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Leigh Montville joins us to talk all kinds of sports

Mar 3, 2014|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are joined by the legendary Leigh Montville, who talks all kinds of sports with the guys, from Red Sox to Muhammad Ali.

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OK we -- -- a couple of guests in the studio bulk of the writers and I both know each other for what about 304050 years -- at least maybe longer. Oh NC longer. Like come closer over their lead the C -- -- -- at. He right he's a writer Lanny he's not the radio veteran like you will. That 101000 planet Mikey -- -- -- game how -- is all right that's for the best that I tested what do retesting. It's courtesy after all this time you know oil and I'm so glad. Everybody's probably been -- the same thing -- -- so glad you're you're you're contributing to the Boston Globe again. I ask is great news. I mean some people wondering if it's. -- senior rowdiness of them like the other. You know fall foliage tour and stuff for by them. -- -- -- -- -- You know because your your you know to -- old school writers -- point to Lenny at the same time when appoint to both you guys that under these circumstances is. It is a different world now. When it comes to what people read how fast they read where they read -- on what device you know you don't stick set to open the paper and take your time a couple coffee. People are just it's such a hurry these days. Have you found that that changes the way you write at all when it comes to what your putting in. I don't know I hit it doesn't change me you know I'm I'm kinda -- in whatever moment. That. But there is this hole in eleven analytics the union in -- That this whole different approach to stuff I think in. And I don't know and it seems to move business like to me they're kinda missed in the fund a little bit. I mean that I think they had -- MIT this past weekend in -- but sounded like it was just awful. At. What an awful thing to go to you know just -- talking about decimal points and you know LeSabre major metro yeah. -- yeah I I think that's a little different than it did that it's all. I don't know. Nobody does do you have any pets and more -- you know. Had a bunch of dogs you know would it come from them it doesn't matter it's marriage -- every. And then everybody gets the same quotes and -- sure oh yeah it's it's shared its all share and it all comes up on mine you know it's all television anyway. Yeah and the one on one conversations where you guys -- going to depth with people and get some textures some some background of some you know and and different insight. It seems less and less than an hour -- -- -- easiest thing or whatever just you know when people used to doing things now they have a common press conference and I guess if you get one in there everybody gets the answers so it's not any kind of exclusive. And it's all available on all of the tape but all the sound and everything else available almost anywhere you look fort. Because I always liked the fact you know that. You know if you like for example the Ted williams' book he wrote -- -- but that is an individual column. I've read every Ted williams' book. And yours was the only one right when it was -- that book I felt like I really knew him better than ever. After having -- Ted williams' book and that that's -- -- I think it's lacking now it seems to me anyway when you when you're searching out something on the Internet. And try to try to get you know it's just not fair. You know I like the depth. July ammonia and -- from the bunker yeah but I am I elected pro same reasons I originally liked to but I I really felt like I understood more about the reasons people didn't like him as well. You know could you took him apart a little bit as a father as a friend as a human being of a human yet right definitely humanize them. And I I felt the same about the big the big camp. An activity that's what some of what's lacking. When it comes to even covering. On a daily basis a sports team -- does comes through. Here and now and then we don't know much about them and meet minimum Mary's student. We never really knew him you know. We never know you know he's eleven and is limited in the wrist you know but. But we never had real stories about him limited the rifts and we -- -- I don't know. Now there's a book right. Had a lot of chapters -- are there any BB anybody you know be what we found out about him in drips and drabs. He's -- he's selling his grill on eBay oil that's images only thing we -- know bottom in the picture with the grill trying to get -- fascinating part. Think I don't think Jeremy and he would have the patience to sit down and do a book. Lee -- that they great challenge so. The -- broken -- if you've got his blessing whatever that was worth. Because we don't know bottom you like to explore. A woman professor from human response and the book and -- yeah. Is okay but you know I mean there's there's there's there was a lot of stuff about in grownup in in New York when and where he lived in New York how it was done. Spanish was ordered the language is everybody talked -- -- I mean question is. Is there anything in there really in his head because -- You know it the old days as the old days when Ted would talk to the writers even a lot of it was a antagonistic and and you know combative. It was he got into it he actually spent time in and -- -- specific subjects and sometimes you get all pissed off but. That was a daily ritual and that it was writers during it not a microphone in the face cliche answers. You know regimented corporate answers to the same kinda questions over and if you got pissed T you know. I I'd have a column on Manny now as much as you get Israel did on his -- like he has. Well but I -- high school coach. To talk about a and I was a little surprise may not surprise but he talked -- integrated you could tell since he got here that he's going to be you know when he became. I'm so what was it like otherwise. What was the cost feel with the kids like that. This is well he was so case that -- what disappointed me was when he made it date. Never came back and gave some bats or something and it could've done something done and look like -- out of sight out of mind -- the place -- spring boarded him you know and like it's -- that was mainly because he doesn't think that way apparently now maybe we don't know mate has got a private life for a very magnanimous and just one of the guy. We don't know that -- we've never gotten on. That is you don't know there won't be a million books about me because beyond ending to this story -- he's not end up being a larger than light oh Canada I find that interest -- two ago that makes it all interest estimate and even the PD staff and does it come back and -- and -- -- Well you know he's like bill legal -- and it play till he's 67 right -- over -- -- Japan and -- have room last year now leader you're writing a new book and I am extremely excited about it. -- yeah it's -- I'll lead to me you know maybe I just hit the air were right a lot of people did too. But you're doing a book about Mohammed Ali who's gotta be. The quintessential. Intrastate athlete of the twentieth century be any really kind of have to go in there along -- -- with the -- As of all he was to everybody and politically and culturally and everything else. Yes. I'm doing a book it's it's a short time period of his life. From when he refused to step across the line and and go into the army. Until the supreme -- -- in many bites. -- to five years five year period three and a half ran out and in on it he went he did it. He did all the speeches at the colleges he did the computer fight against rookie -- mercy you know he did. Get a Broadway play he did it -- a bunch of wacky stuff and in your right you forget. What a polarizing figure you're in. It. Now all of a mirror images just. Was divided about this -- into his divided. When he AV. When he started out against right and by the time he came back after the into those three years. It was like 8024. Of her you know yeah I mean the the war ended the war had become a a bad thing. All the stuff that he is talking about. Kinda -- around. Well -- and other things happen as well I mean obviously there was that they did tremendous. Impact of of all of the the Frazier Ali fight -- the first -- particular here it is come back yet lost right it never lost a fight. He had boxed and what -- -- three and a half years where it did it had to -- all that adrenaline was voted the leaflets -- query to get -- into scuba. But he you're right because when he it would be listed and I'm the greatest and all the talking is with -- Richard Sherman esque. The reaction to him and his cockiness. Except -- even grander scale we're talking heavyweight champion world situation here. And he does he change his name well like portal is left. He'd be he'd be he'd beat. -- list and he was he was that the UN -- Malcolm acts now right right in the whole thing came to black Muslims came -- leadership that the resolve. -- -- -- It gets the last time Lewiston Maine we'll ever have a fight that -- I don't really did think about it makes relations upside though some would say let's let's find some would say well I -- yeah Christmas -- second one right sent up. A favorite story from Lewiston and things will McDonough was that there -- and yet we always tell the story that Robert Goulet remembered. Not totally messed up the national -- forgot the words and friendship -- and the problem dollars and -- but the problem was. Sunny McDonough who is it was the governor's council guy it was a big politician in Boston bunch of guys in south of Basra there. They had an Irish tenor from Sanofi. They wanted to sing the anthem it's going to be as big break yet. And surveyed say they had a minute tuxedo and the whole thing and they proceeded to get Robert Goulet absolutely. Classic. And ultimately that it fast up like Adam yeah. I'm just output then. Saying it was time and not only came out he -- any most openness. It's slightly beaten bit. So the only book you know we know it's gonna Kabul we wait for that -- it because you know give this guy most interesting. You know when I think about him and some of the things he did the remarkable. One thing that comes to mind is the Ken Norton fight. He gets and its. Was attacked twelve router with -- north. It's it's jaw broken by Ken Norton in the first round. And still almost wins the fight lasts the whole thing gets appointed -- believe you know it was the decision but. He's fighting. It's crazy strong animal. I mean this guy was a tough guy mean and now. It was obviously it didn't argue there's an -- and ignored bankrupt and he goes off quite so he must have not gotten hit really at that because. And -- that was his base of tactics -- will always marveled that. It will quickie clinic graze on every point but it was his face it was just -- away in time did it take all the power -- -- budget. He fought the light heavyweight champion. And -- -- could not out -- a burst of speed was Bob Foster believe. You pile up all of his fights and of course the amazing George Foreman fight. Was in Zaire. -- just kept bringing you back in and I personally flip from -- I couldn't stand -- when he was Cassius -- but this guy's a jerk. And that over time he won me over to the point where he became my favorite. I'm really -- favorite athlete in all sports of all time just by. All the things you hadn't seen anyone my time ago that I normally will really like your game you'd like them too much for harassment same path for Floyd Mayweather for you can't act against -- And it beats up other wipe it from their kids isn't able. That I. I covered the fight he -- -- -- up -- -- in the day before the was at Richfield coliseum in Cleveland and that's likely via an -- a rent a car I drove out to the way it. And everybody else took the bus after the way and I hung around. There was -- everybody's gone. But I went into alleys dressing room and it may be eight people in there. An -- was laying down and -- -- table -- and red foxes in there he is telling dirty jokes and and James Brown was there Billy X -- -- and many I was like well and can it Redd Foxx would tell a dirty jobs could be. Absolutely awful that everybody laugh -- -- now -- -- -- tell no one. And he would tell another on an and that went on for like half an hour apples and its economy god command performance is bad. Mood artists -- latest. Oh yes I've had been in that room there have a sort of -- I always tell people let and as long we've been in business. A long time bullpen coaches and fight crowds and the best people around if you want human it to story. You notice a fight camp yeah like lately did right. And beyond tries that manages the cut man sure they -- beautiful people projects or Asia and you don't you don't even ask you this story is that true you accept it. -- wink wink it's too good to pass up brightly. After went into weapons. With -- blood everywhere he understood it would be for the night. That is what is rightfully. And I guess his wife is that the that -- the fight you brought this it was. The -- I want to awareness night. When you're in bed with you. And he goes and he can't say how about ideas inspiration for rocky but it's cut up and -- hospital. Director or the -- And his wife and there should -- than language. Issue looks as though I have to make his -- -- time. -- It's the best as our lives are never had an outlet. And this it's hard to come up with funny stuff would you believe no retirement right. Now -- you're also right for sports on earth which is a great site. I just whenever -- -- no they should bookmark this on their computers because this is a mindset you wanna see all the good stuff. I -- goes up but some really good stuff that leave -- Apple's been -- ready lately. A sports on -- dot com and I was reading the other day speaking of boxing. You're at your piece on the Klitschko Brothers and it was really really it's -- because you know it's not become the foreground of your mind that often with someone brings up. The heavyweight champions both of them. Were just kind of ignored. By at least in this part of the world by everybody in boxing as as you kind of put your article it kind of heavyweight division kind of died with their. There whole they're very they're rain there you know and -- what problems are actively involved -- Ukrainian guys that would what's going on over there right now. And he's what -- -- 67. If you you have to describe the way this is footwork went what do you say like he. Hit it right -- -- you know club club bank these guys but you know here they are two champions. And I try to think of any time with a heavyweight division had less attention given to him much interest. Mike did you blaming the Russians for the downfall of boxing now we enough trouble I -- well I feel like it's got a lot of problems Rembrandt. And one of the problems I don't know mixed martial arts -- Tibetan become the Boxee now today as it's probably it's easier to do thanks in no way. Well and it poured more. Violent glitz and the WW eat typed there. Attachment to -- notes at eight. But on the other hand it's got that hole or let people -- Ireland voted yes. Yeah if you like the guys is supposed to be you really don't picture that working out a Jimmy picture them. -- somewhere around Stewart's open as -- you're not the old school. Sweet science type stuff and I I've said this are often -- -- -- -- know to thank -- I think boxing needs and Forte ED a sort to Terry and I'd dictatorship. Boxing commissioner who can unify the entire world and all the alphabet soups that are out there. And make one big worldwide federation for -- take the -- -- in the co option to impossible. How do you aren't violent like the -- -- -- flood college basketball. But it can't count on anything you can count these guys fighting anymore. At least a fight all the time at ABC Friday night weekends it. You were always able to it until we get to the point where was Joseph Frazier -- that became known but that was -- set a paper view. The president was on film. Not only have they -- doesn't like the it's right out right where you can get together man went to one of London and Framingham I've yet to prevail on at Monticello wonders at Monticello is the ones -- the whole place is all guys who don't usually. Thousand guys that doesn't 2004000. -- yeah. Didn't know it strange to think I also stunned about ten minutes before the -- -- sort of goes crazy. And as somebody come and -- -- was tiny Tim you know I'm from different tiptoeing through my. Tim came in to kiss and Linden and. And everybody watched the Fuzzy thing and that yeah as well as that video is probably terrible -- it -- technology. -- -- -- But what I remember about that -- says -- studded deadly if you recall. Amanda was Monticello. -- months I was glad to place by the way I just to name sees -- it's I have a season to remind you via good story. And they are the crowd all guy -- steal cigarettes. And some balls when Lamar obviously deflate Vegas Susan version of Vegas on route nine and they're all -- The Alley Alley they all got down his bandwagon. The Fraser first -- -- that the New York fight the com I don't know -- when they had it pretty slow but -- want because when I was. -- from a -- I was on the -- to wanna see the Foreman. I George Foreman -- that that was it it was a short that they would show before movies on the movie screen at the theater you -- pay from albeit -- an end this was part of a and it was on film. -- but the technology that promise. I'm gonna in April when Agassi. Tim ma what's his name Timothy Bradley attempted any gratitude against so tax packet but. Three I you know the box -- It's had some legitimacy to a weather did -- didn't at least people felt that it it is and it's just gone right down the jumper the last 1520 years walked to the point where now. You're you're you're apiece on the clutch goes. -- try to name any of the championship Saturday it's not like it used to be. Oh. It's a lot of Spanish guys I mean I think there's a big Spanish market. You know in Mexico on and yet South America California Alley -- as well the Filipinos in him you know and it's and it just. -- the United States and heavyweights. I mean if you're a good athlete you know become -- restaurant I mean -- Klitschko becomes a -- -- box because he comes from the Ukraine. You know because. There is no pro -- you know he's probably too big -- right right -- it could be a defenseman for the Bruins. -- -- book club club basketball will elevate. To technology is that I play football thank you very much -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you got question or comment fully not throw as well 617. 7797. 937 will be back directly back in a planet Mikey show we have a letter -- Seven deadly -- Villa that house. Leave for the -- Boston Globe and sports on earth. And ready and to book and some on the books he's -- by the way for those of you that. A little behind -- you're reading let me just make couple suggestions are right about some -- -- the book she can pick up and and truly joint. The dare to dream books with Jim about Jim Calhoun talked about Calvin -- of Calhoun. The Ted williams' book which is the best ever written on on the splendid splinter. The big dam which -- I I picked that up like you know I'm a quick reader to me like about one point five days to go cover to cover on that. And then I think I got the audio book -- -- I like a book aloud as you can tell he's written a book but Dale Earnhardt. The golfer John. John Montague is there is an unbelievable story and and the one that they don't remember you tell him I'm a new -- story too because you wrote. Senators of two worlds abominable made you billions of vested interest in cats in the history of all sports. But I have a really really funny. My -- bull story but I wanna touch you wanna -- put on sports on earth what about the Jacoby Ellsbury. Departure if you will on our. -- hometown team here normally we -- know the history yankees or Red Sox anybody leaves anybody of note. Leaves and goes to the Yankees from the Red Sox it causes. A much bigger ripple than this departure did why is that. Usually usually you have to -- -- on the ground at Houston and -- -- -- Johnny Damon went through this big thing with him -- Because he was. The idiot the long haired freak you know while part medal for team his image fit right -- -- that. That it becomes a Yankee for a few more million dollars goes corporate shaved his beard mustache stress and pinstripe suit. And and now we some New York Yankees and it's a flip in the immediacy of golf from the here to there but that's where -- -- -- same thing. -- They're all -- and they'll just move around you know it's all national's money money. My agent told me don't. Alia got a gig at the my family first it. These guys still live in I mean live around here in the offseason nobody in there at all. There -- all yeah just a few but I know that her children ignorant Schilling did it would kill them. About past bad spectacular. He's writing I crashed and guys say it's why did you well. That's -- ten million dollars more than I was gonna get here. Just be honest. What about the money being David -- -- -- him and I did have a problem with that by the -- well I see okay you know ten million dollars more you go to -- -- elements work are are good for fifty bucks if it's you know it depends I can eat for free. You know which people make it so much money that that there's no. There's the loyalties to drum right out of the picture or anything that even loyalty comfort in a town. But Johnny Damon had the world by the you know what skis here because he was a guy here's a hero when he around after having Kansas City did happen and Oakland. He comes here the team wins and all of a sudden he's like way he was Jesus. For awhile there -- It's just like okay now -- exaggerate or you don't mean here's -- quick access wife didn't like it here I don't know his wife catalog pursuant and I feel well but I don't look like Jesus -- west I don't know and I know that the laundry thing is an old issue because -- he's been honest for -- -- seems to bounce around Aminu was can't -- kid from -- at the Tampa area. I that's what happens now it is OK so Ellsbury comes in here we wait we wait we wait for all that to pay off it finally pays off 32 home runs I don't know what was up with him that year. Now he's a 150. Million dollar Yankee. Which is the thing that just on the face of -- -- people hate the most about the Yankees as all -- 150 million dollar players he's one of them. -- can he ever live up to that that kind of price tag. You know. You're saying now I mean I mean you're an island. We couldn't about 250 but -- but the way it's -- now by the end of the contract he might be a bargain. President keep going up because the way that he needed to ski or more money at these guys in in the money seems to be either doesn't mean team because interest is bigger and bigger and I mean. And the top numbers how I mean I'm still amazed. That that John lackeys. You know it's more money from John Henry and then. They've known applicable in the owners of the Boston Globe guys vote for them real estate and I have ever met all the -- are trucks. And hopefully everything you know let me -- unlucky. You know what it right who's not the highest paid guy on the team now. Makes it Lenny Clarke was in here he says John regional guys want by the paper -- -- a -- A pretty good actually -- invited. A guy called earlier because retirement the this whole controversy around -- -- trying to legislate -- rule you know rule of -- the N word in. Foul language out of play in the field. And win and a caller called in mentioned. Jim Calhoun who -- Notoriously. You know has a pretty foul mop he's on the sideline on a golf course it's that's part of his part of what Jim goes about but you Rhode dared dream with Jim tell. And it's true that he talks about these guys are so much stuff for charity did such enemies he really honestly as a Connecticut guy and I know you're -- guy originally. He Connecticut from an athletic perspective without UConn basketball program we left northeastern ghost -- -- ninety. Eighty 637 down there in Hartford. Its stores. And it was the province a group -- Robertson there there was nothing going on that program -- in the field house. -- pavilion on the plan they've played civic center wins championships and hall of fame. And then the women's program files -- behind Connecticut is like the Mecca of college basketball right now and can't just say and be accurate about that it's largely due to Jim Calhoun. We went to all of a 100% yeah I mean he figured it -- And he just where a lot of golf course there's a -- -- everywhere and Clinton but it doesn't says about where I don't know you know and and done. I would take an -- he -- tough guy to play for you know I think he's variant. Autocratic kinda you know and there. But when at the end guys all seem to come back and like him. But he's I think he's a tough guy -- to a lot of wind sprints seriously. Yeah well in the lobby at how much wind it could there reliever David made a you know unless sprint I was at channel three -- Hartford covering the UConn Tabasco programming you know you go to the practice Judy here when you say he was brutal on the players -- is trying to get to a certain. -- thinking -- performance level. And only he knew what they were really Macs are now what they had at that given time. But to -- people come back. And love the guy -- -- did -- dedicated devoted to impart and Kevin Ollie is now a coach you know it was a product of his program it is important is be being successful donors well. I'm just -- you know I think it's remarkable story disguised from Braintree. You know goes down -- Connecticut based -- makes himself -- State what are the most out of of off of all things I trust him you know this a lot of coaches like that I mean a lot of coaches you'll see interview after game like their Bill Self the Kansas. You see them in practice I don't want -- single -- -- I guess but I got a feeling they get pretty foul mouth almost all the big time coaches right way you coaching North Carolina coach K think Jesus we had a practice. But in the guy you know -- guys like night in Calhoun I always thought was. You know show me hate me show home right right and they get it and that's why they do come back to campus and saying nice things about the guy. You look at one guy who has coached up the road right now automated -- cut it short for Brad Stevens of Butler yup. I made one always Butler before right. But he did it in kind and gentle when all I know that understand there's different ways to have a user account all you hear that a lot don't alien enemy. Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick players combatant at that time some -- and they. Look back sometimes fondly on the east. Well first of all look nominee guys that Calhoun and UConn sent to the NBA. To make big big money right how much you think they thank you for stop and think about it -- their coach for that you know -- harassed me all you along if you want. Nowadays you only get via harassment you. Lately about the YouTube if you were to look for how many years before you left and came back. And is that there -- a hundred a hundred years just a hundred a seem like I'm like this forever and I was gone for another hundred and I don't -- for the knicks aren't you -- You're there and it kind of what many would say is gold there of that newspaper when it comes to sports department you work with -- and people. If people here -- so he just takes me what you tell stories about cliff keen. You have any. And trance sort. Yeah I don't know yeah. -- something I don't know something about Lee why he's back in the globe and why Ryan is at a shot of a departure is back the -- right. Because they write the same way the -- written. And it's still -- magnetism towards that right. Most of the guys. How was DuPont now from kids anymore lot of years in the business. Still the best right decision newspapers in it and the their cross country and that's why the globe stale what it is as the sports entity and is in a row overall. And is tied to do that today because of all the changes we've talked -- -- talked about many times. And reputation of ago will will McDonough TV -- this -- be resilient. Different and you go through your files you ahead and hopefully you don't delete any of these things that happened stories -- -- all these guys you were aware of that famous group of people over there but. Had to be -- the time to be involved in. My favorite story at all times. Will McDonough. In the Olympics in Barcelona. I was working for Sports Illustrated and he he was there for NBC. And you know Willie he would he'd become a TV guy and yeah. And so Sports Illustrated would bring advertisers over. Over two Barcelona and Mike about. -- a six day. Stretches. In and there were no hotel rooms they rented this big ocean liner. And everybody stayed on the ocean liner they wined and dined and in part of it was they had a big party at the at the start of each of these six -- segments. Some at the party and wills at the party it's the Mediterranean notion that they they had a rock and roll band from Rochester New York. And all these kind of captains of industry that he command from all around the country. And ended pretty wives and people just -- drinks and a and I sit too well I said. This is pretty. And they said yeah it's pretty. There and -- that you know he said you become a sports trainers and the not make a lot of money is it okay to never make a lot of money. -- but every once in awhile you get to be with people like this who have money like it is and and you get to live their life for just one night. You know and and and be around and see what it's like in India and. And I said. I said some pretty lucky -- it. He's. Talking about myself I all of these people how that money path I was talking about you know you're lucky and a yeah I don't know it set me up with the whole thing I'm really -- about it. This could put those is the does. It does agree that you know -- -- -- sort of abuse that element to realize -- haven't done -- few of a couple of years ago and Palestinian appear. -- on -- -- smoke a cigarette it was a beer fest. There's all these really really really rich people out -- stating you're looking at all the boats in on -- nice settlement related jealous agreement. I heard talk of target this boating at that point is bought new places new house you know seven bathrooms and note auction you know -- have done -- say. So I said do I -- -- boy am -- right. As you know when I came to this town I have less than fourteen million dollars in my pocket now. I've pointed out pointed eyes now I own all business and that they would -- -- and -- and I walk away just inside joke around. Funny that's gap but lately is absolutely right about the the life with chosen now -- yes updated an instant pavement -- I've been Italy three times all because -- newspaper related -- and -- never been to California and told -- not Celtics and lakers series out of -- and Red Sox and Oakland right. I mean -- California I think six times all on the company's dime I'm -- working they have but I mean you get to see places and things you you didn't know. I mean knew about but am I ever gonna get their. Well maybe not if your diploma but if you're sports rather well you can be a plumber come down Gordon threw up through -- wanted to -- all you want to eat -- my favorite will -- story -- and because his unique columnist. Because of how we did it that and the notes and had a created every Saturday right. Any two week we'd have conversations you know were kind of old guys and business -- time and member wants to call me. -- -- I'm trying to reach Doug Flutie I can't reach him and I -- told that you couldn't connect me to write an epic and McDonna assassin -- for preferred unit for some help it as this is great this is the pinnacle of my career. It keeps you in the number. Of course this ethnic and I get we get text messages coveted and -- told a house slave Maicer voted to talk about some fonts of somebody has leader has remember flea flicker at the fire hydrant. A classic article on Doug Flutie. Who think that was when he played his first game for him for busting out and came up the parent. I think it would that they were losing tree you're Pittsburgh and state and I started to take that -- parents again and and he just. The whole game. Just all of a sudden became bogged down you know and and did they win the game. No Penn State was kill him by about four touchdowns in the fourth quarter two quarterbacks have flunked out couple oriented and android but now let's say galloping gals that epic now and they look at become -- -- set. The house this drug to give him right. So played basically the -- middle of the trip. Period on. -- throws a couple quick touchdown passes treks up you know it's -- -- time but racks up over 200 -- And even Paterno said -- I mean they just came literally off to chat site the depth chart yeah and return of those who house this guy right and that tells us I'm. It when he does anybody but it Natick -- it just doesn't Johnston does his defense couldn't stop them. Stuff a lot of things. We're gonna take a quick break it where you're if you got a co -- folk I I haven't been. -- the phone calls very well here but if you wanna call and talk to a leave my -- Or asking a question of -- 6177797937. We'll do that right after we come back. Couple of writers and John rider -- that he's a writer to get a these are right it is now writer writer writer of plan words -- Davis in south Warwick may Dave hello. -- -- -- -- -- it -- it I think you'll find pretty humorous about it Washington DC. In August. At a body -- -- was telling me you'd go to watch PTI. Iraq ride it while I was sitting in Orwell bought. And I'm watching I'm explaining to a unit that Bob Ryan is basically that in -- -- India. Okay and I'm walking across the street. Right across block Kinect comes operatic bass street from me about why it go 8 PM and by the -- You tell -- you should send you -- said I commission that's always -- -- No let me that hey I'll -- -- habit -- can be -- to it's all about like the politic -- That is often it was about picking up at number a little -- looked great at about -- embarrassing after that my entire life. Yeah well we all have those moments where mind slips away for a second and I want to introduce Gil Santos as you know capital lady so it's good for the it would keep -- I could help it. Now at Brian is that it looked as best when he when his caricature on the globe Universal Pictures -- the -- you know. When he when he at the moustache he looked at the curly hair he look like Japan don't. Didn't. -- Little -- court one Hewitt thought about. -- Madonna I bumped out former have a sixteen years old I was a kid and -- match and it kind of over the years younger than. And we want you all thought -- -- -- poppy gas. Intermediate at the 1978. 900. I was under the greatest thing in the world. Well -- leave -- just talking about he is one of those people. You can vote and -- half you know okay. It permanently thanks for the call can't retorted back but he got through talking. He needed. To detect and why is this Shaughnessy so miserably. On I don't think he's always been. -- -- He's never shied away from a flight you know I mean yeah from way back before it was a columnist you know when he over the Celtics the -- news just. He was never afraid of -- kinda pushed it you know. You want it. He would've been great around Ted Williams you know in college Ted was gone back and North America right now I mean it he was kinda Ted's big. Big body. Later in life yes is Ted kinda came to the forward Dan's daughter was sick and and it was on the Heisman. But it means writing and covering them every day is covered him every day yeah. Yeah it would have been colonel baby in you know you would have been it would have been legendary feud I've. You know and an in your book about Ted you talk about his legendary swearing style Ted had Ted had a very. Colorful way of putting phrases together when he he would just say a bad word he supported him with a whole bunch other words in a democratic compound cents. His capacity is the best cursor I've ever heard you know practices yet they went when he when he would say DM. He meant the -- you know he wanted to light and -- on down and it wasn't just like a little paprika you know our talk and -- and -- ecology backward. The -- he noted that word via. I wanna what am I don't get launch time here but -- but I wanna ask you about this guy John Montague because this is a guy is -- And I don't know how you got this story. But I hadn't really -- don't want this guy but he is like the greatest golfer. Maybe ever. But he is also a bank and -- a bank robbery gamble what was his sick crime that he was so they were looking Foreman knows unarmed robbery -- -- been denied there ever. Restaurants speak. But he was like a hustler extraordinaire combined with the this this amazing skill set a golf course. But he's also kind of you know -- eight. Came from the underworld a little bit. Daddy he was on the -- and and he went to went to Hollywood gave the Syracuse near anarchy he went on your show up in Hollywood. And it changed his name and kind of became. Brandon intimate of a volleys. Movie stars WC fields. And Oliver party but 1930s yeah yeah in. Thirties and authorities Bing Crosby. If he was buddies with all of Johnny likes Mueller. And he plays golf news terrific golfer. -- had a the other club face at that time that was like the size of big birth there you know today's big I -- you know those toasters this sticker price and in a bit but it was real happy and he that he is real strong guy and he could use it so he he he could drive the ball further than anybody. But that's at that book has all those little different elements -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that we no one remembers who knew about. We would all these elements feeding into war you know a very strange life. John Montague and and a book is called the mysterious money. And that but there's more to -- does the mysterious. My view. Aren't rock solid yet that there today and nobody knows about them now to go to book the book. Half half and hopefully people should by the book now that they know about it at least the folks -- was tonight that you wrote the book of Mormon newborn analysts say my men who bolstering economic or listen caller first -- in the -- go ahead Bob. Hey Mike Kelly -- good. It was a privilege to get on. React to the security and you into the question do you. Think that the writers to day. Better than they were -- generation to a lot of 62 I remember reading as a teenager -- FitzGerald and. Even educated thinking this guy can write. And I'm just wondering using him isn't clear how would you compare. Rights -- generation -- can get to. Today in Nigeria due over the years what analysts and curiouser. Thank you. Okay thanks for a I would kinda go with the generation ago because it's because I'm from a generation ago I suppose that in half a generation ago mom. Let's put on I think it was more value -- storytelling. And the written word whose word. More important everything now is tweets again. And get around forty carry it out get it out fast and you know 24 hour news cycles now I don't some of these guys ever have time to to get a story because there always. Just tweeting about the last grounded to shorter -- the -- that launcher right you know I'm Dana. And that the press box now is very quiet. It's very quiet nobody says jokes anybody hear it because they they write -- jokes you know around it you know it does that make it three more. Followers -- -- experiment that -- him out. It's definitely going there again you know -- -- -- came from the same background and -- There's clearly. Writing is today's round was then because the attention span of people and that's part of it and -- absolutely right. But it to be columnists was to be a pure right there in those states and Brent and now is a difference Akamai -- told this story to you guys before but -- never said in front of -- Com. That it was 1986. Right now I was a working sports -- -- -- right. Liam and I thought I was have to be united and after I get a chance to be -- -- time they -- suspected I don't have to lay at the paper maker of science you know we want to be Carl -- done good work it. Throughout camera a little nervous big time job right. -- columns that a paper. So a week later at a patriots game the old stadium sitting next to leave right and the secrets in this business oriented and have become columns right. And I mentioned message and these and we talked humans about it -- -- -- Hammond who wells to bounce it off and I remember him saying he said. It's -- is the best league in the business right. Com and he was right particularly down -- 1986. Pats went that if first so we're both the Mets. And Red Sox a Celtics and -- is. So it's good time to jump on broad enough to get that the best gauge in minutes. He has never done and I gave where you're on twenty minutes before Red Sox and go home and I -- it's -- -- -- I might change my opinion. It. Hunter Thompson hunter S Thompson's doctor hunter asked about it. He he once you instead of writing writing columns it's like being married to a -- and Romania. It's a whole lot of fun for a week after that because you. I wouldn't I know -- and overtime here I'll take it all the heat we're gonna keep going here it is for a while because I don't want I don't want and rich in west for go ahead -- Guys. Now we have been about 33 years in a month. For the last and we talked. Well you were -- you're running Indianapolis. Used to play in the sweet not yet Bloomington Indianapolis as playing in the sweet sixteen. -- you wrote an article that appeared the front page of the globe. During the week about you know being a college student at that time and how those guys that you does does it come out -- -- the car right. -- -- I called my father that night. We gloated that station wagon -- the -- to stop we made. With a total package or in in one -- reckon they would -- stale -- old Milwaukee. We drove all the way up there all night we pulled in to a hotel that use the bathroom. And you're in the lobby. Playing a video game. Remember and that's David it was I think it was not meant. Eighty evidence based and vendors 79 you know if he won. Lately do you remember they did tonight we left -- Detroit nightclub and about seven -- piled into a cab to remember that night does that ring a bell at all doesn't count in my mind and a -- When this date they do his days have we took -- -- the whole ride out we took turns right and emotion that didn't make any sense. Willis -- to never let -- but it is not but we brought it in you ought to grab it. And somebody still has it to -- what does that a -- -- the oil like the trip blog. Captain's -- I would probably be -- a week. Well and that's all within its own with -- all the war. In your system wanna must be some good budget does is still alive. -- -- -- -- squeeze in this Redmond group all story to it's that it's weird and ready members -- yes. It's after he's done playing he's up in the ninth floor at the Boston at the TD garden whatever it is and we're watching the game and he's you know. I I'd I'd I'd had a few Beers those -- the body in my wasn't working and so I I I have few Beers. And -- is some peanuts. You know a big bag of peanuts and I'm -- Desmond who -- sit there on a folding chair but I'm looking at a high level because I'm not tall. And he is he's sitting and were at eye level with -- each other. And I walk over and I go. I'd like you. I -- I got peanuts in my mouth I've had like 45 Beers and I see a negative post about a shake its and I go. Rich port and when I said the an artistic out of I was about what -- smacked me. But he was a great this guy this guy -- just knocked it up -- cheek it's always smiley and I don't think I just -- -- peanut on this guys face that he's been so nice to me you know I couldn't believe I was very embarrassed about it. But I had a little chat room there's a very every nice person. But the book in your -- you talk -- was seven foot seven the Sudanese you know immigrant who came here it is to escape. And into the awful way the guy died we go through just to be in the NBA -- -- having to have a -- great upper body strength and habit. Just being 77 in life is a huge challenge alone or what enjoyed a book about about. In bowl I did historian for Sports Illustrated. And I said this is the most interesting matters mean. He was in the jungle. -- -- about. I'm on nineteen years old he had never played basketball he never had never seen -- basketball. And Carolyn leopards -- this appearance earning an uneasy just hanging around but it was seven for its dominant and a politician. From the Sudan. Went on -- village a visit to his village in there was a newspaper guy with a politician he took a picture. And they printed it back in and Khartoum. They're the capitalists have been. And the guys on the basketball team and national basketball it's that. All suburbs of action this guy and it's good that they weren't gonna end in like three years later. Unable to to redirect. He's -- from the University of Bridgeport. And then. -- a year two years later easing the story. Hit a learning English every had to learn to do about that the holder -- game a professional sports game. -- and it was an all time blocked shots get some sick crazy number we you'd expect at 77. But he had to learn all the other stuff that goes along with -- and then recover from that particular country now when he died of of some of the syndrome that is it's a skin related to him right where. Senator in any other terrible car crash late night just before it was in the cab coming back from foxwoods right of all places right right yeah. I'm Kevin MacKey. Boo Koo. Was a Boston guy was -- Cleveland State. And he had he had brought renewed over. And is trying to hide him seven point seven get him ready to play for Cleveland State. And he had this teacher who is supposedly gonna get him to qualify. In the teach instead. Even know how to hold a pencil in on many had never -- that's -- -- you know and in. Since they couldn't get him into Cleveland statement to Bridgeport. Where he had a two point nine when he left while while those -- an inordinate. Russert didn't make them I think it was activist -- -- again afterwards yeah I guess yeah -- have politically active afterwards and you know he died obviously very very early age. That and that's one of the lead Monfils many great -- center of two worlds right. Mind a little ball straight. Has leaked -- the subjects. A little more carefully than some people do when they. Fire out books all your stuff is great your columns are good on sports on earth -- we were a thank you being here and tonight we took. And of course Boston Globe let's not forget that. Some of these folks around him. Good to see a week to see him leave -- fill everybody got to come Bakley the out -- I -- to Manny time once anytime he wants is open door policy was I would not feel. Writer and Lenny and I will be that we get a break in and and I know I'm way over that time living here for the breaks but. I heard the flash is different anywhere right now we'll be right back.

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