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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, discusses the NHL trade deadline

Feb 28, 2014|

Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, talks about the upcoming NHL trade deadline, the health and minutes of Zdeno Chara, and his thoughts on the Bruins getting a top 4 defenseman.

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Will do that coming up after we talked to our guy Pierre McGuire NHL trading deadline next Wednesday. And appeared joins us here on the eighteenth the outline Pierre Marc Lewis second time this week -- Very good division review about hello little. Here we -- -- let's go back couple lights to gain that was on your network Bruins and Buffalo Sabres and look I don't was coming off the the break but I. -- a bad loss for the Bruins and I put it not under the goaltender backup goaltender Chad Johnson but I felt like defensively it was a reminder that. When -- looks tired the -- they have a lot of young defensemen need a veteran one year before the break how did you view that loss on Wednesday night. I agree by the way -- proposal from the group's final moments of the season I think everybody would agree to that especially considered Buffalo's playing it back to back situation. They include the right before roach shot 3818 Medicare order changes Ryan Miller. Who really stole the game for the sabres. But this is the -- are the only team -- that are assurances after the Olympics. You watch Chicago played last night the first forty minutes they were very and Chicago white. If you watch Montreal play against Detroit a two nights ago they would very unlike the Montreal Canadians. If you watch a Pittsburgh Penguins played last night there was very unlike Pittsburgh -- -- used to seeing. -- saint Louis -- to nineteen we'll get Vancouver saint thank. A lot of seem to have a lot of players -- repeal approached there have been a little bit of a hangover but I think that'll all be gone probably by a player Lamar really believe that. You'll hear you got a guy like Charest logged a lot of minutes of a lot of responsibility and no close talked about maybe. -- maybe just take some practices off is that enough do you think could you have to limit the guys Tammy be given league game off second. Just having practices often keep him fresh. -- practically all. Are monitoring the work to restoration of really important especially -- older players my truck Rangers do that all the time back in the seventies and wanting to use to do believe they're not with you all the players. Did you get -- couple days to allow him to Florida. I've just two questions we have been arranged just so far and staying in the matter that measures your generous. But that's what injuries to do the other thing is obviously -- play -- action tomorrow after the practices. And how many minutes are actually on the -- -- But I -- -- they'll be trying to again. I was only there for three weeks or Russia withdrew region that it takes -- 23 days to get react acclimated to the time results here and back here in North America so. You should be fired that also personal before it just takes two -- three days. -- be fine but I also think there's a potential fatigue factor of 37 with with -- and that's why we spent. A couple of days here now talking about what the Bruins in -- to rally here have to do before next Wednesday. I'm convinced they have to get another defenseman and although it. I just wonder what is the market like today in your mind -- eight top four defenseman how hard is second -- repeater -- in the next five days. Well won't be easy but you have to look at some teams -- lonely there might be willing to dispense maybe not a top four but. Some American because a little bench play could potentially be a cup for. Maybe because -- one -- Chris Phillips there are a lot of rumors that Chris -- -- we -- -- probably -- aren't auto was terms. So will be there to show up orders up. You know pitchers obviously going to be in the market for defense and you want your big rivals. Because of the injury situation Paul Martin because of -- separate -- from the -- in the stroke he suffered so there's another thing that makes a little bit more difficult put. I won't be easy but I still computers have been able workshop but not a repetitive. Yeah and that's the question right what level -- Peter couple -- action you know relics roster but just a few days ago that he be willing to trade somebody off of that roster it's. Patriots that you look at -- I really. You wanna just improve slightly -- circuit there's not a whole run out there that I know can help my team should just stick with what I have read and give something up for. I don't think he just couldn't -- player overboard just frustrated that some open I can't see Peter do that the Bruins have an act of violation Sheehan can't really took over. So that's that's one thing you got to be happy about. -- -- -- -- and somebody for no reason at all. One of the things that helps make the -- to better team. As a player rotation that and I think what you'll see is also doing your action to start to step it up here. So they've become a much more deep team four position in Bergeron had a phenomenal fictional. You've got to be excited about where your team -- or position. And that's what they take allows Peter how little believe river course record deal to get in the clutch their Shrek four pollution. Hear your strike is that you know every player in the NHL somebody give you a couple names even to scatter report what they help the Bruins let's start with Philadelphia. Reports that -- Eros might be available their defense that we be -- what is he getting moved what he helped the Bruins. That's a potential 400 removed no question about it we -- -- production movies turned Mobley had a very good Olympics you can help party can really shoot. He's had -- structural problems. Peter Schroeder knows you really low because she was with the Ottawa Senators. Where in Peter was an assistant general matter could play for the Vancouver giant. And actually if you go look at -- told -- record book. His first season in the NHL he -- a partner Zdeno Chara. He's eighteen years of age is plus -- -- better than -- his rookie year so yes you that your yes you can help open the familiarity factor richer helps a lot of. What about -- McDonald the islanders. Andrew Mac Donald as a very mobile skilled defenseman loose puck very well he would help lobbies -- focus contracts opportunity here. And so you got to orchard barring such an injury situation this year -- direct -- of very good puck -- very Smart player very underrated. We suck it up in buffalo to loses a pronounced cylinder. Yeah connect to -- let's get these. He's an older guy I don't think tank will be able -- as much she used to be very very good use of first -- where for a long period time. In an actual player for the street at the Olympics hardly any time at all little scratch and a couple of games. I was put -- to the gold medal game only because of Nicholas factual failing a drug test. Over there and in Sochi I looked like he had much value for your team at this time. There's a thought the Bruins are are rich with goaltending talent between raskin -- Bergen and Malcolm's who bought at the real lower levels here. When it comes the trading market how valuable our goaltenders -- -- seen -- they -- a good commodity or. Is it not something that gets teams that -- table with with players. It can be very interest you see what transpired with the Ryan Miller situation because obviously. He's going to be -- -- buffalo a lot of people are speculating it's going to be Saint Louis. So you're gonna know what the -- pretty market is pretty quick cure. Watched Ryan Miller treated battle for you what the market will bear. All of this year Yaroslav slack as an example Montreal Canadians never created a bidding war nurse up -- me traders -- starting goalie guy that took -- to the Eastern Conference final. They got Marcelo -- he functional large dollar is up there four point player touched. With not a lot of walk into an upside financial -- play a game in the NHL -- they got -- supple. No not a great I had a great odds that's totally -- The stars around the lead right to promote rights will not be producing on and don't give up on -- -- They get technical the chip a couple of -- like -- said -- deep. And they're still young at that position. -- look at how to get back appearance will be here vote him. Are -- -- a good player but he's not somebody that would be considered he's gonna get a column in return for you're gonna probably get. A veteran forward or potentially is part of a package for defense and but he's he's like going to be the star caliber. In any trade he won't be navigation while we got rights commercial we're gonna trade pretty crucial that. I'll give you an application problem though last year was impartial player from Buffalo Sabres are useful. And the structure which are now. So -- while desperate to make the platform get a big treat for components to give Jason probable your remarks in that packet. In -- -- the first -- second -- OPEC. Well -- did pretty well that figure four components to to really useful players factor in March and on the -- will be very good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why he didn't pocketbook they can treat the march ships from year to year based on the urgency a lot of these general manager horrible week. It's one of those teams up the field that that deadline will be desperate to kind of get over the hump they feel like this is you got to make a run. So -- I think Saint Louis is really urgent. And they're really tough Western Conference and they see what the record is looked Los Angeles balked about -- -- the first shot. -- with their record is -- -- -- very good station with their record is whenever I'm not very good and they know how difficult Chicago roots. If their one senior open that I think is gonna really try to. Laid it up on trade deadline day will be Saint Louis and part of that I think will be via acquisition. Bryant Miller and I wouldn't be surprised if Steve -- were part of the package because the ballots are stark iron. We have Brendan morrow who played Steve odd thousand dollars -- you have -- are optional general manager interlude there was a general manager in Dallas when they drafted -- -- And also Ken Hitchcock political -- embellished. Absolutely brilliant -- -- the familiarity with -- like that she stay loose corner and -- Ryan Moore and Steve -- maybe some will try to make between better. Vieira gets job this is not popular to say in these parts because of the rivalry but I'm a big Ryan Kesler fan I like the way plays you talked about his broken hand. In the Olympics he keeps it up and gets right back out there is yet it is he gonna get traded I see more more tweets and stories that Vancouver might consider. Moving -- what's gonna happen with him. Well personal line did not true trade but I can tell you a lot of these rumors started at the Olympics because. Ryan about evil player and people moral debate crude and very precarious situation -- making the playoffs should not much. So all of a sudden people start to connect the documents say how are they gonna get better law. -- Hugo Minnesota paid. Because it keeps problem though most people feel that you know right counselors are better overall player. And he's got two years left on his contract is not a rectal source speaking get four components in buffalo for Haitian Parliament know what can Vancouver's get from Ryan Kesler. And probably its -- component but for better component -- what Minnesota. Paid to buffalo to get Jason probably -- Because the fact -- appear reluctant contract and also. You think he shut -- -- and not the -- producers so he'd be a very valuable commodity contracts and -- were perpetrating. The big push to next week's trading deadline is Pierre McGuire is all over appear -- -- you next week enjoy your weekend. All I saw you guys who -- to warm modern Chicago would be the opinions in there and he'll -- at Soldier Field. It's freezing cold there is the last outdoor game of the bunch most solemn day in Vancouver. That -- get along shroud of the church trust or whether. These guys executed pretty good detail on Sundays which you. There are I'm getting out early yeah substance and again and -- great job via a lot this weekend thanks. Our thanks all members visit would have a good week it. You shoot two more outdoor game is Peter McGuire NBC sports and Pierre resolve -- costs. He's brought here by our president nor -- power equipment and by UMass online --

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