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Pod Man Rush: NWOA Injury Report on Adam McQuaid

Feb 28, 2014|

DJ Bean is joined by Dr. Aaron Gardiner of Newton Wellesley Orthopedic Associates to discuss the recoveries Bruins have made from injuries over the last year and why Adam McQuaid can't seem to stay in the lineup.

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Welcome to -- men rush by AM DJ -- I have joined at this time. By doctor Erin Gardiner he's an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates very happy to have Margaret talks -- injuries. And per -- to talk some injuries today -- welcome doctor Gartner -- joining. Me. So I guess we'll start with with Gregory Campbell and how he's fair to the season since returning for broken like something interesting that. That he said doctor -- in in September was as he was conduct from this injury was that. Even though the bone was going to be fully healed soon he still felt that he would be feet -- quote feeling to break throughout the course of the season. The what does that mean. Well well Wendy's what went so it has a fracture or broken bones. The global war heal and be strong enough to walk on -- trip to play and within a few weeks or months. But that phone does continue to -- for up to a year so it's not surprising that he. He does still have some pain or some symptoms and it's slowly improve for effort several months after the he's back playing. It states so so -- he talked about injuries that are. Fully healed even wants a guy returns. How does Adam equate keep coming back the Bruins a very good doctors how does he keep coming back in waiting. Even cautiously long to come back from this this lower body injury that he's been suffering from all season. And he still keeps suffering these setbacks and he still keeps coming back that lined up on Friday it's it seemed as though he was gonna return this weekend against the capitals. But on Friday he suffers another setback and now looks like he's out for a little longer how does he keep coming back and re injury there and re aggravating whatever he's got. So so it. I don't know that I incumbent on the exact specifics. That it treatment but just in general we which he's a high level athletes say. In the -- today injuries. These guys are. Are really you know push -- hard they're really motivated they wanna get back -- as soon as possible. And in an ideal world. With the injury you could rest her for months. But that that have time just as big sister and he's and so one of the one of the challenges this sports medicine is is. Getting -- epic speck case as status is as possible and they just possible that. -- the with the speed of the game meant and has struck every every you know everyone is -- The risk of re injuries it's a real risk and it doesn't happen sometimes and fortunately. One guy who was afforded I guess a little more a vote of a break there was Chris Kelly in December he he breaks every structures as -- fit -- And slash from Pascal deplete. He misses a few weeks comes back at the end of January and a place for a couple weeks that he gets settled big break there his first game back the other night he looked very good. Is that a good thing or a bad thing after you come back from an injury like that. To how that break is does it get to get more rest or is it counter intuitive to it to stay off the -- when you're building your strength back up. I think that. When you recover from an injury it's it's during this season there's there's never enough time so I I think that. Sometimes the calendar. Looks looks favorably on -- I think that no athlete recovered from an entry would -- would say no to a little bit more time. Our and what I know -- askew it was about just the pads in hockey and even in the NFL -- Mark -- couple years ago. He's to show us his pads and just he dogging you could bend them they were flimsy they were nothing that you -- always say there's nothing to these things that I don't get hurt. Pads nowadays are just these big plastic monsters of things I know in the NHL -- they've added a little more. Actual patting over the plastic over the last couple years but. I'm wondering. TU how do you view what these cuts actually do -- in the counter intuitive. As far as the injuries that they create just because they're so strong. So I think that -- it's. It is to know exactly. I think that to -- they certainly person present us certain injuries. But you can't theorize that it -- media allowed you to hit harder. Or with more velocity it to protect you from certain injuries that you create more energy with those big hit. And you potentially could be at risk for from some other entries like concussions for instance. You know that. You know despite wearing helmets and still get a lot of concussions so I think there are. That does all the pending does prevent certain injuries but it -- certainly could allow other entries to occur. What one thing that was kind of a big deal last year obviously -- soft phone the Bruins was Patrice Bergeron and just. All the things he played through the separated shoulder at the cracked ribs that ended up puncturing his lung which which first of all like could you fathom a player playing with a punctured lung. That. -- some of the things that these guys do it's it's it's truly amazing sometimes it's. So at least. It is -- injuries there are are very very painful in general so. Considered. We don't have a lot of treatments for them but. But players are very comfortable that you ever re entry. Well -- funny thing was that win -- -- ultra wanna say it was game one of the World Series he was our lineup for the cardinals because he had a bruised -- And speak alias used go on Twitter and search. Carlos Beltran Patrice Bergeron and it was just a flood of any sports fans saying welcome bill -- isn't playing Patrice Bergeron played with a cracked rib and this and that. But I talked to perjure at the time -- even though he was and it taught a pain when he was playing with that cracked -- He was saying you'd imagine it's much different animals playing baseball and try to swing a -- with a rib injury would you concur with that. I think K you know it's it's hard to compare. Exactly one injury to another but like I can imagine that it's sort of baseball bat try to hit a ninety mile an hour fastball with with a rib injury I could be quite difficult. And you know if he felt that. He was -- -- if you if you lost just a little bit on his swing it was going to be able to catch up with with a fastball that today. You know the decision by the admitted that he would be -- and his team. And and that's it edict. Consider that a possibility with a rib injury with the amount of torque to -- to generate to get the better around. Are are you impressed with just. How short recovery times are now. With just so many injuries I mean I think something like a torn ACL where it it could mean. Something serious and much longer term that is now -- use look at a calendar year but now it's getting smaller and smaller. I just how much is that changed over the years. So it summit at some of it changes the players serve you know. Seem every year that people can be bigger faster stronger. Certain things. Don't change. That that's -- by elegy of the body at a certain things he'll. No matter what we try to do just doesn't seem to change so you know when we watch broken -- eleven X ray it happens at a pretty predictable rate. Despite you know however good shape here and and so certain things. Do you seem to get better and -- well conditioned athletes sometimes though there's just no substitute for part time. A yelled for instance people do try to push the envelope and and rehab faster and faster though it. It's still is months and months and close to you know. -- not an entire season but you'll if you get heard he had the disease in Europe and struggling to get back at the beginning of the next season. So it's it's still is six to nine in even twelve months back from any CL. Sports fans when they see these guys return mean quicker quicker just in today's day and age of but doping being so prevalent date they get suspicious. More boring if you -- someone who actually knows what you're talking about when you see these things do you ever see players return from an injury induced thank. No way. -- I you know -- -- It's tough to know exactly since he you know you don't ever have the entire story right this is there you know their private medical. Care. So -- he never knows all the details side would be hesitant to comment on this one particulars. All right that'll do it take you so much doctor Gardner -- joining me this lot of fun. What -- -- -- may have to do it again. -- that sucked Erin Gardiner an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. I -- Vijay being this has been odd man rush talked to guys next time.

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