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Richie Incognito checks himself into a mental health facility.. but not before he opens his mouth again

Feb 28, 2014|

Salk and Holley discuss more bizarre circumstances and quotes surrounding the Richie Incognito story.

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Michael -- Bristol today I -- studio. I -- Michael that the holes -- SPN or borrowers with her cheek in -- those comments. BC while. Yes they're so crazy. But you're talking yesterday on in -- like himself he's on the radio sounds crazy but he also didn't sound like themselves. This content opening today read I read it first and went and watched the video of him being interviewed outside his home are there. He's he's jacking himself apparently. Still in which. What do that do you do you buy me do you do you think that this is. He's checked himself into this facility because he's acknowledged that he needs -- help or do you think it's a publicity stunt could actually actually do believe it. Actually buy that. He he is that the pressure. Is getting to meet certain himself and for stressed. I think like a lot of bullies it's fine until they're exposed right there and and we start to see some other past. -- and did you like -- Ferrari how'd they get those gentlemen that baseball that -- in the -- All that was. That was even think of myself expression as that's -- art and to have these day in my life when I got that far. And now the second -- -- is going to be when I donated to charity. Are gonna donate but listen to donate to charity. -- -- as. Did you do something good -- wanted to donate the car. You wanna donate the car in terrible condition juror. Why cars for kids -- they take all caught -- He's Billiton -- jingle on radio stations around the country for how many years now still don't they -- donated Ferrari cars for kids. Don't they give mr. banged up cars British cars. We -- know that number he knows the number to call. -- doesn't everybody that they'd better and now the -- the commercial and off you gotta know it. I Jeff Darlington. On Twitter was the one who broke this -- and says after very after a very long few weeks. I can report reaching -- -- has accepted professional help. It week of severe mental stress from the wells report. -- need to currently being treated at a facility in Arizona after what has been some very stressful times for him and those closest to. I just hate the way this has its bond that is if if that's what it is spin. Rich -- you know does not need help because it's been a stressful few weeks. He needs help because he's not he needs help because he seems like a really horrible guy. When things went down. Here's -- fortune. And -- you know we understand it if it. Mean my dad my brother my -- my dad Jonathan -- the Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross. You we're all Brothers and sisters. On I think I think we all understand that. Just. You know calm. Words were said. Home. Things were done. But at the end they were all Brothers and sisters. Will understand that right Michael. Me my mom my dad. My mom my dad my brother you the reporter who staking out my house for fox and and Phoenix. All right we all understand that. Events arguably might actually believe I mean I believe that he is going I believe he needs help. And I'm hoping that when he checked himself -- he gets help but I believe that this is a good thing for him I don't believe it's because of some mental stress because of the wells report. I believe that he's got serious problems I don't think the wells reports caught. We stopped by his home not knowing if we would be welcome I start but. -- Bahrain providing. She's terrified. Terrified of what he might do York. It's safe. If he stressed out does the sounds of stressed out and ask a dozens of them expressed worry just outlook. -- Brothers and baseball changed. -- -- -- -- -- I believe. You believe what that I visited that it's the wells report I think. I look I I think it's both I think the wealth report. Stressed -- Definitely the criticism. It if -- That -- and -- you know that he wants you to believe he is you would think that guy is bulletproof. You know nothing's gonna bother me you can say anything that you can try to do anything -- -- I'm bigger I'm stronger and tougher I'm crazier than anybody. So good luck but the -- -- -- -- But that that's not him that's not really offend anybody and. -- -- a caricature of itself the Ferrari is is one entity. But we'll tell you this on the Ferrari is gonna be for sale through. My mission which is helping the brotherhood and that whatever brother -- it is. What does that mean I don't know I don't know what I mean what what does that mean I think he probably needed. He talked about it in the wells reported probably needed some. Some attention before. But I think all of this. This the volume of commentaries of volume of criticism about average -- needle in the past couple weeks. Has gotten so clearly Wendy's I wouldn't we wouldn't be surprised at all site. -- hesitate to. You know make fun of him I think he's I think this is I think this legit and on the. I'm not necessarily making fun of him I'm making fun of the idea that he was a normal stable human and then all of a sudden this wells report just not the innocent guy off of his rocker. I don't buy that first second. He -- -- go read the thing here the things he said he was pretty unstable before this thing happened or maybe he was pretending some late on some level of stability. It's not the well I mean the problem is it's being -- like it's the wells report faults. A fault of the report the report is generated because of his actions. OK fine I'm hoping does go get help I hope this. He comes out of this thing like a normal level -- human being instead of somebody who who says the things that he says does the things that he's done and it taxes own Ferrari with a baseball bat. I hope it goes that way. But man. The whatever brotherhood it it what does that even mean it -- I don't know something's completely lost. They may have. I had no idea what the brotherhood is and I don't know why. Now maybe he'd lost it when he. When he smashed cars smashed his own car. Then come back and and wanted to donate the car maybe all along he'd thought. This Ferrari I don't need this anymore I'm moving on becoming a different person. And they wanted to give it away and maybe that remembers massacre I don't know it's it's it's strange to talk about that. Given that card charity it is is one of the few times you can mention giving something to charity in its an insult it's an insult the chair yet right. Charities like I really well why are you giving us where you giving us is beaten up car. The one you spat with the baseball bat might like it does give us bring us the car and I presume it was a mint condition before smashing it like in the -- the car hole right. And that we don't have to do anything to make it right if you ask your mom your dad your brother -- sister about it again please yes. Unbelievable but the story searching -- need to that the yeah the next that there -- talk about that number -- It did not come really has -- -- -- numbers associate. Well -- sometimes on on numbers that -- talk about topics that don't have numbers attached to. He just talk about it. And then this not scored. You know like we talked about in -- -- when the wealth report came out you know as of Friday. So while working about a couple that was about a -- so I came out. The top of the show it didn't have a score but it was a long discussion. About sort of England. He's got like that it kept I don't know maybe.

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