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Peter King, SI: On the future of Aqib Talib with the Patriots

Mar 3, 2014|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the impending franchise tag deadline and what they will do with Aqib Talib. He also discusses the proposed rule change in football to penalized players for using the "N" word.

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Talk about pull the author of that great column nobody Peter King the MM QB dot com Peter -- a little month until opening day Red Sox are you. A -- or whatever you very. Or to an excellent and it delegated to your called today it was such a -- agreed. The reaction Gupta Richard Sherman and Jason recording and others about the racial slower penalty in the National Football League. A wanna start the double patriot notes because there were speculation -- over the weekend your guy Mike Florio. Writing about Darrelle Revis and Darrelle Revis we -- got traded to the jets from the jets to the box Peter just last offseason and he speculated that. You know should that -- -- sided dangle him and his sixteen million dollar salary that. The patriots to be one of those -- at the front door waiting for that technology but it you heard that the Bucs would do that give you the patriots as a legitimate -- If the Bucs trade Revis this offseason. I have heard meter. That doesn't mean that. You know it's not going to happen. At all. But I haven't heard it. I think one of the issues with Tampa right now is everybody's -- to including gathered in saint. Well the Smith does not run the kind of defense. That. I'm really calls for you know a lot of man coverage -- corner and that's really what readers. Is netstat so why take eight million dollars to do that. Save the machine go look somewhere else and go do something else well. The prevalent that is that. You know in the coming years. Them. -- you're gonna have spent the money on somebody -- about this today that. NFL teams during the second year four year period. Where they have the news spin. You know collectively 95%. You know on the -- salary cap and so I mean if you. If you basically say well you know the -- Can get real. You know can get -- -- Darrelle Revis to salary. And go do something else with a salary. -- practice. They've got to do something. We at this -- it now. Teen individually. Have to spend at least 89%. Up to the cap over the next four years in nineteen collectively currently. Pakistan 95%. The -- Who spent a lot last year and it traditionally not been. I'm standing talking. So it would be -- go to ten million dollars this year. And I would say maybe 1215. Million dollars next year all of a sudden if you have any really good quarter. One of the best five in the -- IndyCar is sixteen million -- a year almost certainly not a terrible country. Yeah at which soccer ball in the patriots would there would be interested in and -- -- -- wildly comic on this up does guaranteed mean futile work out that that the deal and have to give up what the jets Tampa Bay gave up to get him in the first place. Would you given that he said the salaries go one up with a. I think that you have to restructure contracts if your patriot. I had heard. Can mean I think one of the issues that to that you start with when you. Start asking. You -- help out wherever you want a guy. Is you have to find out okay. What exactly. Is that I can cost. OK and once you find out whether he would be amenable I had no idea he would or not. What you what you find out. You know whether he would be amenable. To it I think the unquestioned and you have to ask yourself is. Does that fit -- within our salary structure. And you know one of the problems that I see what you talk about treating somebody. The patriots salary structure. Is OK so you want to bring -- in court centrally would become coming off a year that. Wasn't a great year with the -- But coming off. You know -- the bat he asked -- -- bring you last -- -- cap number was about thirteen point independent book a million bucks. This year it'll be about 148. If it'll ever be. Under current deal. -- -- -- will never be what -- is money. And you have to ask you're so we're gonna bring somebody you -- -- -- more money. -- -- Now I wouldn't be shocked if Brady doesn't deal a year from now let's say. Blood I mean that you you have to ask yourself whether it makes sense. To not only bring injury is -- to pay I would soon. First round pick from previous years this year next year and it's huge. Price to pay for a guy went and if you truck. -- easily. If you think pretty -- -- league could be at four. You know I NN poll numbers at you know three years 273. Years there and I don't even know -- But if you're able assigned to lead who's a proven player in your system. For -- I would probably -- get to keep the year number one anger here next year I know that's what I would prefer to do. I learn about the Brent Grimes contract he's got from Miami for years 3216. Guaranteed what is that set up for keep to leave it. He's younger than -- does he look for more. He's younger and Grimes any probably. Them eat you know took me anyway if you were about those two players. I would say he is a sturdier player. You know even though he got a little hurt this year I mean grind as. -- that some injury issues that career in Atlanta before he got to. Miami so. I think it's a good contracts mean compared. But it trying to keep the lead. I'm saying as they play here. I worked a little bit harder and grit grime. The only issues and become. More about the problems at opposite field to break ground as an -- so. You know I think it -- counterbalance. Itself let. That's why I think -- prime target -- the key to lead. I'm talking. Not very long term about 08 or nine million here I think that would be fair. Peter I grew if you ought to leave Revis and we start the show talking about that I'm just curious that they don't get it a deal done by 4 o'clock today. To what do you think is your expectation the patriots will franchise tag. Aqib Talib to make sure they have him under control for at least a year that Oak -- long term deal. He had some really really good part in -- ever beat that have to be a tremendous. Considering and you know excited. You -- inside the building because I think the one thing you would have to look at again. EU would have to look at. What are you believe out here right now. That there are some orders. Or a key to -- Aren't and letter if we keep -- lead at the open market. You've got a better chance then he better and -- forty or 50% chance to lose. That's why I don't really mind. Free and straighten them. I think the numbers like eleven point eight million. I don't mind free and try to improve that number courier and breweries and let you be able to sleep a little better at night knowing that. You give the franchise -- in it and it's likely. That that you try to work our dealer may be for three year deal -- A little bit more guaranteed money and eleven million and it would make sense for both sides could do. Peter we're talking before Vince Wilfork eleven point five million dollar cap hit. Achilles surgery last year of his deal. Today extend this guy they restructure org is their chance to cut its Wilfork. In our batters that is a really. Tough on. Hermit in the you know there is a lot of feelings between. Will work. And the patriots particularly. You don't pop crap. It is exceedingly close. A little pork and they got along really really well. And I think the one thing I guess I would I would ask about little pork because that it's something. That we don't know will work. Has been. Good here -- durable during his career. Because you don't it looks like he should be -- -- a lot of time you -- older player in and there you see it. And it looks like where you know now would be I'd be really start listening but. Until now are so last year he really didn't miss many. So you know he was really pretty durable so. Me. If you're asking means I want that you will work seven point find -- because really. What you can't get money is about -- -- screen and a half million so you know you're gonna have -- on your happened. So if you'd say okay -- cap number is whatever 115. And it get money that it means that you know basically. That the effort is about eight million dollars you have to ask yourself. If you believe that it will -- your free enterprise this year your T. -- value they bring books that's what I would be asking myself. And you know I think it probably is but again. I'm not content -- I'm not examined in this guy and I don't I don't know correctly. How healthy is so. You would really have to go. You have to talk to your doctor and you have to be able to cross. It it will sport is getting you view somewhere between 1213. Quality. Starts are quality didn't creeping in here. -- the other patriot server was not just to leave but Danny Amendola. -- Pompeii reporting he's here from teams that the patriots are calling and asking would you be interested in trading for Danny Amendola. He had such a rough year with the patriots from productions to appoint an injury standpoint would you be surprised if they release or trade Danny Amendola after just one year. Well I mean no one of the one thing about that is. Easy you know -- How I would only. Talk about that if I were positive. I would I would didn't Julian and a back. Because. You know even though healthy if you -- urgency. Agreement over it until he. That guy and you work in the middle of the field. Quick enough to get open a lot but also guy -- abuse that I would not want to leave Tom Brady without both guys. So that would be my first. Thought about it second thought is. You eat you know their chance. That the patriots have determined that okay you know this guy is just too brittle. And you know I don't know whether they have. But if they have determined that the Bill Belichick is never been shy about taking a decision. That is going to be popular publicly. And people are gonna say what the heck are you doing so. I guess what I would say years that. You don't it would surprise me if that happened. But again. We don't know because he gets broadcasted. And they're very few people who really know. What Bill Belichick is stinking at the end of this evening Michael Moore in the office and says hey that's it I can't trust in the bill would stay healthy let's move on. I did again I have no idea whether he said they're not but what I'm saying news. Eat it he has they'd better be darn sure they're able to keep at all. You know Peter I think Richard -- obvious at that is as Smart individuals Stanford -- sometimes I just don't. I don't understand the cold when he says -- banning the N -- is atrocious idea it's almost racist to me. While what they curse why don't they all curse words be -- that this you realize that the and word. Is different then just eight weeks where. Some people. But I think. To. A lot of African American football players. The end word I mean you sound like here. An old. Idiot white man I try to explain -- but a lot of black football players. The word. And I GGK. Okay you know weepy. With the obvious eighty yen instead of right here a lot of black football players who -- yet. The and word MB ER is a racist term. But the edit word ending in any you're not a racist term and in some ways. Almost term of endearment. You know like her future -- at one point yesterday Serb. You know he's -- absolutely no legal aliens and it will say hey good play. You know among nature among among ourselves. So I mean you know that mean. Is where. There is security and cultural divide it not only a culture of the fight between black and white. It's cultural divide between. Older black. Players. And the players of today saw my column today quoted Harry Carson. It was sixty policy anymore former linebacker with the giants. Who was exceedingly. Strike and emotional. Eloquent. You know told -- great story about. You know meeting bill Willis Gil Cleveland Browns one of the guys who broke the color barrier in 1946. The year before Jackie Robinson called -- to the doctors. And you know we're bill -- and Marion Motley we're not allowed to go. To a Cleveland Browns game in 1946. Present within the -- out there with the Miami. They were all American football conference. And Terry -- poignant. Acts like that's what's so disheartening. About the players -- today shrugging their shoulders and saying the -- doesn't mean anything said he. Here from South Carolina where I am and you grew up. And you've heard that come out of this dancer. Her white people calling you that in anger. Any form of that word. Is. An absolute insult so. You know we have basically. A -- AT&T -- In not only black white but also you play -- -- play. Peter it's a must read is and always is every Monday and and the response from Sherman a McCord the and D'Qwell Jackson Harry Carson. You have to go check it out that the MM QB dot com and it's eight. The topic the league is gonna discuss this week and then when the owners get together. -- noble war on this Peter great stuff is always really appreciate the time on this Monday at the port talking on the road. OK don't look very accurately.

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