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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Oscars

Mar 3, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys gave their thoughts on last nights Oscars.

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Don't worry Mac or a little bit like is -- had. The stress I just noticed that now night in headlines brought to you by AT&T to recover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment did you watch. All the -- less than Jerry no I took an -- money Oscar viewing to watch to tackle them of course is interest from the crap stuff that's the right moved I screwed up I watch -- soup to nuts have been not the art which is on them sit there one. Did so in a real man you watched who detective what men say structure how will graduate Richard to help Allen. I'm gonna watch some -- and I enjoy the same -- the -- predilection. That was one of the best lines which said the -- opened on -- We saw something I haven't seen him here. To -- Jones -- when he pulls got to fix this flex action like his Wiener -- member -- -- -- -- -- win the most seven right via one the most once seven American hustle and publish an article where willful Wall Street -- not that. It -- DiCaprio eats Jonah Hill at night when he turns back in the world. That's assumptions about economic. Yes so. Greg was the big winner although the big prize went to twelve years sleep great film I have no problem winning best pitcher who was the best picture I saw. Last year and your political what -- your favorite. But if we -- -- started the analogy -- you could say. Your favorite restaurant is McDonald's but it's not the best stretch try -- capital -- might be a better rest of their favorite restaurants -- -- -- would say that Valentine's Day. Click -- to say that my -- made up their -- Hillary that's the problem people think what am I supposed to say here experts who -- my supposed to likeness. Be like -- -- like it's a personal preference I don't think what should people you think that it -- Wall Street is your favorite movie and it's the best move now a -- to Kirk now because I listen I like animal house more than. Should list again and it's -- a I don't know it's not justice it's that it's different Alex -- -- -- -- -- movie etiquette palace true. I'm committing -- like he's gone soft it's great movie but it's not -- the New York Times didn't like it. Twelve year there's just twelve years of slave is not entertaining. -- mean it's -- if you -- musically delusions couple apps. I asked him there a lot to consider light up a little guy ever put your body comes in light things up and blow map -- These ethnic in that movie Jerry you should see it. And movement more pulse of characters I have ever seen no also -- up there I couldn't drag my one that have no interest yeah. I -- father wouldn't. I will see by myself when it's on you know I -- myself. There were -- you see everything there was to black -- in the row behind me -- In the movie yet it was over I sort of got to want to apologize. If I really didn't apologize I wish I had nightmares at seam routes. -- movies are very disturbing who's demanding ego yes Ken Norton very disturbing when it's over a week that it really happened and this I would say it's about ten times more disturbing than those two -- and your your point John during the break -- the cupid it's you know. 5000 years a 152. Years ago. This this is a -- this on and we should gradually Chile's Manzi -- dissent baby. She's a -- at 1:28 this morning. A girl. She tweeted about. The announcement. -- an hour ago. So self serving I would say. One's self serving its usual she congratulations that's six BB six hours old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actor which immaculate -- -- we're happy for -- we love him overture detective and he was terrific in doubt Dallas umpires probably would have voted for the obviously -- -- market reforms -- -- -- the most I I love Matthew gonna they have since. We are Marshall but I dazed confused Leonardo DiCaprio and where -- Wall Street was the best in the world if you ever council could do. Did the we will -- on Wall Street and I just thought I just did not think it was well -- -- -- -- -- Partner like about a -- yeah ago. What do you mean it wasn't well done this was score since it was the promise is a budget is all part it was -- however Boston. -- I imagine that it was too long it was too repetitive too redundant the could shorten -- by forty minute interview that he thinks that's all I'm just don't know what it would be response to that question is McConaughey won last night. First off I want to thank god. Because that's who look up to. He's graced my life and opportunities. That I know and out of my hand or any other human and he's shown me that's. It's a scientific fact. And gratitude reciprocate it's. In the words but for the late Charlie Lawton. He said when you -- you've got a friend and that friend. Important and personal and likable couple that religion registered -- form it's even better you realize -- that you know of god -- man -- that Jesus -- to relate more than -- the cigarettes yeah -- tests -- given credit for that. Number two and this is true. Woody Allen got more applause from -- play -- she said his name last -- the Oscars than god did from -- that's Acropolis Woody Allen more than a tendency to detect if he quit smoking. Given. The natural Turkey and David they're winners -- -- about a Matthew a -- for Dallas part of I think you guys would agree that your earliest. Speech is part of the wanted to most buds. That's and he should we got a quarter -- last night like all the -- it was too long cats are here is that some of his speech from last night supporting actor. The dreamers. Out there around the world watching this tonight and places like the Ukraine and Venezuela. I wanna say. We are here and and as you struggle to. To make your dreams happen to live the impossible we're thinking of you tonight's. Was the Ukraine tuned in on -- is just so -- up to show down -- exemptions so it allows. This guy's place and the transvestite. Drug addict and in Denton and Els by his club and thinks that people in the Ukraine care about him and is that not the epitome of -- Hollywood silver and -- -- he would tell you that he cares about the people in the Ukraine. It's it's it goes the other I would say that's fine if we could name three. The -- three. McCloskey it's the oldest. -- critique in the book after the Oscars but does -- most self -- It's on you know blissfully unaware group of people on the planet and that that was another good riff by -- which tuchman on. You know there they've made 400 in thousand movies and 66 musical totally get points and Amy Adams did you go to call you know. But I don't know to graduate from high school analysis skills and she talks were there but he's talented brilliant beautiful to excel -- -- she's she's part of that world as well not outside what do you think about audience I guess the answer probably is Leonardo makes the most money. Doing films but if you if you compiled the film they're doing. Jennifer Lawrence B and that in that group in a machine is probably roll like that yeah makes a bunch of films she's. Hunger Games movie she's probably yeah share up from their yeah that's probably true. Nice moment last night Bill Murray and Amy Adams gave the ethics in the photography rather nominees Bill Murray through -- a quick line. We forgot one. -- -- for caddy shack ghostbusters and out like this as well how Ramos was featured -- In the Maury and yes the big cause of Philip -- often them bet Midler came out war -- through. Wind beneath my we were together at that point it's been two hours and fifteen minutes yet again yes we skip this'll do one verse to do you do supporting actor actress. Couple the smaller ones -- the big which could do that two hours so easily be you know how long the first Oscars ceremony was. 56 in 1929. When the rose half hour. Fifteen minute -- -- two minutes. It's why is -- bring back the world's oldest woman is currently living in Japan -- -- -- -- -- Now you know we talk with the people who might have been -- at one point yes maybe she wasn't sold Liza -- factor now in the twenties and maybe she was. Was born at 1890 to turn a 116 Wednesday. What's the key for her she says the large wind you know she's a shot of Scotch you know. If you like John eating well it's important she says but. Sleeping at least eight out our -- occasional nap thrown in for good measure she was born in 1898. Are urged her daughters -- 9896. We had -- they're alive. She -- her husband in June of 1931. She's been a widow for EB three year. Her father's 98 the average lifespan for Japanese woman is now 86 years with women also accounted for 87% of the nations -- -- people get 200 Japanese maker expects. To reach eighty years old city is -- that there she said the key is eight hours it out and occasional hours and twenty minutes. Six exit to one of the -- 110 YE -- it would stuff we don't know that he gave an answer MD -- -- too -- in the Oscars okay that was over two hours before it's also like twelve wasn't tackle important you go you do. So -- that's what you did -- stuff -- -- stuff. Octagon an answer you should want that I'll say this you know and I'm she's old. Real than sounds like a wonderful woman being nice to see the freak he's looking -- 160. Even you -- Poll. Oh you go here's the thing that she she looks that old but she's seen it sounds old actually actually got the audio effort she was asked. Are you happy to be how he may decide what are the keys to being all the answers -- -- sounds. Real deal. Can -- trying to be in the middle of this and understanding what was going on nothing could be further from the truth. And something that bad -- -- information -- sounds weird though. The Chinese accent but it budget now justice a Japanese yeah basis so misshapen bikini and they should consider late forties and fifties during World War II. Told the -- -- just Kim Novak. Would you wanna -- what what's the age did you secure how -- -- -- standard stock cliche answers as long as -- is on your 214 healthy. Helping real in my brain's working on bodies working yeah that's not -- -- so I'd say whenever we know whenever things start to fail by average right now out amateur at its its recycling day Wednesday in my town looking out in the recycling -- Africa right now 86 years old if you -- for its 2018. My dad of audio far away my dad was eighty -- jump on that yeah I mean. Expelling it eighty and older I think as Korea which are accurate guys yes yeah especially you mean the guys who live hard lives might be -- -- between 5060 years. We'll have fallen off the -- in -- did when week's first met honestly don't know a single children deprivation thing I think rule can be a real -- her nine year old boy did. I'm -- I seem to select him with with some students at saint it's nine year old Chinese kid. Stabbed himself in the stomach viciously with needles after scoring 99 and then of school exam. The nine year old reportedly ram for metal skewers into his abdomen frustration missing out on full market. China. It's -- -- the first most lumps in the -- stomach disease bathing -- conducted a closer look at several days later the youngster started suffering crippling stomach pains. Went to the hostile to two hours removed the needles buried inside -- -- I got a 999 -- -- I've seen this in schools around here yeah. You'll see admin and new console via obsessed with perfection their kids' likeness to raise the bar for memory for everyone. I used to go in the library department on like -- Saturday night is full. Well agent I mean they -- selection could see authority they just work car. Let's not the -- A lot of tiger moms out there a lot of tiger moms in Lexington you going to be -- arts telecoms it was 777 point seven and I've brought you limited to. Let's say it again headlines brought to you of course by AT&T out we'll get into the Tiger Woods situation Bobby -- situation of something called the seeding at the czar when we come back.

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