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Five big question marks on the Boston Red Sox and their 2014 roster

Feb 28, 2014|

Salk and Holley discuss 5 big questions about the Red Sox and their 2014 season.

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Are the big question with the Boston Red Sox is whether or not you think they did enough this year. To repeat to be in contention for in other World Series title that's the big question. But -- answer the big question Michael I got five smaller questions that I think will help answer the big question. Makes only five while we could go on forever -- probably call an elderly goodies but I've got god for you right now. Add to your number it. -- I used to work here. He did how many questions with a 35. There was no was not twenty. It was more than twenty. It had to be twenty to see what it was reported that there. -- five salt as a good number got a lot of questions I can work with our five questions for you Michael you -- you think. We answer these five questions you'll have a complete understanding of what you think the Red Sox are going to be this year but I think these five questions will give view. A pretty good idea is that what you think they've done differently how they've grown gotten better or not enough. From last year kind Alex's question number want you want the easiest one person -- It's amazing let me start with a one that is easiest for you to. -- I think you know where this is the -- Usually there's an -- for Hollywood based don't know I don't know of not a problem it's -- easy question for -- tax. What is eggs Ander what is acts this year what is. Look I'm going to be conservative and I am surprised with the conservative. Probably not a -- actually going to be conservative what is -- Maybe you know to 85 to ninety batting average in the batting -- low rated. On base percentage you know close 400 on base. I'll give you know he's got to grow into his power give them about 1920. Home runs. About five triples. And the -- Fenway doubles park -- thirty doubles. So essentially -- An all star. And and not necessarily the MVP. But like in the top ten or fifteen an MVP vote. That's your conservative estimate of what you are very conservative and a listen listen I know you guys combined. -- just come on don't don't disrespect to -- arsenic only five triples. Really and on base percentage of almost 400 you can have a over 400. -- little little. -- I mean those numbers are not that far off what he did in the in minor leagues last year I just went Bieber is on base percentage last year in in double lane Tripoli combined laws. -- 395388. His batting average doubling -- combined laws. 285 to 97. His openness of the miners Leicester is 865. Don't worry about the whereabouts in the community you're right that is he said communities are that are the first one and that's and he's do you think. The short answers of -- is going to be very -- an all star level this year. Yes and special question number to him. What is will middle Brooks this year and and that's easy one that's -- say no the first it was easy now and our ports and another RB -- in any direction. A great question it's -- I want and I'm a middle Brooks is the great unknown. Everybody talks about his power yeah he has displayed power. And I'm like -- -- -- -- batting -- is not so great. He doesn't always. Swing at strikes. -- Tuesday. -- -- NN and I'm not really sure how great he is third defensively. And that's. A little nervous about this one yeah and nervously for numbers necessarily have to give me a -- nervous form -- our oversight in that is an area of great concern to you right now. Did you read lovers are courtroom today the caller the -- each of course and you just heard Scott talk about them you by an architect I told. You always get cynical to these things because every year you read about the guy that either changes batting stance or is made an adjustment at least thinking about the game I tried to do too much too soon -- I have a new approach to the game a new approach to life the new approach at the plate. I've worked on my fielding and now I think I'm gonna be better went EPI. And I've lost 25 pounds and turned it all and the muscle or I was actually to fear that now -- gained a little -- that's what I need to help you stay healthy to run a 162 games I learned something in the minors at every year you read one of these stories. And we're not trained to think on. Whatever -- returning as I got -- -- and Michael I got caught up in this. Spring training is -- -- for baseball players. It's it is that is the place. You go we have great yeah great weather at the beach. -- people all around they're all positive nobody's heckling you all the fans were down there. He's tackling him. Hello mr. Mittal Brooks and have your autograph great job we'll have you know good luck this season. So everything is just relax. You go there in just and you spill. It is believed he is hell but all the things all the feelings or feelings -- feelings can't. You wanna know what's going on right now. In 2014. Spring training. Wait until next trip it's very. They got to wait a year they'll tell you everything about the past year therapy. So I don't know -- At first I -- that's a great analogy and in baseball they probably needed more than any other sports game of failure how you deal with failure so important to to your success is the ball player. And middle Brooks really dealt with -- for the first time last year and that's what. That's a lot of writes about -- lucky was the captain of his football team into the big Friday Night Lights in Texas. And he dated Dallas cowboy cheerleaders and now he's you know -- -- -- genuine reality an immediate success and minor leagues in his first year she wanted rebel leader is that citadel an immediate success as well. I mean -- like that. -- did well I don't know maybe maybe unconscious. Later he dated a girl in high school who went on to BA -- -- which. Yeah I bet she was really struggling for dates and -- and she had to date the star football team in the baseball team will middle Brooks. Yes she's she's got her identity after high school. Not so sure that well in any good for him you know that that's that's the middle Brooke's story and that and and lovers take on in middle Brooks is take on it is. Look I I I thought I was ready and I wasn't and I have -- had to go back to square one it was the first time I ever really dealt with failure which is not a which is not a new concept for baseball player. In their first or second year in the game two for the first time. I realize that the league has made adjustments the league is not just going to hand you anything and it's difficult to go from being nobody to being the man on the Boston Red Sox overnight you just can't do that. So I got it that's that's an area for me I think that's. Held active in the fifth one I don't know why -- really guys can jump in on any that's a really tough for 779790%. I know -- -- can focus on April while we have all. -- I guess that the question then becomes a middle Brooks do you do you believe that his problems last year our physical. Or do you believe that his problems last year stamp from his mentality or something in his mind. What you want it could be it could be mental. For a couple of reasons wine and I don't know we've joked about this but I think it's a serious. It's a serious issue he would say he's a public figure and his girlfriend is a public sphere. So if if somebody you care about is being talked about publicly and there are some job uncertainty and you love them and you wanna be around them. Yet. You know especially last year. Having to keep up the appearance that everything was good they were just it was just professional relationship -- was going on when that's not the case that can be stressful. So your your life at home. Could be stressful and you're not getting it done on the field. That's that's a mental lot of mental drain a bit but here's the other part that's mental. He's being pushed. I've heard 125. Times. Watch efforts gaining. Security's pretty good. He'll be here Sony they don't have to find a position for this kind of have to find a place form. He's really got to be pushing will -- Brooks. So I think a lot of the stuff he's got to. You know I don't know if you can compartmentalize. Towards assailant. I'm not worried about that stuff and just focus on baseball but to me I think it was it was between here. I do tonight he's got all the physical gifts means he's a big key he's got plenty of power even last -- bad as he was. He still have the pop -- still got to see at home run power. I'm a little worried about the way he lost his job in in the playoffs I don't think that's. -- have to agree harbinger of success this year but. I do believe that that it was a lot for -- and maybe it was the that anything navy was just. Trying to do too much too soon in baseball failing for the first time trying to figure out the best way to deal with all that. But I think the offseason was probably pretty good pretty cathartic for him an opportunity for him to just kind of take a step back refocus and re energized them to -- thing I don't know. I mean he was handed the job last year he's really being handed the job again this year right spears route doesn't look like he's going to sign with a team maybe he does at the last minute we'll find out. But as of now he's being handed the job with a with which you Keeney is more of a happy as they were gonna give you the time to win this thing. But if you failed we're still backing ourselves up which Keeney and -- and right after everyone says two keys next you'll also hear them say bodies are ready yet. He's don't always to go doubling broadly to start the year. You'll see. As you know worded word dominant start last year Zander. He thirty flew through the system do. You get started double A and in April -- Let's see where you wind up July or August. But by August we were saying not only. And here comes standard but put him in the lineup let's see what he can do. And -- mean anything he's an impressively and kids can you talk about right if we give me a third. Are so that's doing you guys can jump in as I said on any of these 61777979%. We dealt with we dealt with -- Zander Bo Overton dealt with a -- over those of the two questions analysts that it. We give you two questions about guys playing the same position I'm not to both of them can be on the roster this year at least to begin. The first one is the guy we just ask rob Bradford about -- Grady Sizemore. You've seen him down there you were down at spring training spent -- week down there. Do you believe the Grady Sizemore can contribute to the Boston Red Sox in a meaningful way in 2014. You -- to set at the end 2014 yes but they'll have to be in July. Georgia I just. That's -- software to micro fractures surgeries -- I was talking to Gordon needs about the rehab him and and all the things he had to do meaning that you. You know having his knee in -- contraption for eight hours and he's just there -- on his back with his knee elevated. You know going through this rehab. -- just trying to regenerate his team is trying to rehabilitated. Hasn't played since 2011. He's had a series of injuries. And he has come to camp before. Like the place he's in right now at the Red Sox he's been in that place before with the Indians. Hey I like coming off an injury I feel great. And have no restrictions would base the baseball activities and then it just goes garments I think. If if you got to count on iron there to get accounts Sizemore. It just as not is -- good -- to to count on them at the beginning of this -- Really he could show you in spring training that would convince you he should start the year in the bigs instead of Jackie Bradley junior. Now. There's nothing he can do. Even if he plays virtually every game you know as often as he's called upon its well runs well does everything just fine there's nothing he can do approve do you that he should start with the job. Okay well. I think and maybe either read -- associate this -- is too much duplication. You don't need to Jackie Bradley junior on the roster to begin the year you start adorable it's not a probably column open every want got plenty of time down Aaron yeah. And called up whatever you want okay. Psychologically. For him. Being demoted at. It will be OK for him if -- he is sent to AAA. On April 10 and is coming right back on April 23. Because. Something happened with Sizemore a distinct Jackie Bradley is the safer bet he's unproven too. He's a sees a much safer bet than they Grady Sizemore I'm not allowed myself to think. Grady Sizemore is ready for the Red Sox -- Is that only because they -- or like -- wanna deal with the disappointment of the fact that it now know not -- and it he'll be crushing. Now I don't know crushing only certain departments and -- with -- crazy. -- just too many all of these injuries. Hey you know you have to expected you have to expect more injuries if you're not anticipating more injuries. And they have been -- does not doing that I'm doing his job almost have to. So -- I expect a guy who. Is probably gonna have to slow down a bit slow down his his comeback attempt. -- be very cautious. -- that's when that's happening at certain bracket Jackie Bradley junior. That comes question number four easily as is what do you think Jackie Bradley junior is in 2014. A year ago we wasn't quite ready for prime time -- the plate showed a good guy but. Certainly there were there were holes in his swing that Major League pitchers exploited over and over again do you believe that he has enough physical talent to overcome those holes in the swing and become the player that he was in the minor leagues in the may. -- -- -- can't see that I can't see via the future for Jackie Bradley junior like I can't for -- and is just so easy. The future has been revealed to me with this with this gifted player Bogart's -- Bradley. Very good player. All I know with him is the number nine hitter right now. NASA NASA the finished product -- we and number nine hitter and he's a good defensive player. But I have no idea what how that would translate if -- -- -- to sixty I don't know -- -- -- I think we see this pretty similarly because I agree with you on on Bradley it's much easier look at Bogart's. And see what he's going to be human Bradley I think some of those skills are a little bit more hidden. Wright Jimmie can you have the opportunity to see in the bigs last year it was not fantastic. I think I know that he's got a good -- I think I see some of the nice things that he was able to do was he was coming through the system. But just the ability to make solid contact over and over again. Well we haven't seen it is so it's difficult to imagine that it's going to be there. How do you handle this position he -- Bradley. Does that -- I think you have to be armed with you -- you start with Bradley hope that you can keep keeps Grady Sizemore on some sort of an extended rehab slash minor league assignment to begin the year. Knowing that if there's any issues in your outfield hopefully he can come up and either help -- in center field or one of the corner outfield spots and it Jackie Bradley junior turns out they just can't hit that fastball. Well it's a good thing the -- Grady Sizemore trying to get ready in the mightily. So here's here's. Pretty scary thought to. Sizemore is not physically ready to do it in -- Brantley went sixty I mean you're protecting him in the nice -- the Red Sox have going for them is that they are protected for that. If that does happen and neither -- these guys are ready to play center field or contribute on a consistent basis. You do have another center fielder on your roster chain victory. You're better team he's in right and I really do believe that I think the idea of moving him to say oh he's the lead off man to play I hate that. I think he was great in the -- I was in last year and that gap that added ability to play him in right not center and Adams second not first. Was a huge advantage that the Red Sox have last year and I'd love to see them continue to keep that advantage. But as any as a last resort. Moving him to center field is not in the world right. I mean it's not like it destroys your team have to move victory in December he still of -- you still have -- you still have Mike Carp who can play the outfield at least of other guys. You're team is not screwed if neither of them complex I don't like it though I don't like it either -- -- -- rude and you hear us group how much -- to go out there and make a trade if you need to. Which and acted defensively you're telling me if you had to move victory go to center. And who's gonna be right I want Jonny Gomes route right now. I don't wanna gain an element I don't either but that -- held in so yeah you might be at age group may be strong -- You're you're not you're not too good offensively defensively because everybody. In the -- Is a minus at their position I think at this stage he think Victor Reno is a great center fielder now it. Now now I I don't know I don't want this to happen bigotry -- he goes there if he goes there minus player in center field. If novel or Gomes goes to -- you know minus player there. So is. Finding a center fielder -- Sizemore Bradley's critical. To the Red Sox because everything else balls in the place you know it's funny because there was a guy that was traded in the off season I know we went for a couple of prospects. I kept looking at Dexter Fowler and -- maybe that's the answer maybe that's the guy that replaces Jacoby Ellsbury he can hit I know some of it is Colorado inflated. But I mean it's going to Houston finally gave up something forum but was it something that maybe you could have matched a month and they made a mistake. By not bringing someone in like that and maybe they can still do so they have money. Right I mean they never replace the Dempster money as of now -- little bit money left anyway so they have what between thirteen in twenty million dollars. But they can spend this year they need to. I mean it's not like they would need to go down that road for the rest of the year you can do that and then go find yourself somebody who can play either center or right field in order to make your team better. Right I -- -- just yeah -- you're right -- -- we're not talking about the fourth option for the team if your fourth option is you have to use some of the twenty million okay. That as a team that -- really put themselves in good position this year has got to stop the worst option right if you say I guess we have to go out now and spend some money. At least you haven't spent. So that's question for. And then the final question. I honestly haven't been thinking of until rob us that he talked to scout said the -- -- at a higher upside than Henry Rollins and and it surprises me. Not just because you know we've seen -- pitching which hurts so much about Owens and I know you're pretty psyched when you sound down and in in Fort Myers but. If that was the case. You think they would have really specifically groomed Workman for a rule in the rotation. Not messed around and even considered starting him in the bullpen this year. If he has a higher upside than in Poland's. I don't for a bit of in a role in the rotation and to take -- anybody for a while or just say that he's going to be starting pitcher force we believe that this is a start where. Over who over over. Women which. Maybe it mean may be at the steel last year NC John Mark. JP. And you're if you're if you're so convinced. -- may -- Dempster would have been traded in the off season with that waiting for him to decide that he is going to it's a takeoff maybe it's Jake Peavy or -- brought to whoever is these -- no I really think this kid's upside is so high that I wanna see him in the in the starting rotation let's go. If it's about high. You don't think they find from former. I feel like I -- Well yes that pilot in the mean that he's gonna reach that point. In the next couple months and the other thing is. You know. Putting some of those other guys that some of those other guys are -- ball -- options. Jake Peavy in the last -- contract no matter how you feel about PV VBQ 34 or five. I know he's not so long reliever absolutely. So you would had to trade him if you really acknowledged that the upside has got great and you got to see that the downside I mean you -- low side wasn't bad. And you wouldn't trade and even if you feel like -- upside is huge you don't you know wouldn't trade him because then. As soon -- each freedom. You know some injuries happenings it would happen to Oliver pitching depth in the same thing with -- -- the due process starter. If you thought that worked in. -- could be better than to -- you you really can't moved abroad to the to the -- So I think that there's some really practical reasons why Workman. Is where is he he's one of the few guys who could. -- -- between the rotation in the pen are we hear from you guys are 617779793. Said he can jump in on any of these subjects. Left side of the infield what do you think is reasonable for some much will middle Brooks or for Zander Bogart's this year had the results center field and Brandon Workman has an X-Factor in your bullpen slash rotation -- by the upside comparisons for -- with six point 7779. 7937. Red Sox season we're talks WE. If you are right now is when he came back it was late in the season last year but there were improved and that's more consistency through them. He ran into duty pitching that was at the big league level different than when he faces a minor league level whether it was commendable on certain wanna play more consistently. Life that I I thought he made some adjustments when it when he came back it was so you know I think you're normal transition for young player. I think he's gonna put a quality at bats can play very good defense. And really stabilizes. The middle of our problem. Course -- John Farrell talking about Jackie Bradley junior if you go over the results here here five answers Michael. You are. Of the of the believe that -- is going to be at an all star caliber player yes. Then it will middle Brooks is a very scary proposition -- -- very scary. That. Between the two guys in center field I'd say you sound kind of 5050 on how it can work out in center field and you're certain about loving what -- six. -- 6040 -- Bradley's gonna break camp as your every day circular speakers. Of the injuries to -- sides or sides were clearly the more. Talented guy while he was a little cheese anymore but it definitely was a great player and I don't know if you give -- great player anymore so Michael -- And then finally. The Brandon Workman question in terms of whether he's a significant upgrade to what they're -- forgetting about whether or not he's going to be Henry Owens or not. What kind of an upgrade is he in the pen full time this year. Always know it's good because you've got. You've already got an upgrade you've got a couple of them you've got some guys coming back and got Miller coming back in those terrible today guess. -- Miller come back healthy. You got Koji. Who has helped now among Mika. You have to follow we've seen what he can do at work and in that mix. You -- pretty honorable man mention -- or sound like regularly have one concern while likable allotments are valuable one concern of the whole team that's -- middle. And others not you have any real concern that an Italian senate -- -- senator. Senator senator in third. Yeah I mean Kelly is in the reason why. Yet -- Bradley's got a break camp as the starting center fielder bending I think he's going to be great going to be better than side -- could be more available and Sizemore. That -- question the third is huge one. I have no idea what woman -- and he hit thirty home runs this year. In Boston -- hit when he and Pataki I don't know. What do you guys like 6177797937. Go to riches in Providence tyrant. It happened. For the Volvo Bradley you guys sound kind they really hesitant about him I would be surprised that what happens there. Is that they put some of these guys and when one of them goes in to replace the other that gives them the incentive to say hey you know what. I don't want to be taken out on their current artists that they had so I don't think that the bad idea for them to be the if it ends -- temple was tuning. Those who -- center field. I just don't think he -- room on the roster for both of those guys. I don't I only got I don't think you have enough room a 25 man roster to keep both Bradley and Grady Sizemore in the works that way. Okay and who are middle -- was concerned I think like it was it's been a mental thing with him. If he can get over that he has the physical tools but the thing is is that like a big picture myself in his position. I would be working my tail off not that you -- my butt off to make sure that I'm a much more productive hitter. And that you know like stay away from the strike out -- get on base a lot you know where I currently improve that. There -- in terms of being able to take a walk here and there. And as well as. Improving my fielding so if he can get over the mental thing he has. Physical yep -- the pools of physical ability. To really. Beat someone with special at that position. Again if you get over that bubble thing -- appeared. -- you can't get that bit. That we live pictures now with Chicago Cubs. The only thing. Had they not made him a starter I forget his name now but -- -- in the bullpen but he would still be -- in our bullpen thrown around a hundred miles an hour. It is definitely throw office. This course for a little bit he had a had a plan for what he was gonna do. And once he became -- starting pitcher and he has some control problems to spiral out of control them you wouldn't. He did have some it was an out of nowhere though he had some control problems in the low minors. And even when he was a very reliable weapon out of the bullpen for Tito. There were times and Daniel Bard lost it I mean really. It was just it was a mess. Now you know it is like you know make him a starter does he still have some bouts with control. Sure maybe does but for rich saw. Richard province meant miss this part right so -- your Willman Brooks and really struggling and you can't can't figure out what -- which need to do. Him some tough days of work go home. Probably not about it that he -- But I think it makes the other party was -- harder it's like he really should be out there working on his game -- to -- -- yes. What they have to leave -- -- leave the house weren't kidding and think I can be all right and I was -- instead I got to go out. Forget Adams days just -- and -- -- isn't her -- the -- are. Not -- gave us a man. Ollie Colin at all it's I don't know man. I heard this agreement at. The all people disagree with you'll be able to do agree with YouTube that. I just I had a hard time understanding. That you're more comfortable Bradley and oral Mittal. Grab -- children anything. Yeah I mean. Literally I mean you to hopefully he's going to be a good player but here. Part of our middle of our defense. And your show anything to separate. We're -- -- -- -- if you look at them and what he's shown you know he's shown the ability being good defender. It's a good yeah have you noticed that he's that good outfielder he's got. He's got general he's certainly not as fast as Ellsbury is not include -- -- -- got. -- -- -- decent he and he said they'd lost defend at every level he has always been a plus defender -- that ended up then translate to more than your defense. Yet so. Why is like -- Steve you know I think I'm more comfortable -- Bradley. He is. -- solid. Or that very good defensive center fielder and I'm only counting on him to beat then number nine hitter for the rest. As opposed to -- -- I don't know what he's gonna do in the field. I don't know what he's gonna do with the plate and he is being counted on. A little war prominently is at a more prominent role in the lineup and Bradley so. There's there's a lot more. And then I just think that would -- middle Brooks who was. In the same you know stratosphere and the meeting which I don't when he was coming up. -- would -- orders first yeah it stopped -- slot absolutely he still produced enough. And he had been deeply adequate third base yet to voters are a lot more on his shoulders. A little while. You know I would your general point Hossa got -- your general point that that I IC why. You would have more questions for Jackie Bradley junior that you would for middle Brooks is based on what you saw from each of them last year. But I think -- -- of some leaps of faith with middle Brooks he's a good third defensive third baseman he he lost his job in the post season. Partially because of his defense struggles that the position. In order to allow no he says that more than adequate I think it may be he's average -- maybe not every third race. I don't know you'll get better I don't average third baseman lose their jobs in the playoffs because they make couple plays can't be -- -- up. That's part of I mean remember some of the plays. There there was 21 that the rose by Breslow and and the whole play that started off. Really be crazy interference call. Could have been avoided with a different plane made by middle Brooks at third baseman -- I don't know that you you go with -- it was full trust of him either defensively or offensively. Times and recovered from buy it but that's a that's a bit of -- reach. In the other thing is I think a lot of people are jealous that he's doing and that's fair so I mean that to I don't think there's any reason for -- -- -- he got away from the -- -- -- -- Ryan is so obvious Ryan a home run rob Bryant is in Springfield opera. There aren't going to -- or -- player -- okay. Oh he wearing let's put that Tibet. Any one he hasn't won overwhelmingly choice of analogy as he hasn't won it since high school. You're your friends are going to your friends go to prom with with the misty down the road. -- on a rom with with Molly from Tyler Texas in my man says. You know what. I'm gonna go to -- with somebody who's gonna grow up to be the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader what. Well we will ain't gonna -- draft. Gonna play pro baseball added David Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. It's just unfair. -- We're not going to a public it Google what Grady Sizemore injury out. You name -- I'm no I don't we have we have what how many two and a half hours well. In the short -- micro fracture surgery on telephony micro fracture surgery on the right knee back problems and mean yeah. What -- it -- for us to grab a book for. -- because we have because he's a potentially great player and you're able to get him for for I think the base with 750000. Dollars. Now with some incentives it gets it gets up their pretty good blood. You know what guys is the low risk high upside thing Brian -- and -- talking now about that risk factor whether what you believe the guy can actually be healthy. He played in the game yesterday when Oprah tube was able to hear rob say to do everything they asked of him in the game and quite frankly that's important. You see the -- spring training from Grady Sizemore. The Michael we can talk about all the names on this list but of Grady Sizemore could be Grady Sizemore or even 80% of what he once was. You're talking about a huge change into the Red Sox are this year compared to what they are without. He gives you so much of what you had from Ellsbury that essentially you lose nothing and let the Yankees go spend all the money you go do something else while your other guys like -- in middle Brooks is just grow up with with Sizemore playing center field in the meantime. And I can make the argument that it that the answer of that question. Might be the single most important one were asking about the Red Sox right now. 6177797927. Pack or more call soccer WE. I think that he is. Very Workman like. He's getting down into law is another -- -- -- extremely network. But he's a pic buddies stick with war and basically the thirteenth position. Position when your bigger bodies protect them from your weight down there a lot of all it's so firm. Underneath cute that you got to be able plea in a wide stance -- position. And and in order to do that you're you're set up -- you lower -- interrupt -- lower and when we get four for -- -- that. We noticed that as we looked up he's already down there so that means it's set up the good. He's not raising up when the ball yet so he's a step ahead of the game right now are in the right position and make it personal style. A Sox their base -- third base coach Brian Butterfield talking about will middle Brooks and he's one of the big question mark heading into this season. I submit to you that the answer to that question about Grady Sizemore may be more important and any. If it's if -- -- the one. You know to the best that it could. If Grady Sizemore is Grady Sizemore Steele -- it's what else is zero right you've got you've got Jacoby Ellsbury for zero of the price. You're not paying any thing. We've got more than you call -- got more he's gotten Ellsbury were power yeah so you've got. Offensively you've got. It turned what -- -- for you use that. You've got a more power and more consistent power guy Ellsbury had a 32. But since then you know not so much the last three hit what nine home runs. And a regular season. Grady Sizemore got a legitimate 125. Home run guy. Who can do a lot of things who has been who has been an all star who's been a top ten MVP you know. Candidate though it's funny that we we could talk about it and say OK you know just wait to see whether or not he's healthy and Jackie Bradley junior should start the year in center field all the things are nice to say. But it but if Sizemore and that should be the biggest thing we're watching every single day of spring training house Grady Sizemore what is Grady Sizemore look like does he look like he's healthy and he bounced back. Any plane back to back days can he be something equivalent to what he was because if that's true. Everything else takes care of itself. What does Grady Sizemore and the clock as he looked like Rick -- Rick what's going on. -- -- -- -- Cardinal like very good that -- you. Let's talk about metal production all to -- that dull question that. Thought that defense Apollo you know that the that -- that -- it is what it is but. It's that simple torture me that the gonna change -- -- stop seeing pitches of the it'll stop. Trying to do everything to them -- play to the gonna get on base more you know it'll hold BP doesn't see pitches. You know tactic get himself ultra real bad at bat and then I hope that they've ever want to approach -- looked like you know he dug up there actual plan you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically puts so much pressure on himself to be the man last year body was going to be. And it didn't work out that way to a sort of started from scratch little bit more of -- humble approach listening to people instead of trying to be the one doing all the talking this year. You think that if that story is true do you buy that enough to believe that that could be the answer to the questions you're asking about. He could change but really what happened normal like storming back in the body you know some of these tablets of the -- to get out I mean it's not like. Coming up through the mine you'd never big on based guy the big walked I mean. Bennett in outspending them all of -- courier he never banned any of those things. And yeah you just wonder kidney -- and we can't. It's not it's not about. You know people talk about security and the big saying is that -- -- early April and he doesn't change in his approaches Terry get himself followed him. That you can sit there and Stephen -- -- -- out to -- Jew that I it's been argued that money. -- through and then it'll -- -- will champion I think that's the moved. Are among -- put out trial in my opinion and it is -- -- to change. You know -- I I don't -- -- -- being signed anytime before. Let's say it's important I you know that the hook maybe that short only years as you put it his habits haven't changed but at the guy is having. Good at bats and he got he's got nothing to show forties at 13135. At the end of April I don't think they're gonna. Start looking around for Stephen Drew they I think they'll believe that how the law of averages will eventually play out and that. You'll start getting some hits but your scenario where he doesn't change anything while he may not even last six weeks. -- married last may not last for weeks if he's not doing what they expect him to do it the place. You see the news that a Philadelphia today football wise the that your -- assign it one year six million dollar deal. One year six million dollar future -- if you try and figure out what -- see what the market is four wide receivers hey that's one that's off the board of you thought the picture should be interest in him and to. That's star is starting to see the market Jeremy Maclin one year six million dollars well I'm not source of market because Jeremy Maclin. Was saying that the Eagles wanted to sign him to a long term deal. And he was willing to gamble on themselves after coming -- ACL surgery and he wanted the one year deal. So I mean maybe this is the compromise I don't know this is a true market for a guy who was out all you're immortal even more my point is that guy who was -- all last year is still gonna get one you're six million from the Eagles. But again if we're talking about what you're gonna give for cattlemen and I know they play different positions -- with more and -- and -- and different history I understand that but by it but. Now given what Andelman did last year in the number that was thrown out there of six and a half or seven million dollars a year for -- It doesn't sound insane when a guy coming off ACL surgery in the sixth it does sound insane when you think about Julian Edelman vs Jeremy Maclin over. I don't -- you're right it -- last year. Maclin didn't or diplomat who was out and had some problems but over his career and that the Mac is a great player not a huge fan of his. But he still has accomplished more. Then the -- gentlemen so. As a sub shops opened in lifting -- Julian elements of ideas and seven million dollars a year when it's no secret that think they're gonna give them six at least and so fit and have been seven. I'm not going to be shocked I mean I'm RPI might be a tad surprised. I think six is more likely than seven but I think he's getting him more than three or four that you and I were talking about when we first started back conversations socialists what you would do if that happens yeah Dylan on the winds of this I mean -- you have your run down here. Julian Allen -- seven million dollars a year. Jerry Maclin make six million dollars a year coming off ACL surgery. Will middle Brooks goes just to go home with Jenny go right. In all I have this -- -- And all I have with my -- -- Kosher which has led to take a picture of somewhere that's one other note because is -- -- is in a plane to -- four is -- the Bruins are raising ticket pricing -- talked eloquently yesterday around the city -- a pretty dramatic rise in ticket prices for the Bruins. I don't -- -- tried to say that it you know it's because that cap is going up. But that this is not about the cap this is about supply and demand the fact that the Bruins of the hottest ticket in town right now and they're taking as much advantage of it as you would expect the team to. The problem is. You know for years the Bruins fans overpaid for a ticket for team that really was not acted and they were wounded -- back at the arena was half empty every night because they were making just enough money. And now as soon as the team gets good -- it's been a couple years now but just CAA dramatic. Price increased by -- hurts that it hurts that ban man it really done. -- -- I don't like the looks of this and why now -- this and usual ideally he'd do they usually announced. Ticket hikes whether they're dramatic or not like this -- this really dramatically using now sees things in February after hours. Maybe that's the plan are now buried a couple of days before the trade deadline nobody talks about it as much because they're so busy talking about the trade deadline. And what their team is gonna do or how they're planning maybe this is a way of -- man I don't know but it's going to be the focus for four get to the next rockaholic W media.

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