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Jonny Gomes talks about retiring the beard as a champ and getting ready for 2014

Feb 28, 2014|

Mikey talks with the formerly bearded Jonny Gomes about the beard going out a champ. How it feels in spring training after a World Series Championship, David Ortiz' contract situation, and where the nickname Ironsides came from.

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But before we go any further we know -- fiftieth birthday party LB of course legendary foursome for the Bruins and -- other things to light. We have another legend on the homeless. And he is the one and only Jonny Gomes whose -- it was from I'm sure somewhere in Florida Johnny how are you. So -- -- -- go -- gonna have a big party down here we wish you were here but you better things to do you know like -- more stuff so what we couldn't understand why you're not. How's it going down there. -- we're gonna work around here at at the -- got through some. Now -- got a big America that we wanted mission now and and again who openly because you -- -- -- baseball clinic that we wanna make sure everybody knows about the driving home today all of going Johnny. It's it's for kids that are in. Boys and girls by the way a great -- -- weight and it's gonna happen the Saturday after all opened the home opener my correct that. Correct correct. Saturday April 5. At the sports center Bedford Massachusetts 9:30 in the morning and this is a special by invitation only root for round. Folks that are connected with this city thank you card to my correct on that. You nailed it so far back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Counties duplicate it and by the way down and -- I've seen pictures now -- you shoot the -- you talked about it just appeared but I don't know if you exterior now we have had it. Yeah oh I guess that -- -- I had the older media of which meeting -- there underneath your date. You know look into it and you got on the market that before you know I mean beard and a chance. When you're retired -- champion. The last game appeared to ever play. You guys to get all cranked up but these are pitches that going to be a -- Spring training and have -- feeling when it comes to headlines and that's always a good thing that's part of that is the -- After the big storm which was to Tony thirteen world championship. Is that that is it that normally the way it is when a team wins at all like I -- it didn't always used to be like that for the Yankees. But but -- this Red Sox camp in particular that is not a whole lot you know earth shattering stuff going on down right. Well I get hit it good. You know I mean I don't know. They're they're really -- to -- her chatter. You know last year either. I mean. They were right on pace for another in order to keep like that. Now you're obviously -- limited to about five or six out it was a people are talking about is as being in the mix you were completely happy. With your role last year. Seems to me like you might -- that guy always wants them more at bats. But he you don't you feel that role well and it you don't actually legendary fashion. You Roque would be that guy who you know gets a majority of his at bats against left handed hitting. It. Com community you know me. By my main role. Do whatever it helped keep it. You know I kind of fell into that role and we you know we didn't need immediate jump into. You know walking on the righty is Daniel Nava. And sort of my car. But every year's different. You know player wise I mean. I've waited gain it. For a 162. Plus games and get myself in shape in the top seeding for at -- -- period is that the iron QQQ. -- -- You know at the end of the day you know it's got to be ready when I called on it I'll make the lineup. But the professional you know I got to be ready her for all so. Was put John Ferrell you know -- should begin -- Yeah you know because I guess the biggest story chemistry -- in the ever ever never ending -- Out of the every other years so -- -- but David Ortiz contract to see here's a guy hits 688 the World Series. Why is anyone even. Talk about this is the kind of an automatic feeling. That statistic and he got to have side right now. Yeah I mean that. Right. Your eyes. You know the way he did I mean that is a very. -- puts so much the way -- shoulders you know. The lead the way. He started. You know and that the month in the beginning. You know he played directed at easing. You know speaking after -- night game. You know I mean man you know thirty homers thirty -- accurate. Under state -- Corey you know and a lot of places and he's yet we well deserved. Many years and dollar. Yeah. I guess it's safe to say I don't there there is that it -- -- captain of the recession we will talk -- up there about Rondo being captain of the and in hockey it's a huge save around a recap the Celtics. A baseball perspective is. Is it safe to say that Dustin Pedroia is the at least de facto captain in spirit based on the way he approaches the game. Yeah I mean what does that mean. He is not always you know it's happening you know -- you know kind of -- -- years the Red Sox. But I mean that your fan of major read it all and your favorite team is England thirty -- you -- can't argue it out Dustin Pedroia played the game how he approaches the game and just how professional these years. And you know I'm just so lucky to now share a clubhouse with them. To where we really see all the hard work does go and all that you know it's not just it. God given ability he runs out I mean you know this guy he busted but he's at the yarder early Ainsley. And as talented as he is you know -- -- -- number one goals to win. You know I mean the guy and it's true you know -- grab and Oprah or with a win any day. Yeah he give up a batting title for a birdie ring ring no question every time right. Yeah yeah 100%. You know regardless you know we put a lot of weight on and on defense. -- -- and in community gold glove you know that that's going to -- reason why you know he did -- time world champion well decorated. Was on individual -- Iraq -- And I mean you know -- at second base. He thought he'd got -- -- -- -- very -- guard spot or. Him just do you know whatever it takes to win. -- Johnny there was a lot of hopes last year or Jackie Bradley junior coming out if he had decorate spring and then he struggled out of the gate and really no evidence of that can line up. Obviously it is going to be a need for him -- We Jacoby Ellsbury on. You think if Bradley. -- fill that role. Yeah that's where you you know and you know you are hurt by means that it's very struggled at the big league. You know I've always said you know you can go from -- -- you know and you can't you know are able. One laps then -- reported big week. Seems to be huge huge huge joke. Mean you're talking you know scattered reports on the other side you're talking three or five guys that did aliens -- figure out ways to you out. And you know. These he's old girl you know -- splash this talent last year. But you know a guy -- to either be pushing each street side more and you look you know be as sharp as well. Any idea ID prove that here but -- -- great things -- teammates. You've made some huge. You experience in Boston and then it's here it's I get the nickname iron so. I'll go back a long way to. Our I mean yeah it is just -- aren't always over today you know you're. -- -- -- That's Spartan artery there. And you know kind of with a victory here you know that a battle tested -- certain funny bullets -- -- directive. And you know albeit later but they know they'll float. And you know I'm definitely not battleship you know from but the -- and I've taken you know I'm still -- They'll definitely -- battle tested absolutely fit and I'd hardly call avoid their Boston. That's right that's right. Now Jonny Gomes with a she's hosting youth baseball but it Saturday April 5 at the edge sports that are Bedford Massachusetts -- this -- it -- exclusive to Citibank. Thank you card members they gonna have a city. A -- thank you card to participate -- only a 150 participants. In this so if accurate statement April 5 yet -- it right away. -- ever going to play the Tampa Bay Rays and I get -- maybe it's a sign of I respect that when when you went over somebody in the U opposing team. Is someone that the fans here. Don't like it's because of Europe it's because of your play in the field. And and it's nice up and I was in camp when you run the race with a -- came over here and understood completely what the race it's on you man it's like you want those guys doesn't mind. -- building up some animosity because of the way you play the game in the opposing markets. Yeah I mean. There's there's there's so much depth on in the -- at bat in the big leagues and you know I definitely you know stick it strong my moral when Michael. You know what that means that you know tiger did get up there. -- from myself from people help me out there that there really was only one way to play and you know. Doctors my trials tribulations. And you know arm never know you know what he's going to be here where -- the year last. And so mediocre start with that but they aren't you you know you got blue collar guy and I would give up ground where. Someone you know want to you know -- nine in the radio station I think you're starting left at there are. That's how they -- -- as you say we have our final walk. There's the ball a couple feet my club I'm gonna -- And you know you're you guys with the top of the mountain at such an unbelievable way last year -- and totally unexpected way they were the first element of it. You know the parade all these memories now. But you have how do you maintain. All of you collectively. And energy level toward repeating because they -- standings wise this nordic go up you can only stay the same and that is a victory itself right. Yeah that's right you know on me. Obviously we or work out where you know there's a lot more you know off the field distractions there -- some people a lot more of you know and media whirlwind. But I don't know this same -- but if you're talking. Rare and it here or the hardest thing to do in the game -- only one other team on its first World Series. And -- the second who's been cornea. Back to back world I don't need -- to return -- So. You know you Q school or that he did you know he was going was hurt and we that. That took. You know a lot you know a lot on getting a -- off the field so he started shows. No that you can't be battle tested. Don't get any. Back to this table. -- that a little time now with an offseason to really reflect back on what happened. Last year obviously it was an emotional regular season at times and it was extremely dramatic. Post season. Out with the with that the more time you had to look back as it does this still seems surreal. -- He made it through you know it. It is a little bit the real but the thing I'm like I really like no joke at our goals to win the World Series in spring training. And we've got in that -- I am surprised six G game and then. You know throughout the playoffs. So if we didn't win the world you -- be a lot of guys like bummed out up. Minutes is this guy finally you don't know them -- happens you know those a huge monkey off our back. A bearded Johnny Gomes a true Red Sox favorite with the a clinic for kids in grades one day -- -- On April 5 to register for the clinic -- in a city drive it in the past dot com slash thank you events or call this number. 80301. At 3503 Johnny we should help the season and a healthy spring training with the reporters he had seen in April through Boston. I gotta be appreciated and or about where you're working in the park -- And you're welcome -- -- next night off you have but he hit it it and got a that'll be and I'm in November. Will be open you're not illegal but I don't and it's -- have a great. Our guys because they're Jonny -- talking it was of -- -- the planet Mikey show dirty water Friday's him progress.

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