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True Detective breakdown

Mar 4, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the latest episode of True Detective and Lebron's 61 point showing.

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I think I'm going to have to rethink my earlier decision. About just handing the NBA MVP trophy to Kevin Durant. I would suggest based on what LeBron James did last night in Miami. You leave the mask on even when the nose heels you don't shot 67%. From the field in the three games since he's had the mask on. And numb. I'm not sure that -- of Kabul on mount Rushmore and I'm not sure we've got to put him up there just yet. I think he's headed for mount Rushmore LeBron James 61 points last night at seven. Records in the process. Doesn't strike you remind you when Mikhail scored sixty. One made a big deal out of it and now Byrd said. Oh yeah how do you think it's a big deal and Alec three days later -- and America -- these 66 previously at a board bird scored sixty and by eyewitness accounts. Didn't on a really bad hangover he was in Orleans. He says happy when there was a big deal and it's not a done along time ago what what judge James appears to be -- enemy. And you know call itself Fisher whatever is reacting to the the rest over the top yeah. Adulation. Offered to rent and the the notion that he had the MVP red wrap up you know it all star break. It was you were you world and the -- of millions who said yeah I'll be -- this is derail its year -- it struck me it was one of those times. Where you give the guy edge because you know you want him to win an MVP it was like. I knew we'd ski and Nowitzki. Barkley right caught overall price a lot of one time MVPs. When they have great careers and you know even though it might be some competition just say this is -- -- lifetime achievements was going to be duress here until LeBron said not so fast. Well I mean it was a iPod to -- win because it was his time and guys like that win one but LeBron is the best player in the world I mean is I -- definition the most valuable collection when every year and right Gabriel that tickets it -- said that about Jordan can you know you -- throw Wanda. That the Barkley or throw one. Again Malone and you know let let them have an MVP let's -- -- -- -- problem is Russell Westbrook came back you testify about her to you as the guy you know he was he was but it Dwyane Wade did not play last night. So there is this you know pension. For having offense go to the guy with the second stupidest superstar won a superstar is not there Westbrook back and -- lawful right. And I mean listen you we can try to figure with a bronze stands all time you can do it already I mean if he fell off a cliff tomorrow he'd probably be in the top six or seven players -- live now it's time for him. This even happens over next 45 years and CB can move up two ends of the two or three championships he's going to does -- mean there's no argument it's it's. Kind of silly an argument I'm OK with -- -- mind -- people see negativity just like it if you say it's the greatest -- I'm OK it was you know I don't mind what people kind of coordinate. Players while their active as you know what you see. And Jordan I mean he is James is one of the greatest ever. But how do you make the argument that he's the greatest ever -- addition I heard dale this week and we -- some that's sad day goes on Sunday when. DGB -- And dale said he speaks he's going to be better than Jordan he's gonna be me he might city but he gets it not one look at the Jordan at eleven scoring titles. On six titles and you know was clearly the best player in the game for most of his create a long -- audio for James trying to make the argument that you can just point six bigger. And you could say he's more stronger more powerful easy what does he do better and Michael -- Rebound. Not really MLB not pass BA's best shot or he passes and he likes the thought he likes it better better defensive player Jordan absolutely -- Better shooter than Jordan not yet that are sort of casual manner. -- getting better he's like Jordan is like a lot of guys get better now better score better winner now not it'll help -- brother George but he's a better guy. It seems like it seems like he's -- right he likes passing in -- -- election steadily for a year right now think he's quite the same pennant degenerate as it but it you know that that's why Jordan was great cause he was. So competitive. And so crazy -- crazy compared. On his way to 61 last night LeBron James in front of the Miami Heat home crowd set career highs and he records for points and games 61. Points in a quarter he scored 25 in the third single handedly touting the bobcats tying the bobcats right. Field goals made in a game 22 he also tied his career high for three pointers in the game with eight. His first 83 pointers correct yeah grace -- and then missed 30 and it. In -- under there that's pretty amazing. -- -- EU picky see it's different guys have longer range weapons range is long Jordan's -- was a great Christmas show strong and it's a flick of the wrist for him. As he point that he nailed one from thirty yeah that was his estimate last night and if he's -- in the -- easy. And price you've done a good or it's not easy it's weird when you go to court -- him held at the right yeah go to -- go to the NBA three point line it's obviously a natural for guys like us who don't. But you take it you really have to heat from the furthest point of three point line if you really have to -- to get it up you know what the unveiled the baseball equivalency of that is making a throw from deep shortstop right and I ever stood on the -- -- people -- -- -- long -- -- over there and tried tried like -- easily cut Alex Gonzales one of these -- Jose Iglesias. Right you do it from or third base deep behind third base on the battlefield grass. That is -- long pro war. Captured the second base those guys put the wrist. And in -- there and one point eight seconds. Holdings made me laugh when I read the did you tails of this story James had 24 points at halftime you might get to 61. At 24 points at halftime he had a 25 in the third quarter. I feel bad for Al Jefferson -- -- -- game yet 38 points and nineteen rebounds is up by far his best game ever. I don't sets and some nights the right on the three or four best games ever at 3090 India and better yeah around nobody even talking about it and of course the fact that. If you wanna set a record you gotta get Charlotte on your schedule. Yeah Carmelo torched him for threw a sixty. Right now knows that. In Libya earlier -- Carlo at 62 Reich he's had more you get more home. Oh for the knicks against the bobcats on January 24 would you wanna get famous if -- rich if you wanna set record scoring it's. -- I don't look at look at the guys who scored sixty or fifty guys who do that he's. As unselfish as -- or more unselfish. Lesson that was not comment that any yet still knock on him which is good to be historically yes store at the bird that's going to look at it guys like. -- Elgin Baylor. Karl Malone right Iverson on chambers. -- is excellent sixty. You know that -- in Jordan. David Thompson Kobe Bryant these guys who generally score 506070. Points there -- none of Lamar is unselfish. And number enjoys passing. As much what's crazy about LeBron on yours is fourth in the NBA in field goal percentage that is sees fourth saint it's what the Andre Jordan. We dunks Andre yet hundred dominant Drummond -- dunks Dwight Howard dunks. And LeBron that is his support. And -- launch in thirty footers net 58 point I predict that right now and the you know you'd have to say he's the MVP I -- come up last -- would you say that he won -- just won eight in a row. It down there certainly no knock against the team if you -- them Alexio Oklahoma City 45 and fifteen Miami 4314. There was no edge there right. It was almost like watching this passive aggressive thing he's a director -- time. Then when push comes to shove and you get from January to February February now and march he says now's the time to do it and he did it here's LeBron after the game. You know. We're so we're. Are you on the one of -- 33. You know he's got a job to defend okay. Like there was yeah I was going to. Don't want to know. That's controlled golf ball into the ocean based like golf in the intricate and check that if I go backwards on the -- guilt and that's the great. Let's go to this one point that. And Davis Love was struggling with -- that famous. Teacher and Bob Rotella tell -- all of Turkey or yet. And I think it was Houston. Increase in the hand of free golf balls that drive to the beach -- the ocean on that it's like 45 minutes -- hour away. Hippies in the ocean. Nine. -- there you know three balls on the beach him in the ocean came back the next day he said. Introduce a perfect strike them. Okay and that's a you have to think of every teacher at the fairways you are hitting the ball into the ocean as if you do that like when it. You know open you were like -- won in the woods just for kicks pickle ball and -- Yeah I was her for what would be nothing strike a deal a lot of people have great game on the range right when you're on the range I. I am one of the best range player and I'm like six -- when I warm up about it. That big but the spirit I don't like god that is that that to me would be the greatest golf it'll elect -- and I'm -- you well if you and I can invent things pill yes. That took your range game to the first T. We would be billion yet we that whole idea that you just hitting into the -- that so we need to do. Calls in in to use. Jackson's greatest putting -- same thing exactly so much much like don't give a crap is at what. Right he says what are we missed a four footer back successes predicted back you know when your before degree make every time. Ever -- you know why is it doesn't matter. Is it doesn't matter the greatest -- all of that I said that one time and somebody said now I'm I'm great when it doesn't matter. It never. If it never -- easy if they get does your out what you -- I don't be put to make -- to glory try to naslund. Ethnic how unimportant that is in the grand scheme of things the you know world -- shadows and dust were right going to be warm boots on the right social related is yet -- back. After witnessing the eagle putt after hitting a 245 yard. Hybrid that's definitely -- that mattered that's his job yes that you all like what about math rank amateurs like -- -- matter that we missing and grow up playing sports competitive people and you want to do the best you can. If I'm sitting up here is -- -- we are capsule that's why I wanted to that the pill or may be shocked how injected him. Strap off I think that your needle -- I don't -- -- better -- -- like bill that range -- to the first to yeah I'd taken needle in the -- ball it hit it I mean honestly when we got to invent. I don't do. I know that like beta blockers are illegal but the must be something. There's going to be a quarter logistic. We're willful Wall Street Cuttino completely good round and put a golf. Did that they seem gulf cry out at this golf and through detective from them and yet with with the sheriff yes you saw yeah it's I asked if I -- that's what this field. Off the shot attempt acrid yes obviously did not seem so out of place in the middle treatments such as -- -- the golf course and I like -- and as I've got a crisis I took up an iPod -- front and a quarter of so we even took a man as a Roddy. But that is that a good finish to lead into the next -- yeah sheriff in the strap is -- puzzles are realists seeing that happen we just assuming that -- to good question well late they said the get the battery. Car battery and two tables yet in a month as an apples and make him talk. Could finish -- -- to -- other detectives found the I suspect object is to reduce other guy can lower -- -- -- old that's got a couple horrid this Wright issue right this is a problem right -- -- is to Louisiana is Louisiana real. The root -- the stop supporting actor best supporting actor would be the Louisiana Lance yeah and Louisiana culture. Because that's just vanished mocked as a boss why you rapid real humid yet when you mean you see them drive in in the hosts jackets and ties -- girl likes what he. Nice little place the economy works driver by the worn by a left that crappy little bar season. In -- nobody. The dealers and that's it the whole there's just surprised this got us Travis and Everette James Lee Burke. Yes that's the central's all right and it's perfect it's like he makes the story that's got the texture. And the creepy people if your in laws in Holland called the greatest raw roaring. Dreaming up creepy eaten or evil people like -- Or Eric who I was as Eric we used to be -- a doctorate -- no no he was in North Korean prison guard and now he's. Man in the US tortures people for fun. Anyway. James Lee Burke would have guys like this phase of the McDonald's. The guy that's as good as at all pitching he's getting older bitch -- -- to keep him completely. A -- -- there's a lot of math involved you know math the math lab -- breaking bad made the meth -- so trendy. Now you probably in every not born every you know AG bullet through a math guy right. Do we do the math guy well he gloves and it's got the scars in the burns as a result of -- -- -- this is all -- -- -- right do you do that I don't know. It looks -- regular and left him in a burning house or some -- our wealthiest it was a -- guy. But that's a lot about Brandon yeah it's true that would do it was a math guy until -- -- head off via. And then the other fat goes America and we ran into hand grenade. It's you know that kind of ruins everything a lot of organized creepy. Actually is being out I don't know I don't attack. At home and hand has this this view of the world is no -- there's -- oh. We just what is what is we're all just moving toward what is it must say it's it's human consciousness is it is at. An accident right that's a few of evolution via a mistake after something in the step of human evolution human consciousness. That's got a -- hands view of life mentioned the hopelessness of your -- in in the by you with these losers. Which is. That smoke in math and then it with a delivered that the owner of the bars faced down asleep on the bar. -- -- roses the -- place -- show was there was nothing on the -- a mattress on the floor -- is -- plenty -- place Hawkins now now he's taken the crap out -- beer -- in the trash that's right -- a place with a little water right -- is read his books -- to start due to discredit his office -- -- that was his house and I -- yeah I -- it doesn't sleep as you said one episode it is and it is a big -- not a -- sleeper but the amazing -- He looked genuinely looked whatever exposed thirty in the first one region looks sixty savage the -- shot of the episode goes. Would be a match dot com. And where the net movement that he. I don't know -- -- because a TV shows Carla is cut out latched on becoming the club his ex wife Susan and myself in the film is doing great I'm Melanie I just throw out the Filipino -- But it it. -- -- No no money to his. Accurately fish. Girlfriend home it's just this guy who wrote the story and read about he has conveyed. Just despair hopelessness and then in the in the TV show ever knew it would not -- Just like I would -- -- that that followed Carson I would not want to be the next do well the balls these -- guys who due to go through just stuck it it just. I'm daily -- Sharon Gless. -- I'm Obama I'm OK we've given up like falling you know I -- that you gave I gave up. It was tedious after one place is the same thing everybody thought I was gonna be helpful field that run -- ran out of ideas and idol host who when this year. No not watched a -- one day as well no interest now I mean it's -- secrets on this like -- one season thing right that's what -- out of the blacklist much more this'll be one season thing -- next you'll see. Detectives. And yeah stupid -- in the Martin and Jerry Lewis -- these delegates there black guys that in my model code -- -- or anything. It's a -- in my move around and locate different nations yet. Should the Buick two girls. I. To broker a press every week see that teased that the pro moments I can't watch this two broke girls. Seem possibly -- begin hijinks. Every -- yes so much they put too much to marginalized lab so that's up before they they finalize that Libyans to draw a line literally read between. Harlow once August after so yes -- all the -- up but I don't read my friends have to pick sides -- -- those. And then then. What do you see the woman Bigby actually Ricardo comes in right welcomes -- other or -- -- beat him regiment thing and what's the ball what's Lucy's friend's husband report Fred Fred Fred come on you want so they've been mistakenly Diego's police awareness thing in the handcuffed again by mistake they lose that. There's a particular candidate. So is eighty I -- a DVR that man was there a thing where they are working on a can out conveyor belt of chocolates and attack shocked that it odd that so yeah and as wild as anybody. Still think that I love Lucy's on real said. It's not. It's not sure of the of people it's hilarious -- watch it now laugh. Which is so you always play immediately Belichick makes a joke. A joke -- up -- it is certain sitcom people is that when Belichick says something that's not certainly not re enter and exit that funny totally rude or so tightly do you buy the stooges still funny. Yeah somebody answer why is that there was as the door obstacles in the is that geniuses Steve the joke girls who broke girls -- -- and I'll talk about Lucy and Ricky. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Game show with a duck would condemn all your it was it was -- Jack. Witty way before and and and funny and yet he would interview people just everything they would say he'd turn around his right joke about it. Do you think if you -- two broke girls you find it funny now -- -- a laugh once I -- it's not fair to watch I didn't laugh and laugh. And temperature was bad I was reviewing game room when six violent and -- -- if she was accused you're safe and -- cute -- you'd laugh. Like Seth MacFarlane makes me -- tell -- what she does she invokes smiles yes smile that's a good smiles -- -- comfortable it's a few notches with the exception of you know lamb basting. Liza -- Red Bull by the way. Garnered a lot of support from the LG BT crowned. And and it took him I didn't even shoes will be -- to -- out she got support from them because they said -- was just was rude and -- joke was that. -- eight people go to. Oh drag show called him a man political demands of -- -- that would be a drag -- a man dressed as Liza right go to show that accomplishment pol like I cautioned that -- for -- she's saying but you're saying Eliza looks so bad now she looks like me like a man and the end the threat to a community said that that was the end of trance. Phobic. That is what better is gingerbread OO -- via trans phobic. Which can't say that on the same night they give Jarrett -- of the big award back in this worship the man is that it was trans phobic. Oh yeah comment about why -- being a -- show was all -- was trance. Pilot strands from prince friendly yet agreement analysts shows very trans friendly. Easier she looks like. A what to think I was -- issues at all. Quite like the broaden you know book -- move in Jamaica same case for Sandra Bullock a bit. But yeah that's sort of gently sort of yelling which is -- -- a short hair and gravity although -- on to or not start when she got rid over space -- Well look at which at this. That's Pedro Martinez's. He loves -- right -- girl I don't know why Gator. Monday -- -- picture we're not surprised Liza -- but I think I think they bring Alan back because if you run in the thing you know you're not connected bad reviews you know. -- lesbian she's beloved. And it's safe it's fun it's everyone's happy won't break any records -- will make the news. You'll company -- -- slightly. No no probably no big budget the order of the academy will hold their breath hold on says that while on stage. And he's in some increase in isn't a good. Good for us yeah that is a good for them help at attend second place you can in are actually dumping Merrill's street hated him. And him get a little too plastic for the terrorist particularly outrageous the Oscars last year he was I am happy you know our buddy Allen Miller. Please. Being held hostage over boston.com. Well I mean he's one of the ones. And these -- work channel four different his daughter worked with Seth MacFarlane and LA. I was with them -- please tell me he's good guy if he were but I think you're rude -- if you would Jim day time. Out of it's so disappointing -- I love head like one of head. I love him league like any immature mentally mammals and the guy right he said great guy great answer that could hear chair elect here that. That's a support amuses you but yet it's it's fine and lake city anyway. So few fun -- total Dinkins -- -- and -- around and -- is on. You know lap Marty laughs it's too late to bring back right. I'd be disappointed repeat anything with with Bruce yes there are some yeah that's stupid you you and PB that's just stupid do you think I do agree with them that it's good not to meet your hero what I. You know peavy was -- some songs just listen music like I'd just slice. It definitely sounds good but not wanting to meet your idol it's just stupid. It's -- so what if you meet -- -- touched them was pretty -- if you meet him and he's not grow warm and -- -- -- the problems -- that's -- they're -- -- But you know race like this as an -- music -- I'd be here streets of you don't get that tear in your that you go out but it's better just to sort of keep them where he has a real hurt but that's only one person. You can meet Larry blog -- you and Larry Bird -- and I'm. We okay it was rude it was it was warming up -- nor nor did it just I I I had to be here with a couple Beers with a that was. Hope that it wasn't going to be like that from the that's against the extra base for us to keeps it real cheap one -- she's close to -- not only did he -- he paid. It was it was him me and Paul gassed and. At the -- oh well lucky you and I was like it has the audio. The skinny one of the fact yes the son sat on the suspect's dad yeah. What was the -- -- on. Any deal yet. It's -- dead heat the -- bit. Thanks. Now we -- hundred. Of the George thanks now a month with electorate -- fill sequences. Mean just the state of the dog. Get a job however honest alive yet you former governor -- Kentucky. Eighty years old model the title is still part of the poster child thanks now. Yes four -- ago but. If you have to count on his finger now is Adam and before that guessed it was fine to me you was he just spoiled rich -- sort of arrogance sort of as you know yet that's what his passion was. The -- -- correct. Me one day because jokingly an accomplice -- He was poll it was that BMX was mode crops where they -- with these motors site motorcycles so he gets mad and he seized -- Oh. Not well bolt crossed its Fredricka and she said my sport or so. Ago. -- that joke. But he was. It was new to hold me everybody that level since which Texas back to why all the stars in the for a wrote the Oscars like -- It'll say anything she gets an exceptional one -- because of their -- to -- and I'll yet get a brilliant beautiful genius. -- -- -- -- because he eats doesn't like it's all right 677797937. Talk franchise tag will get into Revis and settlement and Talib and -- BR CN HL trading deadline is on the weight play has finally. Made its way into spring training animal here from Jake Peavy about college -- almost think.

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