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Is the media being unfair to Rondo?

Mar 2, 2014|

Mustard and Johnson discuss Rondo's potential ability to lead this team, and whether or not Birthdaygate was worthy of the coverage it's been getting.

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OEW and guys scored Saturday. Plus student Jones and the teachers and the -- are here for you that. I'm sports Saturday with a mushroom Johnson on the WTI Sports Radio network game don't you. Mustard and Johnson back James Johnston need 9 o'clock hour for the first time a couple weeks after some USA team hockey Olympic action will be here until 1 o'clock then it's. Yes Red Sox baseball. And Larry you get three guesses as to who the Red Sox are going to be battling today right here. On Sports Radio WE I don't they play somebody different like the Minnesota Twins are hot and what's so good -- somebody different you know only in his coat and savvy. Radio broadcaster as yourself a veteran of nearly two decades would know that yes indeed the Red Sox and twins. Going out going -- -- for the all important mayor's trophy down there in Fort Myers. Joke is big Dave O'Brien all the action at 1 o'clock this afternoon. You know what though if you're down there vacationing -- -- paying your rent a Condo or something down -- for a couple of weeks and just stroll over to the ballpark I was listening some ridge jetBlue. Doubled their flights down the Fort Myers. Until light likely June something if it is really become a place. In jewelry or you can email but I do what I wanna be down there and you don't mind -- Brittany get right. We -- after April -- something like that but. It has become a hot place to be in terms of if you go out -- jetBlue stadium I guess it's a replica our primary product candidates. And you just step back about it not a care in the world -- just watch tennis exhibition baseball. And not easy to get tickets that would you can just roll up and walking and as he used to be back in the and in the days of your. But you can understand this this particular winter especially the incentive to get out of -- pockets. More key than ever before of course the Red Sox. Defending the 2013. World Series championship. And we can get into that a little bit rare night last night both the Celtics and the Bruins off the replaying a double -- Today at the garden Bruins in the afternoon they'll put the boards down. On top of the ice and I rarely do the -- ever play on a Saturday night but they're going to be hosting. Other team a lot of people think are going to knock off the Miami Heat I like to comment here -- well what's not polite deep team. Really not a star league and team if you think Paul George's superstar guess he's on the way Hibbert -- the original audio aren't as they have a lot of good players. Lot of very good players they are deep. Unfortunately for them they did not have home. Quarter advantage inning game seven down in Miami and mr. James took over. And that was that now a front -- back for the game tonight Rondo I think will be on the floor. As a matter of fact we can all feel all. A paid tremendous sense of relief. Because Danny Ainge. Put the whole -- gate controversy to rest. He says I've learned some things and he learned some things referring to Rondo. And I am satisfied. That is that Danny Ainge is satisfied. There was probably a failure. To communicate. To our court struck an -- How complicated is that though just. But let me just preface my comments as -- a couple of years we are we every -- becoming mineral passage that we go over a primary -- and do the -- at Christmas at Fenway. And a couple of years ago this is -- the team is not playing that well in the place was packed and they introduced Jarrod Saltalamacchia. In you would've thought Ted Williams just -- it there I mean the place he prop it easy. And you and I look at each other it was mommy finally realize they were two different groups of sports fans out there one group that -- the station Antarctica has opinions and fired up about things. And the others is just a bunch of lemmings they're happy. In a but a Microsoft Larry Dodds did not not out. I think Johnson. No they want a goal. They wanna watch the games they don't wanna know about negative activity are any of that kind of stuff. They just wanna go and enjoy that team and dot com not necessarily saying that's bad. But make no mistake about it this past week with the -- -- mass effect on WEEI. Dot com if FaceBook page. There was quite a bit of feedback from people who -- angry. Because this story was still being covered they felt that people being very unfair Toronto. Know what you're taking away from -- as -- on the floor than the team's chances to lose another game to get the top lottery pick in the NBA draft. Here's my problem but Rondo net number one I don't know who who made him a captain. They had a chance to make a deal and freedom when it to a number one picks which wasn't reasonable before the trade deadline and now this stock weathermen eventually you become a free agent. If are gonna part of stream on the short would be leverage like which guys have the leverage to do what they wanted to go and right now. Rondo he's very good player love watching him play. But he is a pain in the behind period that that's just the way it is with him I don't think there's any other way of putting it throwing guy. Coke bottles at a TV screen drove dark rivers crazy in the light. Back to that and Ray Allen actually is where the I don't know how simple or a story can be. Listen I think I'm gonna hang back in LA my family's in town and stuff about -- wanna celebrate my birthday and have the quote show its agricultural canopy. Says well you know what that's our -- and -- but I don't think it sends a good message to the rest of the team I think you should come to Sacramento where -- I don't feel like on the Sacramento but we need you they don't forget this is the same Brad Stevens who when he first became coach. Went out of his way to go down to some clinics -- basketball camp -- Rondo had to be supportive and speak to the group and the like so. I don't know what kind of relationship they had I'd like the way Bret Stephens cover himself he did not try and cover up anything you just try to sailor. You know didn't deities -- back he'll handle it I just know from my standpoint I know anything about I didn't really did not endorse. Anything is the big thing. Not really but I think when you have a young team and you're trying to set the tone and if this guy is your captain. I just think I remember ain't that time who he can be tough when he wants to me you know he never was that -- with me he's the -- understandably. That was right that's one of its pluses but I remember Robert Horry arrived it was in the end he was coaching throw a towel over it. So early days as the Phoenix -- I -- this is an increasing -- -- after remember the anti Garnett averaged three Rollins. But like in credit to Danny I guess is that time to take a stand. In his -- time not to take a stain in you don't want a blemish Rondo. It this point in time if you want to use him down roll to it -- it rate margins helping girls of the position by. Either way I think it was a non story -- -- it was a story well. I think it continues to be a story because of the perception out there is and I think is enough evidence to support the perception he's a petulant immature. Narcissistic players 28 east one EE EI mean -- -- and I have arguments about I don't know I mean you -- and we have arguments when maturity. Our post to set in. And people are who are defending in their more than a few Rondo apologist I got 35. I think you either have leadership if it and majority. Up or you don't end and I even say this and and may be people who are on the other side of the argument can counter with Paul Pierce Paul Pierce certainly. Displayed a lot of immaturity. Terrific talent wasn't able to harness sometimes emotions. Was not a particularly effective leader until the true leader of the de facto captain. Of the second Big Three year came into town that was KG never had -- -- on his uniform but let's face -- he was the galvanizing. Wars he was the guy that brought that team together and Paul Pierce needed Kevin Garnett unfortunately right now. While Rondo may have the C on his Jersey there is no other player who can provide the same thing the KG did 667 years ago who is that guy there isn't one Jeff green is gonna do it. Soldiers to -- I think soldier quit do it may be a couple years into his career but not right now. And so what you have is a talented. Sometimes frustrating -- talent to play Georgia the Atlanta game the other night. Did watch the -- it is. Gave me -- -- this you just gave up Jack I bet he's slow -- I -- -- mile -- -- talk about a slow burner Johnny Carson Jack -- slow burn I think it was vacuuming you know what I I you know you were probably. Picking your navel or doing something here and I that's that is visual out of you -- pondered what to walk. But I was watching the game why you're Poland why you ask you why you asking me why I was there watching -- Gaby you're looking at me like -- -- -- just -- one exactly my eight year old couldn't wait to sit down. And watch the game so I said okay it's 730 to watch one quarter if you saw the game. And Mark Murphy talked about today in The Herald so -- notebook column. Rondo they were down big early in the game down like 23 tan. Man on there was a loose ball about. Op half court and investment quicker -- Carol this is really got I got double the -- in my hand. -- and Rondo -- about the Oscars are Rondo dove onto the floor. Pass the ball on the floor kind of push the ball on the floor. -- to a teammate and they scored in the fast break and they made a comeback immediately and not that anybody really wants the Celtics that would a lot of games but that's the problem with Rondo. In -- pretty big game that night. He can look so good at times and he could look like a guy. That can lead this team into the future talking about the 2014. Year obviously positioning itself. But the lottery so my question do you whereas if you're the -- brought it up. Do you envision a Celtic team. Down on the line with Rajon Rondo as its captain and point guard. Well as you know it's very hot again a really good point and I think Rondo. I injury his play -- like a lot of stuff that he does. It is only if you break the answer your question directly it's only if you Brad Stevens or do any gains in you're sitting down with this guy one on one. And that type of attitude and inches pitcher getting. You know is -- it -- as much as we talk about Brady complain about not complain about Welker. Brady is one of the few. Super does I mean when I say supersize one of the best who's ever played the game. Who's never been a pain in the behind. He just goes out. Practices. He plays. Whenever and then in the season's over he -- into the sunset. And I am I tell you have when you start to listening to some of these stories that are going on all weakened players. Are arrested and that's matching up cognizant and allegedly -- being down you know drugging women and wrapping -- in South Carolina buried ahead. -- dysfunctional athletes out there and it's so I don't part Rondo in that category. I met him once. -- Very very nice person to talk to and everything but. I don't get it from that standpoint I -- yet but the problem is why you can't sit down and say. I'm it's like -- -- carve up the suits at the station and said listen you know I got to leave at eleven something or you crowd Joey. The exec producer recently got to leave -- a Lebanese is not my medial -- as well I'm sorry I'm leaving them during a birthday party amendment. You use -- of this hypothetical out items and certain things you just can't what are you accusing me now don't you didn't you you do that you want about. He thinks the right way right. Which is the professional way most of us are used to doing. Right but the difference is an even trying to make -- across sports parallels doesn't work because as great as Brady is he does not have a guaranteed contract. But coaches still were going column while he's still the guy he's not the -- it he's is close to being the dominant force on his team but the coach is still the ultimate authority. Unfortunately the NBA's you well -- of guaranteed contracts. And you know guys are making three and four times as much as the coaches 56 times Rondo has all the leverage in the world. Rondo -- and why did he go to his birthday party because he could. Right because he's got a multi year deal that play out what they do they are what they do when I was the well record and the other the other apparel about the dog but. We we understand that. I'll Rondo hole but -- -- will make it very. Very vague -- of the dog why do they do it because they can't. Right Rondo went to the birthday party because he could was there any consequence at all that Rondell suffered for going to that perfect right. Is he in the other problem is this city in the -- -- now latter 'cause it covers on the sports but marketed David Ortiz. I said. I would give him at the year right. Not because I'm not concerned about his age not because of my concern about him breaking down and yet a very good year last year excellent year. But my main reason in college. You know this functional this -- this way. I don't want it I don't want an unhappy happy on the team. Let me Catalina tapped out like that well yeah what are clever playing someone argued that degree guys are -- cut to -- -- and Albright. Think about it with him. He's got though you say -- -- attacks have all the elaborate with him. Well they do point one cents but their big biggest concern this year is not the pitching it's hitting and you gotta have a power -- middle. Like Grady Sizemore if he's healthy I'm trying to be in the middle and he might be able to contribute something. So if you're Ortiz in they don't give you what you want for contract you'll go through the year and you'll you'll put up big numbers as you want you don't -- freeagent. But the point is. You can be a pain in the -- You don't go to certain charity things you don't do certain things you don't galvanized everybody in the dugout and get everybody together there -- a lot of things. What is happening as the athletes have a lot more leverage now. They've had that three years and since free agency was instituted almost four decades ago. They certainly have taken over where the old days of course they were a centrally and I'm saying this metaphorically. Living on -- plantation. As -- a bypass it obvious that was the one that made the plantation comment on patrol obvious would be an augmentation. Yeah very good number -- just -- -- throwing a random number -- playing Sunday night out there will be they'll be a lot of mentions it references that's totally even cattlemen have leverage over the patriots right now. -- Bryant -- by the way America rep remember that an HBO real status while peak of tea legacy right now if you say that David Stern essentially was an overseer. On an NBA plantation but before free agency signed Maria let's face it before free agency the owners had I all the leverage all the -- I don't know that. I know you're looking for what you're looking for you're looking for balance and this thing in just quickly moving down. But we're talking about to -- an element to they have leverage right now and -- patriots secondary right now they got rid of Gregory the safety. They going to need a big tough. Cornerback and I'm laughing at Jimmy Graham of the saints -- in all this money. I I think Graham is that is that is a group rate. Tight end Intel it matters. Or didn't do much against the patriots if your member in the regular season. Did not show up if he made a catch. I think he went I think he did not make a single reception. In that miracle comeback victory for the patriots -- -- played him physical and just took him right out of the game right so my question. He'd just give in and day out like a Bruins race ticket prices I haven't heard that much about it I guess I'd be just throw in the towel and just say it is what it is. And you just enjoy the games. We go back to the dog wide the Bruins raise ticket prices because they can. They went to a Stanley Cup two years ago won it when we can't a couple of short because I don't quite get I think it does not turn off my proposal exploited to you a little bit more explicitly -- and -- -- radio your -- rated. It's a great ideas SYS what I can't settle that will ever come to fruition. 66 -- the 779. 793. Sevens of the discussion a much if you wanna focus on now I'm. Focus what we usually do on Saturday mornings as that we review every store kind of every story that happened this past week and people can weigh in on the read saarc -- yankees I thought the I thought that Lucchino Yankee exchange was hilarious I thought the Yankees -- that was Levine I thought they went out on the attic Randy Levine yeah about the where Ali editor has manager Bobby Valentine and that pardon ended that discussion. The Red Sox -- see them right now. Has -- -- a dumb question I'm certainly allow more and -- up now one -- segment. Com. I'm looking -- size more in this supposedly puts a really good numbers with the stick and everything but they're concerned about him being injury prone which he has been in the past hasn't essentially played two years -- work him out summit for a space may be like what you get more injured running around mountains on the field. -- -- -- Company first baseman can you have on a single I know that I'm saying if this guys get the stick that they're talking about. But if -- out to center field diving for balls and banging and what that is that's is it is just a dumb question but I just think you get. Just read these articles raving about the guys hitting ability of stuff and I'm saying geez we're. You know if these outfits on -- field man is there any other position that you're gonna take more chances -- diving for balls and crashing on the walls it's on the field. It is and has been a position read it Jacoby Ellsbury that that does tend to promote that kind of -- Injury prone activities so who knows what's gonna happen with a Red Sox. What I think is fascinated about baseball yet like black and white look I'm not YE OK but I will be energized after Wright thrown into a Joseph and Dave. Do that Red Sox twins it's always it's always gets heated when the tigers are fine. The -- is sticky maybe he's being honest and outstanding -- Danny Ainge is taking some of the wind out of my sails. -- watch any Celtics game just like -- -- the Sydney works Curtis -- days. Not so much that the quality of play is now. But it's paying. Hello and that's who watch your team and wanting them to lose yeah but -- an -- danger of late marvelous things about they MBA pundits out there and not as saying -- the draft is okay -- does know LeBron out there is -- order or we know that. But there really downplaying the talent so like you're saying we -- does that help gonna come from. Right and Danny has been where AT. Clear that he believes that. There is no one coming to the rescue if you wanna talk about wicks -- By the time those guys were on the team at least you knew that you know a young Cedric Maxwell. Was gonna make that team better you do that. -- picked of the year before without a special draft pick a guy named Larry Bird out of Indiana State to help was on the way. They helped that we thought was on the way via this year's NBA. Draft is not the kind of helped the Danny Ainge thinks they're gonna get. -- Parker may be not the answer. Injure -- perhaps not the answer. Who's the kid out of Oklahoma State -- -- whatever his last name is not -- Smart right yeah burn up your temperament yet -- paste it. Until I I would guess I wouldn't all right one incident against a guy like Matt but the but I always has it's gonna happen right away take it and I mean what I'm looking forward to with the south -- as you know fitness slow get a peck or two or whatever but -- and if you tell me that guys coming out. We don't know better and not when they stop the tournament. And then you can do your own individual scouting to see how some of these kids there get back to me and that Williams 61777. I -- the Atlanta Celtics games. It 937 as the telephone number Rondo. The the whole birth date gates. Controversy has been put to rest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I the powers that they know we had a discussion about it in the equity it was just it. People were very very angrily angry about they're angry that they thought the media was really pounding on Rondo the meat. It's always the media -- -- -- -- out let's blame the media even you stop blaming the media most of the -- six what 7779. 79 37. Rondo does the controversy has -- according to -- changed. You wonder about the future of number nine here in Boston we'll talk about a review yet having are you upset Gerald Wallace has now for a while. And it's there I think their chances of sinking even further. To the bottom of the NBA were greatly enhanced then again what your walls with what's his function on the team high 32 authority -- some leadership qualities -- humvees here yet no -- was actually Ainge has pointed out that some of the veterans have. Understood their roles very nicely I I think that Humphries is another guy that. Although we have throttles adjusting he's. Provided some. Hey -- you know -- veteran leadership Amy fourteen may announce that on the bench and wave a -- are we're gonna take a quick break it to your calls and you tax 6177797937. It's mustard in Johnson's which radio --

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