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Dale and DJ Discuss their Expectations for the Red Sox this Season

Mar 2, 2014|

The guys get into the Sox and what is a reasonable prediction for the amount of wins this season. They also touch on where they see some weaknesses with the current team.

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Totally off topic. I could make the argument. That that's the greatest guitar -- is still open a song in the history of rock general. I could make an argument that's as good as it gets so I've actually never even thought about that and I -- I grew up playing guitars a kid military at a lower tolerance and I hate that out of the car out counter argument that's -- now pretty good am I hit to within out of on men. His end it was as good as it gets out assay and to open up a song that's. I mean your my music dot -- musical -- I'm just thrown it out there. By the next by the time -- -- next break and have a list of like thirty. -- 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I was listening to an interview earlier today. Our -- only was on ESPN radio real early as I was driving men and he was asked about you know are the Red Sox still the team to beat in the American League east and he said no they're not. He said if if I were picking a team. Atop the American League east right now today he would pick Tampa Bay. He would not pick the Red Sox in fact. He had the Red Sox second in the yankees' third in the American League east that I thought about it it's a legitimate discussion point. Again you go back to the the pitching rotation in Tampa and right equality of of the of -- that they put out there in the Red Sox case nobody. They lost a key part of their offense and Jacoby Ellsbury right. Some people think differently of him I was always the president of the Jacoby Ellsbury fan club and I can't really admit that. And and you know the Red Sox had to have a lot of things fall into place for the last year -- totally to have. A lot of things fault and by the way you could point every championship in the history of oh absolutely. And say that team team acts had to have things fall under. So that this is a bit of attention but. Workload said. When it Tim Thomas returned this this year to play against the Bruins Joseph McDonald asked him what he thought about the argument that the Bruins would have won the Stanley Cup without Tim Thomas he said bull. Tim Thomas would have on the Stanley Cup. Without the Bruins and I thought about that argument and how. I thought. Mean we were certainly in agreement that would -- played Andrew Ference and get it. Guys pitching in the way they did that they wouldn't of won so I came I mean Steve -- capitalists of everyone who played in that I think my dad just accident -- Does have my. We capitalist and everybody who played for the Bruins in the in the post season they won a Stanley Cup. In how would they couldn't of won the Stanley Cup without something that each of these guys did. You can come with something for for anything so there's my old tensions there that things have to go right and everyone has the kind of pitch and they're -- even if it's something small you don't know how things would work that didn't happen. I do think that that the Red Sox. Will not take a dramatic step back this year. I think that that they are positioned in such a way and all of these arguments. Which is always say that the first line all of these arguments is assuming that there are assuming that there healthy and and and it goes -- they don't have another Ryan -- right you know and and by the way through the patriots always probable assuming Brady's healthy in all time. That's a given when we start this assuming that some semblance of help that they don't have any catastrophic injuries. I think that the Red Sox will be battling it out for the top spot the American League east right I do think that yeah. I understand the argument for Tampa Bay although I keep waiting for that to happen. Don't you make a similar argument for Tampa Bay every single season. And don't just say while this is the year of the Tampa Bay Rays. Now will be the team to -- and it just seems like every year you make that argument right and things happen and they don't seem to get that's almost like. The it's almost like the of the Houston Texans -- ago where you'd say this is the year that they're gonna stop being eight -- The third when their division they're gonna be a contender at that defense and everything and they kept it close. Eventually they've been cutting up to the doorstep their but. As I look at the Red Sox. It is a case of assuming your body's healthy but the assuming everybody's -- with them is a lot bigger than it is with other teams they don't other teams don't have. Such an X-Factor. As Clay Buchholz where if he's healthy for the entire season. You've got a guy who's gonna have a low to his ERA. And be maybe the best pitcher in the American League other guys other teams are counting on a guy who's. That Peter miss I should say help -- See I actually think that the Red Sox are in a better position to overcome those things than other teams are. When I look at that at the depth percolating up through the system in the minor league system yeah Red Sox I don't see that for the Yankees right. Tampa Bay has always had that great minor league they're suddenly yeah years and as they have that stretch there where. And very high traffic -- -- years and years top five trip that that they have not had the same sort of talent percolating through the system here recently. I I I honestly think that the Red Sox are in better shape when bad things happen. It's extra points out think about how long Clay Buchholz didn't pitch for you last year right. And you won the World Series excitement about how long -- David Ortiz wasn't able play for you at the beginning of the season last year and you won the World Series. Yeah I mean as I look at this team. It almost hurts them but they won the World Series because when you in the World Series you have the expectation of repeating -- at least. Going to the to the American league championship her her going over par you might expect. But. It take that aside urge to take -- out of the equation. In this -- it's going to be pretty fun team to watch because you have a good veteran team. It's replacing. Some lost veterans certainly Jacoby Ellsbury and what's going on the infield with some young promising players and I don't I. Don't know how close guaranteed year guys like that are but certainly Jackie Bradley junior and Zander Bogart's. This is gonna be fun team to watch because you do have accommodation almost like the Bruins where they have a veteran team in neighboring guys like -- crew. And to an extent Ryan Spooner who people are excited deceit. You're gonna see more of those guys you want to see -- hopefully with a winning results of the veteran team. In the aftermath of a World Series championship in the glow that you have when you win do you remember the fact that coach you Horrow was your third closer right. He was your third option nick -- comedy teams get to the third option closer. And still find a way to win at the end of the season I -- I would suggest no one will want to get to the closer who works than you can win from there and it took them three tries but. Well they had injuries they you know they had six to. They overcame a lot more than I think they get credit for right when I look back on that night and I think about you know guys who got hurt -- and missing this guy for this amount of time right missing that guy for that amount of time and having to end up with your third option at closer and having it work by the way. Well when they won the World Series my first thought was I wonder what the legacy of this team will be -- talking about how it's tough to fully appreciate. Teams and players while they're playing in during their career and it's -- to put them in historical perspective. And I know that obviously the Boston strong thing in just what this team did for the city of Boston and a very dark time for the city. But from a baseball perspective. With what they were able to overcome with not having -- buckled for as long as they did with as you said playing without David Ortiz. With moving a very good shortstop in Jose Iglesias and getting Jake Peavy back. The moves that this team made and just from what it was expected to be given the past 23 seasons. I wonder. People fully appreciate just how unlikely it was for them to admit the -- they did and bring them to a point where right now they're set up to. Maybe when the the elites again. I'm not gonna be shocked if there the American League east champions in fact they're probably expected despite you know the the greater knowledge of -- only than me. I'm not going to be shocked things have to fall their way -- and it is always the case I'm not enemy shocked the in the World Series again I think that they are built. To continue to restock. Your your finding that if you think about it. The Red Sox have built up a perennially winning organization Theo said that was the goal when he took. Right -- general manager's job here ownership here said you know we wanna be in the championship mix every single year. And and they built that that system through the minor leagues and and you know. Granted they got bailed out by the LA Dodgers and good for them the other side fails they have overlooked they were able list to hit the reset button and -- for them I'm happy for them. But they are one of those teams that's. In the mix every. You know right now they should be shirt but he knew just what the prospects that. But they have I mentioned two -- eighty yen in proudly in -- and from there I mean they have good pitching prospects some try to think who's the who's there's another kid from from Louisiana he's -- -- draft pick of the year he's a pitcher -- but. They've built up they've got themselves to the point where. Almost. BO had the years ago when they were good veteran team and they had guys like Lester in Koppel Bodden and Pedroia coming in. A -- kind of got themselves back to that point albeit. In a very unorthodox manner and -- they certainly didn't plan because they didn't count on Adrian Gonzales is and and Carl Crawford be in the bus tour. As the text or points out Dustin Pedroia wasn't -- right at all last. You know ended up having to have surgery at the end of the season. To his credit guided through did -- could do throughout the course of the season. The amount that the Red Sox overcame to still win a championship leads me to believe that if they don't have to overcome as many things this year. As they had overcome last year why would not expect that there won the World Series. A championship contenders yet again I think they are. And -- when people talk about what the Red Sox have to get what they need what are they after a lot and and come up with. -- press to -- yet. You know all they gotta get this -- their or their doom navy veteran depth in the infield maybe could could that be the argument there -- although they got. That as well with her Arabic outlets are right now I've got a guy. And and that's evenly even leaving Stephen -- out of this argument. I I guess if you go into it saying yeah but what it's at a Bogart's -- Well you know what if what if Shane Victorino or Jackie Bradley junior. Aren't able hold on the center field spot and certainly possible that in Bradley's case he's not going to be able right at this stage of his career. But other than than guys ailing. That's the only thing you have to hang your hat on I don't think that the Red Sox are. Well. They they lost a great offensive catcher from a year ago they did. They also replaced it with a veteran savvy catcher and AJ Pierzynski. Who may or may not be the guy you want to invite to your -- and say savvy is the nicest thing that's ever been said about him but I mean at that it's true is. Solid veteran guy. On -- already fault them. Nothing ventured nothing gained exactly you you have nothing to lose the amount of money that you got tied up in the Sizemore experiment as miniscule. Hasn't really played in two full years it is an it is it was bizarre how some way you get this guy backed at some semblance of what he was before. What a bone. Right I mean I look at it is almost like it's it's more of the Mark Pryor type signing then it was that the Brad Penny type signing and you take it. It's one thing that -- that John Smoltz signing wanting to take a flyer on a veteran. Who's trying to. Reestablish himself as the Major League player get back to that Major League level and play consistently and stay healthy and all those things which is what they tried to do with Mark Prior and fortunately didn't. -- -- -- But that's what they're doing with Grady Sizemore whereas when you look back to that you're proud Penni and John Smoltz. Direction throwing big money at guys and hoping that for. 567 million dollars a year that they would be able to. You what they once were and when it didn't work though which neither of those things that workout fanatic on -- there's there's nothing to be lost him. When your when you're a good team when your team that well in the in the Red Sox mr. championship. Could take those medical flyers got nothing to lose it's not like you're counting on Grady Sizemore replaced center field for you everyday right yeah. You got a guy there you know and and -- you're okay but if Sizemore. And commit him produce. Wild and you got in on now all of a sudden you -- yourself in a position where. We got some depth at that position we were expecting going we may have an improvement over what we had a year ago. That we weren't expecting -- I don't know which is when it. 6177797937. Dale sounds like he's on the call this overall -- -- it's called Iran's I'd never heard the term rump swab or it's it's the only it's the only eight letter word he knows. So you know you got to give him credit he's got to use it as often as he -- -- -- so help me out here idiot. It's the only 51 use for him all right they are the World Series champions. Tell me what hard hitting commentary you'd like from me about the Red Sox. Okay. They get me get you here help me out. Because other than the letter word which you keep using over and over again something concrete here tell me how I -- hard hitting. About the Red Sox when they are the World Series champions. Work on an okay. So if somebody can help 61777979378. TT -- line for everybody but that guy. 37937. It's Daylon DJ Sports Radio W media.

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