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Gabe Kapler, former Red Sox outfielder, discusses Ortiz's contract and the impact of MLB's new homeplate collision rule

Feb 28, 2014|

Gabe Kapler, former Red Sox outfielder, talks about David Ortiz and Jon Lester contract extensions and the effects of MLB's new rule on homeplate collisions.

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I joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline is Gabe -- gate capital play of the Red Sox among other teams and now we talked baseball us. In Boston gave not Lou Dario. -- felt so good glad to have an opportunity -- this morning. Is it that the any time Capcom my brother were all the new on line given health tips what to eat what the deal it's beautiful. -- -- Kwazulu then you know you talk about that don't have always been. What are my options set to help people understand health and nutritional well being a little. -- -- yeah I've I -- frequent visitor to cap lifestyle back collar don't want talked about that in a couple minutes while I start with. It Lou talks about -- -- spring training for a week to its TV radio work down there he says. He Depp first time east that smell the grass still gets in the first time it's spring training do you the first time you show up a -- spring training camps gave do you still. That's smell the grass get you go on for what it was like that whatever Greg -- I absolutely admit it and it just about this time a year when when the -- start popping. And you'd you'd turn on your first spring training highlights and you -- that you that dirt the Olympic that I remember most about getting ready for spring training games. It just putting on the -- For the very first time digging them into the dirt that sensation you Q when you step into the batter's box all of those things are what we missed a former players and -- can attest to that. Yes speaking of missing its very size it was mr. for a couple of years he played yesterday and I just felt like Grady was a guy that maybe they really hold back in in maybe be ready in May June -- still might be the case but. He seems to be on a regular sort of pattern here capital surprised. What are these healthy means he's got to play he's that good right. Well I remember there are taking a full year off from baseball in 2007 the manager of the Red Sox organization. And the comeback in 2008 playing them my best baseball of my -- back. I would put -- 2008 -- up against any other that I played. So that you rock and purple -- you've been more than that. Your -- really had a chance you'll still not sure I'm on exactly the same page that you know you have to wait because he's got plenty of time. For his good -- to regenerate body to recuperate and he's ready to reform now. If -- Go back and look at that cute -- into 2007. Season. For the dot org you more than just good he wasn't that great you may have been the best player all around in the American League. I remember watching him an absolute -- so he's not old. He certainly had chances to regenerate muscle tissue and if there's a very good chance he comes back strong and performed I would not be shocked. If you can be a very good productive Major League player that your -- I'm I'm baking I'm at peace about it -- -- -- What would it be asking too much David it he played his first game and 889 days yesterday in spring training. And they asked him to lead off at par as part of the beginning of the year they're trying to find a lead off hitter for elbit talked Victor Reno Daniel mama. Even Jonny Gomes and mentioned Sizemore is done it. Widget Yzerman without would you if he was healthy ready to go would you about a leadoff after -- a two year lay off from baseball. If I thought Greg -- -- proved to me and -- training he could bounce back day after day day in day out. And he was healthy and he's not start Jackie Bradley junior AAA. I would play side more every day until that you proved -- -- -- gonna happen and I -- mop and -- very very confident that you'd be productive in and that I'd. He opposed the starring Jackie Bradley junior squawk. Accused me in the way I would approach it considering the upside potential of what happened to great Doug -- is is even in the 70% of what he was early in his career so I think that the upside. It is so strong in the dump it took one of the word is he's not healthy and Jackie Bradley your slide ride yet. But this is really about that he -- portability. Two come back on the idea you know after a night game for example and just proved that you can play every day but he's able to do or die for me he's so popular. I don't -- absolutely with him -- I was with them you know all four when he first came up and out Bakalar and 06 and like -- said he wasn't. Retard but that -- -- even closer -- better than -- Bradley terminal one at top 5% -- was in the game side just on my you can. Get away from -- let me ask about David Ortiz because of its. It's it's funny how does a lot of emotion a poppy right at one year left and his deal he says you relate to be extended. People -- opera or like today. Let this thing play out appear at a Red Sox I guess you don't have to do anything what would you do would David Ortiz would you give an extension right now. I know why give him an extension you would add good last year that he was in 2003 and 2004. -- the offensive metric standpoint and from won't respect you know. Who opened the government quickly cookie potentially you -- David Ortiz and replacing him with an entry level or replacement level player you are losing while roughly three and a half to four wins. So theoretically on the open market if we determined. That -- work roughly six -- six million dollars which. It sort of have been over the course the last couple years but you're looking at a guy David Ortiz its work. Annika what she thought one million dollars and he'd -- -- 24 million but if you if you disqualified that -- Oh that we lost gave count or -- the -- went down oh boy I think the four million -- guy he. It at at at and Larry cut the line. They're Larry cup a lot of -- you can explain how the events metric -- these body for the kind of off the keynote keynote address our own kind of dropped. In well it's. It is that because he note gave talks lot of ball that wars and it -- thing with Mike -- when he could be -- but they've got -- -- that we get you back now it's continue on the David. Or yes I know why he went -- Yet started started out I look at it. -- go to the bottom line going get too far into into the advanced metrics but the bottom line is you've been extraordinarily valuable player obviously at that. That goes without saying -- probably didn't underpaid for the last couple years no luck. He's going to be he's going to be 39 years old at the end of the season if he's 38 now we do birthday is in November so. You cannot escape father time forever but there have been examples of guys that have been productive offensively. Into their late thirties and early -- so. I didn't work you've done enough for this franchise dead probably wanted one more year on his contract if -- -- the position of the of the Boston -- -- would give it to lump. And and particularly because I think he would still be underpaid even if you regret just a little bit. Talking to Gabe Kaplan the other guy whose contract has been a big topic conversation gave has been Jon Lester Jon Lester is -- it to the final year. On his deal he started early and in trade and in the offseason talking about a Dustin Pedroia like discount. He has since reference Justin -- Lander and Clayton Kershaw as guys who took in his mind. Hometown discounts though they are the first and second highest paid pitchers in Major League Baseball the -- -- Lester is a guy that should be paid. Maybe not with those guys the next year got with Cole Hamels with Zack Greinke. 2423. Million dollars easy work that based on what you see from Jon -- last couple years. Yes yes yes. I -- I'm gonna go back wins above replacement just for just for a brief moment and discussed how consistent he's been. From 2008 and 2000 to 2013. He's he's basically run a war be. Between you between four and five. Over the course of that time period so that puts him right -- conversation. You know in the James Shields conversation though -- definitely not in the conversation with. With crucial on going Verlander but not far behind in the thing that really excites me about Jon Lester is when you look back at its peak velocity. I would say in September or so. 2008. He's not that far even in September of last year so maybe. -- down and block these it is between 9394 miles an hour and -- Jon Lester is maintaining his strength he's still. Commanding the strike don't you all although you know -- In years I can do better from a based on -- ball for nine prospective rescuers would really good. I've -- to go back all the way to 2008 for him to be better in his walkway so I really really a fan of Jon Lester has done. And obviously had a teammate he's he's on par with anybody ever played with really good person. You know kept you -- you won -- World Series in gulf war and has been a lot of talk about these guys to turn the page and and they've been motivated what is going to be the most challenging thing to me because when he reached I don't want a World Series and if that's always your ultimate goal when you reach it what's next. I don't buy and all that they hang over theory and the it's just not something that I I spend a lot of time thinking about it's so difficult to quantify. I'm like there are some guys on there now there have been about part of of multiple championships. But I but I just don't see that as. A factor there's enough new -- is. There's enough of that want to repeat I mean you still wanna be the champion accurate like. You know you're UN big poker tournament doesn't mean you don't -- when the next poker tournament. At any time you are competitive man and you know I can I can vouch for most of the guys on that team from -- from a competitive nature standpoint. You want to dominate the following year -- so I -- don't people believe strongly in the hangover thing. A couple of -- outside Red Sox -- you don't want your thoughts on gave. The first and foremost is the new collision rule I don't know how to explain it other than. Yeah and our mine -- and I've talked about this they have put a lot more emphasis on. You gotta be careful as a base runner for European of protective of the catcher anymore they've made life easier for them. And are based on -- do you like the way they've released a year set up the home plate catcher runner -- rule for 2014. I don't I don't love -- I gotta tell ya right I remember standing on second base and and anticipating the opportunity. It hit Jorge Posada this is up against. It. And literally that that would benefit that the fantasy that going through my mind now I know I care about. With a lot of other big donors now I think the way Major -- -- would jump the gun and he didn't do it terrible Dublin and I was thinking through what. Because the way to protect the catchers from concussion. But still allow us to go in -- and get a good lick on and I don't mean running out of the baseline to try to take him out all I needed. You cleaning -- and play. And that may mean getting an opportunity to get a catcher between the shoulders and -- To protect his head a little bit. But at the same time maintain the integrity that you might like I pulled all the fan but I know Doug -- on fox sports blog by -- out Donovan McNabb and Andy Roddick -- -- And that crooked look. What do you got what do you do what he left contact more contact in baseball. Everybody across the board that they wanted to be at least as much if not more so I don't understand why we're taking out such a traditional part of the game. When really all it was doing more than Hampton get I don't believe that there's enough. Injuries to wanted this sort of action I think there's a way to protect catchers with Al removing it completely from again. Yeah and I and I do think it beats you see how this thing plays out we tablet the injury front the you know you're the go to first base and -- those offline you can Alter. Indecision. Approaching bases right that I'm gonna stand up always close and I are gonna slide sliding late. Indecision going into home plate as a base runner. That's where the awkward slides come into play -- -- -- -- banged up in it up and that's that's round concern. I actually agree with you completely I do believe it and it does look like. The good analogy I use it is is when you play pick up after. And you're going to the hole and -- didn't go from block yourself which you're really careful that when you come down awkwardly on your ankle. When you're you're coming around third base. And you know exactly what point gap and I'm going to go through the catcher you you make a good decision you -- they. Same thing for the -- by the way. If he's not sure how to stand and -- -- in military protective of using H&R block home plate. For -- and now all of a sudden he can't stop talking -- -- a bit of a precarious positions so it would not debate whether it be -- The adulation. For for running through a catcher is high in the dugout in the same thing for the -- contradict the hero's welcome when he blocked the plate. Successfully without the ball. And I think removing that element from the game is it a bit of a no no but at the same time I understand concussions have been an issue we don't -- be got a brain injuries. So it sort of get the dichotomy there. When you hear Mike Trout and the potential for 300 million dollar contract gave what your reaction. -- -- -- -- -- We look out for you than his ridiculous contract that he signed with the Texas Rangers back in 2001. In the offseason between 2002001. Alex Rodriguez did one at that point you're no longer a part you know quote on it fueled. About Andrew Jones was putting up with similar wins above replacement knocked out soft with Mike Trout. You'll have one day you'll have a two you'll have a spot Mike shouted -- much better. The rest of the field. Ten wins above replacement -- that point in his career if he continued production 300 million over the course of his career is gonna look. Kind I can do guy earning a half a billion dollars playing baseball may -- more. There is if you really just go on the formula wins above replacement and the valuable wind. Being roughly six million dollars you can indicate that at the free agent Mike Trout at each point that we don't like you 56 million bucks. So it no no number surprises me for a guy like Mike thought he would. Willie Mays Ken Griffey junior. Mickey Mantle none of the -- numbered -- -- -- put up the first two years of his career. I emeritus at the beginning a conversation you started couple months ago tweeting out. On a link to your website your -- cap cap -- style dot com a very easy URL to remember I've become. On a daily visitor because like a lot of the guys that I've visited. -- try to balance work trying to balance for how to eat right and oh by the way trying to fit a work out -- and your website I Agassi beat to it. Game I think it's an awesome resource to help people. About what you're doing an -- daily basis what kind of information. They can find there. Absolutely I basically and what it is not easy to -- I actually thought -- be a woman. You know starting a new I -- worked out program and influences -- -- out. I talk about how difficult it is to take that first step and to make it changes your life in public in the challenges that people account when -- -- so I talk about the fact that. Does not make you bash. Sure that you that and how to -- sugar. I talked about how important water that I talk about all the different wiped out into the you can bid to become healthier individuals. To reach the pinnacle and I'm. Extraordinarily passionate about it. Actually at times more passionate writing about fitness nutrition and lifestyle that I am about -- a debate. He can make such a change in the way people behavior in their day to day activity. I'm absolutely 100% passed and I encourage people to visit to acquire all dot com and just check it out let us know what you think. I'm a big fan and urged people to check that out gave its I printed out your what the by the grocery store a list. Has changed my workouts and dies that's a great -- and a great post people got to find their -- real quick -- to go this one ask you both Francisco Cordero and you guys came together and he's going to be 38 this year to -- last year but. You think this just a wild card shutter and also what about him what you think could happen this year with -- I think the road but -- like you could let smile yet -- the biggest happened cheeks ever seen on an individual who. He came open and in 1995 bears first minor league season together in the Detroit Tigers. I'm this -- out of an absolute flame thrower we got in that manner and also improved through here on the mount another fight you would the best of that group. And I'll try to get the patent on the Milwaukee in 2000 -- and Cincinnati still had a then. I'm I don't know what is gonna look like frankly you've got a legal dispute about better. But if -- any if you're anything like he was in 2008 he could be a valuable member of of the red dot. Now I'm not yup -- Koji in Europe Hezbollah. I've -- to pretty good -- back there I don't know where do you fit -- like I frankly haven't seen much of him in a couple of years. Bush looks limit some -- couple weeks ago down there April that he lost like thirty pounds I think he's at thirty pounds he looks let a man while the younger. I didn't -- yeah I know we work hard I know if nothing else. He gonna bring strong character smile and good energy to that club doctors are trying to. Gave great stuff is always appreciate the time in the inside a cap lifestyle dot com look for talking during the year. Much appreciate it -- but there -- I -- capital from red sock -- the joining this year.

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