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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/28/14

Feb 28, 2014|

We set the table with the three hottest topics in Boston sports.... today featuring DJ Bean and Rob Bradford of WEEI.com and Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald.

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It's okay now. I'll play with Mike's okay Michael. A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. How isn't. -- Los Angeles. On Sports Radio W. Our Boston let's always brought to you by AT&T we start with Chris price WEEI dot com patriots are gonna make a move Stephen Gregory will be released. What do they do now its safety is it to -- Harmon's job board they go after freeagent. Bush reports about all the. Crisco and number one guy and a lot to -- that -- -- remote is still available you shelter somewhere. Under through your Buick still under contract the secrets but I wouldn't be surprised to see the patriot. I would go after a strong each other in the draft the not a great draft class when it comes from strong but he is also -- -- awfully three to. Where it's not like they cover those free -- Chris that about her think about TJ ward. Who who would be the best fit in your opinion may mean those guys or somebody else. It's it's out there right now because you still have to kind of -- he hobbled all things start to shake out because some bets that the franchise tag. There's some guys that are in there for turning their hunger we're gonna advocate. Look at markets so how wide open at this point I abused I will say this guy has created big he's strong he's young urban and Cooper are Pollard who looked pretty good that you're going. It was the next shoe to drop will there be another player released shortly. Well I I don't think there's going to be another -- released I think at this point. We're dealing with re negotiations really at this point at least for the start of free agency are guys like Logan Mankins I wonder if in that situation. This is gonna help real quote somebody for in this situation that you believe -- -- let -- -- -- later so I don't think it's going to be anymore. It's darker but it felt that they're going to be worked harder. I find the steep price NFL on Twitter thanks Chris prepare our promise soccer Michael. I was I was I bought it today. Hook line and sinker every year you know they're the spring training stories of a guy. Who -- something or is made some changes either to his mentality or to his swing or -- whatever I -- scala opera story today on will middle Brooks sold me. Who will middle rooks is going to be a force this year Scott -- wrote the story of the Boston Herald. And I don't Bill James -- body into him he's got crazy projections for middle Brooks do you believe. Yeah I -- that they might you know I'm not sure I. That's that's certainly there're people who who are saying it used. And he's -- about you know -- look I think I think what Mel Brooks says a lot to prove to a lot of people including himself and and you know certainly it was in the dictionary. Well not all of the guys have that kind of raw power that the from the right side and that's a lot to like give up on to step toward Barack ears that are counting in fact I was in being. Much more like he would only twelve when you're that small sample sizes and played so well that he was last year went quite frankly he was. There are tremendous disappointed to -- to a lot of people putting itself. The other right now it's got the names are linked when you mention we'll middle Brooks a lot of people myself included think of any deal. Even hurt or even quietly -- they do quietly. Did you did you this sense that the Red Sox -- somebody in Red Sox management or somebody in the clubhouse. Believes that. The front part of the problem for middle Brooks last year was having his girlfriend there is that is that the feeling that that translated to some of the on field problems. Well not not explicitly I think it bears defense so that there's a lot of things. What was it last year that -- -- -- problem that the act and that was probably one of them which a lot of players that are you here. I've talked about the fact that we will put into your last year and -- for the third base job. And kind of warning to be a team leader kind of wondering if you remember we got we went right after the marathon bombing -- we -- are the lawyers about. About all that well Milbrett with a player rep that the union now that's for the guys who had what America fingers felt. And he was already in the -- I kind of thought what school strange. People who think it's ultimately the bully wants to -- this -- -- a lot. It'll -- Perkins he took on. Roll a little bit too early and I think now it's -- you kind of feeding into the background a little bit more -- want few. He's doing or was being -- -- talking -- I think not seeing the big -- on it's it's much it was last year. And I think does that mean you know you own down my whole thing with your relationship been at its leader meetings and all that -- -- what is that they got into it. No longer around him all the time so maybe that -- an effect -- -- certainly I think it's all different mentality for him this year as opposed the. Collapse of a good read good feature and will middle Brooks in the Boston Herald thanks scholar we appreciate. Okay Eric Eric Eric Eric our rob Bradford WEEI dot com for some more Red Sox conversation I Grady Sizemore over two yesterday it is spring debut of how do you look how healthy is he what are the chances that he could be an impact player for them this year. Oprah so well the first primary resources department -- -- days in -- -- You -- article yesterday right. I don't believe -- -- now now we thought you were talking a baseball game somebody -- was was fooling -- somebody told -- yesterday. It wasn't us. Oh why it was a son and how do we are we ready broadcast -- We are tired I was -- so. Anyway so are the -- -- integrated hardware question is -- -- not falloff. You -- very well he he actually participate in the corner -- for -- to look for. He did pretty well yeah actually it's army lookup value here so I think you -- you step in the right direction a lot of people. Didn't think that this guy would be playing the first day. Exhibition it's the season started pretty large so I think that the right right structure and acute moderate to fail -- player are true. Tell me how you how you think this will work out at least the beginning of the season I know things will change that. Let's say the fifth starter. End in the long reliever in the bullpen Kazaa I look at it now and it looks like they have a bit of a logjam between. Workman and in -- you want oh and do broad. And there's 1 other -- am missing but how do you think this thing play out. I think a lot of old becomes -- swing guy I worked and will be devalued had a guy just like you were last year. And something happens to one of the -- long term there's a very good chance to work and could deep threat so we project guys. That worked through a really good start for couples started here the other tremendous upside probably more that I would pay any of these young pitchers maybe even an embryo. So you know I think work is going to be beautiful I think they'll go out we're one of the Arctic are urged -- period. Hold on he's got more of an upside than Henry always elaborate on that please I haven't heard. Oh you know -- I looked and I we are seeing embryo and that our. Bible and I'm not gonna go up what I saw yesterday I was talking to a couple coast to raise the -- and they. Yeah -- there's probably on top of the -- where you talked about Coronado. The Barnes and even in the Webster's. But there is well thought they might only projecting what birdie three or four. More didn't forget how good years because you work out of the bullpen last year they exploit network available and that. So I do think that we that we sure hope it -- -- -- we should do it on the brake a little bit on a Rio. -- you -- him at Brad follow on Twitter thanks a lot -- It's possible that brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans to rethink -- -- like on an -- that in my list. That was the right way to network. Yeah he was -- it. It was these days and -- but I -- dismantle the conventional blitz -- but it was unconventional yes he did appear in this life yesterday. I want to give -- Full credit and we aren't going to like partial credit for that yeah okay have congress unknowingly on the list from a Catholic but you have to know that you're doing that's when he dropped a would have skis the jury did drop of a brutal things. Which now makes five I've got five things they can go one of two ways five Red Sox stories. They can go one of two ways in 2014. And ask you Michael all five of them which what you think they'll go. Some people jump in -- -- W.

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