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Is Rajon Rondo even a part of the Celtics long-term plans for the future of the team?

Feb 28, 2014|

New comments from Ainge and Brad Stevens make Salk and Holley debate whether or not the Celtics have any plans of keeping Rajon Rondo in Boston for the long term.

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But the question we asked today. And that I know this is controversial -- note that which you gonna stay here. But. I went the other way and I can explain myself. And now that I -- qualifiers away currency. One of the questions was. Who would you rather. Because -- -- was called under called overrated also by -- scout like Rhonda Roland. Who would you rather have carrier -- War. Any minute but the real question. That's -- real question and I gave a real chance and what did you say please miss Rondo who did not I did and did not IDA Michael stop. You know -- Because an intelligence. Note as you Ryan Rondo well that's that's a separate issue. A separate -- that's separate. No I don't look at it is that I think that the corporate -- Taylor you're. Adequately separating it out from your answer don't confuse issues. Are not broke of users okay. -- -- -- Irving has an easy better shooter Enron. But I understand both guys at their best Irving that is best -- -- -- -- at his best will be it will score you know 3035 points. OK that's great that's him at his best lot of points Rondell does point at his best will give you points rebounds in this. Rondo has done it in the post season. Even if you wanna give credit for the championship. In 2008 and make that KGs in Paul's race championship five. In very important games in the post season Rondo. For a series. Has been the best player in the series to three times. The best player in series when LeBron James has been -- them so yeah Irving is a better shooter he's got better commercials. They both are pain in the ass. They both -- high maintenance. Heavily Rondo in the bright lights of the brightest I think is better. And it rolled around and around a lot better right to -- assumed that the reaction laughter. I met me you'd laugh at him maybe hit in the name is cool what commercials. Not really. Analyzing. Issue deeply. And is really thinking about it. Every one of those slow the pills like conference school right now on our city yes and look at analyst experts say that. Kyra Irving's daughter anyway and nevermind -- postmark but there. Apologize for Rondo that's what I wanna you wanna go -- -- analytics are how did you how did you factory in the what six year age difference between the seven year seven year to sort of -- look this is this is a problem in sports. And that's a problem in society. It is such a deep fault. Non drinking anti intellectual. Fullback. All these younger. The younger. The younger player. Or the younger -- Historically done every day. Actions. It is stupid. Yes is it well I am not be right if he's hurt though he's so he's already better and he's always out years younger. Actually better what what what what about better Larry you want to play like letter such as what does he do that. He's he's just better I mean just look like complete better at basketball is a better basketball player than Rondo Kamal Richard -- -- -- he's better life than Rondo. Although I will say his birthdays coming up what march 23 to be careful. God knows what can happen carrier -- birthday he may decide he needs to go to Paris for the weaker. Okay what he's better shooter and -- -- Easy -- better ball handlers better shooter he's a better ball -- I think he is I've watched him play when I see him play -- -- better adjusting all around better player now while arsenal there's nobody else you know team and here's his it is tough thing. You know vote the full game that I -- carrier recently this year -- the all star he was great and so nobody I get. He gets he gets a love for the all star game gets -- commercials but nobody's really -- If your what was wrong with you don't think that I guy like find an audience the cavaliers and I -- has games -- -- to to cavs games. Every three weeks. I can build I'm obsessed with the caps you know it goes back to mark price it's robbery and I've always laugh okay. Name another player. On the current cavs team yes I think at this don't need to start shaking up -- Michael. Okay they have the kid from Arizona right. And Anthony venom that's on think the kid from Arizona -- -- how how this so that he was supposed to be great. Particularly in there. Published in the draft number one overall I think his name in the interest in Thompson now they draft the other kid from Arizona. I'm quite. A -- -- about it I watched Michael I see them twice every three weeks ago. They still have Brad -- right. Radio. Not so much. That -- some argue those living a life and James somewhere every time that show that shot and again. Tribalism. And -- -- That these. Yeah but it Kia. I don't believe them I'm confused and confusing him in the last. To. -- -- Birthday thing it would appear offers job offers. I don't know if if he needed to go for his birthday that would have made him. Block Michael Jordan's better defense on the shot. Crumbled in particular reason to them. The level playoffs that Rondo did he was arrested for lighting a bunch of clothes on fire. That domestic dispute well. Alcohol always him. Oh the second degree reckless burning. Is it real good and the -- usually. If you like. I've. Read eastern and Els. You know it's it's the -- the road. In -- stuff. -- Should every girl for -- and -- -- your team via the windows. -- You -- was sentenced to 364. Days in jail 363. Of those days were suspended. -- The reserved today and -- He do. -- felt pain accuracy he works it wasn't he's the ones to -- -- analysts. Living without. Him out there you know it took place there's a movie that took place in Spokane Washington in -- movie took place there. Witch project vision quest. Ago. Will be with that you Modine from the eighties exactly that would lunatic fringe in the background red writer -- like -- got I don't want to while we basketball I'm going on one a year. But you you you you would take carrier ring and I'd look this is the perfect time argue for Irving. And against Rondo Irving is all star game MVP he looked tremendous. Rate in the game and at times. He has really lit it up and I here's a guy though was never played. Is that really played a full season he's been a little banged up and -- and there are some issues around him he is he he's a Smart guy. Hey you know went to a great great program at duke all that. Great you know very very well spoken represented himself well has those great commercials. But he his -- There are some there are some of maturity issues with him. And there are some high maintenance issues now and what you gonna say maturities is Lee's younger -- -- courts. You'll grow grow grow up one day out I think is a good. -- is a good score a -- Rondo as a point guard. Well I based on what I hear hope disagree by the way Deron Williams as the -- and I think having her play so apple he was in Minnesota knows -- -- -- mr. My bat that's our member -- ones -- good no worse. -- -- who felt -- they might as well beyond Cleveland he can be a Cleveland until he gets think with the rest of them tell you took you took Rondo over carrier ring the question the question Smith laptop with him on what Michael. The question though is who would Bret -- -- right now because the more you. The more you keep Lucas today Stevens reiterates that he did speak to Ron noble before and after the incident confirm that once again. Any change spoke as well. And -- says it's behind us now it was between Rondo and I and I learned some things that I didn't know we have a lot of conversation about it and I'm satisfied with that he told the globe. He learned from it too. Let's move -- When asked of the incident her run those perceptions are the MBA he said I've no idea I don't think so -- -- certainly shouldn't it doesn't change my perception of him at all. The more right the more I think about it thought about it more last night as the finest in such an interesting issue. This to me and arms and doing some speculating here sounds like this and so far I think we've we've sort of been. Right on how this has gone Rondo asked for permission. Stephen said no Rondo did it anyway. Stevens was upset the issue story it's better it got leaked to The Herald. Range. Cut to meet with Stevens about it because Stevens is okay what are you gonna do with a guy defied me what he wanted to do about it. And my guess is and this is against speculation that Danny -- after thinking about it said okay Brad you win. You're going to win this war which -- gonna lose the battle. I can't hurt this guys stock I can't. Embarrass him anymore I can't lower the way the rest of the -- thinks of them I have to say we're moving on from it and let's do that we're not gonna punish -- Bynum. Suspend them anything like that. But going forward know that I've got your back and my guess is he's not going to be here next. Well -- that third that's plausible scenario I think it's for me and it may have happened who knows. But for me it comes it comes down to two things one round person that we know and adamant. He can handle it better. But the Celtics. The Celtics have handled -- better to. What -- really. Ham handed job of York yeah. Are they familiar with the story that cliche at this this story has legs. And then -- the storage goes and goes and goes gonna stop the story. Stop the ball. Possibly that's what they're trying to do now right now it seems like that's what England just now trying to -- but how is that. So that statement. Do you are you out of questions especially I won't know and after knowing when to reach out and part of it is an -- even more questions to -- can jump in -- 617779. 7937. -- says whether it was a mistake. Or whether it wasn't a mistake I think is in question. Second of all of those that want to assume that it was a mistake. Leaders make mistakes all leaders make mistakes that's just part of it that doesn't disqualify them as leaders leaders learn to. That's right do you now feel like you have -- all like you understand what happened I don't know -- that the last part. Of leaders and making mistakes. I think what -- would -- said is this. It was a mistake. He knows it around a consensus to. It was a mistake he knows it. Leaders make mistakes I hear people talking about stripping the captaincy from him I don't believe that. He has done a lot of great things this year he's made some progress he's evolved on and on. This is not one of his finer moments but he learned from this and don't be a better stronger captain. Thank you for your inquiries CO later. Enjoy your weekend. Watch some basketball. We're going to be in the lottery. And I'll be like if the hotel -- are gonna lose a couple of guys we'll see what happens. Let me more from you got 607779790%. In the same question comes up over and over again here in the text line I think I just answered capital try again axle and -- on WB. It's one thing that's very clear to me. I don't know who's gonna be left standing at the end of the season my guess is not a whole bunch of those guys on the team but this one I know who's going to be left standing in name's Brad Stevens. And they gave him a six year contract a lucrative contract and they told them this is your gig. And in any political gonna complain to wanna be traded -- elected satellite that they consider every wonderfully you know what. And you'll have to be done because we're keeping him. As -- McMullen yesterday too quick notes one big lead is reporting that fox has finally replaced. Tim McCarver on their World Series broadcast. Along with Joe Buck. It'll be Harold Reynolds. And Tom nice -- for -- -- and Tom for Gucci wow placed him car upgrade easily upgrade. And huge rats a great up good for fox that want with no not in no not huge upgrade countrywide future. This is still on the broadcast Joe Buck. Doesn't ruin a broadcast though over the ruling out front on your not your household now he doesn't -- distance -- really just in my own Joe Buck is not that bad am I'm over the Joseph bought. -- That was lame but ultimately I'm not match up to box. He's not the problem harper was the problem that's a quick -- Note number two patriots and precise and -- Michael. Gregory have -- have release Stephen Gregory talked to Chris price about that blitz coming at it. The minutes and maybe maybe help is on the way. Maybe another opportunity for the patriots to add to their defense to bring in new safety somebody can actually hit so. Chris price one of our guys in the -- here at fifteen minutes the Rondo thing. The more I think about it the more I I I don't I don't buy any of any of the any gains coming out now saying everything's okay I don't I don't believe that at all. I believe that something bad happened something that nobody in the organization was excited about and that the only thing that it's happening now I believed Jackie and I do is that he backed. Brad Stevens and he's saying okay you've got to play him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we talked about this yesterday we talked all the time. If a coach doesn't have enough power they can't do anything in the NBA. Because the players have the power to players' league and have guaranteed contracts so unless a coach has found some secret. Tenet to gain the respect of his players and Robert Stevens has that yet. You've got to have the backing of your GM you got to move on from guys that wanna challenge. I think it's happening here. I don't think is going that far. I think they just they they fumbled. They took out they took it a bad play in the and hope they made it worse and make it better the bad play was from Rhonda. They just. -- have been done. And instead of stopping the story that kept going and now they're trying to figure out how to stop -- not sure -- stopped its official. -- taking more questions about it but doesn't mean they get a nice job it is a putting a bow on it and and moving on. I think it's very simple -- they know Rondo made a mistake. But I don't think they're down and I don't think. Brad Stevens looks at this and says that the deal breaker for me particulate sentences I don't like that at all. What he did and it's inexcusable. But it's not deal breaker. I think that's what we do we differ because. You believe that. Brad Stevens just wants -- out. Long -- Long time and not tomorrow Maliki understands I don't believe that he wants oddly I believe that he knows is very possible because Rondo. Once the test reagents that corporate at this point how does Brad Stevens. How does -- maintain control. If he's the one who was unhappy with the way Rondo handled this and there's no suspension he plays in the next night there's no fine that we know about he's the one who looks bad. And Stevens looks like it and have enough power to get it on the way he wants it done and how they go forward like that what do you think it. Our what do you think you want what do you want what do you think Brad Stevens won I don't know religious -- I don't know just -- though I would assume I don't -- one game suspension 101000 dollar -- something that just says I'm in charge can't do that stuff on a 101000 dollar fine -- Mina and they are made up and it happened. -- made that that may have happened and we we don't know. Wish colonel I mean if that's the case we should know about it we should know that the guy who's steering the ship is actually steering the ship and that -- on -- does not call the shots. I disagree I disagree I think he has to have control which we see this thing we see at the same way. Coach Caspian control -- he's just forget -- -- -- expression him. I don't think you have to do this this grandstanding. Of I'm gonna show. Our fans can your fans don't really care. If -- don't your fans don't need to see. Or hear about it 101000 dollar fine what you people wanna see that our. Bloodthirsty. The bloodthirsty. And arts. -- that's right. So we can spend it. Brad Brad Stevens is -- control what he did that's right he'd find a means -- down he did this. You can have control. And get your point across without announcing it to the media so that's where. I just don't see -- think if there's any need at all to publicize what you've done. 6177797937. Go to dawn is in the car I don't. -- up big down what's up. Well I get all the guys that big leap day in and day out but as -- -- -- It gone overboard with -- because. It's a solid but short should be called the view -- Hollywood -- quite a big deal about Rondo got all our own award candidate what -- you know what. Because he told us is that Hollywood. With the yeah and how much. You know we can get you know -- advertising that is that's nice little play. I know I take -- Don he told them not to go. Spike in -- even spoke to him about it before and afterwards I was at opposite story. All right but I don't story. That to it's great but opening and let him out probably -- at least -- group. But I don't think that -- -- a lot -- at all. No of course -- and hopefully you know they lose more games this year it's about the future it's about -- -- Rajon Rondo isn't who Brad Stevens is -- about what kind of what kind of a coach you have in Boston whether or not he's the guy who will who will command the respect of NBA players which is difficult to do for anybody and especially has been hard to do for college coaches who have not had a ton of success in the past in the NBA and it's important because -- was -- on -- was -- building blocked it to the captain of the future is -- the guy that's going to be one of the best players on your team. When you contend for the next championship. And it is everything you just that spot there is absolutely correct. But I think that's not the -- like they set elegant outfit that don't need to put out front page where it was all about was -- but it's not a big deal what we just one small. It -- diet quality guys commercial -- supposed. On that -- talking about do you think he's a quality guy. Yeah I think he's gonna show up when he supposed to. I doubt or. Why didn't either. A lot from now he was that's not true though I mean it's not I think had a conversation. And he didn't show a lot he asked and was told local shell company didn't do it. It's funny analogy it's beyond that it's not just about not showing up to me it sounds like it's about the following your coach when he tells you something. Iran. Right now I gotta say Maryland I'm a little on the little onshore. I think well I think this is how it goes I think 1231. Yeah any change you Stevens three Rhonda. Okay well. -- has been elected we we should talk about -- anyway. While we will I Abraham and how to do quite a bit as -- and I've always -- You'll get your -- apart right John we will be talking Red Sox but all of those questions are are still out there especially a look at -- ones we've talked about quite a bit for the last few days. But the Stephens ones are almost more interest. Welcome back to when they first first signed the deal Bret Stephens and the question was -- who's the last college coach to make this jump effectively and we thought -- thought. Thought member asked Bob Ryan about Bob couldn't come up with anybody they really has not happened. But so far I think -- been pretty good job. I mean I'm inclined to like and he seems like he knows what he's doing he's got a great even keel to -- like Bret Stephens. But they're still that out the back -- -- college coach do it in the league that has not exactly excepted the way college coaches operate and this is the first test. For Brad Stevens on a guy who who defied his wishes and unfortunately it was made public. Well I don't know. Question yeah it's it's a test of it it's it's eight tests with Rondo. I don't know what his first test was I'm I'm guessing that there -- something with the team is bad you know the old cliche bad things happen around bad teams. So when it came as bad. Generally somebody's doing something they shouldn't do somebody misses a practice somebody screams at the coach defies. Management whatever it is I'm sure he's been tested. This year. But this Rondo situation. Really brings a lot of the oldest. Rondo because is not something by all accounts it's not something -- seen this year. But. -- those old coach. Probably sit there and LA thing name. He Brad not so easy is it tough spot on -- what do -- do speak it you know but it docked at Dell dock dealt with it. And he survived and run -- survive. And I I suspected. -- with denser than stays in the state. Not so much about all who is in Rhode Island I talked. Hi I think the real simple. Case of Rondo -- opponent I think it's simply that he's more credit than it Brad Stevens Point and months that you're going to be here and you've got their. Well and and that -- be fair. Having a good healthy fear for your mom's probably good thing. Well what you're an adult what you're 28 years old I'd like to think that you got a pretty good healthy respect for the guy who's your boss the garage coach right. I'd like to think -- the case at some point. -- do you do you fear Iran. -- -- -- But little I think that's where I -- no I don't I'm not afraid of her -- -- -- little you know I I. There are some people there was some friends of mine growing up they would make it costs with their parents. Packages never can never do even now. My mom if -- I'll I'll quoting a quote select what somebody's. I don't really use all the good stuff. All of the good curse word. Is that is cursing right constant it's just like -- -- -- a good looking costs. With their parents. Don't wanna do that. I just thought about your that's about respect it is its goal and that's what this story is about to maybe you're afraid of Islam but he should be respecting Bret Stephens and that conversation. The patriots are going to release Stephen Gregory their safety. What happens next -- that question Chris price in the -- coming -- talking WE.

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