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Our crazy caller Tim

Mar 3, 2014|

Tim called in with several questions for John and Gerry.

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-- timid Norfolk I apologize. Formula hand I would have taken you -- hour ago. But he's running the show today and he -- -- he does those -- -- ground. I appreciate your patience Timothy. I appreciate. It good I it's I'm sorry. I'm not I -- -- that look at I have problem you've got to have blown me away because. I'm not I'm I'm. I I don't think I'm that patient -- example today. My question I have to question and and that. -- that are not being. Surgical way out because. And the air and that. That is our that is inside information you have no idea -- but. I have two questions. You want to question now -- whether -- showed Tim does and doesn't want it and are not our -- parents. I had the first question is for Robert. Kelly and the question it. What if any graduate from -- -- Through. -- -- -- Wednesday's eight years line. Richard. She said Gregory at the flashes -- over with did you live in southwest. -- What's wrong with -- I don't think it's not a mrs. This is good stuff. Really go to UMass you don't live in southwest yet at least a year yes squarely and it was an hour for the pendulum of power to apologize there's not that I lived in central for a semester. Was the best pizza place or. Let me I figured I'd give this guy -- have been sent it back and know that I don't deal anyways I'm. That jumped at -- What really intrigued me that they and the wind -- so long. Is that fact. I came out of the school of business. You -- the second question -- had to face fines -- did you -- and yeah right unless your guys ever calls gonna be your quality minutes -- typical. Questions that are not the question right I wanted to pick -- -- in the show about. Memphis right. So I -- I did them. White collar crime -- -- -- what they call it -- I did and that did not close the correction for what. I have reached my English. My ex girlfriend -- and on call. See that he didn't go to prison wrong about it. What did. He say what you guys talked about is that. I know I I I know so only people that system and I can open it. What I can -- is this bad hand. I can guarantee. I know I. Did you do as many drugs you can find us a now I didn't get my hands I direct I don't know what about that you masks don't drink. While not anymore -- you -- -- And it started out your wrist surgery that on your brain. You get a pop -- give me a break right now your second question is what I did -- second question that I am I -- And it is and. Cohost -- today. And I act or -- -- with Belcher my handicap. My golf handicap. Yeah. I. Give my mind my artificial hip would be up but I would say I'm probably out of 57. I. Our colleagues wore him enjoy our conversation. I'm up five. Wiping out -- uptight right now is. I needed geek out about this system. I did ten months in which do what -- did it and was a bit -- -- I -- and not enough. The correction we solid -- country -- yet. And it did. The people that pat through there. From -- The gateway to our class reunion. And with. It -- I. Jerry is a nice tie -- your listeners exactly gonna go to that 20% to thirty. Radio gold jewelry -- let him have his time these other phone calls he made this ex girlfriend. One luxury real. I don't remember submit. Its relaxed. Right -- the but. That's not right. Don't party. -- technology. Is not exactly -- Because I guarantee you. I've been achieved on screen -- it did it because it didn't country club. Have heard that ever heard that the vehicle actually. -- -- due to the brown acid and told us not to do the brown acid. It you know he doesn't act. And month. Caller yeah we -- they call exit the nickname grandma. Enterprise it's not because they just go away we only got six months. -- -- -- -- It. No one yet landed right did you graduate from from human instinct you'd agree. Oh it. All I thought it was out of those public speaking and communication you got a business degree from UMass and I wanted to and I waited I partners is not right now and I am I an upside -- -- -- with a -- aren't that well. She's at this strategy that we don't know -- -- yeah. It's ten. Minutes and 22 seconds of radio goal. -- -- at the reunion body grandma's against repeated Monday. I think I've been -- I think he's editor -- producer for the show went on Saturday over all things a little -- out. Just for the record -- and does not have controlled the buttons need to do lie I thought it was good radio Jimmy. Back he should be a look at the border he tried room when 300 euros over the bachelor party told us not to do the brown asked. Will he be at the billion rabbit the -- anybody who wants to cut into the bachelor party and come bachelor party so now we ought to be the big announcement next week by the Jews serving. Rick Pitino got him bill Cosby's. And we cut him. And today but not attempt Steve Buckley there. I can sounds like just about everybody I -- it and I thought. You know it was temporary guest and a a phase where the think a guy like I believe he went to jail for its word think -- must be somebody for everybody because he had a girl. As a blow up the only with the prison for all so she sent them to prison by pilotless plane chartered to being. She is -- maybe she was like -- deformed something she commission soft at all. Varies. -- -- did you look like an XT and the group. --

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