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Lyndon Byers joins The Mut and Merloni Show to talk Bruin trade possibilities

Mar 3, 2014|

Lyndon Byers joins The Mut and Merloni Show to discuss potential defense men the Bruins could trade for.

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Our Cuba glued on to 37 WE are going to be on the NFL stuff all day these stories because there's a lot of movement got four hours to the franchise tag deadline. Only three guys have been tag at the top quarterback off the market a lot of this relates. The patriots and oh by the way the weekend rumors and we'll talk later on the show Peter King you'll join -- at 1 o'clock. On all things patriots as for the Boston -- just mentioned. They finally had their first win here and it was a it was an important win for them because they've played these two games. Out of the break and kind of lackluster fashion if you play that game buffalo which I reacted to it didn't like the weather defense played like we Chara looked. On that game winner against buffalo they came back as the capitals. In it was a similar scenario right when you go through those goal threat to -- break aways. One caused by -- crew basic falling down as of on fall on I can't get a moment there. At the Blue Line the other was eternal war nobody got back computer from breakaway goals. In early breakaway goal last night and all the sudden it was three breakaway goals and three periods against. But the Boston Bruins but they they found -- -- Claude -- talked about it after the game. Whatever reason it took them a 1015 minutes to get warmed up and they got that equalizer 11 to end the first period last night and the scoreboard it was unfair to the Rangers it should have been 341 at that point mr. grass there and its head. There in the first with the Bruins got a first twenty minutes 11 they got goals from budget of replaces. Throughout the course of the nuclear shorthanded goal by Gregory Campbell. And they go on to win but that I still feel like defensively. It like six healthy defensemen right now one of them is tired as hell in charge Zdeno Chara. No more convinced than ever that between now Wednesday. Peter shrill is gonna get something on. Got to get some them yeah it will before again in the -- record those numbers of Brent Grimes -- Miami Dolphins four years 32000016. Guaranteed. So which -- -- easily the out right then sixteen guaranteed. Yes me too so you know. Eight million dollar cap hit sixteen guarantees you a figure that thing around but. Yet that be in a ballpark as -- and five and a half last year. Good ball. We will see how that affects. The key to -- yeah I mean it eats you gonna say that every game and we have -- in more than ever had more than ever you know it's he lost that team play -- you like at defensively. That's it come out of the break and baby or -- a couple more games but still defensively every -- -- three and three breakaway given up in the last three periods. By the aspirants to -- but even you know Lester period of time and all of a gain of twelve goals now -- games. And it's just it's it's got to tighten up the defense yet the I do think the need to gore appeared and it's up to the question is you know. What would you do we -- was performing -- -- the get a guy entitle it to upgrade and say well you know he's a better fires that third airing arm. Maybe that second pairing only makes us a little bit deeper. May be right in our system already you -- crazy. In knowing you -- you really give up some players you really give up prospect and kind of go big. -- us I think -- the Boston Bruins right now mean here at the rumors are both Phillips up an audible. You know I think Joseph McDonald had. Over the weekend at their continued interest in this guy majority said yet they're still the Beverly talked about an audit of the talking about. If he wants a two year extension they wanna give one year extension is freeze in the year is he got a comes in and makes you better. In depth wise everything you hear about him it was the of that to Linder and -- McDonald. Did their upgrades ms. Sarah -- I adelphia but are -- sure that they are gonna give you what you Juan where eagle the guys you have right now. Well does complete Adam -- story today and over the weekend scary a little bit about not just their tell but the depth mean lash at it -- it to the playoffs at eight help the defenseman. Right now they have six mean that's that that's their that's their group they have six guys. To go to Charlotte talked about wanting to go to the playoffs with eight that's his number because there are guys -- get hurt in the last year Wade Redden went down timers game here and there. I think you buy it it's at a point where if you wanna make up blockbuster -- talking about -- would be big big guy Adler from Vancouver. And excellent. Who covers the NHL and and New Jersey one of these rumors guys have tried not to -- MacKenzie when it comes these Trace of the Bruins one of the teams calling. The -- over conducts about Alexander Adler defense with some contract years left after this year. If you make one of those big moves animals get the feeling now where about a -- doesn't come back. You -- we talking about two moved here defensively. Because bush and solace right over the weekend he's as good as anybody cover the Bruins. He's right about how they -- -- gonna have a long term injury money with Seidenberg. And they might have a civil war -- some dollars and not to put. Adam acquittal long term injury that his return this year is not guaranteed that he pick up ball papers today and it's the same story. But out equates had a setback. They're trying to figure out how to get -- move forward. Right either shut him down or you'll go a different route for rehab standpoint like they can't get this guy healthy. It's the look at that the group they have -- and you say or the aid to do. It this question to mama Quaid. You have a couple moves to make year if you the Bruins. And I hope liberals right approval or not the notes column yesterday but it is column on the bruins' defense and how sloppy they've been this was got up the first two -- back before last night. And their their bad first period. It's it is third to last paragraph in his column Sunday school. Where it says sort of matter of factly the Bruins are gonna make an acquisition when the Bruins. Acquired offensive help at the trading deadline. So he's writing like he knows it's gonna happen and he is -- he's as good as anybody in the static getting sort of Bruins information I take him at his word. When he writes that. But you bring up a good question like him -- -- is how it you know -- real confident level there. Arthur couple moves you have to make radical in the playoffs with all this youth. As -- to round out great defenseman in -- doesn't come back that's. Well aware -- equates to exit Douglass shut him down for a little yeah it's been it's been awhile now and you know it's 36 games and they think you shut down rehab. Visit where -- you let me back to ground zero again are you shutting it down because you say screw it you know suck and work. -- were trying to avoid surgery as much as possible right now that's in the the only option. So huge concern with that but he said that's -- You know -- that that's your depth guy. You know coming back you see you right I mean I think you definitely I think it deftly into something as far as getting a player depth wise -- -- and -- bodies the question of is it gonna be that that a player is going to be a 678 defenseman or is it going to be god played a top four. Top five and I don't think that there's really anybody out there with you go crazy. Knowledge and a toddler care off out and buffalo is at seven years up in his deal would you wanna go you wanna go there. You don't Vancouver. I just things the polls just not there that definite upgrade that's the problem. You know that's the problem you have to -- -- taken boy chuck can you put him with -- as that pairing. Are you gonna go with we will illegal next Archos in Hamilton. It's kind of a scary appearing to play -- In a playoff series against the team you keep talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs made it in Pittsburgh and if you look at any of those high powered team even Montreal you put that group. You know -- The thing with -- the last couple games is -- first goal last night he was just got beat. I just looked tired as the game goes on the expected background of the Olympics I want back got to get arrest here. I wanted -- chart to get a break. I watch our guests sit down a break and I if he needs to get some time off of their games this week sergeant mark terrific they're signing -- like four games and six days right. Before games at five days of the crazy like that it is -- -- a lot of -- present judges do that the other guy worried about -- our show recently but map park -- -- You know we'll go back and look at -- is that the the breaking goal last night or it's like just standing there like a statue. Angle right around a man again they're getting last night the capitals game defused but there was a really bad one. Offer -- -- -- to where he just he kind of stood still he's got a long long drink water. Without goals are expected to be some sort -- at the present so. You say what you need. At this point best case scenario even got a good player top two lines and McQuay is not to play the rest of the security concerns. You may be that second body. Maybe two moves here between now Wednesday if you wanna go and added the playoffs and eat healthy defensemen. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think nodding as enemies get a bounce roster in your LB. -- LB is the constant part of our rob Bruins coverage gap -- here now all of WA AF he's always brought you by our friends at credit smoke shop and buy LB -- doctor. Doctor Robert. And abide by an alleged underwear trying to morning hobby yeah expensive gift in in the Oscar gift bags for this Oberstar -- Artists robot appointment 161000. Dollars. Doc Robert went Roxy artist's role players and greatest technology and hair restoration a gift in the Oscars. Gift bag. So Tommy might -- -- a look at that there's a Brad Pitt got. The artist robards deal so there he's got to work and now I'm just -- and Sanders -- out from them. Things are -- new year a category two by the -- abdic are mostly early and Jack camp called -- Friday city in any I was pumped out of the five crazy Canadians he had the under over the I'd still be alive -- -- -- ours our thank my body. The president of the Boston city at the under today nine -- he said I live Cabot well all the way to set to be dead but that I have an anti bodies. And I yeah. You did talk like the Boston Bruins -- fight inferred for that it the final playoff spot let's not forget the second over in the second overall in in the in the east and certainly in any Pittsburgh just in the NHL. You know when I know the peace rallies. Are gonna make a move. Being you know on before on Wednesday the trade deadline they have do they need -- Eight but where were also near talking about the same things that we're Tyrell blaster when they made around the Stanley Cup finals not -- -- who has -- a crew who has map Mark -- You don't we have up there and we're joined several what they -- -- argue over money but that's not would you say. It's the same stuff we're talking about last year. That's not true last year we talked about a power play that needed help and offensively that he some firepower they thought you know again we know we -- -- -- survival might we are talking about are getting. Custom -- to survive the first round of the players because they don't have any they lost three veteran defenseman. And and and -- I mean yeah you -- win and what why not why not it how how young is that you Hamill thing gonna be young deal. David you but it was a first round draft pick we all know good -- you saw how good he can be he was actually a fairly physical last night in match. In a game or the fact that you know it was a -- another roller coaster of emotions. I head wise I you know thank god for to -- you know you'd get an outshot ten warmest period that was not a lot. But but but again. I -- sit -- -- I had what I believed to be. A positive position. In a tough situation where data -- -- a setback which might be bone spurs whatever they you know they it's hip -- could you not that's crazy you know desire. -- you're Dubya I'm you know bodily unity engine that Bursa sat at a percent ruptures and then the joint becomes. Kind of infected and doesn't heal the way it's mostly on prone spurs -- -- Wouldn't they shut down his rehab go to sort of think okay rehab not working to search results Lester that is all right all right Tony Stewart to do what Sony shut down rehab start thickened. Okay rehab is not getting mile if we do need new procedure. Why I yelled -- for me for me out of -- he's he's he's just got to check out -- anatomy he's got to do you know it's about him. Getting healthy if you're Peter surely got to the fifth EU needs someone for -- Quaid now. -- I agree with you -- it's out of a one deal out there there's a couple deals. Comedy that he'd better that is the -- Dominic Hyperic the great news is is the Boston Bruins organization is stacked with talent. And they can afford to make a deal that grinds boat -- moves north tomorrow for. -- there's a kid's got a ton outside played very well. While he was up his agents got to be chomping at the bit to get him you know it's a win win situation. I get his opportunity the you know he came to Boston Bruins organization that is are stacked with. A bunch of guys have won a cup and gone to a cup. In in the last start you know during his his tenure as as a young blast -- so it's it looks like a win win situation you're gonna get somebody good for him that I think the is gonna be out. Five or better. Number five or better defenseman. And and then after that you gotta go get someone I think is which -- like the guy from banker repeat EE he's assaulted physical kid at least at -- to take place. Please cannot do the Bruins. Play and that's secure your own and first that. That's -- wanna -- -- that they used to play a candidate for us I think they just joke and fellas are still on the bandwagon they could afford to do what you're saying you know because that. You know I'd argue votes you wanna give up on the futures the futures this team this team doesn't have like one year window arming and I mean it's not like. They have to go right now they're still a lot of youth coach hours -- a big factor and it but it. Look at at -- now get their their second the league. 2.2 three goals per game trailing only the kinks right but here's the thing. What Seidenberg went down the leader of one point 95 goals a game. Another two point 72 in the last point to assure the court seven to put some like fifteenth in the NHL. You know so. I take an identity await the patriots when he on offense it's like -- that's how they are right -- so when near the Bruins. You go to the playoffs always please power -- offensive teams. And you choked him out -- with your defense got layers of defense we -- talk at all times yes so you take if you take that personality away. And try to become more offensive minds in the office I don't think they are better. I'm not so sure that that's their fault -- winning -- but it. Has to be any use the formula for winning over or across the plot was in the formula for winning for the Boston Bruins and and ended there was a complete lack of it against Washington buffalo. And that is the forwards got a comeback was sent. Torre could -- Matt Archos you cannot be effective defensively they're they're talented enough. They're they're for NASA not to use hockey skills to defend big guys in their own zone but they need. They they -- event defend the big guy for that first did that first Robert on the boards if they don't get apart that's went. You've got to have -- you've got to have a very Kelly you've got to have -- you've got app. Marchand back. And and and and taking away that second opportunity for -- to be the smaller defenseman and and that said so and and and you know the the Boston Bruins. The reason they've been so successful is because David creature plays defense Patrice Bergeron to respect please defense but they also score goals and they also. Our our high flying -- team but they never score unless they play defense first. And I thought they got incredibly Lackey. Lou in New York I mean I don't I don't know all the if they don't look between Iran ever think to commit today Henry you're not gonna get Henry and it Vick being playing that bad. Never given up three had always I don't know I'm silence your best sex and the Bruins have on -- at the Rangers what. This year this the first time they swept him indoors and trees you select the playoffs last year to. That's what you habit goal back to what you said and I agree about defensively there's a couple moves they have to make in it and I think it will feel what they're going to. What's different about last year was it as loose saying you sort at least you felt like you had that -- to soldier had on. Defensively this year and they're not gonna replace Seidenberg I'm not illusion -- got tired of it was that cyber. But they the veteran presence is nonexistent right now I have your say McQuay is out at least the opinion no mind. Then. You have eighteen. That has a real good chance to win a cup migrate as a positive. Places in the eastern conference of good teams. How would have a world beater there Alex that he or -- you can't beat that -- like last year where are wrong. I -- Pittsburg was a team -- -- forget to be good series. But they're back again tidbits I'd get the birds are back again I'm more confident based on what happened lashed out there you know what there's no there's gonna be no -- there's going to be no opposes the Boston Bruins. They gave their asses are on the line. Till the end of the season yeah you look at their schedule I think. I think they got their -- got a couple early games with Florida OK second last over on the east they've got another tilt against buffalo. -- last overall in the east. After that I mean they put forward seven coming up to get to gifts in the Florida games but. Legitimately -- They have their work cut out for them they are playing. Eastern Conference teams I think they have they play Phoenix couple times and play Colorado wants outside of that. It's all metropolitan it's all teams that are that are. -- it's -- tenth ninth eighth seventh sixth. You know filly came back and toast of Washington last night. I mean everybody. It Dayton you can't take and made up and end -- Disney there's going to be no hiding for the Boston Bruins. And I think Peter surely Don Sweeney -- nearly Claude Julien and company they all realize. That. Days in order to have play with the big dogs and and be with the haves and the have nots. And in in and play -- the tar content is going to in the playoffs on a roll you're gonna need a couple of you're gonna need some help you you're gonna need some are eligible are out as and I'll leave it up to British rally. Decide what -- helping needs. Because he's -- -- Wanted to put you on the spot we come back to retire on the bandwagon we -- -- the CNET and baker run we -- -- We know -- -- said he sees the senate and agri they can make a run if they make some moves if they golfer top four defensemen somebody that top four is gonna get pushed down on what you'd. You tell me we come back which well as young defenders right now. Is the most likely to get pushed down night at the guy in my mind it were a curious what you guys think as well. As LB joins -- gonna join us every single Monday 61777979837. Iron -- -- the anti tax line. 379837. I'm sure many -- have. Between not yet -- they'll be happy birthday wish LB WA AF. It's LB WA AF and he takes birthday gifts as maybe there's some pictures of women you wanna -- on the right. You ask you know the other is right but here's my in my I don't look at those everybody's talking about golden age yeah fifty house and I you know what I needed to fit I'm taking it to a whole new level I'm going like super -- stuff right now. Right from now to 75. To be more -- -- to do more than I'd ever ever done in my life my I've got a whole new program. Accomplishing its health LBs are -- or immature at LB Dario will congratulate him on making it yeah. You know -- everybody kind of -- All of skills federal get your thoughts on that LB and how Sports Radio W yeah.

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