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Jerry Remy Returns To The Booth

Mar 2, 2014|

Today was Jerry's return to NESN and the broadcast was a return to normalcy,... sort of. Butch takes calls and offers his opinions.

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Since everything that's gone on since he spoke here on WEEI. Curious about your thoughts if you watched any of the broadcast if you didn't. Again I'll give you mine it sounded great. It was a comforting. As a Red Sox stand to hear Jerry's voice. I say that is some spicy comforting I mean I think on. Is all. Teams there's a comfort level when we hear familiar voices. That have done games growing up it was always you know Johnny most of the Celtics. Bob Wilson Fred Cusick Johnny pierce and many others with the Bruins. Gil Santos and -- with the patriots. And then with a Red Sox every one from current -- denied Martin. To show on the -- -- Donna -- and Ramey so. After several decades it was comforting the -- he's -- yeah I think it was comforting for ram a year to joke a little bit in the air he joked today. A lot not a early on I thought nests in and Remy were very. Just let it happen at the beginning -- Jerry was very into the game. Not talks more than he usually does -- don't mean that he talked to march what I mean by that is in baseball. I think it might be one of the hardest sports to do his color analyst -- need to know when to talk and when to shut up. The again that's the reasoning was calls I think Remy is always had a good feel for that to gay I thought early on. He was very into. Baseball. Talking about things that that. He'd observed at spring training and how the Red Sox were thinking. By the way coming up in just a little bit I'll -- -- -- one personal story about ramming everything tells you. Tells me and and you can judge what you want about that tells me why. He's so good -- has been so good in my opinion. At what he does a cholera so Jerry Remy back I would like your thoughts. Text him and if you like at 37937. Several techsters say I'm good to hear -- back it was comforting I'm. I'm -- is wrong he just wants to get me OK whatever that means. Now the text happy Brittany jokes to glioma is a great broadcast -- much deserved to be in the Red Sox hall of fame. Funny when he said here's the throw from me strand ski and if you heard that Mike strapped Diaz grandson played several innings in this game. And Joseph. These trends -- in right field in the -- -- -- -- home. And Joseph said he knew strapped it would've thrown in the middle McCauley said boy it sounds good to say that Alex. So let's jump right back on the calls let's go to -- in -- -- sports Sunday on WER and a Sunday night to be what's on your mind tonight. Hey let's go -- guys listen I am I really embarrassed to -- socket and right now Rondo is cool kids. That team. What is being currently all crime that shocked and I -- actually it is like -- need. Are up to Hogan tour they -- What do you like eleven years old -- get it every day it came off like a real bad -- -- -- -- -- And peeked in he take it. Were they off and get to see on the security. It could be so what do you do to get it on cold triple K -- don't -- you wouldn't call it what it can't get rid of everybody know. -- -- What are you upset at me and we have a talk let's have a discussion about. So these what are you upset about the most. All of -- Baltimore and he said that he understood. OK. So -- -- and shouldn't act like I agree with you. It's not what you want you got into doing clearly the Celtics were not happy with this because they didn't -- -- Danny called it a mistake. After the fact they they didn't come out and defend him on it so clearly. The he rubbed some people the wrong way I would agree to do as far as on coach a bowl. Was he on coach bowl would Doc Rivers when they won a championship. I -- -- to upgrade this could end up. I I mean we'll get our way to wherever. He said he was on culture able. Really well but nobody that he was their point guard. And he won a championship and of all the things you could say about Rondo to be fair you have to say that one of the thinks so far his NBA career is this. He's a money performer when the games get bigger he plays better. But he gets Iraq you know honestly you got to get a rather. -- and I want a few seem like it -- like it like I. It's a -- let's cut to the -- so the incident when -- birthday thing was not good. There and it's and it's not becoming the captain agreed I couldn't agree more I'm not -- defend them however however. He's your best player the major leader of the team that's let's just leave that for second -- That part of the that we elect. We gamble will no I don't got a little while we're coming up with the can't -- They can't get -- -- old boat and trying to get rid of them by all accounts a big gate. -- they change tried to give it will look pretty. To be that's your description of at any age tried to trade him for treasure chest and no one was gonna give them a treasure chest -- to trading deadline. Because almost 21 round draft picks it -- -- in this draft where you can might give the next Rondo. When he won't even if that would -- case so look you made some good points tipping the bottom line is if -- -- -- do you keep Enron or you're trading. I'm products racial war and that's just -- your post entitled to your opinion but that's just doesn't work. Let's go to -- in Revere who's next -- what's on your mind. -- I think Jeremy does -- if you come back but I really think -- collect this trial will result -- that -- out in whatever the situation. Given that fact that it -- 34 convictions -- for domestic bat great. I think it's here -- there is why intervene he gave him release from protective custody -- some culpability. And that -- does that one. There's no doubt about that that's going to be a big part of the trial in the case however when you say quote. He should we come back to Red Sox baseball. After the trial was over. By all accounts the earliest this trial's gonna happen is October. So and it's probably gonna get pushed back self for the sake of argument let's say this trials going on during the World Series. What that means is this trial is not going to be going on for the entire baseball season. So -- Jerry Remy. Why do you have to wait a year. For this to come out for you to come back to do Red Sox baseball and by the way if his son is convicted or acquitted. What will that do to change your mind whether he should be doing -- not doing Red Sox FaceBook has to be honest in my opinion. Jerry Remy did not commit this alleged. Crime and murder his Sunday. -- that's true. If you that the report convictions on your record in and give your parent and you know that it's and that the child involved in the situation. I don't think every parent would have intervened and. Not all of women and -- we're talking -- all the talk as if this is -- But this is where -- were I think a lot of people start declining pollute the whole discussion the discussion is about. What what my discussion I'd like to have tonight he's did you listen to the game. And what did you think when you heard -- talk -- thinking about Jennifer Martell did you did it change your opinion or did it in for reinforce your opinion either way that he should be doing and are not be doing it that's a discussion I'd like to have. I won't put it aside until he entered the allegation I really don't care -- The allegation that he regretted intervened to get -- unreleased he would not get to that question publicly. We can all. I don't know if you can find -- he didn't answer that question publicly which I was shocked that he did. On Dennis John Dennis asked him flat out. Have you did you know. That your son had issues and if they work. How much of that was related to drugs emotional. Things like that -- said all of that any talked and he said call me an enabler. Because as any parent I did step in and try to help my son for many years I had no idea something like this might happen he did not -- to. -- did he help him. You try to get them in public right now. What actually -- -- read about deputy that they cute biggest exposure right now the civil liability. And it would really want to get back to work is because he's got a major exposure I think he's gonna get taken for -- It's -- to -- so did you listen to him at all today. Yeah I couldn't put it OK that's fair enough -- that's what I wanna -- are you so when he started talking you're. You so did have you from the -- came out let me be clear about this -- be clear about your opinion. Have you thought all along that he shouldn't come back once he announced that he combat. I think you need you to that allegation before we come back and kind of picky it's -- put -- into what you get sick. Did hear it I'll miss Martel -- DA in this instance they get this under I don't think it's an answer -- a -- that. And that's where they need to wait aren't a factor and that doubt that the beginning to me because. This is not an anomalous event that senator serial batterer. True and and you you can't put that aside an analyst -- dot. Here's the only thing I'm putting aside and I'm not being callous about this Remy is decided he wants to come back. The Red Sox have decided. And let's face the team has final say on their announcers to the Red Sox have decided. That they want the guy that's done collar on television on NASA for them for 23 years to come back while these and didn't booming thing is hanging. Over new England's head. That that's what they've decided and NASA has decided to let him do that to now it's fair game. We can criticize that decision or not. Com personally my opinion is and again I'm a father of three daughters and the thing I talk about all the time but my wife and close friends is. The two things I wish from -- is a that someone treats them like gold for the rest of their life. Nevermind too -- something happened to Jennifer Martel and beat that they get an education and career that allows them to stand on their own two feet so. I'm very opinionated about this and and I can't. I don't wanna defend Jared -- in any regard and I'm not trying to defend Jerry however the guy has a right to make a living. His bosses of deciding whose comeback and is a Red Sox the and it's comforting for meeting -- I I don't wanna say didn't think about Jennifer mark felt today but I. I thought more about Red Sox baseball that I thought about her just because I'm so used to -- -- Yeah you know what check you're gentlemen I share your opinions about a group of women should go to the world but in this instance. I -- together -- in the public. All right X ray that's fair I'm not criticizing you or anything we disagree on a couple of things. I do I just. Thanks for the call -- many -- wrote a great column about heat that was his opinion he thought Jerry should wait until next year and we -- this trial. Finishes up any asked Jerry about it when Jerry was on and -- answer I believe. I -- it wasn't paraphrasing but with some to the effect of I wasn't gonna do that in my bosses I was gonna tell them to wait another year and stand by me for a year now. On either you know come back and -- I've for the longest period look there was no way there's going to be possible underground mine -- and taking area that he consideration. You know with. And I would not put my bosses say you know I have been on the Iraq. Because there's going to be a trial and there's going to be there's -- there's going to be that I'm in the right I had to make a decision now in the you know my decision obviously was to continue long. That was after a lengthy interview which I believe is still up on WEEI dot com under the Dennis and cal Rampage great job Paul pulling -- -- -- And you can hear it and hear Jerry talk about that again easy answer about why. He's not waiting for the case to come back. Is radioed to his bosses. And they wasn't gonna wait another year to to do that he was either gonna do it now -- wasn't gonna happen at all. I'm let's go to the phones money that wanna talk about it let's go to. Paula and Pelham, New Hampshire hello. Or you and good coaching at Pelham mass okay. Masks. Right outside of camera. Yet it's just a little bird. On I have to kind of disagree with what they re. Only because. We and our kids no matter what that you were -- there are kids granted this may have been. A situation that way out here you know above and beyond what most of us would do. The man's job he's got back to work. We all know he's dealt with depression and everything else. You know give it break it was full grown it. That did not him and until somebody says otherwise. He's pretty much blameless right now. Com. OK if you wanna do this discussion and a black and white. Cents meaning that either should come backer he shouldn't that you Gator didn't think about Jennifer Montel today when you heard. Jerry talking that his son did it it Eddie's son did it and not him or allegedly did it let's be fair. And and all that then when we look at the Remy situation. Today I think it's fair game to talk about it I don't think we're gonna be talking about this after every single Red Sox game. It goes on but who knows. Again I think in fairness Jerry said it himself and I know Jerry a little bit I've gotten to know Jerry. I'm not one of his close friend but it worked -- them along side with them for 34 years channel 68 very closely and down. I'm -- a very private person. And -- I mentioned that because. He said flat out the thing that stuck with me in all this -- he said I'm not sure how this is going to work. So what sticks with me today and I listen to a good amount of the game today. Visiting Jerry was in his comfort zone. And I think that was hard for him. I'm curious if there's gonna be anybody asking him after the game how did you feel and have his comments about it because. I think he's done a really good job of answering all the questions and not trying to bury the situation and acknowledging it. And I agree with your point Paula that the guy deserves to make a living and the fact that it's his son and it's accused of this and not him in other words we put in a different way if Jerry warrant trial for this I'd feel completely differently about him you know. Right absolutely so you know. I don't know how it's gonna play out I'm with -- on this I I -- I know he doesn't know how it's gonna play out. I am curious how he feels tonight. After that first game my guess from knowing him a little bit in from listening to most of the game today. He's so far so good that's my guess on how he feels he and Don we're joking. A lot during the game a lot not more than usual but as much as they used to. On there was a time with a new reporters talked about families in the stands. And I am I thought an awkward situation could come up for example. What do for fathering a daughter there in the stands and one of the reporters talks about a one of them did today. One of the -- reporters talked about a mother coming down a moving down it's nobody's and now living in Florida. And and trying to do this and that and Jerry didn't end up commenting on the upper back could easily be an awkward situation. Where no matter what Jerry says that can be taken out of caught it. Well I agree with you budget's going to be. Going to be awkward probably for the better part of this season because you know as well as ideal day it -- this. In the nation so to speak. Can be critical no matter what your -- darned if you do in your darned if you don't. And so I think it's going to be a long road for him. But I think a bit like anybody else that has a job and they -- gone through this. They should be able to go back to their job. Okay thanks for the call Paul I appreciate it 6177797937. Tons of text on this region couple. Which if one of your daughters is killed. One of your daughters killed someone drunk driving you have to quit your job. So to stretch that analogy. If one of my daughters allegedly. Killed someone drunk driving no I wouldn't have to quit my job at my job -- a public figure which it has been for most of my career. I would be under the scrutiny of the public -- it's just comes along with the territory. And by the way it's hard for me to go. The drunk driving analogies because in 1987 on a Friday night. My dad was killed by drunk driver. Who was seventeen years old at the time drinking and driving and got nine years commuted to six and served one. And killed two people so hard for me to be unbiased. In that description. Not always has butch he do you think use the -- comforting do you think the girl's family mart tells. And friends plus all the victims of domestic violence Wear socks pants but comforted by hearing his voice like Q five or six question marks. Probably not get him he's giving you my impression I am not trying to be insensitive. Remark and keep cushion by Sam father of three daughters. I'm not insensitive I don't give a listen very closely to Jerry talking. Because again I'm I'm sure Jerry was thinking and trying not to think -- the magnitude of the situation is there and it's going to be here. But if he's gonna do this job that he's made this decision he just comes at some level of sensibility that he's got to talk about the Red Sox and baseball. And not keep thinking about the short time I guess it really thought about Jennifer -- and this whole situation all dated or tried to put it out of his mind and didn't. So I don't know I don't think the Martell -- and friends in the victim of domestic violence who -- Sox fans are comforted by hearing his voice like me. A lot of you wanna talk about -- you can texting you could call and rich in Providence is next bomb on sports on -- and WEEI hey rich how real. Good thank you very good good good. Again very very sad that situation that -- put into the and there's this place where -- that. Yeah it's like no control also when he wakes his son allegedly has done this. He has been convicted of this three or four times before which I didn't know until few moments ago. And it's Blake. What do you do and the question that I came to mind while outlook and then was. What if he is. Dealt. The guilty verdict what do you think Jerry Remy does that and what do you think he should do if his son is the decision is sit down that he is in fact killed. That's a good question and if I had to answer right now and you put my feet to the fire. That the direct answer that comes to mind is. Jared -- was would've been convicted of murder not Jerry. Now. I'm so I didn't -- -- no I understand but but you're asking me. If I hear you correctly rich you're saying what should the nests in the Red Sox and Jerry do if the trial did go on. And his son is convicted of this murder right what should Jerry do. Okay what do you think he will do. I don't know. But again my my -- I don't know. I don't know because my my answer right now. Would have to be again my first thought is that again Jerry's not convicted Jared is now of course there's so much of the other things that could come out if he did come out. That Jerry and his wife somehow. Helped. Aided and criminally. They were brought into this and and civilly assume was against the -- all different. That's a whole different situation where there's a civil -- it's getting as much publicity as the one the criminal one would be and he's doing Red Sox games that's not gonna work. Just -- -- work so I don't I don't know the answer to that question but again to me it's a little different that it's a huge difference that -- GQ's and not Jerry. But why would Jerry Remy. Have they have money extracted from him in a civil lawsuit when he had nothing to do it. Well that's the question quote nothing to do with it if it comes up the criminal trial. That he and his wife did use their influence and power as public figures Jerry's name. To help Getty's son out and get a restraining order lifted. I mean. Well look if fine thanks for the call Richard atomic calls are -- keep moving on that thing. This is still a little difficult for me because I was on the others I did have to go to trial. Against the family. Of a young man who killed my father and another man does steel. I hit -- to go through this at the age 27 when my mom who was banged up very bad physical. I do we have unfortunately some personal experience -- dissimilar by the way somebody texted him. And said. Was trying to compare where is here. Which some very strongly drunk driving vs intentional murder I won't read the rest of the text. But they put a question mark. Here's what you need to understand about drunk driving and killing some while you're drunk driving it is intentional okay. It is intentional. You decided to pick up the keys to get behind that we. And by being drunk and killing someone with the way you did debt that is intentional. It's like loading the gun and shooting someone in the head so I understand that before you callously sending text of saying it's not the same. You need to think about. Massachusetts. In the nation have done a tremendous job since my dad was killed in 1987. In in doing things to to try and address. And with one daughter driving now on the others about a driving years to come. -- if your parent you know what I'm talking about every time they go out at night. You worry about the coming home safe. And so there is no difference between picking up a loaded gun getting behind the wheel of a car while you dropped just isn't. Time to take a break we're back with more after this I'm -- Stearns this -- sports.

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