a crime that's not talking about it's true do we -- The jail for -- against the American Idol here tonight I didn't like the -- like the dog for speed Internet -- and pick anybody I bet you'll get in trouble. It will be not be allowed on. Are you guys like Tony Kornheiser you know -- said of course you know he's on he's as big -- -- SP and they love me said. The next thing in Arizona the gonna do an Arizona after the of this anti gay law the gonna make them Wear yellow stars just like. Jews in Germany in nineteen Chris 39. What does -- as a matter of -- and that's okay to say that what you're saying that. You make it's like Amber's taking an angle to be blogger and because it just gets way is that. I don't know what is I had to explain to you they put the Catholic Charities that have been -- lot of -- go to America to -- they don't put the Boy Scouts out of what does it matter if I care that developers -- what are you fly back separately -- -- gay guys -- -- would like there. Why don't get why. Why trust a front in -- culture war that ends up with gay marriage real casualties gay marriages OK and we talked let's get all the details on caricature okay nobody -- brought to embarrass you put it doesn't matter. Our agency in the state is out of his talks about this matter is is that matter. Yes OK that's the end game to put people like that I have to put the -- gonna ask you this masters question. Why do they not want to be placed in and gave him paper religious objection what is -- what does that objection you just said -- what does that objection it's based on their religion what is -- what is your child should be placed life and the -- but why. They don't think it's healthy why. Why he's Atlantic don't think it's helped why because there's a book. But thousands of years -- that's why we go to the book that's incredibly stupid. We all know you hope your favorite Oprah doesn't believe in a deeper counts and that's not true that's true he just did that's really gay marriage and explain to you of the big picture and you -- It doesn't mind me if I'm McAllen attorney says. Yeah I think. Catholic Church I tread lightly into children's issues can't like mark on today bigotry we know that we did -- TI headline and you're back next report I'll bet that extra points and Ben ball will join us and -- five as we discuss. We believe Amendola Amendola ram all kind of stuff all that's up Revis yeah when we come back.

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