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The 2014 Oscars

Mar 3, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing last nights Academy Awards.

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The nominees. For most messed up person at the Oscars last night -- Harrison Ford -- on what's up with those eyeballs what the hell was he on I -- -- you know earring it's a good -- it's great when they -- its. -- You know win but he can win no doubt -- our support via geez what Indiana Jones he's Alitalia comes at the jokes yet she I'll just for walks. As he is a nominee for messed up person at the Oscars last night's party exhibit -- suggestion from deal. Blink so we don't throw dirt on you. He's 94. Is I don't know whatever it is -- side I felt I felt bad odd Goldie -- not at the same -- from Lafayette who used to be hot is it's a different -- we thought well you sought. The hot goalie unless things -- daughter at -- yes got to -- upset for right lol. And down with Kurt Russell mean. That's -- they're like elect Paul Newman and Jolie and Brad strong yet and a married now there -- -- growth and Tim -- starring as the Joker. All war's not -- to finish -- about a couple strokes so if she did and I apologize but it ought use repellent old people -- you do out several people. Cubs let's talk what young's screwed messed -- people Jarrett late rather. It is call security. -- -- to Google and -- was out the -- Attackers mom yeah I guess I don't think we try to figure and we was and the boyfriend of generic boyfriend of the death. I mean what are your what are confused when he slip of the tongue that was all my god that just went in -- happy moment for the the only cause but but you know -- He was he deserved that he deserves. To think anybody. Who took that role. If you all the short took that role I don't know he noted that nominated -- -- out of a nominee Eric Jarrett does say is a fetching looking woman yes I mean you put policy the Aussie. I would not look as good as Jerry Paul Giamatti. Excellent that'll throw you mean he won because he looked good well that's part of it he looked up partly let's briefly feminine in Portland -- the cream tubby could see the time maybe -- a good looking girl out to. Skinny but do you -- -- good looking guy mean is a go to -- pretty much agree that that role whoever it was like. -- win Christian Bale took the geeky girl and we talked to Mark Wahlberg does everybody knew. -- got that role the showy showy roles you know to get -- awards. Or going to get recognition and and Christian Bale was just incredible in that role and no one could've done better but that role that character they knew. The Activision on the Mark Wahlberg and Christian -- new leverage did Micky ward he's going to be -- yet. You know because he's in normal right -- acting -- event is -- -- was going correctly -- award via character that was. Whatever his name was the transvestite friend of among gonna -- going to win awards it's tough to screw that -- great again right the not taken into things if you play somebody who's mentally handicapped damage if you -- -- to lose a lot of weight yeah that's some upgrades I was gonna say the -- -- the hardest part I think being a Hollywood -- not learning the lines is not is not in long hours on the set. It's the gaming and the losing weight for various various -- shirts we -- McCartney and I mean yeah it's a loss in discussing it and he didn't have -- to lose he was a skinny guy right begin right. Didn't Tom Hanks and he -- diabetes. Opened on the. -- -- Know from many rules mean helpful one role on the island castaways right you get your value and story. But he's done in various rules and try to lose weight and gain weight and we're determined to Christian wicked -- -- put on. Or are picked -- the -- -- hustle hustle that says -- act. That's -- vehicle that was rail thin and sickly and in the fighter. And then it's beginning of America -- because that got taken out every. And he must just must before. They lose weight must suck but in -- but you need to put on a fifty pound. I just -- mcdonalds for a couple of big Macs and have a couple Beers and stop exercise capital next thing you know you look like Christian Bale in American council. I thought that -- supporting -- -- because into the usually basically at that carry him out there and then he could even read in the best director now it was it was I was not it was not by the way that was the worst were. Worst award of the night best director for gravity I don't know like gravity. I didn't -- now -- work from now there's an interest. Alex these movies. That you would like gravity and while a lot of its base shared with his average are smashing down on the beach the whole thing is in space. If there isn't space we believe it's the rocket launch and now moving. My Oscar weekend -- -- three royalties. But I don't what did you think of -- wolf the walls. Yeah they -- it. As princess who would -- I I've made a conscious decision that I ever going to see three movies in two days what that would not be three plus hours long and I was vindicated because it didn't do that well. I'm glad I went to see the indicated he would a lot of a lot but I wanted to go see it 'cause it's Tuesday August -- -- -- is reason to. Willingness to blog yes -- just don't have to -- -- what you -- -- the -- -- just moved on it's never. But -- the best part of princesses and analysis not because of the withdrawal from Wall Street races I don't think it was very well I got up to that -- what's my album it was remarkably well done. A win like. That done right yes it was redundant ride to long wait wait too long as well here's a -- -- -- just like the guy is always a slave America this is a market -- after twelve years. There are all too long someone has to in penalties are beasts in a ground stop -- -- -- gravity 9919191. -- last -- on ice I I planned it that way because that's. Nine minutes likened right after steer to the movies and do not like it's it's pretty. Them on the -- 87. Or -- 8787. That's all that's revealed to good -- Looks. Right at that point yet area yes. I thought the peacefully broad lift the skirt and the you can squeeze down a touchy issue one that was funny that this -- Democracy movement looks depressing girl won for it for twelve years slave. Was great I mean great supporting Saint Louis -- you know that it's a powerful devastating. Disturbing. At times funny but not that -- Seen all the funny part she faked orgasm at the diner. That was that would that would arguments they're metal well I was guess I would get as well as the -- is. So how many of -- producing. I did not see -- -- Com and that's realists on the other -- yeah yeah -- nine Nebraska I saw. -- -- yet what order would you put that I was up four and I haven't. Candidate border without question my favorite favorite -- to different treatment favorite movie the nominees was -- People why they did for a disastrous obviously that was -- was the price of best movie -- it -- -- bigger blow but -- -- Schindler's List you don't -- yes it's I was it was a great move it great but it's not gonna. If Schindler's List is -- -- it -- -- is on and goodfellas is on under the watch could. Incrementally better. Meant that -- -- caught up in the trap that you know you have different interpretation of best and and my favorite that's true -- It's that subject southern primaries battered nation. That's all audio which when he watched dumb and -- sure that's not the question which is a better movie -- that obviously is from. What you didn't like much it's different stupid. And it. Now well that you don't like -- about it. What are you talking you know what you're talking about Evans economics -- sets is I'm not that it's not an entertaining field good movie I didn't say it was entertaining field and the reason electability factor to me that's for this thing that counts of -- it was not work to watch it. But it was. Incredibly while I'm glad I won best picture yet -- that that's fine but it's a -- -- -- -- -- best picture. Because. It is in the the movie like that are sure that your opinion. The best movie European. October's. OK so you think your favorite -- I answer the question but it is to look at our did not -- different XT one thing that's the problem or Oscars thank you want to note no it is the problem you say. Well I didn't like it the best but it was the best because everyone told me it was the best because they picked academy picked up out of -- -- -- Saint Paul that's exact. So it's a movie I enjoyed I sat there watchful for Wall Street -- enjoyable film going what you should favor. -- Wall Street in the which is the best officials I have to get that you can. Say -- -- is wherever they go let Latino -- that what you are. What's the -- -- you must recuse yourself from this until you see the movie -- get exactly what is saying OK it was painful it was UK it was justice he just said to move reasonable Wall Street and an obvious I'm not comment on Wall Street yes that's what he's I don't commenting on you after all you yourself and -- -- I can't Abbas that what he said about twelve years of slaves. It was a tremendous movie but it is tough to watch it was he wanted to watch it was brutal watch. It was it was not I didn't say entertaining even. It was eye opening it was profiled was poignant it was painful. But it wasn't Libya will want to collapse that again right -- you weren't that borne out when that country fine that's great that's wonderful Slater Austin idol. But interest Riverside and alma what -- of interest in seeing. -- -- above the EC should worry of course -- did until this accountants aren't -- to see myself with my father and a friend of mine. Have pulled the -- before do you my friend shows up. A six pack -- companies not it's kind of movement and that's what it is so shows up and it starts in August. -- After the movie was in black and white -- there in the left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can obviously enjoy a movie and still not that it's the best movie -- year clearly that's. True that's. Mike's reasonable Wall Street -- as. Well done is obviously a critically my friend -- I'm not but what but I enjoyed the most and the other on it was terrific and you guys mark before was hurt but that was great. Yeah right some movies have no interest. And nobody wants you to send -- one. -- you we will lol on Wall Street and I just I just did not think it was well don't. We're not quite where I think him and not wearable London that was -- that I cannot think that was well done as well done. It's where willful. And our. You. We will floor and Wall Street and I just I just did not think it was well don't. That the princess is on the joke. Theater is not that the team might be yes screwing this. Home but he didn't make a -- agency. Pro life but not enough yes not -- policy do not often your own show you probably -- yeah its strange places well three are not off right. And under this large portions I think. And that's okay. I I I haven't seen it's my passing judgment asking you quick question here. You said it's swelled up he says it was not well done and it being universally called weld done if they do like. Five cocaine scenes instead of two and six -- seems instead of two. Could it not been a lot better. Done a lot more wonderfully crafted and he -- forty minutes out of -- -- -- -- it now. Now and -- cut right cut out and I don't think you can kind of frame orders to shoot the costs are cut twenty minutes on American council should cut twenty minutes -- buyers club. -- cut. Half mile -- of captain Phillips all these movies to that baseball simple as what you like gravity. Powered 29 minutes. Talent ID when I was a kid I had no interest in Star Wars had no interest in close encounters its base. Not that I'd like Star Trek kind of like those like if ethereal kind of journal poll had -- things yet this is more like Apollo thirteen. I'll have to corn one. -- -- -- You have the feeling last night -- that our -- the tire was nominated for supporting actor and showed that you never ever see -- yes correct direction with the -- you don't like he used his -- to get -- -- I don't know where he -- bias that -- that's -- -- about it but there was a lot of those that -- at that we don't think -- gonna -- a romantic comedy it was Sandra -- Kate -- -- that's little -- lawyers some lighthearted. The -- Christmas -- -- against -- about it automatic pentagon has moved on from that -- used to -- Romantic lead he shouldn't be that -- guy that meet that guy you know to be. Understandable. Which Kate Hudson's boyfriend slash -- yeah I think he'd be perfect isn't about Matthew. That is so likable and his character and his character in the in this particular movie. Is it like. That. George Clooney -- That nobody really dislikes him -- -- likable kind of guy question is what taken how to take so long to be so critically -- always he's been around he's 55. I believe. The police and quite. Something. -- I'll check register report the if you call checked it cannot be it but honest enough. It's not a likable chat he's fifty supplement via. 4040 X he looks like in -- book characters exactly well it to detective that was. Can't talk about expectancy. Of watch and so it was outrage seen by -- and -- Cairo and they -- excellent the diner when he says we're -- that we -- when he -- that during -- -- I don't -- original great episode of one another great episode it didn't that is over the month that's not very -- Cuban girl that. -- time and altogether this -- in the modern time but but at one point when he looked and looked. Matt you were gone almost Hansen yeah. Right is in the fit right used to work when Lance Armstrong probably took something drugs trim fit trim athletic look and and he looks like crap in. It was towards it though even -- -- does is not a looks like he's got his lungs so I all of its way out -- air strike notice amusement room for thirteen years something like that. Were sufficient votes in Alaska. Wait wait and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just predictable. Which applies to choose you know line eighty mile an hour fastballs viewed him America what they lover anyway. She was rather edgy with one line and somebody in the audience to like it. Was she brought -- because she was not going to be offensive. She wasn't just people indigent legal Odyssey re -- type of think there was one line -- Liza Minnelli Michael twice real wild. Make sure with Liza Minnelli watts yeah that's. I just say one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli and her -- I have ever seen in my in my entire life just. Really seriously. Good job sir I mean that is really. Good job sir it's rough was unlike out of line. To get such a good seat to do that Judy Garland tribute exactly think of that. She's there just to be -- she's won an Oscar and she's just to be mocked by right but so she did her job. Of the -- their look and weird and whacked out drugged out an element of the leading. Actors and Arthur. Dudley Moore looks better right now. I'm currently as we speak there's looks -- right who has her it was her her sister and her brother yet stood -- notably we did that Florida a lot more to laugh at one time we talked about that -- that used to not be hot but used to be kind of -- -- source says -- was -- -- love interest. In that -- cabaret. And here is love interest in the an hour and and how they look today you know it's hard to believe that someone lost that after the person once upon a time. Called my -- and all the odds get all the omelets but do you remember there was a time with Tyne Daly was not bad. -- -- but -- what he has -- yeah not a -- was okay. Sharon is less was okay I'm David. Just and then use the pitcher's duel. When I mean. You're talking like hot to do now -- just XOK. That's doable doable Barbara Streisand while some people etc. sexy. Let's get old tell were right. -- -- -- -- Shot there George Clooney George quote yeah darling may return in the camera -- the problems economic and go back look at it say something. -- -- this particular movie where it's muddy it's a movie this is fraught. But I more than anything else in the history of movies or television shows hate. The same thing you hate that would be dream sequences. Right eight. So cliche it's awful and awfully and it it was done. All right we have laws the unit after was that was -- yes good point let will -- was that was all good point and will move on and exports and books and however one of the nine movies as the dream sequence and it. I found. Interesting and enjoyable and not cliche would you agree that yes yes I was -- -- good movie a dream sequences one. Raiders in Braveheart. Who earned him the best part of my dreams about coming in with names come. And he wakes up -- way and he comes and excellence in with our base that India and smashes his skull oh so -- seen them. -- -- seniors all odds are it -- was surely it's it's it's a fair if you know. It was my favorite move -- was the best. Goodyear removed bank arm them. -- was -- that was that shirts if no that was called on the bad cycle the pulse -- of my favorite one of them and uncle but it was have you gone and you won best actor. Thank you thank you thank you to the academy for this. All 6000. Members thank you -- other nominees. All these performances were impeccable. -- in United's here false note anywhere. You know what if this acting thing doesn't work out for him he has a huge future in voice so. Could be the new Lexus guys you know but he can sing he's probably song and his voice is very interest in front of some of these things and ability consuming countries then in -- -- you as -- -- -- But is a -- that he -- used to be just being just that any of the guys now at least the gold standard gold stands to gold as a standard in he's the guy. In acting and I look forward I mean obviously from detectives all could change the mine and then bring them back in May now. Hate them they asked who looks good with aids he's expected that's another role -- knew the page you get that that you get aids humiliate you become a fighter for the aids cause in the eighties and no. You gonna win kept the failed -- Tom -- waiting nominees in this movie -- that he. He wasn't now there's -- -- slave get help. Forest Gump is as simple Jack with so you know he went went full on that one and he had aids in Philadelphia. -- -- -- that's the way to go to the fact that the actors fight over that on this it is a new script there with a guy they'd pale by over that no in the win an award it helps your chances -- right. And then if you're -- -- when you accurately -- you bring your mom and tell everybody you know this has ever. Fellow cross dressers out there I probably thought little brother -- your mother couldn't get in front gazillion people and they knew that it you're. She Russia -- of people in the Ukraine yet ruby surrounded by Russian troops and Venezuela. And it's probably you know. -- 5:4 in the morning we have opponent who's gonna sit there the Russian troops are outside their house ethics rule in the -- That you. Forward John Kerry it's gonna fix -- -- tomorrow for us you know it would seem to me that Matthew going to be winning the best actor. Makes it less likely that true detectives and HBO brings them back doesn't it price tag go up a lot and used. -- these big -- -- not want there might have been a chance mainly betting big move that's via the key issues article on graduated. So does get -- next week. 23 weeks from new -- when you want you shouldn't knock today. We have been ahead hill several times they are still one of the two. And it's over my hope to bring them via our it is focused on delegates until he's one of the biggest movie stars in the world they got a break did this. Could be crap. All right 6177797937. Let's talk a little sports when we come back to remarkable statements. From fellows named Richard. In the world of sports I'm not sure which one I find more fast and you figure we come back. And it.

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