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Darren Sharper is in some deep trouble

Feb 28, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the new charges against Darren Sharper in Louisiana and the hard labor he may face.

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603. In Boston ten degrees or is like surprises. Surprises. Surprise parties surprise -- surprised not really know. Not a surprise -- prefer to know like when I'm gonna die in the movies a minute. And he could be any -- I'm just saying if you like surprise shall dialogue all right I'll surprise. Not a surprise surprise me I got to this -- as big an outside and and and that means if he likes surprises and I don't. So based in my opinion to matter. -- -- -- -- -- you can have I don't like I graduate I'm gonna do it. You know never picture and in man Alex aren't really hurt me he should he when he says -- -- Don't bet I don't want we wrote to the park got last day all O we market analyst at the whole time he pitched Cuba the whole day I'd always works the way. Digress. I give you a dollar if you can tell me within half a mile. How far our home would suites hotel. Is -- jetBlue. Park. In Fort Myers or as I did on the odometer just to check. You should know this did you write down there now act but not that the watch let's just say that you think about Hugh Grant it to you would know I don't. I'm gonna guess that says a engine. Eight man. -- over under -- leader. Correct significantly gas that would definition facetious I was gonna say close to almost close to sort and case for 66 point 15 point -- miles that. That's all -- bet a million bucks if -- five points miles up by the editing airports for miles. And you write -- eagle pass you to correct. Our back -- aren't old -- you disagree I disagree does that I can box five point six miles door to you were on market. A year from now that we want a map and a every -- -- -- of all the eleven and double enough that will be there will be -- dollar and up and if we're there that will measure correct and oh. But once they're on a sort of got artists I believe that yeah. Our brand their back rain -- to -- -- Gulf Coast dunk city. Into Miramar lakes ran around the rich people for one hour half -- hello little bit and that all the way back to the hotel and then. I point six miles of the ballpark and back up the park exit to the stoplight where the subway is false he went yeah and who -- there and you know why guy he was quite clear about that after that run run here runners often do yeah I did and did I get to pull us out now that like golf that -- he smelled like you riddled with mark. Yeah he with the century every day. I never heard of anybody running -- every day -- -- same shirt without washing up to show us show our. So after how many days. It was after that day. Well thank god which was world abandoning the league got room at home would sweets when he walked in yeah he was ultra -- -- their. Copy and get up. Like leading. I don't I don't -- what was the point of how far we have from the park I just digress. Surprise were back to surprise all right. Sure I. Have a surprise for the two -- I deal -- not starting the show I am taking the free form Friday start the show job off. It's not gonna be my deal today to say. Aware and -- and indices and opportunity is that Rajon Rondo or almost fifty things I generally come up where. We're going to let mr. multiyear contract mr. multimillion dollar per minute hand. Begin the show today. Got a global warming a culture I don't I don't I don't this and so the he's upset these -- played. We found I'm not show a little Casilla mr. trending now saying -- -- went from -- that -- the thirty cent yeah went home win over contact Steve it was a violation could make me do that right and they can't. And a I. Aren't. I'd be happy -- and all of these things in years the value of the guy. In the trash guys is that value -- Advertise that design as rising -- -- designed this would you mind. Now not see much of all he can. -- my idea is that riders there right lateral bridal -- right now. Yeah that'll start Monday like two days and Mikey. Write sixes magnitude is over is 711770. Million back from the break. Basket and that's what we have. So mr. felt like -- multi million dollar contract guy in hand UBS's you were called you know we let little things. That's that you its now old come on -- Maybe if you told me it's viva what you should do. Now boast and brag that's now what they -- all you know it's he wouldn't do it would do it's I was right I called the that you did. Well -- drug that's a classic TV movie move but the classic law and order. Got bashed his own car great. And we said who would do you know what your answer was correct here -- -- on opening. Such -- color -- There is Shanahan. 24 hours ago on these airwaves my first reaction was -- -- that is possible and put himself that it. It is preposterous and said that the national. -- unfortunate that is exactly know what no because it's undeniable that our F 150 or something -- innings with trying to show you -- just the regular guy yeah Toyota Tundra. Its primary you look at it has Richie and commute from Korea couldn't fit -- That's true yes I brought tears in my eyes are smashed. And promised that cost fix. Well reverting to a day later yeah picabo well. I had particulars of maturity and -- that's -- that's it but did it did they hurt -- -- crowd did not occur to Jeremy a far too modest but I do think the -- Not I was not surprised some story yesterday. As they were and. Vandalism. I mean you mentioned the shirt. Place and publisher rich and cut short time is but if you hear if -- -- -- like F economies so I would have been with it like that. -- mom Bryant more network and a junior. And I gave the whole enterprise usual coach not -- that doesn't the racial hoaxes. -- I mean if you'd -- you'd see like if your college news. KKK thing -- and on the professors or just assume he did himself which she -- so there's usually. It's self inflicted usually and the cops note to the cops knew him and the cops knew the -- number -- bought herself. FBI was in on the case should think. -- the appeal might have its faults but if that there for the production -- -- -- BI allowed them to cancel their Thanksgiving yesterday game yes or no real reason this I don't think -- respectable. I don't think the FBI. Had had. It's sway over that the tactic could decide -- canceled the property. Could tell people we suspect or can't prove it yet -- the FBI or forget them the Denver cops go on to the superintendent short Olson said. You know what we're not sure yet we're still investigating but we're pretty sure terror right gets it and -- have the balls to convict or to press charges. It's the way it -- -- I'm -- Google racial hoaxes. Usually two things happen cops know that the person do to themselves and they do not get charged. If if -- and actually you know actual racist incident could be rounding people up and putting them on trial on. But -- they -- X for whatever reasons sympathize with the perpetrate -- let them off ball. Just like member of mom. Is apparently off the hook. We're getting you know before Brett -- Tom always mythical bird yeah. I was court needs hometown and the placement of -- very -- today should our nation ban her from five guys in front. So you know form of punishment now not eat fast that's soft at a five axis that that's that's sept 20% a problem letting us. Are not -- that's your -- -- -- it is cruel that it will harassment. Darren Sharper who thought their job we thought he was gonna do hard time you talk -- really hard time of Lindbergh mom. Can't go right -- -- in Colorado would -- care energy economy you know it is a new Gary compared there I think Derek harper might be the all time sports. He is worsened -- today. In the end Aaron in his mind he's against right yeah he's a game got a look at life. That life and they shoot each other that's what they do yeah right yeah shows friend in the face. He showed his other and his former friend or blow 10 -- get a bunch of other people killed right people amidst the gang life with this guy did. And Darren Sharper. And I said this the other day and you said -- today before the show hosted couldn't aegis. Pick -- women. I mean he's good looking guy good looking guy money money fame Brett leaving the -- of and -- film network and going out to the bars in LA David you know -- real union immediately. Amongst humans -- doing -- -- he didn't like movies and growth in the movies shoes. Great looking -- David -- -- girl and and is so consider that I mean if this guy wore these themselves to some loser and he was drugging women it says that's the only weak again it doesn't make it right. The only way this guy did it for the real with the thrill he allegedly drugged many women multiple women in different cities. And had his way with them and told the story. In reading the story gets more graphic and and more just despicable me he'd be drug to women as we would -- them. And get caught when one of them woke up terrible naked one from woke up and saw him violating the other one who was passed out. Because he drug the bull -- he brought. A week went on the road you -- -- little treatment connected to a tree bags. And he made sure to bring his Ambien and extra doses of yet. A commute liquid forms that he's doing via would Forbes five different states right is that -- different California and -- in there you know that's going to be more. All had no question it's I mean every day it is in the case and the latest I believe it's the latest. Parker's friend up the bus this friend Eric would you he has yeah when I commit violent crimes and try to do it alone don't call me you don't want to yeah. You know Ernie Wallace or someone -- on in you can potentially testify against duke. This guy is facing. Literally facing hard times will talk and hard labor movement easier you don't ever want to convicted of rape obviously but you really don't want big corporate and Louisiana right -- and you bring a friend. So I assume the cost of party offered this friendly deal. I guess -- -- life imprisonment at hard labor without the -- the last time you heard that term life in prison at hard labor. That was something for the movies right right right it's a Louisiana cool hand Luke. All that yes a number of states you can check that Curtis a but the number of states mass it's on the books of course in Massachusetts. They offer you my labor like for the hope of parole and graduate degree from you and -- tuna that's there and inflated basketball tennis exchange gonna graduate degree from being you and and when you get a vote in which you always get out. The world is yours -- preview of opportunities. And by the way the governor might -- 5000 dollars if you think you've been wrongly convict -- yeah it was a Smart to commit his act in Massachusetts. True Jeff threw out that's Iguodala swayze had a two on hard labor Louisiana is where. You always see Matthew we're gonna name would be announced and drive into the buying and stop and talk -- about -- who's. -- -- -- The -- -- let buckles they seen the stop and talk to collect his body -- but he talks between out of jail elect. Right that's the back to hard labor a -- not even like -- and license plates either it is real ugly outs on. You know on the highway now it's Angola mean that's -- serious stuff chopping them both shoes in and in really work in in a -- son. That is Daron -- choppers future. And it sounds like they got him right did you see how well it sounds like they got him at best he could get away with 25 years something. All because he wanted his dates to be drug to be asked them. I'm a minute I said this the other day that he's more evil. And is it the core and Aaron and -- more while Rick to Ruth is at a place as a point. He's got a little place in hell the deepest dark is bottle of hell. Is reserved for recruit who's in which seniors on right right and and he knew he was -- news killing his pregnant girl. Com but. This it's a path and -- -- and again only five states. So far life so far so far Nevada -- order -- -- haven't -- you haven't seen that he brings Ambien when he goes the bar yet. Drugs women and then raped them and what happens after that they just wake up. And he says how was it for you deployed its outright easily -- -- calls MacArthur. And the -- god -- me but. It's like in his hotel room. Mean and don't they know him deceit -- and say. You know Jim Schwartz the not currently not the auto sales because he could do that. I'm Darren Sharper NFL network NFL veteran right what's. Get busy. So help -- understand he could like get exactly helped me understand why that turned him on more than. Plotting a ten in a bar. Putting the moves on her album don't you know who I am I entered in -- whatever the case may be and bedding this woman while she's awake and engaged with Hugh. If she does those -- not telling them who you -- drugging them and and and and and having sexually lifeless. And diligent and -- thought. In Massachusetts it's any number of years there is no certain Louisiana that's life without the possibility of parole. In Massachusetts the rape laws are any number of years from 1200. -- many so there's no set a year for. Politically from Massachusetts. -- or one irons on the circumstances. I mean it's just that's yeah that's about it like it's just. Generally -- -- of rape is the power no means no and says no right don't take no for an answer. And and you force yourself. On her right that's -- you picture your run of the mill rate and shrink this time it's a power thing to control that woman in -- against her old do what you wanna do yet east that's east play that game like this guy is gonna get enough on 2.0. With the like political life of corpse I guess it could be -- he could be literally killing them. Also it's apple yet and accidents yeah. Yeah I defense also you seek ye hear concussions and apple. I don't know -- another prediction. Is that Smart. That ought to be up and caught doping right after he's gonna do that it's not good results from the prosecutors have video of him on film break -- -- analyze. Of course then that night. He rates to him yet. Saints that you were not of sound mind when you broke analyzed that you know patriots ravens game and that you are that night at this club in LA. He's -- sick twisted evil man who belongs in in prison in Louisiana Louisiana. Stores a woman -- sharper at the event September and the company into another bar wall there the woman said sharper gave her drink which consumed for next memory came several hours later on 10 AM. What she woke up to sharper on top of her sexually assaulting. There was no mention the second woman Nunez and -- Like -- -- -- no one mistake now means he's not drug improperly right he's not timed the dosage. And it's I mean I love to know if he tells them who he has I would think not right. But there's a chance at all -- goats. Maybe he thinks when they wake up they say boy. I just really -- we did Newton now it won't matter in the event in the world to matter in the event there he played for the saints I mean at present as a woman you know what she's somebody told they -- -- just thinks they will not press charges because they got to -- on my thing is he's just started doing this reviews 3730 union through his lighter -- to ten years already did think of it -- just was with women all the time at -- Boren. One itself and spice things up. You know spices things out at us. Story say several hours later at 10 AM yeah they were -- departing until like 88 out cold. It isn't like ray and Ray Rice -- carrier did he not a drug he picked up a couple. A man and a woman -- -- both of them and and passed out any. Got busy with -- different and they said did you do anything the guys in the week -- weirdo. I mean wouldn't you prefer to you know when you do this you just put half the dose of the likes sort of way. Which removed. -- -- That's an apparently good racetracks that's that's enough the warning us companies fortunately he was again not a criminal genius much like. Aaron -- and as much like rake Ruth. Not a criminal genius or. Congratulate you. And hand thank you because on the fly you've sort of got us to where I thought we would go head -- will open the show I agree I play and what I would have said is considered. Consider what happened yesterday. Riley Cooper somehow someway. Covers and thrives. -- in -- needle slips to the bottom of our yesterday list of most desirable. -- -- you would ask on your team all the different sharper has less of a future in the National Football League and the compile my list and order. Who I would have my team. Michael -- number one Jonathan Martin. Number true. Beat the Seattle Seahawks a movement to draft -- god guy would be number three. I gas Richie and -- need all the nut case and then Darren Sharper never in a million. Years ago about the colts Bleiler all the new -- guy I forgot about the news stay within that hole sharply that it was government he's obviously got no chance you would never have money team. We have minded team before sharper. Yes well yes that that is that shoppers done Williams wasn't content playing comeback was and now he was good on TV you get a pretty good its use of these -- at -- -- -- drew 38 so long time ago. You know life. He's in Louisiana he's going to be movies to to -- -- life he is doing life good and you know it's they're taken turns like -- bloody Bulger other states. Are fighting over who tries them first yet and they'll be debatable. Every stage try. He is doing. Life so will he get the special management treatment that Aaron Hernandez. -- -- -- -- Because he's Darren Sharper and a bald guy. How works in Louisiana that isn't. Matt I think it's all -- different there yet this year debt yeah yeah so will this cell mates gave him Ambien before they -- him. Not a good question yeah. -- some -- before this guy like to me like when they squirm in in the big house they liked it Angola. They like a little resistance. -- And anyone could. Yet. As you. Get you on the court yet. Probably most imparted on that elect a little resistance -- a little more a Little Falls apart -- of this game. Compositional way you wanted to go and your show today minute gap and citizens are highly objectionable start I won the break down these young guys pitching in northeastern very encouraging yeah relieved that gets through -- -- -- -- hunt. Dustan out from handle was shut them did they got issues just now with some problems to some problems champs I think after yesterday -- -- yes -- -- and and they go one bowl game yeah that was impressive no concerns more eggs keep me up. You want a breakdown greeting societal mores at bats so if you -- -- -- -- it. -- that it was shot that you -- you know that's the incentive to vote you should consensus of the people so far this Red Sox. Offseason everybody's looking -- worries what scares. You know different. And -- Lehman's hill looks lovely man and I've heard skinny -- no I'm much better hair but he's younger. You -- Kyle looked like I've heard that I would never Wear that jacket. -- we got Johnny -- element TV Olbermann. Wearing -- or no -- UK is as close look at his face your group break them. It's -- from Peewee Herman and there. Serious men and and Pee-Wee her very well -- John commands them combine the two. Com Johnny -- -- look like somebody from 1950. Yeah I don't know how to describe that just says she should be in gangster -- Ellis had -- -- yeah yeah he looks like somebody from ninety violent movies and take you should be the next fiscal area I've seen almost ten movies. I'm the movie yet tons of tons and tons and tons of move all look at 65 we've got to go. We got to stick with the -- 617 sevenths on seven. Ninety -- up to us -- Churchill that bush is the very definition job for free form Friday. Everything's in place at five million things we've -- against signed up just -- -- -- -- Gundy at nine alpha bank and 905 when looking at our top. Five or ten. Best guests -- best basketball guess that's all all guests now. I -- -- -- all time. Well okay boys in the class let -- all that's talked in the car and actually make it back. And got -- in there nine and 8910 and their son will be on the on the ball on about the bubble got. Yeah sometimes he's kind of raunchy and the -- he's kind of our. Reasons. Chipper you'll be around a defender production. Yeah he'll be around at the load a group. Yes that's right of the Rwandan defense and end Chris Gasper is at peace on the Boston Globe today good column has no words no. A -- but why does every. -- -- We qualify and house Marty is that he is eighties mean we that we know that. This yesterday with Steve bull that no other reason Chris -- mean. We know he's good -- -- was why do we know outsmart you seized on the little Combs slide in the first. At some stage show guy what is a market to that yoga into middle it's 62 weeks ago I was there doesn't it has to meet this morning. It. Like auto -- lie back Chris -- tell need to know tight we get back excellent.

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