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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Big Ticket & Pricing Edition - 2/28/14

Feb 28, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding the news that the Bruins have significantly raised their ticket prices for next season and beyond.

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And and now word excel can tolley store or roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- We'll probably cells -- finally -- -- Sports Radio W GE. Do agree but I Danica. It's. The. I don't -- but that's all I. -- -- -- -- -- The whole song and that's pretty good that's good I was expecting karma thing. How -- -- gonna come up with a better tickets are -- gonna go to we want to version. Or is that as telling me it's terrible to test some Coleman's. Haven't the president asked that this agreement is still with Willy -- -- -- -- that's -- -- you're gonna go what else that would also has tickets. Tickets -- -- she's two tickets to paradise. That Loverboy. Pack your bags and believe tonight a lover boy might read only not only Eddie Money anybody's any money in my same thing terrible yeah. Same thing any money's not the same thing at Loverboy or think is a Kansas it is at this commercial -- -- -- they're basically the same. Used to be like in New York. Who anybody did -- not -- Green. Made my real detail. But that's two tickets to paradise are tickets -- port forward Brian do you buy -- beyond that you're technology ally of a business to manage one pilots beyond manager technology. And by integrity when those -- when we got that. Well the Bruins have raised ticket prices to match their popularity. 65 dollar tickets now -- for eighty dollars is the ticket increase by the Bruins fair. To the fans. -- know that this is not fair you you can raise the tickets mean that your right that's what a lot of businesses do most of most of the sports teams do it. Year -- year. But you mean to tell me going from 65. To eighty. In one offseason. 65. To eighty. -- -- It's. It is ridiculous. And soak up -- -- did a great job pointing out that for many years. Jeremy Jacobs who has not even mentioned here anymore. Because people don't have anything to complain about him not from his perspective they're they're actually talking about the team. And that is ownership buffet which is a major plus. Over over Jerry Jacobs from the late 1990s or even in the late eighties and late ninety's. And now. But for many years. Loyal fans -- okay. I'm gonna do it I'm gonna pay the freight even though you're not doing everything you're supposed to do. And as a reward. They get this outrageous hike I don't like it at all on anything positive from not a single it's so easy to rail against ticket prices right because everybody wants them to be lower in relief to supply and demand thing and right now the Bruins are hot there's only so many tickets they're so that's why you get huge raising ticket prices spot. -- -- Right now the Bruins are hot and many great team for the last few years and the talk of the town here I would everybody's excited about -- twelve years and -- has -- camera -- I there was don't have to have them that. That yes they have they eight -- yes they have yes they absolutely have said that. They clearly though we know we're not building in 20072008. When there was nobody in -- members sit there and make collages saying hey is there anyone in that section. That section and -- and others again because refused to talk about regular season whatever in any event you're old the Michigan house side. It's easy to complain about tickets ticket prices but the kind of -- what they aren't the shame of it. Is exactly we were just saying it's too bad there's no way to charge people who were there for the height. More than people who have been their for a long time. -- that's very. I -- got there I think it's a little 65 to eighty. And that's and that's the Obama isn't really the bottom -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and were eight and and support the Bruins when the prices were likely to die for the product that was on the on the ice it's too bad that they. Topic they once had in opening night. Opening night attendance. I think with thirteen thousand pass on opening night how they were ending on and it. And they weren't thirteen thousand people there that was the end outs ground. No more than change the color of the seats so that would show opens and the end we have a yellow in the black. Outlook and they were lean years I think it's a shame but the people who help support the men are gonna get stuck paying more now. Yeah. I got two tickets to them. Does not if that's you leave you tonight at its next month that you actually I would guys. Four and -- and the world. Yeah. -- -- That's actually -- -- -- that now particularly so -- camera click on the pavement looks like they've brought back a -- Responding. Pick or let's start. It was the most amount of money you've ever spent on tickets to sporting it well while this government here. It was a super boy. Who. Was at Jacksonville. Jacksonville suitable. A lot of money but it's a donor dollars or Marlins 750. Then. But that was a single event but I guess you could break it down yeah that's that's the winner because. -- when -- -- season tickets. For the Celtics that was before. KG. And Ray Allen got the town. So two tickets for 41 games. It was pretty pretty hefty two. I have ever had a lot of money for single ticket but I've traveled to go to a game a minute 03. I traveled from LA to Oakland to go to game one of the AL DS Red Sox remains. That's part of the most are saying is that on a plane ticket hotel room. And and tickets to the game so there were empty seats as a playoff game in Oakland both three. Felt the seats themselves -- -- expensive but getting there and get back. You -- plane ticket what else hotel. Hotel where what what just Anemia in -- youth hostel it was actually a step below a youth -- a step below up my body like a -- -- box was it was like -- -- it it was close to him by now it was only about an hour yeah it was horrible. Stability is good for the -- about reality no but it was we might as well plus they ended up get real drunk history. Completely screwed up that game and and -- flight that missed work the next. Total epic fail of the tour. But that's my answer for sure no formal information via our. How we ended up it was like a real late night and there's a lot of Red Sox fans had flown in to Oakland. We ended up parting -- these people from Truckee California. And the last thing I really remember of the night is. Kicking my body like square in the you Russian -- I think it was retaliation for him doing it to me earlier. It was ugly it was an ugly things over time it just sort of I told you was a disaster from start to finish yeah. It's an -- -- -- -- in -- drunk reviews on her as I was generally are really happy drug issue started. I was just retaliating what game today you have personally been to was the biggest let down as a man. That understands and has. I was gonna say I mean that was I was there are technically not -- as a fan. Working for the Boston Globe at the time and you know anybody -- Boston Globe must root for the team to lose. Otherwise you won't be able to write a story -- -- in 2000 before price of one. So to but it left at that point of 2003 that was one the idea here's the here's. -- under the radar disappointment. And it wasn't so much the result of the game it did result in the and the laws it did in the middle of the celtics' loss. It was just Everest. Bonds of the crowd I've mentioned this before. Kobe Bryant. Came to town. And in the garden. Celtics fans or people in Boston out of their so it's -- about people of Boston were chanting MVP. For a Laker. In Boston. When your team is closing. I was I was mortified. How do you allow this to happen. You torture marry her -- -- Now. They're cheering those guys they were there it was over is Kobe Bryant. At the age -- twenty something. Going off scoring on a bunch of points and. A whole arena full of people saying it easy. For me. -- hole but I was there never edit your member. It's there. I don't mention. After Libya. Is one giant lost eighteen wins and one loss. Yeah and we were sitting in the stands. It was a little reports. That it. We have witnessed the WFA and the entire crew there in the press box high five each other instead putting it. Grabbing and not supporting Els when -- suppose -- us. It was sickening sort of hear about. No preference Boston. Half of them here in payments. That. It was I was there as a fan I was there -- -- -- -- but just watching the air command of the garden this past year in the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks scored with thirty seconds or so. Most people. Here who spits you out Florida if you add. And -- inherit. The yes Sony years. About give it to me. Now my biggest disappointments for a favorite sites and tropical. In all of our money funnel it to Oakland Grady threw that game of six ways from Sunday as a precursor to what he would do about two weeks later you really it was a bad -- I was like I know he gets fired because of the last thing that he did but the bad manager all -- a year. He really was the big bad pitch -- -- game seven of the -- -- -- was only because go to the way he dealt with the team as a whole created a new environment there. But he screwed up a lot of games in those playoffs and lose it. -- Yeah. -- could choose one game in the last twenty years to go to and you bought a ticket to which would you go to. Well. Via a toss up. This appeal. Game four of the 04 ALCS will be up there I was at game five I wish I'd been a game for. But -- was so cold that game five. Reasons -- unbelievable myself but that's a game I've ever been to a person. There's an easier one's -- head unit you get this when it's going to be insane when the snow or otherwise -- right there would look to big blue oval. As what one of my favorite nights that I've ever had would have loved to have been this noble would loved to have been at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks later when the patriots won for the first time but if I have been -- maybe it would have gotten together my wife which happened that night so. I'm willing to make that trade. But I think being there in 04 with a Red Sox win the World Series for the first time I wish it. To me. I would need a bodyguard for this but I would like to be in Vancouver. For game seven it would have been great. The city. They tried that -- the city apart but how well these are not people from Vancouver these are outsiders. Vancouver people don't act like this but I would like to be there as the Bruins. For the first time since 1972. Hole. -- Stanley Cup. But yet -- that of fortunately fortunately I was there and only one for the patriots winning in. -- She wasn't saying there was snow for instance there was there was for -- but it was so I'm that's another good one -- Those long streaks European and it for the Yankees -- for almost better. Like I -- that is an answer to that would have been amazing to have been there -- apple was apple but you're absolutely the Yankees thing was so -- -- Saint Louis fans were so happy go lucky right regulations it was cold but. Watching the face it was New Yorkers right knowing that in 1982 -- was dead and well what did that was about to be dead it was degrees. Though -- I mean I think I have my choice -- Munich games that would have been great as a Red -- -- -- to see the agony in New York. But game six was the better game in New York. Game six is the most underrated game of 04 males -- Got people coming into Ronald like everything he did at the end of that game you have that A-Rod plea reversed the -- -- home run reverse you have game being played. Walls security lines full public forum that's incredible that happen. Meanwhile curt Schilling's pitching with a bloody sock Indian mystics that is when it exploded this is an incredible game. What's -- raiders' 2002. Dispersants assault once -- -- that the games the that's just not -- 2008 round two Celtics cavs game seven went -- all your data appears -- -- the Bruins Toronto comeback win is a basket -- Dale Earnhardt senior 500 victory. The critical. -- you know what I you know last twenty years you -- right yet. I took great offense -- was 1994 at the World Cup wasn't. -- -- -- do we're all right before. 1994. Who want the World Cup in 94 -- the where was -- play it. A finite to say Los Angeles of those who were here it was Roberto Baggio hit the ball away over the Christmas was Gabriel Batistuta involved -- -- who. The fringes of the -- every -- Baptist and teachers so much why do you -- -- I just named soccer player correctly. You know -- Kingsley who -- friends with Carlos Valderrama. The iron that I not -- successfully name. Soccer player who actually with soccer player for Argentina the other thing about that they're don't know about the US -- -- yet. Really well coached remotely well coach he and I are prepared -- a year you're showing your ignorance my buddies are you know we've been showing your ignorance remain largely on the soccer team summit which. Don't think. It's quick pick up for the World Cup opened. Get out there kicked the ball around who wants to play next although it player coach share. Coaches soccer madness. That's for Puerto. IQ weight of the attacks again ever tell our she miracle on ice is not the last twenty years she can. Income -- all combined can you make an exception. For the miracle -- I mean you can't allow an amazing to a -- the last 34 year our -- have got -- to the US Celtic -- on guys that would be amazed go back the last 34 years. -- -- -- hit a slice -- up 34. Why stop -- what it all the way to 34 or older thirty go to 34 -- Google back before that. And it says Jesse Owens at the Olympics -- this text uses. Why her. You're talking about the soccer or how. Or why. Talk always correct the US is as well coached until Steve Sampson in 1998. It's so accurate do. So your idiot and so now because -- -- and -- did go to somebody because he in an idol like soccer. Soccer well whatever you want fine I don't like soccer. Game can you come up with -- one all -- it I don't like soccer. -- and we thought okay here's the thing. I mean I mean we need some monitoring I notice. What kind of creative. Stan heights. People can go because you know there's somebody out there who's like a devout follower of -- reaching companies were disgusting horrible things on them instantly and that you know like they're just going to let loose and other -- and I don't -- -- -- he's -- -- I got 600 I doubt about it ought to read about soccer. Read the book about it or read a book yesterday about people write books about soccer there's no way that there's no way -- books about soccer spot. Would you write about. So -- does the -- nothing to do with soccer. That means donkey cheese salt. Salt Q do Schottenheimer. I just today things that are true about me that's how bad Jewish council. Yes yes I'm -- now on before do you like rugby of course I like rugby hitting. Violence -- is critical watch rugby forever I did and Ireland two different times during the big big. Rugby matches as I nation's six nations that weren't that great incredibly phone. I hate soccer and I still use currency no reason -- -- he's been necessary. Awesome creativity like they did not agree on activity now leading soccer fans or creative. Or if they were created you don't think they'd like -- sport more interesting to watch -- soccer to. Very imaginative game and understand down into the rules he knew the rules of the game you can use some of the concepts that are trying to be the better. That are playing out there on the field. That are being played on the field than maybe you don't -- it's a family game you can take the whole family. Mean my dad my brother -- Ought to talk more about the major Stephen Gregory what's going on the NFL would do an axle and all the WB.

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