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Dale Arnold and DJ Bean Kick off Sports Sunday Addressing the Sochi Hangover for the Bruins

Mar 2, 2014|

The Bruins have struggled as of late and have yet to win a game since coming back from the Olympic break, so Dale and DJ take a look at what has gone wrong for the B's in the last few games. They also look ahead to the trade deadline and discuss what moves the Bruins should make to make a legitimate run for the Stanley Cup. They also look at some of the other teams in the NHL that will be looking to make deals at the deadline.

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Gotta check the budget. See if we've got enough money to. Do in froze for all of the different various co host who sit in with me on a Sunday morning. FBI the budget may not be that big because we have a variety of them who I mean last week we did anybody that we can actually use that in from Matthew and bet. This week maybe not so watch sports on the way I look at it you don't need your name in the title. Per you'd be a big party I mean I think of Lindsay buck in him that was not call. It a Mac bucking him right so. A child that was the first thought I had to was -- -- I think first of twelve times I'll compare myself loans about him today. Oh boy that guy over there is DJ being from WEEI dot com he's going to be sitting in here worry that we are the pregame show for -- -- own. That's realistically while radar winner until 1 o'clock a Red Sox baseball comes your way at 1 o'clock today. As the Red Sox continue -- I personally I think the season's not over based on the grapefruit league record so far but yeah trying to. That it's like those -- does not bode well. It's funny what a snapshot society we are. I got a tweet from a guy last night yesterday afternoon as the game was going on who said depth. You arrived at -- seven a hard time justifying that ticket price hike now. Because they've lost really -- it -- yeah because they've lost the two games coming out of the of the Olympic break. Another have a hard time just buying the ticket price hike because of those two game -- as I mean I don't feel great about it. It price Heidi and I think that kind of falls in line with. Maybe what people might think of the Bruins -- to begin with but. Mean I look at this I look at this place since the break and I wrote about it for this morning for W yet dot com. You look at the play and it's just generally been loose sloppy defense of play you court decision making. Like we had early march last year right yeah but things from this personnel that you generally haven't seen too much of -- on the time of the trade deadline I think people see that they say. -- they need to go out they need a top pairing -- top four guys I think they do they really could stint at a top four -- the minute they see personally -- lobby in buffalo they -- -- -- Right you see a play. A single play where a defenseman gets knocked down puck goes the front of the net. Gergen since puts it back in an all. All we gotta get defensemen in the right because the one plight but I mean there I think they need to get a defenseman and exactly I I agree but not because of that I think it's I think it's just a matter of then needing to replace the veterans that they've lost because you look at this back and include -- -- at the other day. Look we're not going around looking for a veteran defenseman to punish these kids -- to -- these kids are doing good job we were counting on these kids being here we were also counting on. Having our veteran defense out in Dennis Seidenberg and Adam aquae luckily that's an interest in one where do you fall on the home equates situation because as I look at it. There are major redundancies there between Adam Quaid and Kevin Millar to guy's big and strong a little stronger actually. Right shot. I'd like to have Adam equate the lineup. For the post season I'd like him in the line apparent but here's here's what what I think the realities are from a bruins' perspective. They played 59 games -- Quaid has played thirty of the fifteen right. He has had another setback in his attempted to return to come back. I'm at the point now where if if I were load and Peter should rally. I would go to Scott long John Whiteside tonight say. I want him ready for the first game of the play right that's the priority I want you to get him whatever you have to do if you have to take him back to square one. And I don't think they -- right but whatever you have to do I want him ready for game one of the playoffs. And that's our only goal yeah if if it works out that you can't -- before that then fine that's a bonus but you've -- to -- but he but he still better be there for game one of the playoffs because. That's the thing. He might come back sure we've -- come back twice three times this season. But inevitably. He goes out shortly afterwards even I mean he didn't even make it back this time before he suffered that setback he was supposed to be in the lineup at some point this weekend it was gonna play yesterday -- play the way they were talking coming out of the Olympic break he was practicing with the team. Made the trip to buffalo yeah. And I I think based certainly expected. That he was going to be able to play this weekend if not yesterday afternoon and tonight New York he had a setback there's don't sugar coating that something happened. He was starting to feel it again and date correctly in my opinion just okay back off completely. So I and I feel about her from -- because the first time he came back -- -- could tolerate ago gets injured again than the second time he was he. He would speak elect about it of you know but I want to be back but I am taking it easy here on going to be aired that not to Indies but. I'm being careful on being on -- cautious sure the teams being extra cautious we don't want this to be situation where I come back in the lineup. And reactivate something because once I get back in the lineup I wanna be back in line up for good. So even with that haven't without having been the plan it happened again so now. I'm with you I think that you look at the equates to -- and say if he's ready for the playoffs. Great books are rushing back for that we have been nearly identical. Replacement for him for the time being in Kevin Miller. So much so that I like Kevin Miller I'd rather have Adam equate if you told me today might choices to have one or the other in the lineup. I'm not equate the line so it's so what why do you say that I just think that he's bigger for one. He's got more size and when you get to the playoffs ties matter. These got more experience especially playoff experience at the top level. I like Kevin -- by the way yeah I I think that he's got the potential to be a very very good defenseman for this team going forward I love his game. If I had Adam quite -- it is and Kevin Miller who would step out of the lineup that would be somebody else who would who you know I would I would have to make a move. See this is got to become a moot point public has now you're at you're looking at. Anyway no longer on on the -- close the other day in the most troubling. But probably honest quote of the skis and said. What he's talking about a great setback he said you know yeah I've whatever he's these day to day week to week month to month I don't know ideas anymore. Basically -- they have like it's it might be awhile before he's back again and that could be a week that could be a month or whatever but. I mean what I saw Kevin Millar after 23 weeks. I saw the redundancy that we just talked about. And I thought. Which ever one of these two guys you can get something for this is the roster player the you can move a lot Mark -- play queer 12011 because you -- ever done -- -- there. With Mark Stuart you had Adam Clayton and old their different shots they bring a very similar type -- game. And Adam equator for the Bruins the opportunity to move Mark -- like I was making more money. But Quaid makes more money than Miller I thought if both guys are healthy you can move Quaid. It gets going pretty good because although he's he may just be it a bottom pairing defensemen for the Bruins. He's got a nasty that I think a lot of teams wanna have in their room anyway. When was the last time you saw a Bruins team give up too. One on none break -- yeah inning game ramming and Afro and I know how frustrating it was for everybody and I and I know look I know how frustrating is the team. They give up two power play goals to the guy who's. Clearly yeah bar and away the best power play shooter in the national audience that that second one was just I mean you give up two power play goal -- him that's gonna happen. And they gave up 21 on none break -- yeah. Now now one of the first one he had a kind of split the defense pair but did and yeah and was in alone on gulf several when he was -- -- along from the Blue Line after the defenseman. Spelled out at senator rice. -- we we overreact to everything I've seen. My my body of work watching the Boston Bruins play is that you're not gonna see that very much right. And Adam you know as as frustrating as it is for everybody as much as I wanted to see them play better yesterday. I'm not gonna overreact the fact that they you know they had a couple of bug reaches defensive. So that's the thing that that makes me sound like such a -- Sweeney and I need to mean whatever I don't -- summit anymore but. I look at this team and I see them have these two games over the break even when I was reading about it after they lost to buffalo. That was a bad that was an ugly loss but I look at it now Mike. I'd be lying if I say if I were to say that after watching last year's team and how performed on the stretch regularly not just one night not just two games in a row. Regularly. And consolidated in the post season. I am convinced that this team. I don't know it just does not the regular season and number repeat just strategically say guys. Let's go 85% during the regular season and 115. In the post season. But I can't watches Bruins team in overreact to -- play or something that I or. -- -- -- which was the issue on Wednesday right yeah I mean let's just be fair here and I'm not trying to pick on Chad Johnson above all else he had a bad game I'm so -- have backed -- all first gas quote on this. Because I was actually saying before they play. I would have played. Federer. Really because he'd been playing all night that have the Olympic break that's actually it if you're gonna play one of the two and I have no problems leading to go home yeah. You know he's still oh definitely back from the Owen and give back out on the ice and all that stuff so. -- -- it took yesterday courts -- it -- well but anyway at -- you -- took a home you're gonna takes that -- you're gonna bring it up from provenance you're gonna bring in Chad Johnson. This is not. Any knock on Johnson as he subsequently played which had a goaltender sitting on your bench who didn't have an Olympic break that's that's a good point -- I didn't even think about and when they. Ups that berg. Last week two -- put -- it seemed like a case of Arthur to have these two guys go to buffalo you know Joseph Ford afterwards oh with just -- it's just for her for practice but. I mean I I look at Chad Johnson and I think the Bruins fans are a little bit spoiled by the good goaltending is big this very strong backup goaltending they've had over last year -- too because is that it. The first example. But even -- Adobe it was a really really solid and steady backup goaltender with that he not be as good a backup goaltenders ever Galilee starting right now and I mean I think that. Look at him -- -- -- maybe once or twice I think of that that Toronto game I wanna say. Chad Johnson isn't that guy and I know that he's he's what 200000 dollars cheaper at the Bruins had to kind of the Bruins had to kind of script going into the season because they need to figure out then time to give up that point right they need to figure out. Where this money was going in who's gonna replace Nathan Horton and all these moving parts. I think that in -- I've gotten asked about this a few times just with reader emails and Twitter. Chad Johnson out that is something worth necessarily dressing over the next few days because you do have a group of. All the Little League not -- it if you -- and they're very happy to be expert anyway we song about a overreacting and and I don't want myself in that Canada. I would of plates that berg just because he had simply just give you my father was born yet he he had been playing all along. Chad Johnson's 110 yeah his goals against average is 2.2. Now a lot of that -- though at times really good yeah five games leading into the Olympic break he has five games yeah. Very very good analogy about a ten golds and five game and that was part of a stretch in which ended mean. To -- was shot at a -- -- one right thing I mean he had some very good performances in there he's eleven at three on the season. Key is a backup goaltender let's not go crazy here because once the playoffs start if IC Chad Johnson and game right. We're in trouble exactly well if you see anyone but to go in the game you're trouble so even. If -- if I'm bringing even if they had gone out -- and slightly upgrade deposition used to -- roster and you're in -- it matter what but. To your point on how long Johns was played before the break. That was part destruction which she started what six of twelve games to -- would say all the time to had been holed yeah a couple of -- out that stretched the ended December used to use the the on the finish stat of games played in -- Which you know is just schemes in which you played Ted Johnson had a very high AG PI over that stretch and to go itself time is backing up Tim Thomas you know. That the more play the better their -- not compelling and complaining about my ice time but the more I play better I'm gonna play Johnson started. How -- of the team's games in that twelve game span it played a few others of them as you mentioned and as we have six back to backs in this month march. The first of which is today on the second end of of yesterday and today in the Rangers. You're gonna be seeing a lot more Chad Johnson I think the you'll see a bit of an uptick in performance there hopefully depending on how to -- is physically. And and you made the ballot point that the Bruins could have very easily had had opted to not play him. -- the a bomb Thai officers out there who wanted to come up with -- another reason why -- missed the semifinal game in the Olympics yeah. Get a factor to an NC if you can -- -- -- I I don't mean you out talking about the ball senators out there get a factor to bottom. Here's a backed OK he was sick yeah. The problem was his quote in the -- -- and I threw it right he's you know I -- -- I would -- about 40% but we got another number one goaltender -- yeah. And you know it it's encapsulated what they're now he played in the bronze medal game and played very well he played great against the Russians prior to that. He came home was still feeling the effects of being sick in Russia. And that's why the Bruins set to stay home right just you know get get some more rest yet get a practice or two under your belt CO shutter to. And I'm not suggesting. That he played portly yesterday quote on quote. Because you know he'd been sick I don't think he played that poorly yesterday again he gave -- two breakaway goals and he'll -- -- always in two power play blast from Allah -- that's exactly. Now the question for me tonight -- that's not my my first instinct would be to play -- -- -- Roque interest first instead. And I would play Chad Johnson Tuesday when the Florida Panthers -- -- But that's all predicated on how to is physically. Because he is coming off this this illness that he's been trying to fight throw. Rental I mean ideally you'd rather have Johnson against the the Panthers and -- in the Rangers but. -- on the Bruins. And I've said this all along this second half for the stretch run whatever this 25 now 23 game stretch going into the playoffs. Is just going to be a Chad Johnson party fund if if I had my -- it's as much Jack Johnson as possible I know that I discount -- spoke of about some of his weaknesses. But you're number one priority is having a guy who would've won the Conn smythe last year. At his best going in the playoffs because we've now seen him. Dominate an NHL post season. We've seen him perform very well in the Olympics this -- established that he is the big game player in yeah you can. They're a bit of president trophy finalist this year if not win the vezina trophy and I I don't think he should win it because there's a -- right finalist. -- that yeah okay. He's given up a few more bad goals then then you'd like this season certainly more than you saw from last season when he absolutely should have been a vezina finalist. I think the priority is getting this guy -- sharp and getting him. At his best going playoffs if that means giving him a bit of arrests now ramping it up in that last in the -- those last two weeks and that's what you do. If on the Bruins -- try to stay away from too many back to backs and yet -- earlier in the season and it's only question for me tonight on how he is physically granted that this today has been this isn't. To gain in 24 hours span it was a day game in ninety now maybe that helps a little bit and it very short commute to boot to the center a consultant. I would I would play took it tonight if -- OK physically. And the -- Chad Johnson Tuesday in Florida here at the TD garden that's. Every time I play you peak load I get it but it isn't a boat when the plate to look at when they touch on that its vote. Which guy are they going to trade Ryan Spooner and the you know tar and all these guys for -- The Bruins will make at least one if not a couple of deals between now on Wednesday. There's no doubt my daughter I mean at the very least they'll build to be at the Ralston and I in motto always. Deals between you know around -- at the time the trade deadline yet the first major shot fired across the NHL's -- With the Ryan Miller deal to Saint Louis. You're you're supposedly talking to people around the National Hockey League beat the asking price. Is just ridiculously. Off the charts. There's there's a very small group of sellers. -- big group of buyers so the sellers are trying to maximize and they should by the way -- try to maximize their return for the players that they're willing to give up. The asking prices are ridiculous what I think it means. Is that your gonna see more deals. As you get closer to the deadline at 3 o'clock on Wednesday. Because at some point or another the ridiculously high asking prices are gonna come down yeah. And then all of a sudden you're gonna get okay now on back -- now okay now we'll talk about player -- I think the Bruins well. Acquire defenseman I'd like to see them get a left shooting. Physical defenseman who can play top four minutes. Will say Chris Phillips for the -- I mean. For the sake of argument for the sake of their not being too many other guys. Like that out there and I think that it'll be -- to see if the Bruins are to get pulled a plot to give up forum because. I mean. It's pretty much well known but that's what they need and if there are two guys like that out there in the final years of their deals on teams that are selling then let the pupil more. I will take a break will get right to the calls that you guys 617779. 7937. The AT&T text line available to you at 37937. Whole bunch of you have -- taken. Advantage of that including the actor from the 774 who says dale. Of being number one shale. Also Ivan I don't you end to the -- Because they've been so bad here last few years they need to shield defend them. Here's what I can do to crummy games yeah palm can overreact my issue dale like to take shots at Torrey crew -- bill -- way to go Bozo. None of the goals recruits ball. The first goal of this two game instructors toward -- now. On the -- -- -- game yes he got out -- back boards. By guys who weighs less than -- he's an undersized NHL defenseman and and I understand that. I I don't actually have an issue -- that Don Sweeney was an undersized NHL I certainly more than a thousand games in the National Hockey League. I don't have a problem with that he has offensive skills better than any other defensemen on this roster including Zdeno -- yeah Chara got the boom. Right but crooks got the offensive skills in the offensive game. There are just times when I think defensively crew leaves you vulnerable now for the -- says boy -- was minus two yesterday you're right. It didn't have very good game yeah that you -- -- three of them the Bruins as a teen had an awful game yesterday they told you about one on none break away right. They don't do that we'll get we'll take a break we'll get right to the calls and dive in with you guys 61777979837. Dale Arnold. DJ being on sports Sunday Sports Radio WEE. He didn't say Brad marsh and in the quote but that's who we met and out about not disciplined enough and taking some bad penalties and and Russia have zones that penalty -- no -- -- And and -- eat eat. You -- the game you were thinking two things one is that Braden -- beat for whatever deficiencies may have. Always plays well against the Bruins don't -- great results against the -- open without you know lifetime against the -- -- goals against average was like 2.4. But more importantly. You can't put the caps on the power play they came into the game as the number two power play in the NHL. It's the one thing it couldn't it right which they immediately and end. One of their top penalty killers was the guy who kept putting them on the power play. So it doesn't help 6177797937. Trade deadline Wednesday 3 PM. I am positive the Bruins will make one if not I think to make more than one. Dale Arnold reporting that the Bruins wearing -- will ask you are right I am I'm just positive because. At as you have trading deadline come and gone. And Peter surely -- -- out now he's made some moves that were pretty minor yeah because he didn't think that the the major moves that he wanted to make were out there. -- I mean we don't have to go too far back in history to remember the acquisition of Thomas cab early that we all thought was the turnaround the power play fortunes a year ago. And it was the two minor moves that he made prior to that. It ended up being the difference Chris Kelly the best pick up of -- victory. Between rich Everly Chris Kelly and and Thomas currently in the next season that was kind of what you're talking about where he's not afraid to have the big move to be made isn't there. So you know but I'll get Brian Carlson Mike Otto and -- chances he doesn't force. Right what he always always always makes him yes and and sometimes look I I think they need to make a move because they need help. But if you win -- -- into the trading deadline period saying you know what tempering that with what we got here. You almost have to make a move as a psychological message to your team -- -- back. You know were pretty good but I know you could use some help. You know here we're gonna bring somebody yen. Now. If if in bringing that new person in. You're you're taking a guy away that's a huge presence in the lot in the dressing room and -- bright guy you don't shake things up just the right ticket but for the sake of shake things up but you do as he. Said try to add to see gives players confidence that GM has your back which. I don't think there's any. Player who's ever been in a Peter Shirley organizations felt their GM doesn't have their back because Shirley -- -- good relationship -- players and so well respected. Among players but yeah I mean I think that there is they're selling -- for adding something. Now here's an argument I've made and I've gotten killed for a bit. If the Bruins hypothetically if they were to do nothing if they were to -- nobody to offense defense everything. I think that this roster right now. Assuming you get -- -- -- conference finals team. Is so right so is good enough to get these -- finals -- is probably. Good enough to win the Eastern Conference. Once you're in the Stanley Cup finals anything -- happen I would assume that this roster right now it gets asked it by any of those teams out west but I think this team is good enough right now. As is too in the Eastern Conference. And of the team that I think some trouble right now which Pittsburgh yeah. And there're there are some reports out there that rage Euro is going full -- trying to acquire Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver -- which is available to it. But it's the exact opposite of what you mean he's the guy needs help on the back he's got coming Chris Le tang is done for the year -- and god willing. Can play in the future right and I and I mean yeah I mean that's it's -- absolutely I I I just hope the guys helping enough to be able to play going forward. Paul Martin's on the sidelines right now yeah a big part of their defense good enough to be US Olympian or wrong but I didn't think he should have been on the team but that's beside the right. They got a coach you which issues on the back again yeah. And I -- this out last night if on the penguins. I'm trying to figure out who's the best defenseman Mike can acquire up they're not necessarily the best player right in acquiring Kessler is that a lot of hustle I mean right yeah I love everything about Kessler's game. And and to give you an idea of what it would cost the reported stories out of Pittsburgh is that the penguins have offered up Brandon Sutter a first a second. And another player I can't remember who the other witness as as the starting point to acquire Ryan cast. Well I think that Kessler and I totally I totally agree with you that there's the team that clearly diagnosed their biggest need is being -- on the back and the paying out. And further uncertainty there. But I think Kessler is the type player even if not just for this year the -- balls for the wall for he's a guy that you want in -- the problem I mean. And how deep with that team bead on the middle if you if you got the guys that already -- that -- of that equation. I think that it's kind of bogus to say that he didn't ask for trade I think that once all he absolutely gets put out there held belief that a guy asked for trade and in the -- comes out and says -- -- smooth sailing. That is the number of -- telltale sign the players just for treat absolutely. There is no doubt about that our basket call 617. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you -- very well thank you Harry our thanks and -- that twice I apologize that's quite all right that's a class tougher on the war. And I think you and very quickly with regard to our right it's -- going to Pittsburgh you would do it until it worked out so well last year when it kicked up again I can't. Wait a happy yeah there's a much better player than again -- and I love Ryan -- I just think that. Pittsburgh big problem right now is defense and and by the way I'm not overreacting to what I saw last night Chicago. I think that going forward they're gonna have real problems on the Blue Line. And the so named arena from my Hotmail and a -- by saying that I respect you and I very much enjoyed listening you. But you did get me riled up this morning when you started the show -- you know someone I hope tongue in cheek -- typing a text -- I'm regarding the seasonal. -- the price. And I I think what you misunderstood Maria I was chastising the text her. Or using one game as a criticism for the ticket price increase. -- -- that detects there was -- Yeah how does Cam Neely just by the ticket price increase based on what I sought a day. And you can't -- a game did that have. I know and I'm aggravated Q had been accused ticket holder for five years now. It is very loyal to the teen and I know that they can put a lot of money into the -- has you know. A championship in 2011. Stanley Cup final question and Webber coming back. And finding it extremely difficult. To continue my loyalty. To this ownership. And I'll come right out and say. Mr. Jacobs or my I sit at my own personal opinion does not -- you perhaps know why about it and ticket holders. We'd get the and read -- for being a season ticket well there -- no. Special and that there at war I'm. Actual. I'm used or rewards. From any extra beer in my cramped little seat in the balcony game after game and I am a complete one. Is becoming more and more to a cult leader chucked aside. Every -- and I would like Al someone in Bruins organization. How many why I should continue to be loyal to you know. While I would lie chipped it. Jumped from. 38 dollars to count the dollars the city. I can't I obviously I can't answer for them okay and right and I'm I'm I and I and that's fine that I have no problem you venting to use your term. My guess is their answer would be what we've given you Maria what we've attempt to begin view as is one of the -- -- in the National Hockey League Jiri -- in year route we've given UA product. That that has proven to be very entertaining and is a championship caliber team. And that that's where our money is they'll build -- -- -- argued that what you're getting right now. Is much better than what you were getting five years ago when you were paying bills or prices for biopsy disagree with that. But the fact of the matter is and I'm sure you see it Murray and I borrow a phrase that the you know what. They have the season ticket holders by the you know lots having seen. We can't give our chickens back it's weak and he exactly. Exactly what happened to your -- so Romney who is a passionate hockey and I love this sport I've always loved sports. -- I think they have given me a great product. But then when I look at other organizations or even. In that building who treats their season ticket holders. So much differently when I tell you even even before that whole rebuilding sanctions don't want aren't I have a Brian. Who has been -- and technical what the optics as long as I have been with the world. She had hurt me. -- -- Our yearly basis at least once or twice a year for no reason whatsoever right I want -- reward you for your loyalty isn't to get reps as. He on the war into something out with your ticket tonight and actually hit you on the war. Well I again I am and and Maria twilight I was happy to allow you -- be used as you said your opportunities event. I really don't wanna turn this into four hours of complaining about the Bruins ticket price increase I understand believe me. I understand this as your hours and is planning about the Bruins defenseman all right I I understand completely how difficult it is from a financial perspective. -- to I don't know I had just just you know save up the money to take the wife and two kids to a game. You know on a Wednesday yeah in March forget about season ticket I don't know how people that I really don't on -- on an ongoing basis in any sport. I am and am -- I'm not trying to downgrade how difficult it is financially I don't know. The season ticket benefits for the Boston Bruins I I felt like Murray has worked for a I have no idea. That you know I I would think. That most organizations. Have some sort of a rewards program -- our ticket holders and we got this -- that what she was saying you know and by the way it's come easy for the Celtics probably at this point. -- see come -- sit down here tonight that sort of thing in and that's wonderful the Celtics do that that's that's good solid business. My guess is if if the Bruins get an up blowback from their season ticket holders. Or if they get enough feedback from people like Maria yeah eight you know we're the loyal guys where the guys who put the money into the system. Pop up in nice to -- once in awhile till which I think is a ballot complaint by Maria and it would be good business for any. Organization yeah I mean -- I think it's just the shape and I and I know people who have. Who have had season tickets for the Bruins for. A year or two and then afterwards just that I you know like I can afford this anymore and if I understand that complete and I say as. Getting back to you said and I say how could you -- -- in the first place it's absurd but I mean the fact of the matter is they do have them by the whatever you wanna call it's that. They know these people of the Bruins that are on how to go find out right and -- once they're at their best and once you're seeing a Stanley Cup team out there every year. Or you know walk away from that the kind of calling the season ticket holders -- will always don't do it if they give up their tickets guess who'll get tools that's about stub hub or anybody else. While the Bruins now have a season ticket waiting list right my guess is I'm only guessing. Is that they'll lose. A portion of their season ticket base based on the on the ticket price hike. And -- just for the sake of argument put it to 10% bracket the 10% of the season ticket holders now so look I can't afford it anymore -- I'm mile of the team I love the game but I can't do this anymore. Although and the question is did they make up that 10% off their weight on their way Lester that -- have those people also dropped off -- you argued also imagine -- lose people off the way to listen as well. -- gyms in Peabody hey Jim I don't. Is that -- real Elia. The -- big of a big red which has -- plant so that it who are literally. If the playoffs start today let me see the Bruins who play wanna say. Yet they -- the Redlands. A little -- reports that I whatnot product right Lisa why. If they're healthy and animals scared but they're not yet obviously to mystery years though the election deal with the Chicago board in the seventh. And I'm I'm not I'm not knocking anybody anybody you play is supposed to be -- figure in the playoffs I mean. Every every single team I mean I'll I'll I'll I'll play the absurd -- for. I don't want any part of the Montreal Canadians the Bruins beat the Canadians. I don't want any part of the crowd maple leaves they'll Cassel finally learn how to playable -- last year quick little side note that just as a hockey fan the match by him hoping for the first round. I want the Maple Leafs again I wanna see that again in the great round. I I guess the point I'm making Jim is is -- it's supposed to be hard you're in the playoffs the opponent is supposed to be good. There is no team in the Eastern Conference first couple rounds because the Bruins can't play the penguins right until you get to the finals there's. Won't they want pardon me but it will be the 1222 now right now there was 27. To a -- out okay that's on. The last time -- very -- -- -- -- -- the last two times. And they don't want won't -- -- to try to. Apple one of those was that one of those games the Bruins and even show up for that was the oh the pre Thanksgiving one that was just -- Or are we talked about rarely or efforts and -- -- Did but we've seen last couple games the Bruins in that game against the the red wings before Thanksgiving a camera does civics of -- Probably about poorest showing it had all these three or four of those this year that are just and -- course of 82 year gonna house yeah handful of games that are just awful. And again wings game was one problem but again as I said it's the team that for whatever reason and good for them. Doesn't usually go balls to the Walter in the regular season and they turnaround there were in the post season. You don't see those absolute duds and you saw a couple of them from Pittsburgh roster when. If it in the -- -- files you'll see those -- from the Bruins in the post season. Well. And at least not an -- -- -- right now and if if they do have a a clunker. They generally come back and you know pretty strongly in the next game. 617779793737937. As the AT&T -- like Dale Arnold BJ being Sunday morning sports Sunday. Sports Radio WE. 617. 7797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line 37937. It's 9:50. On a Sunday morning. The gigantic. Batten down the hatches snowstorm that was allegedly headed our way is supposedly being pushed south of us. And the the latest forecast is for much less snow here about time summit that happened please. I always feel once you hit march 1 I can live with whatever happens after that you know you get to march 1 you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even if you get pummeled. You know I know that the that it's gonna grab a -- soon and -- -- that's it's that psychological. You get a big one once in awhile and April once in awhile but. It just feel like OK I made it yeah. By having said that I'm running out of places to what's now -- Mean enough for this stuff does get back difficult with the guys 6177797937. Branden and him in is in New Bedford hey Brandon. Pale Leon Haley and in our our auto or art -- early ticket Britain. Are going out. I'm -- I would be in my -- we've been enough. Diehard -- parents are awhile now you've been. Are avid Bruin fan at -- life and I'm. I was trying to convert doubt try to get him our ticket to a game repeated -- -- well these are wanted to get your tickets like all about. Handicap ticket prices. And the lady told me at 200 dollars per game -- and they are maybe which are all she. And a 200 dollar -- picket. And ran under bigot what that is the bigger and greet the right even more -- Where were they where -- the seats. Are -- handicap the only a job. Is that -- I I am not are very little about it that lower level -- and number Alibaba. -- beat. Right yeah I know I know that that -- -- these buildings have to have a certain amount of of handicap tickets I'm just wondering off top my head. I don't know if they have any in the like. Balcony here at the you know they'll. I I assume it's only those -- around -- right the lower bowl where there's public there is that really kind of specious area at the top apple I mean. I so I I can't really speak -- expertise on this just because I'm not positive but I might think that that them. Could fall in line with others to similarly priced dot tickets around. That section where you. Now -- -- talking about the borrowings or did you talk to wait a secondary market. Because like I gotta be I'm on the seating chart here for the TD garden. And and that price doesn't seem right to me. Were you talking to like a stub cover somebody like that. -- that were. Were you talking to like a stub hub or an ace ticket or re talking to the to the garden. They would opt for the darn good you can get the bigger online order yep they're all in the any -- -- Well I'm I'm I'm looking at it here and I just don't think that that price is correct. I'm not gonna pretend to know I I just quickly -- that went online I'm looking at the seating chart. And I don't believe that the price is 200 dollars a seat. I -- I can't speak for we spoke to work or or anything like that was in the post season. Dollar dropped regular even -- I'm I'm sitting here looking at the prices and I may be wrong and god knows I am from to -- yeah I mean yeah you're you're speaking from experience here means that that would -- -- I don't. I don't know how this affects. Handicapped. Pickets are what are they called ABA. Yeah American -- for disabilities act act I don't know the answer Brandon and and night which I can tell you the answer but. It well I'm looking at lower Lohse tickets in other words the lower bowl. Mean they're expensive there's no doubt about that and you know their their in the 200 it's right. This segment has sounded like two guys on their computers trying to would you radio while hurting my hoosiers one analyst -- Quincy hey Jim. Pick a guy they know what Arianna -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Edit equipment and -- -- the -- traded child around he -- stop with this that's why were. Saying I think they -- -- -- talk in his about that that the only -- he'll he'll be at about ten feet by its secondary. He will be I am I Jim I hate to break the -- to yet he will be a vezina trophy finalist this year. And that no reason he should be complete -- monopoly. Cloture diplomatic game women he's been all full. It would he has properly record should pull a barbecue I guess they don't meet quality -- -- I can do it today -- jabs at the -- Jim Jim which people always that one of the breakaway goals there was -- one of how Alexander Ovechkin is just -- to kill slap shots on the power play. Another one the one where about a volatile west between five point lead out palace Hispanic. He would not at least they'll -- the -- from a stroke last year in my game six against the Blackhawks still a bit beat -- the Mac gave him. In the -- what they wanted to beat Toronto for the other miraculous comeback to play off format it. Sir how'd he do against the penguins. And I think there was the great keep that to me -- penguins can't even more school. Oh yeah I had two goals allowed -- -- against the Pittsburgh tongue without -- -- in working full. But he and that's with -- old system managed jar that the defense that believe in the back up. Well then why do you levels -- LEOs don't you have Chara then you're if you're gonna get those performances -- back with any stiff back there at them. Then why are you worried. I just think that guy is Gloria missed out to meet mediocre backed up that fast that -- -- like I'd like to -- -- -- at the -- -- -- does anyone know -- -- like yesterday. So he had a really bad game yesterday so we gotta get him out of here right. Are you won the last thing we can have a good day I really take too many days off he. -- it's a so so here's thing you will you equate with taking games off is the lack of production which. You know what that happens in hockey people try to treat Iraqis as a statistically. Durbin sport which it won the -- percent I -- prime purpose but he said the other day. It is not. Got to watch the games mile Dellucci each over powers opponents and wears them down although -- have a number of players pay pay. -- the Bruins have a number of players who are extremely difficult play against Patrice Bergeron for obvious reasons but -- on the teach also because he -- other guys down. You might not always see -- you might always see you always talks but getting his feet moving it all might not always look like he's the passes down the ice. But he is a XP -- he is an extremely difficult player to play against. And you wanna say what was the last time we saw him perform well I was less on your raving about him. He's pretty good in the post season last. A psychedelic the last IE the -- pretty much stake in the fleet are also -- He's not -- -- -- you can't Somalia but they should trade him to its homeland Vancouver and get the other guy if. -- right he's a very good standing with Vancouver and I'm sure he went back into it that it would like to get him out. -- it's a so I wanna keep this guy because this is this is a bit of a party. So we're talking no Tuukka Rask who know me on the teach -- -- the makeup of this team to be. I would if I can get the bulk of that what you need in -- big contracts. And then nobody would -- to -- But -- what their contract they want if they wanna take currently get out of Iowa. You know what chairmen and obviously you're you're you're our go to guy when it comes to player rankings I will tell you Jim that NHL dot com. Which has the latest goaltender rankings in the NHL disagrees with you somewhat. They have to they have took -- ranked. Number one that there what is rocket against Montreal all his record against Montreal -- the reason is that you went and they get cubic Bravo. That -- in the. There the guy -- that big games how'd he do against Pittsburgh last year all I wasn't him. Without our it was the system and -- and when he plays portly -- a great save the charming at the end of the game yeah Gillen went for any place. Portly it's 'cause he chokes. When he plays well right because there is supposed gunman and Zdeno Chara layers. And have a nice 6177797937. AT&T -- -- -- 37937. It's Daylon DJ Sports Radio WE yeah. Number two sport Sunday Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold BJ being from WEEI dot com is here as well. We began the program talking some hockey is the Bruins are in New York tonight take on the Rangers -- to coming out of the Olympic break and haven't played especially well in either of the two. And of course the NHL trade deadline comes up Wednesday at 3 PM but we've got other things that -- and into the mix as well as week. As we move forward here we will be leading you up to Red Sox baseball the game starts at 1 o'clock while 105 but we're taking up to 1 o'clock when the Red Sox come your way this afternoon. Exhibition based on it may opry -- he's -- pre season grapefruit league baseball it's not exhibition baseball right I don't know how grapefruit league sounds better than I exhibition baseball. And we had an opportunity for some people who. -- I guess here we've had a a caller last -- who wants to trade both Tuukka -- and -- -- -- -- happy to an -- lived it with we will be doubt we will be having collared him on for every segment -- at at at -- and maybe talk Red Sox he's talked about -- to trade -- other -- -- them you know. It's funny how. Trades get get bands so excited in every sport they turn into the lake. I don't I'm trying to think -- need. It it was their minds well there's the grass is always greener factor here united that the player you don't have. Is obviously going to be better than the player you do have. Which is an issue that's that's coming up a lot with all the Bruins get this -- the -- to get that spokesman and you say are the better right now the -- Archos immature they are. And Chris Phillips is is an example for results the guy who I think legitimately pushes Matt -- ski arm I think that he can't -- top form it's the bruins'. But he's by no means a Dennis Seidenberg type that can really replace the lost with them. I know let's see them you know what the equation I would mind adding Chris Phillips -- -- chirp and and if you're asking me. Would I'd be willing to included David wore soft ski or even a -- -- cow ski as part of the package to acquire a guy like Phillips I'd say yes it from the Bruins I wait. I wait to see. What happens with built 'cause he's doing his or negotiating with the senators so I'm waiting to see if he decides they with them if he doesn't end if if he's. If he's able to move for on from there then. I called senators that they -- -- in a second round pick that's -- that's quite a steep price but I do it upon. And this is knocking -- from marsh field there no -- academy and a great -- he was awesome on the second on the second. Partly unit he's got very good offensive skills like Joseph Torre -- there is that there's a redundancy there that's the thing. You've got you've got an area of depth in in a couple of things here you know you've got some right shooting defenseman yet. You really need left shoot out left shot defenseman and I and I think I've under rated over the years. The whole left right thing I think oh I've been wrong about that yeah I mean I've peopled the the other. Writers. They roll their eyes because I've either written about her -- about a thousand times but that's a real thing that left shot guys. They can play both sides usually Dennis Seidenberg does that remarkably well. Right shot guys which is the area where the Bruins at least the NHL level have a bit of a surplus right -- -- cannot play the left side because. Further -- a few different on ice reasons but maybe the biggest one is they just don't have the experience because as they come up through juniors. Right shut defenseman. Are rare that left -- defenseman so if you're on a junior team. And you're right shut defensemen they are so thanking their lucky stars that they have you that they are not moving you per second. In your probably ought to team where you got left chuck guys playing on the right side so. These right -- guys Doug Hamilton Johnny boy chuck Kevin Miller out of -- they don't have any experience playing on left side whereas. Tore recruit the left chuck I can play on the right side but -- -- -- to do it but he says that if he had two week he can. Handle pretty easily. So. What you need to do is go out in get. A lot -- guy you can hold on that left spot in this is a broken play some significant minutes for and it's a rare predicament dale because how often do you talk a vote. Usually teams it's they need to go got the right side because. Or heard. Yeah they have a a shortage there. It's pretty rare for a team to have a surplus at the NHL level on the right side so. More than defenseman that are out there being shopped -- left side guys but. From their becomes can they play. Opts our top four minutes in a few weeks ago I don't know it's the case anymore. But I -- the teams that were out of the playoff picture it had defenseman who were left shots. In the final years of their contract and utterly -- taken on term by the great yeah that at that and probably had to -- doesn't mind he does not -- any better regulated with Chris Kelley out are really have a problem that. But I mean for guys who were in -- years left shots on losing teams who played twenty plus minutes tonight. There are only two guys. One was in the mcdonalds with the islanders Hewitt I've discussed neither of us are at their really in love with him the other was Ron -- And -- he's ever play in the playoffs reports of the the pickings there. Are rather slim I think that with McDonald as you've probably seen as you watched the islanders play the Bruins. He doesn't play -- hunt against. Good teams. And he's also not really big and strong which is kind of what they're going for here he'd he'd if I think maybe gives you delivered on C with Matt -- husky so. I think that there there's a guy out there for them to get it right now it seems to beat Chris Phillips but. The other guy that I really like and supposedly they kind of backed away the idea of pregnant is Mark Stuart. Battle of mark I I like I lies seem as as a third pairing guy and he can push. For for. Up four minutes but not the way to think Phillips cut I like. Mark -- a lot he's he's physical he's big he's strong. All those -- I calculate cost and and the cost would not be as exorbitant but supposedly Winnipeg is now on the process of trying to get him re signed up all these teams. Are trying to get these guys re sign like the Rangers did with Dan Girardi in according to multiple reports. The Bruins inquired about Girardi they were interested in trying to acquire Dan Girardi from the Rangers which. Which if they did get Girardi -- that that that would have been and I know that I just talked about how you need luck chuck guys like -- guys two parties are right -- guy. In for me as I look at this trade deadline and what they need to which guy that he replaced it is and Dennis Seidenberg -- fair -- second pairing. And the post season left sides that would team with Johnny boy chuck or whoever's there but -- who knows -- now maybe boy talks your top -- guy in the post season with that in a Chara. But if you could -- gone out in -- did Girardi. That would have given you your postseason Seidenberg replacement now would have been just as nasty a top pairing as you had when you had Chara Seidenberg that would have been. An insane addition to make would have been something of a luxury but I I still think at the end of the day. You gotta go -- example chuck and the people. I'm one of them by the way who love Ryan -- game not a defenseman but a forward who. I just I love everything he does game he was one of the top performers in the Olympics for for my money. And for those people who would wanna go get a guy like Kessler and I'm one album let's just try to be realistic now. About what it would cost because you'd have to start with Riley Smith. And I'm giving him kind of the minimum parameters here look at a guy as good as Riley Smith -- that caliber. You'd have to give up you know first and second round picks. You'd have to give up a a prospect of some kind of good prospect by the way not not you know some third line you know third deep haired guy in Providence but -- eight top level prospect. And and that would be the starting point I think for a guy like Kessler. And as I look at his it is capital city where where's he -- he's. I'm Nazis for all he he's at at five million dollars for this season. Next season and the season after that and I'm OK that's good money for him yeah I think that that if anything makes him more attractive. But also. That did that the caps tuition does factor in their because. Say you were to give up or Riley Smith from the Bruins I'd I don't touch the -- at all lone bright counselor but I don't gloat. And I don't get anybody outside of the depth guy you'd have to give up the top six forward right. Off this team to get a guy like that's right and I don't think that would necessarily do that because I like Chris Smith -- right now and I think that he's he's and are -- at the end of the season. He's definitely get a get an upgrade from the -- 800000 dollars he's making this season. But certainly not by a million dollars she's probably unified himself somewhere what the three million dollar arranged iTunes or something like that. From there the cap is going up but I. Still think even with Kesler on good money in -- -- on good money to below four million dollar range I think that. At this point you tried to have is you guys in that ranges possible as you try to have this. Quote unquote youth movement are back to call 6177797937. -- up a New Hampshire hey -- Morning DJ Mondale. Brad. Only appropriate Libya is -- -- -- -- get a shot at best actor after that broken stick together slash. Well you know what there are a lot of there were a lot of nominees yesterday. Unfortunately Francoise sailor Ron who was one of the two referees yesterday and we also the refereeing in buffalo I the other night who completely blew the Tyler Myers situation with our right and -- he's sort of had a tough spot tough run here. Well everybody I think this goes live at the Olympics this past two games. One of that -- you can't play all 82 games and I love this team going into the playoffs as long as healthy. Then you've obviously the last ten games -- -- that you can see that they do the unthinkable happen. It's on the ice stick for the he knows it -- mean it was perfectionist last ten games for the Montreal game but I mean they understand. This team is good very good. But then and sticking to show. And that's what they did the past couple. It sure I think that's fair I you know I I don't think. I don't want to say that that that they didn't try and called and made the point yesterday. Think -- run around little almost like they were trying to do too much and they got themselves out of position at times. And and they can't play that way that's not how they're structured. Not at all and that I mean it would have been nice to see Dellucci here very -- -- that second period while somebody over -- that they want to be in the game because they let him drive but I can just wait and that. Plumbing in the second period this year they want to be in the game by making a comeback. They were good in the second period early late in the second period. They were there can be carried it to attack the game they would just they want work. Eight and a half. Or look they were down 32 after two so you know and they fought back from down three love so. But my point is that a millionaire and killing penalties now I think -- he's got a bad break because the actions we saw how long it. It took Bergeron Manhattan passions but they putting on killing penalties just because they're trying to -- play in that Campbell and and Bergeron beat on that just to have another option there. I mean ericsson's -- Hillary kill penalties throughout his time in in Dallas he's just another option out there and also as I said Brad marsh it was in the penalty box for. To those penalties and he's got the the use regularly on the PK which by the way using him with Bergeron out this year which has we're talking about techsters -- -- a little martian killing penalties -- texture -- issue that kills penalties he has -- Shorthanded goals leads the NHL short handed out -- -- that. Again yesterday that five on three you can tell you what man. I mean they were just standing still. And Allison got that one shot on goal that they got that two minute span was a beautiful shot on goal I disagree that was just out that was a low point of the day I mean you got a full two minute five on three advantage. And now I'll give it -- suggestion that he's battle to I'll give the caps credit in this regard they blocked two or three shot to their credit I cannot take anything away from month. But you're trying to go. You know down low cross crease to another down low guy instead of doing the low high thing in and generating shots it was a horrible five on three power line. Yeah those are rough showing I think that especially as I said yesterday you have to assume was gonna be something of a special teams battle you have to assume that if you're playing Washington. The second best. Power play in the league bigger deal allowing a power play goal or two or three. You get the opportunity to have a five on three for two minutes you -- the use that negate what's gonna happen the other way. And I expect them and let -- and -- was that they haven't done what they in the bottom three games they've lost earlier this year. That happened at all no they not lost three camera and if they did come out flat -- tonight. Is this something you know. Surely right gonna make that the change. So no -- air right away I disagree with that people say like oh if they come off plot against and I can something's really wrong -- -- flat again tonight that it's it's proof that that surely needs to make a trade. We've seen this personnel. Fare much better help his personnel. With boat Zdeno Chara and with David Warsaw -- retirement earlier played in the final two games before the break. Was absolutely fine I think that the personnel is an issue I think it's just they've come back. And you saw you -- poor decision making. From from boy chuck from crew from park husky among others. It's just the matter performance. Not personnel these guys are plenty of people I know the regular season when the habitable wanna get carried away but even if they come out again tonight and throw another stinker. I think held the -- they keep doing that are still good enough team. 6177797937. Is telephone number I you can Texas if you like at 379371. We come back -- -- -- -- very simple question. When did Roger Goodell take over running the NBA as well we'll get to that some other things when we return. Dale Arnold DJ being Sports Radio WEEI.

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