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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/28/14

Feb 28, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/28/14

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It's time for answer the question -- answer the question which sergeant Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. -- got me here in studio Michael as in Bristol and Mikey Adams on location. These corporate. So carefully they'll be is -- and by that I would love to I can't as I was to tell Michael I am I am home with Avery for the first time this week after into the bar. Ticket to the ball -- that's again that's a Child Protective Services gets them all you think so well and not because of the bar more cousin Mikey. There are some specialists are up diapers or diapers were done regardless diaper on -- you're. -- -- it to the question brought to buy -- restoration specialists -- your property facility manager. They don't have a cold weather disaster -- ways be prepared contact heiress at 8774611111. Ayers served dot com I can't believe a guy who turned his old Mikey did last week. Would make that kind of joked. -- -- Aware of right now. It apparently comfortable. On its. Own schedule -- it was -- excuse me. It but what commercials and it was in its ways I like what is it its gross what is it -- Old ladies special. There and that's with. Though I haven't seen. -- Outlook in the center. And that's where adult and correct. All week. Right. Now it -- and one of them are his recovery into the question. What is the best of you ever eaten and where did you get a super hard -- now. I can answer the first part the second part are the first part the best job. Overall. Is an Italians and really their or define outside of minorities -- match. Yes -- Italian I was in the Italian everything on it. Museum -- reports. That you've ever eaten says itself. They're all good right pretty much Lamas of the penis pizza down the street here with -- -- He knows. You know. They receive them on. -- -- Italian market -- Threes which there. It better and really it's the only real practical to -- its. It's Tuesday. Duplicate that this thing is I go to -- and everything to get an Italian and just get a eulogies I got its. Filly -- states went to -- -- is that to the tour of the that's too famous places patent you know yeah. Discipline about both really I was gonna GMs on south street. Government which haven't been in -- the -- Okay. I was looking at may be going to Philadelphia right and how many years did you watch those commercials for southwest right. There's a lot of colts. So it looked up to see if I could fly on southwest from Boston -- -- -- -- -- notes. That was -- commercial for Providence ward manages the -- flight from Boston -- -- -- all those years of watching Larry Bird can't. Culture here Canon US air that you can't do it on southwest it's a committee knew all that are. It's the -- you wrote okay thanks question. Should the NHL with team back to heart. Yes Paula peak rates. Yes yes why not take those crappy -- -- climate if you look the first time we shouldn't get a second today's low though it was in their fall. Didn't blow at all. Or Gary Bettman decide that warm weather cities needed more. SS stupidest thing about the -- -- Hartford and haven't. Agreed. The way I got to come -- -- You have to protect its logo and obviously play brass bonanza grades great great logo and retire Ron Francis cavities -- them. There and like you. Make your Friday so. Guys that read a survey today that -- 70% of Americans heat their jobs. That's there for 70%. Of Americans hate their jobs 70%. Like what do we do about that as a nation that is the national. Crisis. Because 70% of Americans just don't want to work. I don't know of -- I love my job. -- question you guys think there's any athletes that feel that way as it got to play good baseball but I'm good at it presents well. Uh oh it's admirable reason for the Celtics -- -- When he baseball players and the other uploading a gravelly -- let him athletes -- folk like baseball all recent -- -- hockey. Next question extra. Six in the shower or on the floor have a new apartment no furniture my girlfriend is coming over tonight. Help me little idea what issue wet uncut essentially is -- radio ball. Why are you choosing -- twice -- -- way. It's picture get the slip -- down this year or -- Yeah like Mike he's asking the very good question we get a -- you've got to figure out. If this morning workout. Too big for the shower while humans by Regis too big in general right. Showers can be small for that you know floors can be. But the two party at their home floor this -- if it. Our final question for the week -- -- here how many minutes do you think you would last as team need to -- trainees. Zero all sentence -- no mistake. About this is going back to the in this hour on the floor question I was I was about five. There's zero minutes. And -- of this -- sent out. You know what are we gotta give a shot out though salt in my -- have to give a shout out to our guy. -- Big -- and what a creative guy and he is going to be taking. Another job in -- Georgia the bigger and better things all of doing his thing but he did great work forests in which -- the fifteen years. Fifteen years that would let it now and on but yet in fifteen years I'm not in that 70% right. Not a guy loves. And he loves the loves. To throw to him have to throw the sauces well Mikey Adams will be up next. From the greatest bar will be back Monday at two -- they are week.

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